EnglishSpeechSpeech on Radioactive Pollution in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Radioactive Pollution in English in simple and easy words

Radioactive Pollution has become a serious cause of concern in the times of speedy scientific & technological advancements. Needless to say, we need to address this issue and keep a check on the nuclear power plants from where radioactive waves are released. Since this is an important and critical subject to be discussed, in our speech segment we have also covered the variety of Speeches on Radioactive Pollution.

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    Long and Short Speech on Radioactive Pollution in English

    These speeches are divided into 2 parts, i.e. short speech on radioactive pollution and long speech on radioactive pollution.

    While the short speeches are apt for the school students; long speeches can be of great help for the college goers or someone who wants to develop an in-depth knowledge on this subject matter.

    However, both types of radioactive pollution speeches are written in the best possible manner and in an easy to understand language. Read on your own to know more!

    Radioactive Pollution Speech 1

    Warm Greetings to our hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students – I hope this day finds you in the best of spirits!

    I – Aashna Malik from Standard (XI), Section – C – is your host for today’s event on Save Environment, save our Planet. Since I am also very much part of the campaign and have been diligently working as a team support for the protection of our environment, I also wish to deliver a short speech on a topic called the Radioactive Pollution.

    You all must be wondering why Radioactive Pollution? Well, we all talk about different types of pollutions, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, etc. whereas Radioactive Pollution is the least talked about topic. So I want to share important piece of knowledge on the same so that we can understand how it is causing a big harm to our environment and if at all we can take some preventive measures.

    Radioactive pollution also called radioactive contamination is defined as the presence of radioactive substances in our environment. These substances are nothing, but the pollutants as they cause a serious harm to our environment. All the living specie whether it’s the humans, plants or animals can become prey to this most dangerous form of pollution.

    Before we learn about its causes, let’s understand what substances cause radioactive pollution. A substance becomes radioactive when the atoms nuclei begin to disintegrate. When this takes place, the atom becomes unstable and starts releasing radioactive particles.

    Radiation are made up of a range of particles, such as alpha particles, gamma particles, beta particles and a type of electron which is called as ‘conversion electrons’. It is not always possible to detect radiation when it touches the skin of a person. But we all know that it is hazardous. When it is alpha radiation, a person or a living being for that matter needs to be within the reach of the radiation source to be affected by it; whereas other forms of radiation can easily cover long distances and cause a damaging effect on people, animals and plants for miles around.

    How Radioactive Pollution is Caused?

    Now let’s understand how radioactive pollution is caused! It is caused when the radioactive elements are allowed to disintegrate in the environment and it can happen in several ways.

    One of the major causes of radioactive pollution is the breaches that occur at the nuclear power plants, which often lead to the release of radioactive matter in our environment. Since nuclear energy becomes a significant substitute of fossil fuels, this risk tends to increase.

    Yet another cause is the spillage of chemicals. Because of the improper transport or breakage in the containers, the radioactive chemicals get released into the atmosphere and onto the ground. Yet another important cause of radioactive pollution is the unscrupulous scientific experiments that involve radiation.

    Like these, there are many other causes of radioactive pollution. I will discuss the effects and prevention of radioactive pollution in the next part of my speech, which is likely to happen close to the end of this event. Till then, let’s kick start the event.

    Thank You!

    Radioactive Pollution Speech 2

    Yet again, I – Aashna Malik – welcome our hon’ble principal, vice principal, teachers and our lovely students! You have been a wonderful audience and I must say I have a great experience hosting today’s event called Save Environment, Save our Planet. I sincerely hope that throughout the event, we could gain knowledge and get to enlighten ourselves with some wonderful revelations regarding our environment. This will really help us in taking preventive measures wherever we can and applying this knowledge in our daily lives.

    Now, continuing with my earlier speech, I would like to discuss effects of radioactive pollution and what all preventive measures we can take in order to save us and our environment. Friends, radiation changes and in fact annihilates the cells in living organisms. This living organism could either be human, animals or plants and radiation can cause illness or even death.

    Radioactive pollution is responsible for causing genetic mutations in the living organism and in their descendents. Let’s take the example of an animal; if it is exposed to radioactive pollution, it is quite likely that it may give birth to babies having serious congenital defects. These mutations are also responsible behind causing cancer and such conditions as infertility.

    If we come in contact with radiation, we may also feel a burning effect: chemical burns are not the same as that of the burns received from the excessive heat because chemicals are not required to be at a high temperature for an organism to experience a burning sensation when we happen to come in contact with them. But the burns received from radioactive agents can cause damage to our skin tissues, pain, blistering and reddening of the skin.

    Radioactive agents can also cause damage to the plants and soil. It can leave the soil infertile and hence unsuitable for crops for years to come. In addition, the air surrounding us becomes unsafe for breathing.

    Now, let’s learn what preventive measures can be taken in this regard:

    Have a safe storage, i.e. radioactive agents must be stored in the special containers, which do not easily break or enable radiation to seep out.

    There are substitutes to nuclear energy, which can help curb the growing numbers of nuclear power plants globally and hence will reduce the risks related to radioactive pollutants. Radioactive agents are present at different places in a nuclear power plant. Radioactive materials are present at several places in a nuclear power plant. Clearly, radioactive materials are required for the production of nuclear power and the waste which all this leads to is also radioactive.

    There should be clear warnings of the presence of radioactive substances because if a person or any living being comes in contact with radioactive materials; wherever that person goes s/he will contaminate other living beings too.

    So, adequate care needs to be taken in order to prevent radioactive agents from causing harm to us or our environment. Fortunately or unfortunately as we are advancing in Science, radiation is relentlessly increasing. Even though, the decay of atoms is used for positive means, such as producing nuclear energy, radioactive material can become hazardous for our survival.

    With this I rest my speech, thank you!

    Radioactive Pollution Speech 3

    Hello Friends – How you all are doing?

    I feel extremely glad to see you all together under one roof after so long. Even though we reside in the same colony rarely do we get to see each other much! Isn’t it? Now that we are going to run a campaign on Save our Environment, it becomes important to seek the contribution of as many people possible because greater the number effective will be the outcome.

    But today in my speech as I stand here on the podium, I wish to talk about Radioactive Pollution. Yes friends, you heard it right! Why Radioactive Pollution? Well, there are a few reasons! First is that not many of us know about Radioactive Pollution. Secondly, day before yesterday I happen to read an article on Radioactive Pollution and how adversely it is affecting our environment.

    We live in a vulnerable environment that is exposed to several types of pollution and out of all I feel the most dangerous one is the Radioactive Pollution as it not only affects the living species very badly, but its impact lasts for the generation to come. I, therefore, considered it of utmost importance to talk about Radioactive Pollution and raise awareness regarding the same. So now let me give you a brief on what this form of pollution is all about and how we can keep a check on it.

    Radioactive pollution is a form of pollution that is caused by the nuclear wastes and radioactive agents. These nuclear wastes are the by-products of nuclear fission or caused by nuclear reaction. Nuclear power plants produce nuclear wastes which are of course man-made and are very dangerous for our ecosystem. The gamma radiation that emerges from the radioactive wastes can cause several health hazards, such as lung cancer, skin cancer and thyroid cancer.

    The radiations may also give rise to the problems of cancer, infertility and impairment in humans. Further, the exposure to a high amount of radiation from the nuclear waste or radioactive substances can cause sores and burns in our skin and may eventually lead to our death. Its effects more often than not are fatal. Isn’t it horrifying? The nuclear waste if lie open at an unwarranted place and around sea can adversely affect soil and ocean life present therein.

    The soil also gets contaminated because of the radioactive elements that can severely affect its fertility. Even worse, the radioactive waste continues to remain active for hundreds and thousands of years in our environment and cause a great harm owing to its relentless emission of dangerous radiations, such as alpha, gamma and beta.

    Friends, we should strictly avoid ushering into such areas which are radiation prone because a slight negligence can cost us humongous irreparable damage and the price of which will be paid by our generations to come.

    On this note, I would request you all to take extreme care of the things I have mentioned and look for the preventive measures so that we do not run into problems.

    This is all from my side, thank you for your deep love and support!

    Radioactive Pollution Speech 4

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – I hope you all are doing well!

    First of all I would like to thank everyone for taking part in this speech ceremony. It is good to see people coming in large numbers and showing great enthusiasm towards the Save Environment Campaign. I, on behalf of the entire committee want to express gratitude for your priceless contribution. The success of this campaign or whatever height it has reached today wouldn’t have been possible without the support of each one of you present here.

    Today, as I stand in front of you all, I wish to deliver a speech on Radioactive Pollution. It has become a hot topic these days because of the rising concern for the environment. So let’s understand what it is all about, how it is spread and what can be done in order to prevent it or keeping a check on it.

    The radioactive pollution is a form of physical pollution contaminating water, air and other radioactive materials. There are certain elements that emit proton, electrons and gamma rays through their nuclei, which is called radioactivity. The protons are nothing, but the alpha particle and the electrons are called the beta particle. The agents are called the radioactive elements and there is no single source for the radiations, but many and these sources can either be manmade or natural.

    The natural radiations or what you can also call the background radiations – in this the cosmic rays are a vital part, which penetrate the earth’s surface from space. These rays include the radioactive substances like uranium, radium, carbon, potassium, radon and thorium. These are found in water, rock and soil. The man-made radiations occur during the processes of mining and refining of thorium and plutonium. This production and detonation of nuclear weapons consists of power plants, nuclear fuels and radioactive isotopes.

    We can easily assess the harmful effect of radioactive pollution and the elements that pollute the environment also affect a few materials which are Radium, Strontium and Iodine. The particles and gases are released by the radioactive elements. They are then carried away by the wind; rest is brought on the ground by the rain, which is defined as nuclear fallout.

    The soil then transfers these radioactive agents to plants and eventually human beings tend to consume these contaminated plants which result in various side effects. The iodine affects the count of the white blood cells, bone marrow and spleen and causes skin cancer, damage to the lungs, sterility. The strontium has the nature to accumulate in the bones thereby causing bone cancer and resulting in the tissue degeneration.

    The radioactive elements are in fact passed through the land to several water bodies and have a dangerous impact on the life of these aquatic animals. They reach human body via food chain.

    A lot can still be said on the topic, but I will rest my speech here by summing up on a thankful note saying that you all have made a great contribution to this cause; however, a lot still needs to be done and I would request each one present here to be cautious and remain vigilant of such nuclear power sites which can inadvertently cause great harm to the lives of many.

    This is all from my side, thank you!

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