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Theorems On Differentiation

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    To find the change in the variables, differential equations are used. The rate of change of distance with the function of time, for example, can be defined. Differentiation theorems, such as the sum, difference, product, and quotient rules, are used to solve issues and arrive at the desired result.

    A brief outline

    One of the most fundamental ideas in calculus is differentiation. Take a look at the function f. (x). The derivative of a function is the rate at which the slope of the curve of a particular function changes. Differentiation is a technique for determining the derivative. The independent variable is usually used to represent the dependent variable. dy / dx is the symbol for it.

    Important concepts

    Differentiation can be defined as a derivative of independent variable value and can be used to calculate features in an independent variable per unit modification.


    y = f(x) be a function of x.

    At that time, the rate of change of “y” per unit in “x” is assumed by,

    dy/ dx

    If the function f(x) endures a tiny change of h near to any point x, then the derived function is shown as

    Lim h→0 f(x+h) −f(x)/h

    When a function is portrayed as y = f(x),

    Then the derivative is represented by the subsequent notations:

    D(y) or Df(x) is called Euler’s notation.

    (dy)/ (dx)

    is known as Leibniz’s notation.

    F’(x) is acknowledged as Lagrange’s notation.

    Differentiation is the way of evaluating a function’s derivative at any time.

    Differentiation is a method for determining a function’s rate of change in relation to a variable, or in other words, the derivative of the function, which is the frequency of change of the function. Depending on the nature of the slope between the locations, these functions can be either linear or nonlinear. The slope is constant in linear ones, whereas it fluctuates in nonlinear ones.

    Let, y = f(x) be a function of x.

    Formerly, the rate of change of “y” per unit in “x” is specified by, dy/ dx

    Significance of theorem on differentiation in IIT JEE exam

    Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability, which includes the differentiation theorem and associated equations, make up around 9% of the total 120 marks on the JEE exam. This topic will be covered by 3 to 4 questions, totalling 12 points.


    In actual life, what role could differentiation play?

    Differentiation's value in everyday life cannot be overstated. It is used to solve a variety of calculations in everyday life. It is used to determine the maximum and lowest values of particular quantities known as functions, such as cost, profit, and loss.

    What is the Leibnitz theorem for integral state differentiation?

    There will be an integral sign for differentiation in the Leibnitz theorem. The product of two functions can be differentiated up to the nth order, and this can be stated using the formula.

    What distinguishes derivatives?

    Differentiation is the procedure for calculating derivatives. The derivative of the function y = f(x), where x represents the rate at which the value of y changes when variable x changes.

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