TopicsGeneral TopicsHanuman and Lankini Story – Tale of Hanuman Meets Lankini

Hanuman and Lankini Story – Tale of Hanuman Meets Lankini

Hanuman and Lankini Story

There are stories in Indian mythology that have captivated the hearts and minds of generations, offering timeless lessons and heroic adventures. Among these, the meeting of Hanuman, the beloved monkey god, and Lankini, the fearsome demon guarding the gates of Lanka, is an iconic tale of bravery, compassion, and strength.

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    The story of Hanuman and Lankini is an excellent way to introduce children to Hindu mythology. The story will teach the kids to remain grounded in the culture even in the toughest of times. When Hanuman was given the task of searching for Mata Sita in the Ramayana, he met Lankini at the gates of Lanka.

    This story is an excellent depiction of that scene, demonstrating Hanuman’s power to the point where even the demon Lankini could not stand up to him. Let us read the complete story. Read the complete story and tell us what you learned from this story. The moral of the story is mentioned at the end of the story.

    Introduction To Hanuman Meets Lankini Story

    Once upon a time, in the epic Ramayana, there was a remarkable character named Hanuman. Hanuman was no ordinary monkey; he was a Lord Rama devotee with extraordinary abilities. He was an epic part of the Ramayana due to his great loyalty and incredible strength.

    The story of Hanuman and Lankini is set in the heart of Lanka, an island kingdom ruled by Ravana, the demon king. Lanka was a dark place because Ravana had kidnapped and imprisoned Lord Rama’s beloved wife, Sita. Rama was on a mission to save Sita, aided by his devoted brother Lakshmana and a mighty army of monkeys.

    Hanuman Meets Lankini story

    Hanuman And Army Arrived In Lanka

    Hanuman and his monkey army had arrived on the shores of Lanka after constructing a stone and rock bridge across the vast ocean. They knew they were in for a big fight as soon as they set foot on enemy territory. Hanuman’s heart was filled with a burning desire to find Sita and reunite her with Lord Rama.

    As Hanuman and the monkey army travelled deeper into Lanka, they came across Lankini, a fierce and imposing demoness. Lankini was Lanka’s protector, and she was not to be trifled with. She stood firm and vigilant at the city gates, ensuring that no one could enter without risking her wrath.

    Lankini was a celestial being who had been cursed to guard Lanka until a divine entity with unimaginable strength arrived and defeated her. Her curse could only be broken by someone who could defeat her in battle.

    Hanuman And His Army

    Hanuman Met Lankini

    Hanuman, the courageous and wise monkey, approached Lankini respectfully. Lankini, he realized, was more than an impediment; it was a test that fate had placed before him. “O noble guardian of Lanka, I am Hanuman, a humble devotee of Lord Rama,” Hanuman said with a warm and kind smile. My mission here is to locate Sita, who has been wrongfully separated from her husband. Please allow me to pass peacefully, for my intentions are pure, and my mission is righteous.”

    Lankini Realized Hanuman Powers

    Hanuman’s humility and sincerity took Lankini aback, and he looked him in the eyes. She sensed a divine aura around him, and her heart softened. Lankini responded, “I have waited here for centuries, guarding Lanka as per the curse bestowed upon me.” If you truly have the strength and righteousness to break this curse, I will not stand in your way, my dear Hanuman. Go forth and fulfil your noble quest.”

    Hanuman continued his journey into Lanka with the blessing of Lankini. He was moved by the encounter and appreciated Lankini’s compassion. It was not just his strength that impressed her, but also his genuine devotion and respect. Hanuman’s heart was now full of hope, and he knew that his meeting with Lankini was a sign that fate was on his side.

    Hanuman’s journey in Lanka was far from over, but his meeting with Lankini was a watershed moment in his quest to save Sita. He continued his mission with renewed zeal, knowing that he carried the blessings of Lanka’s noble guardian with him.

    Hanuman Powers

    Hanuman Powers And Glory Continues

    As the story progresses, Hanuman accomplishes incredible feats such as leaping across the ocean to reach the Himalayas to bring back the life-saving herb, Sanjivani, and finally finding Sita in Ravana’s palace and delivering Lord Rama’s message to her.

    The story of Hanuman meeting Lankini is about more than physical strength; it is about the power of goodness and humility and how these virtues can soften even the hardest hearts. It teaches us that true strength is found not only in physical strength but also in the purity of our intentions and the kindness we show others.

    What Helped Hanuman Win?

    In the end, Hanuman’s unwavering devotion and righteous purpose not only helped him defeat Lankini but also led to the ultimate triumph of good over evil in the epic battle of the Ramayana. This timeless story has inspired generations, reminding us that the power of righteousness and devotion can move mountains and change the course of destiny.

    This story teaches us that righteousness, compassion, and a noble goal can overcome even the most formidable obstacles and win others’ hearts. It reminds us that inner strength and moral character are just as important, if not more important, than external abilities in overcoming adversity.

    Learning We All Should Adopt from Lord Hanuman

    Parents must look forward to teaching the basics of this story. The qualities depicted in the story act as the building blocks of a person’s character. The parents must teach their kids about the following points such as building a strong character, fulfilling their objective, and not getting distracted, even if the path is hard and filled with pain. Being consistent and disciplined can take your child way ahead in life. Also, rising above our comfort zone is much more important for us to conquer in life like Lord Hanuman.

    Moral of the Story

    The moral of the story is that true strength lies in humility, kindness, and the purity of one’s intentions, not in physical strength. Hanuman’s ability to defeat Lankini, Lanka’s fierce guardian, was due not only to his extraordinary physical strength but also to his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama and his respectful and humble demeanour toward Lankini.

    Note to the parents

    Parents must look forward to teaching the basics of this story. The qualities depicted in the story act as the building blocks of a person’s character. The parents must teach their kids about the following points:

    • Character: To build a strong character
    • Devotion and Purpose: To fulfill the objective and not get distracted, even if the path is hard.
    • Overcoming Obstacles: Being consistent and disciplined can take you way ahead in life.

    Frequently Asked Question on Hanuman and Lankini Story

    Who is the sister of Hanuman?

    Hanuman's sister is Anjana. She is often depicted as a celestial nymph who gave birth to Hanuman with the blessings of Lord Vayu.

    How did Hanuman reach Lanka?

    Hanuman reached Lanka by leaping across the ocean. He used his divine strength and power to cross the vast sea in search of Sita.

    Is there any proof of Ravana?

    Ravana is a central figure in the Ramayana, an ancient Indian epic. While he is historically significant in the scripture and culture, concrete archaeological proof of his existence is yet to be found.

    Who stopped Hanuman?

    Lankini, the guardian of Lanka, initially tried to stop Hanuman when he entered Lanka. However, after a brief confrontation, he overcame her and continued his mission.

    What is the story of Lankini?

    Lankini was the guardian spirit of Lanka. She was assigned to protect the city. When Hanuman entered Lanka, Lankini tried to stop him, but after a brief fight, she realized Hanuman's divine power and allowed him to proceed.

    Who tied Hanuman in Lanka?

    In Lanka, Hanuman was captured by Ravana's forces and they tied him up using Brahmastra. Later, Ravana ordered Hanuman's tail to be set on fire.

    Who is the biggest enemy of Hanuman?

    Ravana can be considered one of the biggest enemies of Hanuman, given their confrontations in the Ramayana. Ravana was the demon king who kidnapped Sita, leading to Hanuman's mission to Lanka.

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