EnglishSpeechSpeech on Generation Gap in simple and easy words

Speech on Generation Gap in simple and easy words

Generation gap is unavoidable as wherever we go people from different times are bound to come together. So one should respect this generation gap and try to come to terms with it else there will be frictions everywhere. In the current scenario, where we find younger generation becoming exposed to an ultra modern outlook on the other hand they are slowly and gradually becoming divorced from their elderly people. It therefore becomes incumbent to enlighten them through delivering some speeches on generation gap by citing good examples from real life situations. Here, you’d find short speech on generation gap as well as long speech on generation gap which are comprehensive and will give you a better insight into the topics. Just browse through the pages and find out on your own!

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    Long and Short Speech on Generation Gap

    Speech on Generation Gap – 1

    Dear Students – I hope you enjoyed your summer camp. It gives me a great pleasure to hear from our students that summer camp organized by us was filled with thrill for them and everyone got to learn a lot. Now, welcome back to your classroom and your studies!

    As your class teacher, if I were to share my experience with you I would like to say that it was a mixed experience for me. New place, new activities, fresh vibes to imbibe, etc gave an enriching experience. However, frictions between the teachers and students at some level came to the forefront. Though your class is known to be higher secondary classes and we teachers share a great understanding level with you all yet that compatibility element was missing, which I strongly felt after I moved out with you all from the school boundaries.

    So today before I begin your regular course work, I would like to deliver a brief speech on Generation Gap. It is a very critical issue because I see many students experiencing that gap with respect to their teachers. Let me tell you students that we do understand your age and what you may like or probably dislike. But do you students ever try to adapt yourself according to the people around who are elder to you. Probably not, right! It is every important to respect that age gap and eventually the generation gap that naturally comes in when people from different age come together. Two people don’t have to be necessarily at odds with each other all the time as they can try to understand each other’s thought process and way of looking at things and learn something from each other in the end.

    Not everything that is old or belongs to the previous times is bad and everything that is modern is worth embracing. One should be sensible enough to make a clear distinction between what is worth embracing and what is worth leaving behind.

    Generation gap is something that you can never escape as wherever you will go you will find people from different age group and school of thoughts. This gap is nothing but a conflict of thoughts between people, who come from two different generations. In many cases, this conflict of thoughts is between the young and the old. The experienced or what you may call old people based on their experiences gain a wiser perspective of life which today’s generation find old-fashioned thinking.

    On the contrary, today’s generation who have no such experience of life act impulsively and follow their instincts rather than their judgment or discretion. Let me give you an example, if a family is going on a trip by car. The son who is young will drive faster as it will give him excitement. The father or the grandfather on the other hand would want to drive slow and at a reasonable speed because they will be more worried about any mishap that may take place on the road.

    So this type of difference in thinking between people of two different generations will always exist. This difference is seen in families and institutions where young and old people coexist. The best way to handle such situation is to become amiable and patient with the people around and respect the age gap. The elders are mature and often adjustable who can mould themselves as per the younger generation. When you will grow up to be adults, I am sure you will also experience a change in your attitude and start respecting your elders’ way of thinking or probably looking at things.

    So take it easy and try to adjust yourself in every situation – it’s a trait of every great personality.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Generation Gap – 2

    Dear Friends – I warmly welcome you all to this special gathering where people from all age groups can freely interact and share their life experiences with each other.

    However, before we start our session, let me welcome our very special guests of tonight, i.e. Mrs. Sunita Kashyap, the social activist and an NGO owner. The widening gap between young and the old, children and grown-ups is affecting the relationships in families and various institutions. This gap could be in terms of thinking process, the way things are perceived by different individuals, etc. So we are here to overcome this generation gap by bridging this gap through conversations and discussions.

    Besides, I would also like to deliver a speech on the subject to help people become more aware about the sensitivity of this issue. The gap between today’s youth and old people is referred to as the generation gap. While the youth is inexperienced, impatient and aggressive, the elders on the other hand have cultivated patience, prudence and wisdom. They are comparatively found calmer and work with a caution. This phenomenon of generation gap is not something new as it has been very much there since ages.

    The people who come from older generation always look at the young generation with skepticism. They are not able to relate with the younger generation. They feel that their time was the best time as young people used to value their elders and used to be more obedient towards them. There was a belief that disrespecting your elders would cause irreparable damage to the family. On the contrary, in today’s times the youth believes that excessive dependency on their elders is dangerous and they should be self-sufficient to do anything they want to. Young people dislike spoon feeding by their elderly people in the family.

    This gap between the new and old generation is increasing day after day because of many reasons. Primarily, the youth of today feels that the current education system holds very little relevance in the real palpable world. It is not aimed towards getting a job. The outcome comes out to be such that after finishing the schooling, they realize that they are not fit for any job. They become extremely disheartened.

    Secondly, life has become so fast-paced that parents have little time for their kids. There are lack of efforts being put towards developing understanding and intimacy between the young and the old generation.

    Thirdly, the youth finds a great difference between what is expected out of them and what is actually the reality of our country. The discussion on dedication, duty, morality, etc leaves the youth in a great dilemma. The youth of today is not ready to blindly accept whatever their elders will teach them. When the youth finds that corruption and politics have entered every sphere of life – they are filled with disgust. They are always ready to put up a fight against social and economic discrimination. So they seriously want to see a change in society.

    And, I hope that the transformation brought by our younger generation will only be for good and perhaps will try to evade corruption from every sphere of life.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Generation Gap – 3

    Dear Society Members – As a secretary of our Gokuldham Society, I welcome you all to our society club house meeting!

    First of all, very good evening to all of you! Today, other than discussing our day to day issues, I have also prepared a speech on generation gap which I am going to address now. As everyone knows, very recently sad news went viral which said that a young boy out of frustration hit his father so hard that he had to be hospitalized. This news made me really think hard about what is happening to the young generation of today. Is it entirely their fault or is it the fault of their parents too that they fail to give a good upbringing to their children and never try to understand their thinking process?

    Let’s as parents ask these pertinent questions to ourselves and try to bring a positive change in our society and also try to come to terms with our children’s way of thinking. But at the same time, it is very important to inculcate in our children moral values and good ethical behavior. They should be taught right since their childhood to respect their elders and give love to their younger ones. If we will start maintaining a distance from our children both physically and emotionally, then their life will suffer from a great emotional loss and they will become insensitive towards everyone around, especially elder people.

    We should try to bridge this gap rather than making it wider and wider because it is already so wide that the young and the old people are already seem to be living in two different worlds without being bothered much about each other. If you want to overcome this generation gap, then as elders we will have to resort to a sympathetic approach towards our young ones or children and try to understand what they may like or dislike, their desires and aspirations. Also, the youth should realize that they do not have any experience in life. It, therefore, becomes important to listen to your elders and what they have to say. They have a wealth of experience which you can benefit from and make your life better and worth living. The youth should patiently listen to their elders and take their counsel in every important decision of their lives. If the youth disagrees at any point, then they can calmly and with respect put forward their opinion.

    In foreign countries like America and Europe, the generation gap is so huge that the young and old people do not like to even live under one roof. The young people begin to lead their lives independently the moment they start earning. Likewise, the old people also begin to live separately either in their own houses, in age old homes or in Pensioner Houses. Therefore, this generation gap leads to the break-up of joint families and homes.

    We should try not to bring the situation to this extent where Indian families refuse to live under one roof and break apart. Let’s impart good values to our young generation so that they do not go away from their roots and remain grounded. That’s all I can say!

    Thank you so much for patiently listening to me!

    Speech on Generation Gap – 4

    Dear Parents – Welcome to the PTM meeting! Warm Greetings to everyone!

    As a principal of this school, I feel responsible towards these children and I am putting my sincere efforts in shaping their future. Besides their education, I want to ensure an over-round development of their personalities so that they grow up as mature individuals who can keep their moral values intact and never divorce from them.

    So this step, i.e. organizing interactive sessions between the parents and teachers, is a step towards the realization of this goal. No parents or teachers would want their children to disrespect them or develop a sense of alienation. However, whether we believe or not the phenomenon called generation gap is a universal phenomenon and is seen to be taking place in almost every family across the globe in some way or the other.

    Irrespective of the fact whether parents and children are living under one roof or not – they are not sharing a great communication level. Either there is a very less or no conversation. Children and their parents or elders for that matter have their own different ways of living their lives. Children find their parents too imposing, dominating, and preaching whereas parents find their children too stubborn, impatient and violent. How can relationships go smooth in such a situation? Or, how can the very foundations on which families are formed can become strong, if the wide generation gap will continue to grow?

    I come across various incidents of child abuse or children becoming violent day by day and do not even hesitate in retaliating against their elders. So many news make round these days where a son kills his father for property or a daughter commits suicide, etc. These horrible news actually give a reflection of our society and sends out a strong indication where our society or next generation is heading towards. As mature, grown-up people, we should try to bring a change in our society and this change can only be brought on a large scale, if we begin changing our families and the mindset of youth living in our surroundings.

    As elders, we should not always be rigid towards our children and try to understand their perspective too. Their thinking process would be different, but not wrong all the time. We can act as their friends, guide and mentor rather than all the time behaving strict with them as their parents. We should try to be a part of their small world that they build for themselves and try to know about their wishes and desires. If we take a step towards understanding them, I am sure they will also take another step towards bridging this gap. This way we can bring a positive change in our society and effectively channelize their energy towards the right direction. The actual meaning of generation gap is a high level of incompatibility between the new and old generation. It is the responsibility of both the generations to respect and understand each other’s opinions. Only then this gap can be filled and peace and harmony can be reinstated.

    Thank You!

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