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JEE Main 2022: Maths Preparation Tips

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    You know what the correct way for preparing for any exam the common thing you should approach during your preparation for any exam is knowing your syllabus, preparing a study plan, being aware of exam patterns, practicing previous year’s papers, taking a proper nutritious diet, and taking proper rest is, these are some common tips that you should follow while preparing for any exam. Here I will share some useful tips for maths preparation for JEE Main 2022.

    The building block of Calculus

    Building blocks of calculus are limits, continuity, and differentiability. Most students feel that these concepts are so long, so sometimes they think they should skip the topics of these concepts. But do not skip these concepts. They are the important topics and cover a good weightage in the JEE Mains.

    S.No Topics under limits, continuity, and differentiability
    1. Algebra of functions, polynomials, rational, trigonometric
    2. Real–valued functions
    3. Logarithmic and exponential functions
    4. Product and quotient of two functions
    5. Composite and implicit functions
    6. Mean value Theorems of Rolle and Lagrange
    7. Applications of derivatives
    8. Maxima and minima of functions of one variable
    9. tangents and normal

    Every topic is important and linked to each other, so do not skip any topic, do each topic thoroughly. Write down all the formulas of limits, continuity, and differentiability in your formula notebook to instantly see when you require it.

    Integral Calculus

    In this chapter, you encounter not only maths but also physics, so this chapter holds your two subjects. The reverse of differentiation is integration. So first, understand the differentiation entirely, then start with this chapter.

    • First Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus
    • Second Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus
    • Indefinite Integrals
    • Definite Integrals
    • Integrals by Substitution Method
    • Properties of Integral Calculus
    • Integrals by Integration by Parts
    • Integrals by Integration by Partial Fractions

    Write down all the integral calculus formulas in your formula notebook to instantly see when you require them.

    Matrices and Determinants

    Important topics in matrices and determinants are:

    • Operations on matrices
    • Transpose of a matrix,
    • Ad-joint a matrix and its properties,
    • Application of determinants
    • Cramer’s rule.

    This is also a strong concept; you should prepare these concepts thoroughly for your JEE Mains.

    Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

    With proper technique, you can easily solve quadratic equations. During your JEE preparation, the topics you should approach are conjugate, argand plan, modulus, vectors, and quadratic inequalities. Some theorems in this chapter are easy but do not think that you can do questions based on the theory easily because in the JEE exam, you will encounter tricky questions based on the theorems, so practice all the questions related to the theorem even if the theorem is too easy.

    • Complex Numbers
    • Quadratic Inequalities
    • Quadratic Equations
    • Geometrical Representation of a Complex Number
    • De-Moivre’s Theorem
    • Modulus and Conjugate of a Complex Number

    Sets, Relations, and Functions

    In this chapter, first, study the definition thoroughly. In this chapter, there are some relations like one, into, on-to, many ones; study these relations and function thoroughly because it is confusing.

    Important topics you should cover for your JEE Mains exam are;

    • Domain, Co-domain, and Range of a Function
    • Cartesian product
    • Ordered pairs
    • Venn diagram
    • Binary operations

    Binomial theorem and its applications

    Most students find this chapter in maths to be the easiest chapter, and you can easily score well in this chapter in your JEE Main exam, so prepare this chapter well.

    Important topics that come in JEE from this chapter are;

    • Permutation & Combination
    • Complex Numbers
    • Application Of Derivatives
    • Height & Distance
    • Trigonometric Equations
    • Indefinite Integrals
    • Probability
    • Mathematical Reasoning


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