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Tips to Enhance your Mathematics Score in JEE 2023

Are you a JEE aspirant striving to achieve a good score in the upcoming JEE 2023 Mains and Advanced? Many students who had given their JEE exams in previous years complained that Math was lengthy and time-taking. Here is the good news for all ambitious students looking to crack the JEE with a good score. This article will deal with everything related to the JEE 2023 exam. The important topics, the tips and tricks, and the strategy to follow to enhance your mathematics score in JEE 2023 are provided here.

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    Before we dive further into the discussion, here is an analysis provided by an expert faculty from Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

    JEE Mains 2023: Rank Range and Percentile Analysis

    Based on the statistics, below are the rank range and percentile analysis.

    Rank Range Percentile 2020 Percentile 2019
    100 99.994 99.994
    1,000 99.919 99.927
    5,000 99.565 99.585
    10,000 99.108 99.142
    20,000 99.202 99.243
    30,000 97.3 97.301

    It is up to you to decide whether you want to score 99, 98, or 97 percentile in the exam. Accordingly, set your target and strive for it.

    You may ask what appropriate marks I need to score to achieve the 99, 98, or 97 percentile in the JEE 2023 exam.

    Percentile and Marks

    Based on the percentile, there will be a certain number of marks that an individual should score. Below is a table depicting the same given by our expert faculty after a thorough analysis. This table will also show the relative Mathematics score you ought to score for the respective percentile.

    Percentile Total Marks Maths Marks
    99.5 240 80
    99 220 70
    98 200 60
    97 180 50

    Here is an analysis of the question paper for JEE Mains to help you score better in Mathematics.

    Even though there are 30 questions in JEE Mains, you need to attempt 25 correct questions. Of these, 20 are single-answer questions, and 5 are numerical answer questions.

    If you consider these 25 questions carefully, you can observe that

    8 questions are easy to answer, and you can apply a shortcut to answer those. You can answer these within a minute or two.

    Pro tip: Pick those questions that are easy to attempt and that require an application of shortcuts.

    9 questions are moderate ones that require a little more time and are lengthy.

    If you attempt these 17 (8+9) questions correctly, you will score about 68 marks. If you could score at least 60 marks, you will be in the top 1% performers list with respect to Mathematics.

    The other 8 questions are the least preferred.

    Important Topics from which you can expect questions for sure.

    When you try to read all the topics in the subject but are not perfect, it is as good as nothing. So, you need to follow a strategy that aids you with the thorough preparation process. You need to be well-versed in important topics from which you can expect questions. This will increase the scope of scoring more marks in the Mathematics subject.

    Below is a list of the very important and hand-picked topics that can be a turning point:

    • Mathematical Reasoning (Maximum 1 Question)
    • Statistics (Maximum 1 Question)
    • 3D Geometry (Maximum 2 Questions)
    • Sequence and Series (Maximum 1 Question)
    • Differential Equations (Maximum 1 Question)
    • Vector Algebra (Maximum 2 Questions)
    • Binomial Theorem (Maximum 2 Questions)
    • Circles (Maximum 1 Question)
    • Matrices and Determinants (Maximum 2 Questions)
    • Q.E and Complex Numbers (Maximum 2 Questions)

    These 10 topics are the most crucial, from which you can expect about 15 questions carrying a score of 60 marks. In the worst case, it would be 50 marks. Overall, you have the scope to score good marks if you are thorough with these topics.

    Apart from the above, students must know the techniques to handle the questions. They must know the shortcuts to apply to the questions and answer them in the least time possible.

    Although the mathematics paper is lengthy and difficult, there will be around eight questions that you can attempt easily. Your prime focus should be on those questions. Try to take about 15-20 minutes for these questions.

    Later, move to the moderate questions. Altogether, focus on 16 to 17 questions in total. Try to attempt them correctly. Then, you can try on the other questions. However, do not spend much time on Mathematics. Go to Physics and Chemistry. After you finish attempting the questions in those subjects, and if time permits, try to attempt the other questions in Math. This is a key point to remember and adhere to.

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