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NCERT Solutions for English Moments Class 9

The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments accessible on INFINITY LEARN will assist you in boosting your comprehension skills. It also allows you to obtain a rudimentary comprehension of the language’s communication concepts. The 9th Grade English Book Moments is divided into ten chapters, each of which has a meaningful message while also making language comprehension easier for the pupils. The English Moments Class 9 NCERT Solution syllabus is meant to assist students in preparing for board examinations in which English is one of the core topics. The NCERT Class 9 English Moments have been curated by INFINITY LEARN experts to assist students in improving their academic performance and understanding the language flow.

The NCERT English Moments solutions for Class 9 are very thorough and provide standard answers to all questions. Subject Matter Experts built the English Moments solutions. The solutions to the Class 9 English Moments are also available in PDF format, so you can download them.

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    You can also get NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths and NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science to help you revise the entire syllabus and improve your exam scores.

    NCERT Class 9 English Moments Chapters

    Chapter 1 – The Lost Child Chapter 2 – The Adventure of Toto

    Chapter 3 – Iswaran the Storyteller Chapter 4 – In the Kingdom of Fools

    Chapter 5 – The Happy Prince Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama

    Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf Chapter 8 – A House is Not a Home

    Chapter 9 – The Accidental Tourist Chapter 10 – The Beggar

    Free PDF Download of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments

    NCERT Solutions for Class 9 PDF Download

    We provide you the option of downloading the NCERT Solutions Class 9 English Moments in PDF format to make your studies even easier. This gives students the flexibility to study whenever and wherever they want, as well as readily modify. You can also download the PDF and print it to prevent having to go online every time you need to study. Experienced teachers have produced the Class 9 NCERT English Moments solutions. This PDF answer will help all students who are studying for the Class 9 English exam and wish to do well.

    English Moments from NCERT Solutions for Class 9

    The lost child, the beggar, the kingdom of fools, and a house is not home are all key chapters in Class 9 English Moments that all students should pay attention to.

    Despite the fact that all of the chapters are equally significant, the above-mentioned chapters demand a bit extra attention from all pupils, and the NCERT Class 9 Moments English solutions might help. Here’s a quick rundown of each chapter to help you comprehend it better and clear up any questions you might have.

    Chapter – 1 – The Lost Child

    Mulk Raj Anand is the author of The Lost Child. In this chapter, a little boy goes to a fair with his parents. He is smitten with the luxury items on display at the fair and begs his parents to buy them for him. His parents, on the other hand, refuse to give in to his demands and refuse to buy those items for him. The child becomes separated from his parents while staring at expensive items and begins to cry. When he is discovered, a kind person offers to buy him all of the expensive items he desires. He is not consoled, however, and continues to cry for his parents. But why is that? The chapter is followed by a series of short questions that will aid in your comprehension.

    Chapter – 2 – Toto’s Adventures

    Ruskin Bond is the author of Toto’s adventure. The narrator’s granddad enjoys keeping pets in this narrative. As a result, he buys a child monkey as a pet from a tonga driver to keep up with his passion. However, this monkey has proven to be exceedingly naughty, and the grandmother is unaware of its presence. The following occurrences are disastrous. To find out what happens to the monkey, read the chapter. At the end of this chapter, there are several comprehensive short question exercises. From the NCERT solutions for Class 9 English Moments, you can practice questions relating to this chapter.

    Chapter – 3 – Iswaran: The Storyteller

    1. K. Laxman is the author of Iswaran the Storyteller. This is the story of Mahendra, a young man who was usually accompanied by his cook Isawaran. This cook, on the other hand, had a strange habit of narrating stories in a dubious manner. Mahendra one day awakens to see a dark cloudy figure that frightens him, prompting him to flee the area. Why did these things happen? Was he living in a haunted house? At the end of the chapter, there are several thinking and debate exercises.

    Chapter – 4 – In the Kingdom of Fool

    1. K. Ramanujan wrote In the Kingdom of Fools. The plot centres around the idea that fools are unpredictable and can only be dealt with successfully by intelligent people. The king and his minister are portrayed as morons in this chapter, and the events that follow demonstrate this. This section is also covered with detailed exercises.

    Chapter – 5 The Happy Prince

    Oscar Wilde wrote the play The Happy Prince. The protagonists of this narrative are joyful princes and small swallows who give their life to the impoverished. When God commands one of his angels to deliver the most valuable items from the world, he receives both. This chapter contains all of the lessons in good deeds that you will ever require.

    Chapter – 6 – In Ersama, weathering the Storm

    Harsh Mander is the author of Ersama’s Weathering the Storm. This is a true account of a storm that struck Orissa in 1999, killing hundreds of people. Prashant was one of the victims, having fallen on a roof and suffering for two nights. After that, what happened to him? Is he still alive? To learn more about it, read the tale.

    Chapter – 7 – The Last Leaf

    1. Henry is the author of the final leaf. The setting for this narrative is a wet day with a strong wind. Except for one, all of the leaves from a tree on the ivy vine fell in this situation. But why did this happen in the first place? To find out what occurred last, read the chapter.

    Chapter – 8 – A House Isn’t a Home

    Zan Gaudioso wrote the novel A House Isn’t a Home. This is more of a feeling than a quote. The plot concentrates upon the emotions and challenges that teenagers confront, as well as how to deal with them. Refer to the Moments Class 9 PDF for further information on the story.

    Chapter – 9 – The Unintentional Tourist

    Bill Bryson is the author of The Accidental Tourist. Many people have found it easier to travel because of improved communication. This does not, however, happen to the author. Rather, he must contend with his fair share of difficulties. The challenges he has been revealed as you read the story.

    Chapter – 10 – The Beggar

    Anton Chekov is the author of The Beggar. The protagonist of this novel is a beggar who makes a snap decision that turns his life upside down. To find out what happened and how it happened, read the story.

    What are the Advantages of Class 9 NCERT English Solutions PDF?

    Students who want to do well in class may look over the Class 9 NCERT English Moments solutions PDF. The following are some of the advantages of the Class 9 NCERT English Moments answers PDF:

    • The Class 9 English Moments answers PDF will give students extensive explanations of each chapter and will assist them in fully comprehending the subjects and concepts. The questions’ solutions and explanations are supplied by professional professors.
    • The answers PDF for Class 9 English Moments follows the right syllabus. All of the exercise questions are included in the Class 9 solutions PDF for English Moments, as well as a few extra questions that students can solve for better preparation. The solutions PDF is formatted in accordance with the most recent pattern and marking scheme. This will also benefit students by giving them a rough concept of the type of paper they will be writing.
    • Students can use the solutions PDF to prepare for the exam by revising and practicing.
    • The Class 9 English Moments Solutions PDF is available for download and printing, and students are encouraged to do so. Students who are comfortable studying on their PCs or laptops do not need to save a hard copy of the solutions PDF. They can save it for future use.
    • Students can familiarise themselves with the nature and pattern of questions by studying the NCERT solutions for Class 9 Moments English.

    NCERT Solutions for Moments English Class 9 are available to download in PDF format.

    The Moments English NCERT solutions must be followed by all students preparing for the Class 9 English exam. The English solutions PDF for Class 9 Moments is free and open to everyone. It is simple to download and use for learning and practicing the chapters by students. The English solutions PDF for Class 9 Moments is the most recent and matches the new question structure. You can download it by clicking on any of the above links. Students who believe that downloading and studying the entire PDF will be difficult might download the chapters separately and study them one at a time. This will assist you in keeping track of your studies and reducing your study stress.


    The NCERT solutions for English Moments in Class 9 are essential study materials for all students attempting to pass their English exams. The PDF contains all of the answers to the exercise questions and will assist you in thoroughly practicing and revising the chapters. This will help you improve your English as well as your preparedness. All students will benefit from studying the Class 9 NCERT English Moments answers PDF.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. How can pupils produce successful English responses?

    English is a language that kids do not need to memorize. Rather, it’s about their understanding and practice. It does not contain any derivations, which would necessitate the use of logic. As a result, students must be well-versed in the topic as well as the language norms that must be observed when writing replies. The easier it is for them to write the answers, the more control and expertise they have with the language.

    1. Will the NCERT solutions help you pass the exam?

    Studying from the NCERT coursebook is, without a doubt, the most effective way to prepare for your exams. After all, the pupils are expected to follow the CBSE style and rules when writing their answers. The answers in the NCERT solutions, on the other hand, are written in an easy-to-understand language.

    1. Where can students find solutions to Class 9 English Moments?

    Students can use INFINITY LEARN’s NCERT English Class 9 Solution. INFINITY LEARN’s experts supply you with all of the solutions for each chapter of the Class 9 Moments book independently, making the study process easier and faster.

    1. How can I build a study schedule for English Class 9?

    You must prepare appropriately if you want to ace your English exams. Completely read all of the specified text from your books. Writing your answers will assist you in learning and maintaining your speed during the exam. Good vocabulary, proper grammar, and crisp and tidy handwriting are all sure-fire strategies to improve your grades. Make a list of descriptive answers with bullet points and underline the keywords. Don’t leave any questions unanswered, and finish the paper in the time allotted.

    1. How can I grasp Chapter 1 of English Moments in Class 9?

    The plot of Chapter 1 centres around a child who goes to a fair. The fancy objects at the fair pique his interest, and he keeps asking his parents to buy them all for him, but they refuse. This child eventually loses his parents during the fair and begins to weep. When a good-hearted guy comes upon the youngster, he wants to give him all of the nice things he desires. He, on the other hand, continues to weep for his parents. The gist of the narrative is as follows. You must read Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1 thoroughly to fully comprehend the story. You can also refer to INFINITY LEARN’s NCERT solutions, which will assist you in understanding all of the stories in the book.

    1. Is English Moments in Class 9 simple?

    Class 9 English Moments is a collection of intriguing stories that provide pupils with food for thought. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the narrative. Even though the lessons in Moments are not particularly challenging, it is necessary to have a suitable guide in order to understand the deeper meaning. INFINITY LEARN’s NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English ensure that students comprehend the material and achieve higher grades with their responses. On INFINITY LEARN, these solutions are available for free (INFINITY You can also get it using the INFINITY LEARN app.

    1. What is the total number of chapters in the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English?

    NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English has ten chapters. The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments cover the following chapters:

    1. The Forgotten Child
    1. Toto’s Epic Journey
    1. The Storyteller, Iswaran
    1. The Kingdom of Fools is a kingdom ruled by fools.
    1. The Prince of Happiness
    1. In Ersama, Getting Through the Storm
    1. The Last Leaf is a book about the end of the world
    1. A House Is Not a House Is Not a House Is Not A House Is Not A
    1. The Unintentional Tourist
    1. The Beggar
    1. What is the Chapter Iswaran the Storyteller’s fundamental concept?

    The protagonist of Chapter 3 is a man named Mahendra. He was always accompanied by a cook named Iswaran. Iswaran, on the other hand, had an odd manner of delivering stories with a suspicious aspect to them. Then Mahendra sees a dark figure that frightens him when he wakes up. After that, he decides to leave. You can always go to INFINITY LEARN to learn more about the chapter.

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