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List of District Names in India

A district, also known as a revenue district, is an administrative division within an Indian state or territory. Each district name serves as a crucial part of the country’s administrative framework. Some districts are divided into sub-divisions, while others are directly organized into tehsils or talukas. As of 30 March 2024, India has a total of 806 districts.

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    India is divided into several administrative units called districts, each with its own unique identity and charm. The district name helps to define the specific regions within each state and union territory, making it easier to manage and govern the vast country. Every district name has its own history, culture, and traditions, contributing to the rich tapestry of Indian life. From the snowy regions of Jammu and Kashmir to the tropical landscapes of Kerala, the district name reflects the incredible diversity of India.

    List of District Names in India

    Creating a district name list for each state and union territory helps in organizing information and resources efficiently. This district name list is essential for government planning, development projects, and public services. Whether it’s education, healthcare, or infrastructure, knowing the district name and referring to the district name list ensures that every region gets the attention and support it needs. By exploring the district name list, one can discover the hidden gems and prominent landmarks that define each part of India.

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    The district name list includes various key officials responsible for the district’s administration. The District & Sessions Judge, part of the Indian Judicial Service, handles legal matters, including passing imprisonment orders and the death penalty, and has appellate jurisdiction over subordinate courts. The District Magistrate or Deputy Commissioner, usually an officer from the Indian Administrative Service, oversees the district’s administration and revenue collection. The Superintendent of Police, from the Indian Police Service, ensures law and order. The Deputy Conservator of Forests, from the Indian Forest Service, manages the district’s forests, environment, and wildlife. Additionally, other officials like the District Educational Officer, District Medical Officer, and District Supply Officer play significant roles.

    Most districts have distinct headquarters. However, some districts, such as Mumbai City in Maharashtra, Kolkata in West Bengal, Hyderabad in Telangana, and Chennai in Tamil Nadu, do not have separate district headquarters. These exceptions highlight the diversity within the district name list and the unique administrative setups across the country.

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    Distrct Name list

    India is organized into states and union territories, each comprising multiple districts. A district name list provides a comprehensive overview of the administrative divisions within each region. This list helps in understanding the distribution and governance of India’s diverse population. Below is the table showcasing the number of districts in each state and union territory.

    Number of Districts in Each State or Union Territory

    State/Union Territory No. of Districts
    Andhra Pradesh 26
    Arunachal Pradesh 26
    Assam 35
    Bihar 38
    Chhattisgarh 33
    Goa 2
    Gujarat 33
    Haryana 22
    Himachal Pradesh 12
    Jharkhand 24
    Karnataka 31
    Kerala 14
    Madhya Pradesh 55
    Maharashtra 36
    Manipur 16
    Meghalaya 12
    Mizoram 11
    Nagaland 16
    Odisha 30
    Punjab 23
    Rajasthan 50
    Sikkim 6
    Tamil Nadu 38
    Telangana 33
    Tripura 8
    Uttar Pradesh 75
    Uttarakhand 13
    West Bengal 23
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands 3
    Chandigarh 1
    Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 3
    Jammu and Kashmir 20
    Ladakh 2
    Lakshadweep 1
    Delhi 11
    Puducherry 4

    List of District Name – State Wise

    India is a diverse and vast country, organized into states and union territories, each with multiple administrative units called districts. The district name serves as an essential part of this structure, helping in the efficient governance and development of the country. A comprehensive list of district names according to their respective states and union territories provides a clear understanding of India’s administrative divisions. This district name list not only helps in identifying the regions but also highlights the rich cultural and geographical diversity within each state.

    Andhra Pradesh District Name

    Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India, is divided into 26 districts, each with its own unique district name that reflects its cultural and historical significance. The district name of each area helps in identifying and managing the region’s administrative functions. For example, districts like Visakhapatnam, known for its beautiful coastline and bustling port, and Chittoor, famous for the Tirupati Balaji Temple, are key contributors to the state’s identity. The district name list of Andhra Pradesh is diverse, encompassing regions with rich agricultural landscapes, thriving industrial hubs, and significant historical sites. This variety in the district name list showcases the multifaceted character of Andhra Pradesh, making it a vital part of India’s administrative and cultural framework.

    # Code District Name Headquarters
    1 AS Alluri Sitharama Raju Paderu
    2 AK Anakapalli Anakapalli
    3 AN Ananthapuramu Ananthapuramu
    4 AM Annamayya Rayachoti
    5 BP Bapatla Bapatla
    6 CH Chittoor Chittoor
    7 KN Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Konaseema Amalapuram
    8 EG East Godavari Rajamahendravaram
    9 EL Eluru Eluru
    10 GU Guntur Guntur
    11 KK Kakinada Kakinada
    12 KR Krishna Machilipatnam
    13 KU Kurnool Kurnool
    14 NN Nandyal Nandyal
    15 NE Nellore Nellore
    16 NT NTR Vijayawada
    17 PL Palnadu Narasaraopet
    18 PM Parvathipuram Manyam Parvathipuram
    19 PR Prakasam Ongole
    20 SR Srikakulam Srikakulam
    21 SS Sri Sathya Sai Puttaparthi
    22 TR Tirupati Tirupati
    23 VS Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam
    24 VZ Vizianagaram Vizianagaram
    25 WG West Godavari Bhimavaram
    26 CU YSR Kadapa Kadapa

    Arunachal Pradesh District Name

    Arunachal Pradesh, a state in the northeastern region of India, is known for its diverse and unique geographical landscape. The state is divided into several administrative divisions, each with its distinct district name. When exploring the Arunachal Pradesh district names, one encounters a blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Some notable Arunachal Pradesh district names include Tawang, known for its ancient monasteries, and Papum Pare, which is home to the state capital, Itanagar. Each Arunachal Pradesh district name reflects the unique heritage and history of the region, making it an intriguing destination for travelers and researchers alike.

    Code District Headquarters
    AJ Anjaw Hawai
    CH Changlang Changlang
    EK East Kameng Seppa
    ES East Siang Pasighat
    Itanagar Capital Complex Itanagar
    Kamle Raga
    Kra Daadi Palin
    KK Kurung Kumey Koloriang
    Lepa Rada Basar
    EL Lohit Tezu
    LD Longding Longding
    DV Lower Dibang Valley Roing
    Lower Siang Likabali
    LB Lower Subansiri Ziro
    Namsai Namsai
    Pakke-Kessang Lemmi
    PA Papum Pare Yupia
    Shi Yomi Tato
    Siang Boleng
    TA Tawang Tawang
    TI Tirap Khonsa
    UD Upper Dibang Valley Anini
    US Upper Siang Yingkiong
    UB Upper Subansiri Daporijo
    WK West Kameng Bomdila
    WS West Siang Aalo
    Keyi Panyor Yachuli
    Bichom Napangphung

    Assam District Name

    Assam, a state in northeastern India, is divided into several administrative regions, each with its unique charm and cultural heritage. Each district name in Assam reflects the rich history and diverse traditions of the area. For example, the Assam district name “Kamrup” is historically significant and known for its ancient temples and vibrant festivals. Similarly, “Dibrugarh” is renowned for its lush tea gardens and picturesque landscapes. The Assam district name “Barpeta” is famous for its traditional dance forms and music. Exploring the Assam District Name list reveals a tapestry of cultural and natural beauty, making the state a fascinating destination for travelers and researchers alike.

    Code District Headquarters
    BK Baksa Mushalpur
    BJ Bajali Pathsala
    BP Barpeta Barpeta
    BN Biswanath Biswanath Chariali
    BO Bongaigaon Bongaigaon
    CA Cachar Silchar
    CD Charaideo Sonari
    CH Chirang Kajalgaon
    DR Darrang Mangaldoi
    DM Dhemaji Dhemaji
    DU Dhubri Dhubri
    DI Dibrugarh Dibrugarh
    NC Dima Hasao Haflong
    GP Goalpara Goalpara
    GG Golaghat Golaghat
    HA Hailakandi Hailakandi
    HJ Hojai Sankardev Nagar
    JO Jorhat Jorhat
    KU Kamrup Amingaon
    KM Kamrup Metropolitan Guwahati
    KG Karbi Anglong Diphu
    KR Karimganj Karimganj
    KJ Kokrajhar Kokrajhar
    LA Lakhimpur North Lakhimpur
    MJ Majuli Garamur
    MA Morigaon Marigaon
    NN Nagaon Nagaon
    NB Nalbari Nalbari
    ST Sivasagar Sibsagar
    SO Sonitpur Tezpur
    SM South Salmara-Mankachar Hatsingimari
    TP Tamulpur Tamulpur
    TI Tinsukia Tinsukia
    UD Udalguri Udalguri
    WK West Karbi Anglong Hamren

    Bihar District Name

    Bihar, a state in eastern India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Each district name in Bihar holds its own unique charm and historical importance. When exploring the Bihar District Name, one can find a variety of landscapes, from the lush green fields of Gopalganj to the bustling urban centers of Patna. The Bihar District Name often reflects the ancient kingdoms and empires that once ruled the region, making each district a treasure trove of history and tradition. Understanding the significance of each Bihar District Name provides a deeper insight into the state’s diverse culture and vibrant history.

    Code District Headquarters
    AR Araria Araria
    AW Arwal Arwal
    AU Aurangabad Aurangabad
    BA Banka Banka
    BE Begusarai Begusarai
    BG Bhagalpur Bhagalpur
    BJ Bhojpur Arrah
    BU Buxar Buxar
    DA Darbhanga Darbhanga
    EC East Champaran Motihari
    GA Gaya Gaya
    GO Gopalganj Gopalganj
    JA Jamui Jamui
    JE Jehanabad Jehanabad
    KM Kaimur Bhabua
    KT Katihar Katihar
    KH Khagaria Khagaria
    KI Kishanganj Kishanganj
    LA Lakhisarai Lakhisarai
    MP Madhepura Madhepura
    MB Madhubani Madhubani
    MG Munger Munger
    MZ Muzaffarpur Muzaffarpur
    NL Nalanda Bihar Sharif
    NW Nawada Nawada
    PA Patna Patna
    PU Purnia Purnia
    RO Rohtas Sasaram
    SH Saharsa Saharsa
    SM Samastipur Samastipur
    SR Saran Chhapra
    SP Sheikhpura Sheikhpura
    SO Sheohar Sheohar
    ST Sitamarhi Sitamarhi
    SW Siwan Siwan
    SU Supaul Supaul
    VA Vaishali Hajipur
    WC West Champaran Bettiah

    Chhattisgarh District Name

    Chhattisgarh, a state in central India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape. When exploring the Chhattisgarh district names, you’ll come across a variety of regions, each with its unique characteristics and charm. The Chhattisgarh district name list includes areas like Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg, and Bastar, among others. These districts are essential administrative units that help in the effective governance and development of the state. For those looking to learn about Chhattisgarh all district names, it’s fascinating to note the historical and cultural significance embedded in each name. Whether you are planning a visit or conducting research, understanding the Chhattisgarh district names offers a comprehensive glimpse into the state’s diverse and vibrant identity.

    Code District Headquarters
    Balod Balod
    Baloda Bazar Baloda Bazar
    Balrampur-Ramanujganj Balrampur
    BA Bastar Jagdalpur
    Bemetara Bemetara
    BJ Bijapur Bijapur
    BI Bilaspur Bilaspur
    DA Dantewada Dantewada
    DH Dhamtari Dhamtari
    DU Durg Durg
    Gariaband Gariaband
    Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi Gaurela
    JC Janjgir-Champa Janjgir
    JA Jashpur Jashpur Nagar
    KW Kabirdham Kawardha
    KK Kanker Kanker
    Khairagarh-Chhuikhadan-Gandai Khairagarh
    Kondagaon Kondagaon
    KB Korba Korba
    KJ Korea Baikunthpur
    MA Mahasamund Mahasamund
    Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur Manendragarh
    Mohla-Manpur-Ambagarh Chowki Mohla
    Mungeli Mungeli
    NR Narayanpur Narayanpur
    RG Raigarh Raigarh
    RP Raipur Raipur
    RN Rajnandgaon Rajnandgaon
    Sarangarh-Bilaigarh Sarangarh
    Sakti Sakti
    SK Sukma Sukma
    Surajpur Surajpur
    SJ Surguja Ambikapur

    Goa District Name

    Goa, a vibrant state located on the western coast of India, is divided into two main districts: North Goa and South Goa. Each district name reflects the unique geographical and cultural aspects of the region. North Goa, known for its bustling beaches and historical landmarks, includes popular towns such as Panaji, the state capital. South Goa, on the other hand, is celebrated for its serene landscapes and quieter beaches. When exploring Goa, it’s essential to understand the distinction between the Goa district names, as each offers a distinct experience. For those planning to visit or study the region, knowing Goa all district names—North Goa and South Goa—can greatly enhance their appreciation of the state’s diverse offerings.

    Code District Headquarters
    NG North Goa Panaji
    SG South Goa Margao

    Gujarat District Name

    Gujarat, a state in western India, is renowned for its diverse culture and rich heritage. The state is divided into several districts, each known for its unique characteristics and contributions. A prominent Gujarat district name like Ahmedabad stands out due to its historical significance and vibrant economy. Similarly, Surat, another notable Gujarat district name, is famous for its diamond and textile industries. Each district name in Gujarat reflects the region’s cultural and economic diversity, making the exploration of Gujarat district names a fascinating journey through the state’s dynamic landscape. Whether it is Rajkot, Vadodara, or Bhavnagar, each Gujarat district name tells a story of development, tradition, and growth.

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    Code District Headquarters
    AH Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
    AM Amreli Amreli
    AN Anand Anand
    AR Aravalli Modasa
    BK Banaskantha Palanpur
    BR Bharuch Bharuch
    BV Bhavnagar Bhavnagar
    BT Botad Botad
    CU Chhota Udaipur Chhota Udaipur
    DA Dahod Dahod
    DG Dang Ahwa
    DD Devbhumi Dwarka Khambhalia
    GA Gandhinagar Gandhinagar
    GS Gir Somnath Veraval
    JA Jamnagar Jamnagar
    JU Junagadh Junagadh
    KH Kheda Nadiad
    KA Kutch Bhuj
    MH Mahisagar Lunavada
    MA Mehsana Mehsana
    MB Morbi Morbi
    NR Narmada Rajpipla
    NV Navsari Navsari
    PM Panchmahal Godhra
    PA Patan Patan
    PO Porbandar Porbandar
    RA Rajkot Rajkot
    SK Sabarkantha Himatnagar
    ST Surat Surat
    SN Surendranagar Surendranagar
    TA Tapi Vyara
    VD Vadodara Vadodara
    VL Valsad Valsad

    Haryana District Name

    Haryana, a northern state in India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and significant historical landmarks. Among the numerous Haryana District Names, each district name holds its own unique significance and history. For instance, the Haryana District Name “Gurugram,” formerly known as Gurgaon, is a major financial and technology hub, reflecting its rapid urban development and modern infrastructure. Similarly, the district name “Panipat” is steeped in history, being the site of three pivotal battles that shaped Indian history. Exploring the Haryana District Names reveals a fascinating tapestry of tradition, culture, and progress that characterizes the state.

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    Code District Headquarters
    AM Ambala Ambala
    BH Bhiwani Bhiwani
    CD Charkhi Dadri Charkhi Dadri
    HR Faridabad Faridabad
    FT Fatehabad Fatehabad
    GU Gurugram Gurugram
    HI Hisar Hisar
    JH Jhajjar Jhajjar
    JI Jind Jind
    KT Kaithal Kaithal
    KR Karnal Karnal
    KU Kurukshetra Kurukshetra
    MA Mahendragarh Narnaul
    MW Nuh Nuh
    PW Palwal Palwal
    PK Panchkula Panchkula
    PP Panipat Panipat
    RE Rewari Rewari
    RO Rohtak Rohtak
    SI Sirsa Sirsa
    SNP Sonipat Sonipat
    YN Yamunanagar Yamunanagar

    Himachal Pradesh District Name

    Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful state in northern India, is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. Each Himachal Pradesh district name reflects the unique heritage and geographical diversity of the region. From the lush green valleys of Kangra to the serene mountains of Kullu, every district name in Himachal Pradesh holds a story of its own. Whether it’s the historical significance of Chamba or the apple orchards of Shimla, exploring the Himachal Pradesh district names offers a fascinating journey through the state’s rich history and natural beauty. Understanding the district name origins and their local significance adds depth to the enchanting charm of Himachal Pradesh.

    Code District Headquarters
    BI Bilaspur Bilaspur
    CH Chamba Chamba
    HA Hamirpur Hamirpur
    KA Kangra Dharamshala
    KI Kinnaur Reckong Peo
    KU Kullu Kullu
    LH Lahaul and Spiti Keylong
    MA Mandi Mandi
    SH Shimla Shimla
    SI Sirmaur Nahan
    SO Solan Solan
    UN Una Una

    Jharkhand District Name

    Jharkhand, a vibrant state in eastern India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The state is divided into several administrative units, each known as a district. Understanding the Jharkhand District Name is essential for anyone looking to explore the region or study its administrative framework. The Jharkhand all District Name list includes prominent districts like Ranchi, Dhanbad, and Jamshedpur, each with its unique characteristics and attractions. These Jharkhand District Names reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of the state, making it a fascinating area for researchers, travelers, and locals alike.

    Code District Headquarters
    BO Bokaro Bokaro
    CH Chatra Chatra
    DE Deoghar Deoghar
    DH Dhanbad Dhanbad
    DU Dumka Dumka
    ES East Singhbhum Jamshedpur
    GA Garhwa Garhwa
    GI Giridih Giridih
    GO Godda Godda
    GU Gumla Gumla
    HA Hazaribag Hazaribag
    JA Jamtara Jamtara
    KH Khunti Khunti
    KO Koderma Koderma
    LA Latehar Latehar
    LO Lohardaga Lohardaga
    PK Pakur Pakur
    PL Palamu Daltonganj
    RM Ramgarh Ramgarh
    RA Ranchi Ranchi
    SA Sahibganj Sahebganj
    SK Seraikela-Kharsawan Seraikela
    SI Simdega Simdega
    WS West Singhbhum Chaibasa

    Karnataka District Name

    Karnataka, a state in southern India, is renowned for its diverse culture and rich history, reflected in the names of its districts. The Karnataka district names offer a fascinating glimpse into the region’s heritage, with each district name carrying its own unique story. From the bustling metropolis of Bengaluru to the serene landscapes of Coorg, Karnataka all district names embody the state’s geographical and cultural variety. For those interested in exploring the state, understanding Karnataka district names is essential, as it helps in appreciating the local traditions and histories embedded in these names. Whether you’re planning a visit or studying the state’s administrative divisions, familiarizing yourself with each district name provides a deeper connection to Karnataka’s vibrant identity.

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    Code District Headquarters
    BK Bagalkot Bagalkote
    BL Ballari Ballari
    BG Belagavi Belgaum
    BR Bangalore Rural Bangalore
    BN Bangalore Urban Bangalore
    BD Bidar Bidar
    CJ Chamarajanagar Chamarajanagar
    CK Chikkaballapur Chikkaballapur
    CK Chikmagalur Chikmagalur
    CT Chitradurga Chitradurga
    DK Dakshina Kannada Mangalore
    DA Davanagere Davangere
    DH Dharwad Dharwad
    GA Gadaga Gadag-Betageri
    GU Kalaburagi Kalaburagi
    HS Hassan Hassan
    HV Haveri Haveri
    KD Kodagu Madikeri
    KL Kolar Kolar
    KP Koppal Koppal
    MA Mandya Mandya
    MY Mysore Mysore
    RA Raichur Raichur
    RM Ramanagara Ramanagara
    SH Shimoga Shimoga
    TU Tumakuru Tumakuru
    UD Udupi Udupi
    UK Uttara Kannada Karwar
    Vijayanagara Hospete
    BJ Bijapur Bijapur
    YG Yadgir Yadgir

    Kerala District Name

    Kerala, the picturesque state in southern India, is renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. One of the key administrative regions in Kerala is its districts, each with a unique identity and charm. The Kerala District Name system categorizes the state into 14 distinct districts, each contributing to the state’s overall diversity. When exploring Kerala, you will encounter various Kerala District Names like Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city known for its historic landmarks, and Alappuzha, famed for its backwaters. Each Kerala District Name reflects a blend of natural beauty, traditional arts, and vibrant communities, making it an intriguing aspect of the state’s geography and culture.

    Code District Headquarters
    AL Alappuzha Alappuzha
    ER Ernakulam Kakkanad
    ID Idukki Painavu
    KN Kannur Kannur
    KS Kasaragod Kasaragod
    KL Kollam Kollam
    KT Kottayam Kottayam
    KZ Kozhikode Kozhikode
    MA Malappuram Malappuram
    PL Palakkad Palakkad
    PT Pathanamthitta Pathanamthitta
    TV Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram
    TS Thrissur Thrissur
    WA Wayanad Kalpetta

    Madhya Pradesh District Name

    Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. The state is divided into numerous districts, each with its unique characteristics and charm. For instance, the Madhya Pradesh District Name of Bhopal is famous for its lakes and greenery, earning it the nickname “City of Lakes.” Another notable Madhya Pradesh District Name is Indore, the state’s largest city and commercial hub, known for its vibrant street food culture and bustling markets. Additionally, the Madhya Pradesh District Name of Gwalior stands out for its majestic fort and classical music heritage. Each Madhya Pradesh District Name contributes to the state’s diverse tapestry, making it a fascinating region to explore.

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    Code District Headquarters
    AG Agar Malwa Agar
    AL Alirajpur Alirajpur
    AP Anuppur Anuppur
    AS Ashoknagar Ashoknagar
    BL Balaghat Balaghat
    BR Barwani Barwani
    BE Betul Betul
    BD Bhind Bhind
    BP Bhopal Bhopal
    BU Burhanpur Burhanpur
    CT Chhatarpur Chhatarpur
    CN Chhindwara Chhindwara
    DM Damoh Damoh
    DT Datia Datia
    DE Dewas Dewas
    DH Dhar Dhar
    DI Dindori Dindori
    GU Guna Guna
    GW Gwalior Gwalior
    HA Harda Harda
    NA Hoshangabad Hoshangabad
    IN Indore Indore
    JA Jabalpur Jabalpur
    JH Jhabua Jhabua
    KA Katni Katni
    EN Khandwa Khandwa
    WN Khargone Khargone
    NA Mandla Mandla
    MS Mandsaur Mandsaur
    MO Morena Morena
    NA Narsinghpur Narsinghpur
    NE Neemuch Neemuch
    PA Panna Panna
    RS Raisen Raisen
    RG Rajgarh Rajgarh
    RL Ratlam Ratlam
    RE Rewa Rewa
    SG Sagar Sagar
    ST Satna Satna
    SR Sehore Sehore
    SO Seoni Seoni
    SH Shahdol Shahdol
    SJ Shajapur Shajapur
    SP Sheopur Sheopur
    SV Shivpuri Shivpuri
    SI Sidhi Sidhi
    SN Singrauli Waidhan
    TI Tikamgarh Tikamgarh
    UJ Ujjain Ujjain
    UM Umaria Umaria
    VI Vidisha Vidisha

    Maharashtra District Name

    Maharashtra, a prominent state in India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. The Maharashtra district name is often a reflection of the region’s historical significance and unique attributes. Each Maharashtra district name, such as Mumbai, Pune, or Nashik, carries a distinct identity and charm. For instance, the Maharashtra district name Mumbai is synonymous with the bustling metropolitan lifestyle and is the financial capital of the country. Similarly, Pune, another notable Maharashtra district name, is known for its educational institutions and vibrant cultural scene. Understanding the Maharashtra district names offers a glimpse into the state’s dynamic and multifaceted character.

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    Code District Headquarters
    AH Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
    AK Akola Akola
    AM Amravati Amravati
    AU Aurangabad Aurangabad
    BI Beed Beed
    BH Bhandara Bhandara
    BU Buldhana Buldhana
    CH Chandrapur Chandrapur
    OS Osmanabad Osmanabad
    DH Dhule Dhule
    GA Gadchiroli Gadchiroli
    GO Gondia Gondia
    HI Hingoli Hingoli
    JG Jalgaon Jalgaon
    JN Jalna Jalna
    KO Kolhapur Kolhapur
    LA Latur Latur
    MC Mumbai City Mumbai
    MU Mumbai Suburban Bandra (East)
    ND Nanded Nanded
    NB Nandurbar Nandurbar
    NG Nagpur Nagpur
    NS Nashik Nashik
    PL Palghar Palghar
    PA Parbhani Parbhani
    PU Pune Pune
    RG Raigad Alibag
    RT Ratnagiri Ratnagiri
    SN Sangli Sangli
    ST Satara Satara
    SI Sindhudurg Oros
    SO Solapur Solapur
    TH Thane Thane
    WR Wardha Wardha
    WS Washim Washim
    YA Yavatmal Yavatmal

    Manipur District Name

    Manipur, a picturesque state in northeastern India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. Each district name in Manipur reflects the unique history and traditions of the region. The state comprises 16 districts, each with its distinct identity and charm. The Manipur District Name such as Imphal, Bishnupur, and Churachandpur resonate with the historical and cultural significance that define them. These Manipur District Names not only serve as geographical markers but also as symbols of the state’s vibrant tapestry of ethnic communities and scenic beauty. Exploring each district name in Manipur unveils a story of its own, contributing to the state’s overall allure.

    Code District Headquarters
    BPR Bishnupur Bishnupur
    CDL Chandel Chandel
    CCpr Churachandpur Churachandpur
    IE Imphal East Porompat
    IW Imphal West Lamphelpat
    JBM Jiribam Jiribam
    KAK Kakching Kakching
    KJ Kamjong Kamjong
    KPI Kangpokpi Kangpokpi
    NL Noney Noney (Longmai)
    PZ Pherzawl Pherzawl
    SE Senapati Senapati
    TML Tamenglong Tamenglong
    TNL Tengnoupal Tengnoupal
    TBL Thoubal Thoubal
    UKR Ukhrul Ukhrul

    Meghalaya District Name

    Meghalaya, a picturesque state in northeastern India, is renowned for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture. The state is divided into several administrative regions, each known as a district. The Meghalaya District Name reflects the unique characteristics and heritage of the region it represents. For instance, the district name of East Khasi Hills is synonymous with the scenic beauty and cultural richness of the Khasi tribe. Similarly, West Garo Hills stands out for its dense forests and indigenous Garo community. Understanding the significance of each Meghalaya District Name provides insight into the diverse and dynamic tapestry that makes up this beautiful state.

    Code District Headquarters
    EG East Garo Hills Williamnagar
    EK East Khasi Hills Shillong
    East Jaintia Hills Khliehriat
    Eastern West Khasi Hills Mairang
    North Garo Hills Resubelpara
    RB Ri Bhoi Nongpoh
    SG South Garo Hills Baghmara
    South West Garo Hills Ampati
    South West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat
    WG West Garo Hills Tura
    WJ West Jaintia Hills Jowai
    WK West Khasi Hills Nongstoin

    Mizoram District Name

    Mizoram, a picturesque state in Northeast India, is known for its scenic beauty and vibrant culture. The Mizoram District Names reflect the unique heritage and diverse traditions of the region. Each district name in Mizoram carries historical and cultural significance, showcasing the rich tapestry of local customs and practices. From the bustling urban center of Aizawl to the serene landscapes of Champhai, the Mizoram District Names highlight the distinct identities and characteristics of these areas. Understanding the Mizoram District Name helps one appreciate the state’s intricate socio-cultural fabric and its harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

    Code District Headquarters
    AI Aizawl Aizawl
    CH Champhai Champhai
    Hnahthial Hnahthial
    Khawzawl Khawzawl
    KO Kolasib Kolasib
    LA Lawngtlai Lawngtlai
    LU Lunglei Lunglei
    MA Mamit Mamit
    SA Saiha Saiha
    Saitual Saitual
    SE Serchhip Serchhip

    Nagaland District Name

    Nagaland, a state in the northeastern region of India, is divided into several districts, each with its unique characteristics and cultural heritage. The Nagaland District Name that stands out includes Kohima, the capital city, known for its historical significance and vibrant culture. Another prominent Nagaland District Name is Dimapur, the state’s commercial hub, which serves as a gateway to Nagaland. Each district name in Nagaland reflects the diversity and rich traditions of the Naga tribes, contributing to the state’s colorful mosaic of languages, customs, and lifestyles. Understanding the significance of each Nagaland District Name provides a deeper insight into the state’s cultural and geographical diversity.

    Code District Headquarters
    Chümoukedima Chümoukedima
    DI Dimapur Dimapur
    KI Kiphire Kiphire
    KO Kohima Kohima
    LO Longleng Longleng
    MK Mokokchung Mokokchung
    MN Mon Mon
    Niuland Niuland
    Noklak Noklak
    PE Peren Peren
    PH Phek Phek
    Shamator Shamator
    Tseminyü Tseminyü
    TU Tuensang Tuensang
    WO Wokha Wokha
    ZU Zunheboto Zunheboto

    Odisha District Name

    Odisha, a state located in eastern India, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. The Odisha District Name refers to one of the administrative divisions within the state, each with its unique identity and significance. When exploring the Odisha District Name, it’s essential to recognize the intricate history and traditions that each district holds. For anyone interested in Odisha all District Name, the list includes 30 districts, such as Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, and Puri, each contributing to the state’s vibrant culture and economy. Understanding the Odisha District Name helps in appreciating the diverse communities and the unique attributes they bring to the state’s overall tapestry.

    Code District Headquarters
    AN Angul Angul
    BD Boudh Boudh
    BH Bhadrak Bhadrak
    BL Balangir Balangir
    BR Bargarh Bargarh
    BW Balasore Balasore
    CU Cuttack Cuttack
    DE Debagarh Debagarh
    DH Dhenkanal Dhenkanal
    GN Ganjam Chhatrapur
    GP Gajapati Paralakhemundi
    JH Jharsuguda Jharsuguda
    JP Jajpur Jajpur
    JS Jagatsinghpur Jagatsinghpur
    KH Khordha Khordha
    KJ Kendujhar Kendujhar
    KL Kalahandi Bhawanipatna
    KN Kandhamal Phulbani
    KO Koraput Koraput
    KP Kendrapara Kendrapara
    ML Malkangiri Malkangiri
    MY Mayurbhanj Baripada
    NB Nabarangpur Nabarangpur
    NU Nuapada Nuapada
    NY Nayagarh Nayagarh
    PU Puri Puri
    RA Rayagada Rayagada
    SA Sambalpur Sambalpur
    SO Subarnapur Subarnapur
    SU Sundargarh Sundargarh

    Punjab District Name

    Punjab, a state in northern India, is known for its rich culture, vibrant traditions, and historical significance. Each district name in Punjab carries its own unique heritage and identity, contributing to the state’s diverse tapestry. Among the notable Punjab district names are Amritsar, known for the Golden Temple, and Ludhiana, recognized as an industrial hub. Other important districts include Jalandhar, Patiala, and Bathinda, each with their own distinct attractions and cultural landmarks. Exploring the various Punjab district names provides insight into the region’s storied past and dynamic present, showcasing the integral role each district plays in the overall identity of Punjab.

    Code District Headquarters
    AM Amritsar Amritsar
    BNL Barnala Barnala
    BA Bathinda Bathinda
    FI Firozpur Firozpur
    FR Faridkot Faridkot
    FT Fatehgarh Sahib Fatehgarh Sahib
    FA Fazilka Fazilka
    GU Gurdaspur Gurdaspur
    HO Hoshiarpur Hoshiarpur
    JA Jalandhar Jalandhar
    KA Kapurthala Kapurthala
    LU Ludhiana Ludhiana
    ML Malerkotla Malerkotla
    MA Mansa Mansa
    MO Moga Moga
    MU Sri Muktsar Sahib Sri Muktsar Sahib
    PA Pathankot Pathankot
    PA Patiala Patiala
    RU Rupnagar Rupnagar
    SAS Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
    SA Sangrur Sangrur
    PB Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar Nawanshahr
    TT Tarn Taran Tarn Taran Sahib

    Rajasthan District Name

    Rajasthan, known for its rich cultural heritage and majestic forts, is divided into 33 districts, each with its unique charm and significance. When exploring the Rajasthan District Name list, one can find diverse regions ranging from the sandy expanses of Jaisalmer to the lush greenery of Udaipur. Each Rajasthan District Name holds a story of its own, reflecting the state’s historical grandeur and vibrant traditions. The district name often reveals a glimpse into the area’s past, its rulers, and the cultural influences that shaped it. Understanding the significance of each district name in Rajasthan provides a deeper appreciation of the state’s diverse and multifaceted identity.

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    Code District Headquarters
    AN Anupgarh Anupgarh
    AJ Ajmer Ajmer
    AL Alwar Alwar
    BA Balotra Balotra
    BE Beawar Beawar
    BI Bikaner Bikaner
    BM Barmer Barmer
    BN Banswara Banswara
    BP Bharatpur Bharatpur
    BR Baran Baran
    BU Bundi Bundi
    BW Bhilwara Bhilwara
    CR Churu Churu
    CT Chittorgarh Chittorgarh
    DA Dausa Dausa
    Deeg Deeg
    Didwana Kuchaman Didwana
    DH Dholpur Dholpur
    Dudu Dudu
    DU Dungarpur Dungarpur
    GC Gangapur city Gangapur City
    GA Sri Ganganagar Sri Ganganagar
    HA Hanumangarh Hanumangarh
    Jaipur Gramin Jaipur
    JJ Jhunjhunu Jhunjhunu
    JL Jalore Jalore
    JO Jodhpur Jodhpur
    Jodhpur Gramin Jodhpur
    JP Jaipur Jaipur
    JS Jaisalmer Jaisalmer
    JW Jhalawar Jhalawar
    KA Karauli Karauli
    KE Kekri Kekri
    KT Khairthal-Tijara Khairthal
    KP Kotputli-Behror Kotputli
    KO Kota Kota
    TO Tonk Tonk
    UD Udaipur Udaipur
    NA Nagaur Nagaur
    NT Neem Ka Thana Neem Ka Thana
    PA Pali Pali
    PH Phalodi Phalodi
    PG Pratapgarh Pratapgarh
    RA Rajsamand Rajsamand
    SA Sanchore Sanchore
    Salumbar Salumbar
    SK Sikar Sikar
    Shahpura Shahpura
    SM Sawai Madhopur Sawai Madhopur
    SR Sirohi Sirohi

    Sikkim District Name

    Sikkim, a picturesque state in northeastern India, is known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. One notable aspect of this state is its administrative division, each with its own unique charm and significance. The Sikkim District Name includes Gangtok, the capital, which is not only the heart of the state’s political activities but also a major tourist destination. Other significant Sikkim District Names include East Sikkim, renowned for its lush greenery and serene monasteries; West Sikkim, home to the famous Pelling and its majestic views of the Himalayas; North Sikkim, known for its pristine beauty and high-altitude lakes like Gurudongmar; and South Sikkim, which offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Understanding the Sikkim District Name is essential for anyone exploring the rich diversity and administrative structure of this enchanting state.

    Code District Headquarters
    ES Gangtok Gangtok
    NS Mangan Mangan
    PS Pakyong Pakyong
    Soreng Soreng
    SS Namchi Namchi
    WS Gyalshing Gyalshing

    Tamil Nadu District Name

    Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, is divided into several administrative regions known as districts. Each Tamil Nadu District Name holds historical, cultural, and economic significance, contributing to the state’s rich diversity. For instance, Chennai, the capital city, is a prominent district known for its metropolitan culture and booming IT industry. Other notable Tamil Nadu District Names include Coimbatore, famed for its textile industry, and Madurai, renowned for its ancient temples and vibrant traditions. Understanding the unique characteristics of each district name helps in appreciating the intricate tapestry of Tamil Nadu’s heritage and development.

    Code District Headquarters
    AY Ariyalur Ariyalur
    CGL Chengalpattu Chengalpattu
    CH Chennai Chennai
    CO Coimbatore Coimbatore
    CU Cuddalore Cuddalore
    DH Dharmapuri Dharmapuri
    DGL Dindigul Dindigul
    ER Erode Erode
    KL Kallakurichi Kallakurichi
    KC Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
    KK Kanyakumari Nagercoil
    KA Karur Karur
    KR Krishnagiri Krishnagiri
    MDU Madurai Madurai
    MLD Mayiladuthurai Mayiladuthurai
    NG Nagapattinam Nagapattinam
    NI Nilgiris Ooty
    NM Namakkal Namakkal
    PE Perambalur Perambalur
    PU Pudukkottai Pudukkottai
    RA Ramanathapuram Ramanathapuram
    RN Ranipet Ranipettai
    SA Salem Salem
    SVG Sivaganga Sivagangai
    TS Tenkasi Tenkasi
    TP Tiruppur Tiruppur
    TC Tiruchirappalli Tiruchirappalli
    TH Theni Theni
    TI Tirunelveli Tirunelveli
    TJ Thanjavur Thanjavur
    TK Thoothukudi Thoothukudi
    TP Tirupattur Tirupattur
    TL Tiruvallur Tiruvallur
    TR Tiruvarur Thiruvarur
    TV Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannaamalai
    VE Vellore Vellore
    VL Viluppuram Viluppuram
    VNR Virudhunagar Virudhunagar

    Telangana District Name

    Telangana, a state in southern India, is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and rapid development. The state is divided into several administrative regions, each with its own unique characteristics. Understanding Telangana District Names is essential for grasping the state’s administrative structure and cultural diversity. Some prominent district names include Hyderabad, known for its IT industry and historic landmarks; Warangal, famous for its architectural heritage; and Nalgonda, with its significant role in the agrarian economy. Each district name in Telangana carries a story of its own, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic nature of this young state. Whether it’s the bustling urban centers or the serene rural landscapes, the Telangana District Names encapsulate the essence of this region, making it a fascinating subject for both residents and visitors.

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    Code District Headquarters
    AD Adilabad Adilabad
    Bhadradri Kothagudem Kothagudem
    Hanamkonda Hanamkonda
    HY Hyderabad Hyderabad
    Jagtial Jagtial
    Jangaon Jangaon
    Jayashankar Bhupalpally Bhupalpally
    Jogulamba Gadwal Gadwal
    Kamareddy Kamareddy
    KA Karimnagar Karimnagar
    KH Khammam Khammam
    Kumuram Bheem Asifabad Asifabad
    Mahabubabad Mahabubabad
    MA Mahbubnagar Mahbubnagar
    Mancherial Mancherial
    ME Medak Medak
    Medchal–Malkajgiri Shamirpet
    Mulugu Mulugu
    NA Nalgonda Nalgonda
    Narayanpet Narayanpet
    Nagarkurnool Nagarkurnool
    Nirmal Nirmal
    NI Nizamabad Nizamabad
    Peddapalli Peddapalli
    Rajanna Sircilla Sircilla
    RA Ranga Reddy Hyderabad
    Sangareddy Sangareddy
    Siddipet Siddipet
    Suryapet Suryapet
    Vikarabad Vikarabad
    Wanaparthy Wanaparthy
    WL Warangal Warangal
    Yadadri Bhuvanagiri Bhongir

    Tripura District Name

    Tripura, a northeastern state in India, is divided into eight administrative districts, each with its unique charm and significance. The Tripura district names are West Tripura, Sepahijala, Khowai, Gomati, South Tripura, Dhalai, Unakoti, and North Tripura. Each Tripura district name reflects the region’s cultural diversity and historical importance. For instance, West Tripura, with Agartala as its headquarters, serves as the state’s administrative and economic hub. These district names of Tripura not only define the geographical boundaries but also highlight the rich heritage and vibrant traditions that characterize this beautiful state.

    Code District Headquarters
    DH Dhalai Ambassa
    GM Gomati Udaipur
    KH Khowai Khowai
    NT North Tripura Dharmanagar
    SP Sepahijala Bishramganj
    ST South Tripura Belonia
    UK Unakoti Kailashahar
    WT West Tripura Agartala

    Uttar Pradesh District Name

    Uttar Pradesh, one of India’s most populous states, is divided into 75 administrative districts, each known for its unique cultural, historical, and geographical significance. When exploring Uttar Pradesh district names, one can find a diverse array of destinations, from the bustling cities of Lucknow and Kanpur to the serene landscapes of Ballia and Banda. Each Uttar Pradesh district name reflects the rich heritage and vibrant traditions that are integral to the state’s identity. For instance, Varanasi, a prominent district name, is renowned for its ancient temples and ghats along the Ganges River. Similarly, Agra, another well-known Uttar Pradesh district name, is home to the iconic Taj Mahal, drawing visitors from around the globe. Understanding the significance of each district name in Uttar Pradesh helps in appreciating the state’s vast cultural mosaic and historical depth.

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    District Code District Name
    UP 45 District Name Akbarpur
    UP 47 District Name Balrampur
    UP 81 District Name Aligarh
    UP 70 District Name Allahabad
    UP 23 District Name Amroha
    UP 79 District Name Auraiya
    UP 42 District Name Ayodhya
    UP 50 District Name Azamgarh
    UP 17 District Name BAGHPAT
    UP 24 District Name Badaun
    UP 40 District Name Bahraich
    UP 60 District Name Ballia
    UP 90 District Name Banda
    UP 36 District Name Amethi
    UP 82 District Name Etah
    UP 80 District Name Agra
    UP 67 District Name Chandauli
    UP 41 District Name Barabanki
    UP 83 District Name Firozabad
    UP 25 District Name Bareilly
    UP 30 District Name Hardoi
    UP 51 District Name Basti
    UP 66 District Name Bhadohi
    UP 20 District Name Bijnor
    UP 13 District Name Bulandshahr
    UP 96 District Name Chitrakoot Dham
    UP 52 District Name Deoria
    UP 75 District Name Etawah
    UP 76 District Name Farrukhabad
    UP 71 District Name Fatehpur
    UP 14 District Name Ghaziabad
    UP 61 District Name Ghazipur
    UP 43 District Name Gonda
    UP 53 District Name Gorakhpur
    UP 91 District Name Hamirpur
    UP 32 District Name Lucknow
    UP 37 District Name Hapur
    UP 86 District Name Hathras
    UP 62 District Name Jaunpur
    UP 93 District Name Jhansi
    UP 74 District Name Kannauj
    UP 78 District Name Kanpur
    UP 15 District Name Meerut
    UP 77 District Name Kanpur Dehat
    UP 87 District Name Kasganj
    UP 73 District Name Kaushambi
    UP 31 District Name Lakhimpur Kheri
    UP 94 District Name Lalitpur
    UP 95 District Name Mahoba
    UP 56 District Name Maharajganj
    UP 84 District Name Mainpuri
    UP 85 District Name Mathura
    UP 54 District Name Mau
    UP 63 District Name Mirzapur
    UP 21 District Name Moradabad
    UP 12 District Name Muzaffarnagar
    UP 16 District Name Noida
    UP 92 District Name Orai
    UP 27 District Name Shahjahanpur
    UP 57 District Name Padrauna
    UP 34 District Name Sitapur
    UP 26 District Name Pilibhit
    UP 65 District Name Varanasi
    UP 72 District Name Pratapgarh
    UP 33 District Name Raebareli
    UP 22 District Name Rampur
    UP 11 District Name Saharanpur
    UP 38 District Name Sambhal
    UP 58 District Name Sant Kabir Nagar
    UP 19 District Name Shamli
    UP 46 District Name Shravasti
    UP 55 District Name Siddharthnagar
    UP 64 District Name Sonbhadra
    UP 44 District Name Sultanpur
    UP 35 District Name Unnao

    Uttarakhand District Name

    Uttarakhand, a picturesque state in northern India, is divided into numerous districts, each known for its unique cultural and natural significance. When exploring the Uttarakhand District Name list, one can discover regions such as Dehradun, the state capital, which is renowned for its educational institutions and lush greenery. Nainital, another famous Uttarakhand District Name, attracts tourists with its serene lakes and pleasant climate. Haridwar, an essential district name, holds immense religious importance and hosts the Kumbh Mela. Each Uttarakhand District Name, from Almora’s historic temples to the adventure hub of Rishikesh, contributes to the state’s rich tapestry of heritage and natural beauty.

    Code District Headquarters
    AL Almora Almora
    BA Bageshwar Bageshwar
    CL Chamoli Gopeshwar
    CP Champawat Champawat
    DD Dehradun Dehradun
    HA Haridwar Haridwar
    NA Nainital Nainital
    PG Pauri Garhwal Pauri
    PI Pithoragarh Pithoragarh
    RP Rudraprayag Rudraprayag
    TG Tehri Garhwal New Tehri
    US Udham Singh Nagar Rudrapur
    UT Uttarkashi Uttarkashi

    West Bengal District Name

    West Bengal, a vibrant state in eastern India, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. The state is divided into multiple administrative units known as districts, each with its unique identity and charm. The West Bengal district name reflects the historical and cultural significance of the region it represents. Exploring the West Bengal all district name reveals a tapestry of places like Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Murshidabad, each contributing to the state’s distinct character. The West Bengal district name not only denotes geographical boundaries but also encapsulates the essence of the state’s heritage, making each district a significant part of West Bengal’s diverse mosaic

    Code District Headquarters
    AD Alipurduar Alipurduar
    BN Bankura Bankura
    BI Birbhum Suri
    KB Cooch Behar Cooch Behar
    DD Dakshin Dinajpur Balurghat
    DA Darjeeling Darjeeling
    HG Hooghly Chinsurah
    HR Howrah Howrah
    JA Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri
    JH Jhargram Jhargram
    KA Kalimpong Kalimpong
    KO Kolkata Kolkata
    MA Maldah English Bazar
    MSD Murshidabad Baharampur
    NA Nadia Krishnanagar
    PN North 24 Parganas Barasat
    BR Paschim Bardhaman Asansol
    PM Paschim Medinipur Midnapore
    BR Purba Bardhaman Bardhaman
    PR Purba Medinipur Tamluk
    PU Purulia Purulia
    PS South 24 Parganas Alipore
    UD Uttar Dinajpur Raiganj

    FAQs on District Names of India

    Are there 75 districts in UP?

    Yes, Uttar Pradesh, a northern state in India that borders Nepal, has a total of 75 districts divided into 18 administrative divisions.

    Which state has 38 districts?

    Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, is divided into 38 districts. These districts are further split into subdivisions like taluks. This system helps improve the state's governance.

    Which state has 2 districts?

    Goa, located on the southwest coast of India, is divided into two districts: North Goa and South Goa. These districts are further divided into 12 talukas, with Dharbandora being the smallest taluka. The Western Ghats separate the Deccan highlands from Goa.

    Which is the smallest district?

    Mahe, a district in the Union Territory of Puducherry, is the smallest district in India, covering just 9 square kilometers. It is followed by Central Delhi, Lakshadweep, Yanam, and New Delhi.

    Which is the largest district in UP?

    Lakhimpur Kheri is the largest district in Uttar Pradesh, covering an area of 7,680 square kilometers. It is part of the Lucknow division and has its administrative capital in the city of Lakhimpur.

    Which is India's largest district?

    Kutch in Gujarat is the largest district in India, covering 45,674 square kilometers. It is famous for the Rann of Kutch, a large salt desert, and hosts the annual Rann Utsav festival, celebrating the area's natural beauty and culture.

    Which is the richest district in UP?

    Noida, an IT hub, along with Meerut and Agra, are the wealthiest districts in Uttar Pradesh with the highest per capita income.

    Which is the most educated district in UP?

    Gautam Buddha Nagar is the most literate district in Uttar Pradesh, according to the 2011 Census.

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