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Solving Mock Tests for NEET Preparation 2022

Mock Tests help in NEET Preparation

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    Mock Tests for NEET Preparation: Candidates can evaluate their progress in the mock exam and make necessary corrections to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the final examination. By conducting the mock tests, candidates will gain a deeper understanding of how the real test will be conducted. It will offer them an idea of the paper pattern, the types of questions that can be asked, the difficulty level of the questions, and how long the exam will take to finish.

    Candidates won’t know how excellent or awful your preparation is till they take the mocks. Candidates can use the mock exams to develop strategies, arrange their study schedule, and ensure that their preparation is up to the mark. Keeping this in mind, applicants must study for the NEET 2022 exam using a well-thought-out plan. Using mock tests is the most effective technique for preparing for the NEET exam.

    What Are Mock Tests?

    Mock tests are used as practice exams before candidates take the final exam. Here is the answer to how mock tests help in NEET preparation. These tests help students gain confidence and overcome mistakes. Candidates will not only learn about the test design, current pattern but they will also get the experience of the approaches for taking the actual test. Every medical applicant must attempt the NEET mock test. They polish and finalize your preparation and ensure that they pass the exam with flying colors. Mock tests for NEET 2022 are available both online and offline. The mock tests are designed to be completed in about three hours, giving aspirants a good indication of what to expect on the exam. The NEET examination paper was moderately difficult last year. As the exam date approaches, aspirants are urged to begin taking NEET mock exams.

    The mock tests for NEET preparation 2022 help aspirants to adapt themselves with the exam format and provide feedback for self-evaluation. Candidates might rearrange their preparation strategy based on their performance in the NEET 2022 mock examinations. Experts and NEET toppers always have guided that taking NTA mock tests for NEET allows applicants to work on their weak areas, aids in self-assessment, and improves exam temperament. Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct NEET-UG in an offline format. Candidates are encouraged to begin taking mock exams early in their NEET 2022 preparation as it would offer them an exam day experience in advance.

    Benefits Of Solving Mock Tests for NEET preparation

    Mock examinations are like trial exams and are essential for all the aspirants of NEET. Before appearing in the final exam, mock tests are taken.

    • Candidates can practice mocks and analyze their preparation.
    • Mocks will provide candidates with a realistic assessment of their preparedness.
    • Mocks will assist candidates in remembering concepts and ensuring that they do not forget what they have learned and mastered.
    • Allows candidates to experiment with different strategies of NEET.
    • It can make them understand the effective use of time while solving OMR’s.
    • Reduces their anxiety levels for the main examination day by boosting their confidence levels.

    Strategies While Solving Mock Tests

    • Previous Year Questions:

    Experts advise students to solve at least 10 previous year question papers as it helps to build the concepts of students. Sometimes, these questions are being asked repetitively. The pattern of NEET has drastically changed in the last decade. As before, various institutes used to conduct their own exams like AIIMS, AIPMT, JIPMER, MGIMS- Wardha, CMC-Vellore, CMC- Ludhiana, UP-CPMT, and many more but now a united exam is conducted by NTA that is NEET. Students can practice the questions that are previously asked from these exams.

    • Effective Management Of Time:

    Candidates must ensure that they complete the mock test within a given duration of time.So that they can easily manage time on the final day. Many students solve biology first, then chemistry, and lastly physics. It totally depends on the choice of the candidate.

    • Negative Marking:

    Negative marking is one of the major reasons for the failure of many students. Lack of practice may lead to silly mistakes, conceptual errors, calculation errors, forgetting the concepts during the final examination.

    • Identify your weak and strong areas:

    While solving mocks, candidates make sure they are accurate and quick in their stronger areas and easily work on their weaker areas. Practice! Practice ! and only Practice!

    • Short and Crisp Notes:

    Students should prepare short notes of the topics that they are making most of the mistakes. Revise again and again.

    Best Time To Start Solving NEET Mock Tests

    It is recommended that when students have completed at least 50 percent of the syllabus it is the high time they should start solving mocks and analyzing themselves. They can test themselves for the 50 percent covered syllabus and meanwhile, they can prepare the rest of the syllabus. Students should try solving mocks of different types. Solving a variety of questions helps students to gain confidence.

    Where To Get Mock Tests?

    • NTA Mock Test: NTA provides mock tests to candidates to aid their NEET preparation. NTA also has released an online application National Test Abhyas to practice online tests.
    • Previous Year Questions
    • Unsolved Question Papers
    • Online Test Series


    Q1. What are mock tests?

    Ans: Mock tests are used as practice exams before candidates take the final exam. These tests can help them gain confidence and overcome mistakes.

    Q2. What is the ideal time to start the NEET 2022 mock test?

    Ans: When students complete at least 50 percent of the syllabus it is the high time they should start solving mocks and analyze themselves.

    Q3. Does NTA provide mock tests?

    Ans: Yes, after logging onto the official website of NTA candidates can easily solve the online mock tests.

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