TopicsList Of Railways Station in India

List Of Railways Station in India

As of March 2024, Indian Railways runs 7,308 stations. Before 2017, the stations were grouped into seven categories based on how much money they made. A train station usually has a platform, a track, and a building with services like ticket sales and waiting rooms. Sometimes, stations on a single-track line have a loop for trains going in different directions to pass each other.

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    Top 10 Biggest Railway Stations in India 2024

    • Howrah Junction, Kolkata: Located in Kolkata, Howrah Junction is one of India’s oldest and busiest railway stations. It connects the eastern part of India to the rest of the Country.

    • New Delhi Railway Station: Situated in the heart of India’s capital, New Delhi Railway Station is a major hub for both local and long-distance trains.

    • Sealdah Railway Station, Kolkata: Another significant railway station in Kolkata, Sealdah handles a large volume of passenger traffic, primarily serving destinations in West Bengal and neighboring states.

    • Kanpur Central, Uttar Pradesh: Kanpur Central is one of the busiest railway stations in North India, connecting major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Lucknow.

    • Chennai Central, Tamil Nadu: Serving as the main railway terminus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Chennai Central connects the southern part of India with the rest of the country.

    • Secunderabad Junction, Telangana: Secunderabad Junction, located in Hyderabad, Telangana, is a major railway station serving the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, as well as connecting them to other parts of India.

    • Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow Charbagh, also known as Lucknow Junction, is an important railway station in Uttar Pradesh, facilitating travel to various destinations across India’s northern region.
    • Patna Junction, Bihar: Serving as the primary railway station in Bihar’s capital city, Patna Junction connects Bihar with other parts of India, handling a significant amount of passenger traffic daily.

    These railway stations play a crucial role in India’s transportation network, connecting people from different regions and facilitating the movement of goods and passengers across the country.

    Ten busiest railway stations of India

    India, a country bustling with life and energy, relies heavily on its extensive railway network to connect people from different corners of the nation. Here are the ten busiest railway stations in India, where thousands of passengers embark on their journeys every day:

    Howrah Junction (Kolkata): Located in the vibrant city of Kolkata, Howrah Junction stands as one of India’s oldest and busiest railway stations. It serves as a gateway to the eastern part of the country, handling a massive influx of passengers daily.

    New Delhi Railway Station: Situated in the heart of the capital city, New Delhi Railway Station is a bustling hub of activity. It connects the capital with various parts of the country, witnessing a constant stream of travelers round the clock.

    Mumbai Central (Maharashtra): Mumbai Central is a key railway station in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Serving as a major terminus for trains heading in and out of the city, it experiences heavy footfall throughout the day.

    Chennai Central (Tamil Nadu): Chennai Central, located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, is a pivotal railway station connecting Chennai with other major cities. Its strategic location and efficient services make it one of the busiest stations in India.

    Secunderabad Junction (Hyderabad): Situated in the vibrant city of Hyderabad, Secunderabad Junction is a crucial railway station in South India. It serves as a major transportation hub, catering to the needs of millions of passengers annually.

    Kolkata Railway Station: Kolkata Railway Station, also known as Chitpur Station, is another important railway hub in the bustling city of Kolkata. It facilitates the movement of a large number of passengers traveling within the state and beyond.

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (Mumbai): Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is an iconic railway station in Mumbai. It not only serves as a major transit point but also stands as a symbol of the city’s rich heritage and history.

    Bangalore City Railway Station (Bengaluru): Bangalore City Railway Station, situated in the tech hub of Bengaluru, is a key transportation center in South India. It connects the city with various destinations across the country, handling a significant volume of passenger traffic.

    Patna Junction (Bihar): Patna Junction, located in the capital city of Bihar, is one of the busiest railway stations in the eastern part of India. It plays a crucial role in connecting Patna with other cities and states, facilitating the movement of passengers and goods.

    Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station (Uttar Pradesh): Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station, situated in the historic city of Lucknow, is a major railway junction in Northern India. It serves as a vital link between Lucknow and other important cities, witnessing a high volume of passenger activity.

    These ten railway stations not only serve as transportation hubs but also reflect the dynamic essence of India’s diverse culture and connectivity.

    Top 10 Revenue Railway Stations in India

    Railway Station Revenue State
    Chennai Central Rs 1215.80 crore TN
    Chennai Egmore Rs 564.17 crore TN
    Coimbatore Rs 324.99 crore TN
    Thiruvananthapuram Rs 262.67 crore Kerala
    Tambaram Rs 233.67 crore TN
    Ernakulam Junction Rs 227.59 crore Kerala
    Madurai Rs 208.74 crore TN
    Kozhikode Rs 178.95 crore Kerala
    Mangalore Rs 166.89 crore Karnataka
    Thrissur Rs 155.70 crore Kerala

    List Of a Few Significant Railway Stations In India

    Howrah Railways Station, West Bengal

    The Howrah Bridge is Kolkata’s most famous symbol, connecting the city to the Howrah station. This brick-red bridge crosses the Hooghly River and is India’s second-oldest station. It’s also one of the largest railway complexes in the country. The Howrah station marked its 116th anniversary on December 1, 2021, when it first opened with six platforms back in 1905.

    Pune Railways Station, Maharashtra

    Pune Railway Station, nestled in the heart of Maharashtra’s bustling city of Pune, stands as a pivotal transportation hub connecting the region with major cities across India. With its strategic location and modern amenities, Pune Railway Station caters to the diverse needs of millions of passengers annually. Serving as a gateway to the cultural and industrial landscape of Pune, the station embodies efficiency and convenience. Its well-organized layout, multiple platforms, and seamless connectivity ensure smooth travel experiences for commuters. From bustling crowds to the rhythmic chug of departing trains, Pune Railway Station pulsates with the energy of a city in constant motion, symbolizing the vibrant spirit of Maharashtra’s thriving metropolis.

    Anand Vihar Railway Station, New Delhi

    Anand Vihar Railway Station, nestled in the bustling city of New Delhi, stands as a pivotal transportation hub connecting the capital with various destinations across India. Serving as a major terminus for trains heading towards Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and other northern states, it witnesses a constant flow of passengers, bustling with activity day and night. Renowned for its modern amenities and efficient services, Anand Vihar Railway Station caters to the diverse needs of travelers, offering convenience and comfort amidst its bustling ambiance. With its strategic location and seamless connectivity, it remains an integral part of India’s extensive railway network, facilitating smooth journeys for millions.

    Old Delhi Railway Station, Delhi

    Old Delhi Railway Station, located in the heart of Delhi, stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. Originally known as Delhi Junction, it was constructed during the British colonial era and holds significant historical importance. Serving as a major transportation hub, it connects Delhi with various parts of India, witnessing a constant flow of passengers daily. The station’s bustling atmosphere, bustling markets, and iconic architecture encapsulate the essence of Old Delhi, attracting travelers and tourists alike. With its blend of heritage and modernity, Old Delhi Railway Station remains an integral part of the city’s bustling landscape.

    Sealdah Railway Station, Kolkata

    Sealdah Railway Station is a crucial stop that links Kolkata and Howrah. This station has been around for 157 years, opening in 1869, and boasts 20 platforms. It’s a big deal for Kolkata, especially for suburban trains. The north terminal has 13 platforms, and the south terminal has seven. Sealdah Railway Station sees a massive crowd, with over a million passengers every day, making it one of India’s busiest stations. It’s also an essential spot for suburban train connections.

    Chennai Railway Station

    The main train station in South India is Chennai Central, previously known as Madras Central. It’s an old building that got a makeover recently and is one of the big sights in Chennai. It’s been around for 146 years since 1873. Big trains go from all 15 platforms, and local trains use three platforms.

    Patna Junction Railway Station

    Patna Junction Railway Station, nestled in the heart of Bihar’s capital city, stands as a vital transportation hub in Eastern India. With its rich historical significance and strategic location, Patna Junction connects the city to various destinations across the country, facilitating the movement of passengers and goods. This bustling station, adorned with colonial-era architecture, witnesses a constant stream of travelers seeking to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of India. Serving as a gateway to Bihar’s cultural heritage and economic vitality, Patna Junction Railway Station embodies the spirit of connectivity and serves as a lifeline for millions of people traversing the region.

    Borivali Railway Station

    Borivali Railway Station, nestled in the bustling suburb of Borivali in Mumbai, stands as a vital transportation hub connecting the western suburbs with the rest of the city. Serving as a pivotal station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway network, it witnesses a constant flow of commuters traveling to and from the city center. Borivali Station is renowned for its efficient services, including local train connections, ticketing facilities, and amenities for passengers. Its strategic location and connectivity make it a lifeline for residents and travelers alike, contributing significantly to Mumbai’s bustling urban landscape and daily rhythm.

    Surat Railway Station

    Surat Railway Station, nestled in the vibrant city of Surat, Gujarat, is a bustling transportation hub facilitating both local and long-distance travel. Serving as a pivotal junction on the Indian Railways network, it connects Surat with major cities across the country. The station boasts modern amenities, including clean waiting areas, food stalls, and ticket counters, ensuring a comfortable travel experience for passengers. Surat Railway Station’s strategic location in the commercial heartland of Gujarat makes it a vital link for trade and commerce. With efficient services and a bustling atmosphere, Surat Railway Station embodies the dynamic spirit of this thriving city.

    List of Railways Stations in India and their Codes

    Station code Station name
    ACND A N Dev Nagar
    AHA Abhaipur
    AYU Abhayapuri Asam
    ABS Abohar
    ABR Abu Road
    ULD Achalda
    AH Achhnera Junction
    ADD Adas Road
    ADVI Adavali
    AAR Adesar
    ABZ Adgaon Buzurg
    ADTL Adhartal
    ADQ Adhikari
    ADST Adi Saptagram
    ADB Adilabad
    ADF Adina
    AI Adipur
    ADTP Adityapur
    AD Adoni
    ADRA Adra Junction
    ANDI Delhi
    ADT Aduturai
    AGTL Agartala
    AGD Agasod
    AWP Aghwanpur
    AGMN Agomoni
    AGY Agori Khas
    AGC Agra
    AGA Agra
    AF Agra
    AHLR Ahalyapur
    AHD Aherwadi
    AHN Ahiran
    AHH Ahmadgarh
    ANG Ahmadnagar
    AMP Ahmadpur
    ADI Ahmedabad
    ADIJ Ahmedabad Mg
    ARW Ahraura Road
    ASH Aishbagh
    AIT Ait
    ATMO Aithal
    AJR Ajaibpur
    ANI Ajanti
    AIA Ajaraka
    AJ Ajgain
    AJP Ajjampur
    AII Ajmer Junction
    AJNI Ajni
    AJN Ajnod
    AKOR Akalkot Road
    AKT Akaltara
    AKE Akanapet
    AMY Akathumuri
    AKJ Akbarganj
    AKN Akbarnagar
    ABP Akbarpur
    AKVD Akividu
    API Akkaraippatti
    AKD Akodia
    AK Akola Junction
    AKR Akolner
    AKOT Akot
    AYRN Akshaywat R Ngr
    AKRD Akurdi
    ALJ Alai
    ALAI Alai
    ALM Alamanda
    AMG Alamnagar
    ALMR Alampur
    ALN Alandi
    ALER Aler
    AIG Algawan
    ALB Alia Bada
    ALJN Aligarh Junction
    APD Alipur Duar
    APDJ Alipur Duar Junction
    ALY Allahabad
    ALD Allahabad
    ALLP Alleppey
    AXR Alluru Road
    LMT Almatti
    LWR Alnavar Junction
    ALNI Alniya
    AUB Aluabari Road
    AWY Aluva
    ALW Alwal
    AWR Alwar
    AGZ Amagura
    AN Amalner
    AML Amalsad
    ARD Amarda Road
    AGR Amargarh
    APA Amarpura
    AMPR Amarpura Rathan
    AMS Lucknow
    AADR Amb Andaura
    AGB Ambagaon
    UMB Ambala
    UBC Ambala
    AMPA Ambalapuzha
    ABLE Ambale
    ABFC Ambari Falakata
    ABH Ambarnath
    ABSA Ambasa
    ASD Ambasamudram
    ABI Ambaturai
    ABKA Ambika Kalna
    AMBR Ambika Rohina
    ABKP Ambikapur
    ABD Ambli Road
    UMN Ambliyasan
    AMB Ambodala
    AB Ambur
    UDR Amdara
    AME Amethi
    AGN Amgaon
    AGI Amguri
    AMLA Amla Junction
    AAL Amlai
    AMX Amlakhurd
    AMLI Amli
    ANB Ammanabrolu
    AMSA Ammasandra
    AMQ Ammuguda
    AONI Amoni
    AMI Amravati
    AMC Amritapura
    ASR Amritsar
    AMRO Amroha
    AKP Anakapalle
    ANND Anand
    ANDN Anand Nagar
    ANVR New Delhi
    ANVT Anand Vihar Trm
    ANF Anandapuram
    ANSB Anandpur Sahib
    ATP Anantapur
    ANT Anantnag
    APT Anaparti
    ANR Anara
    ANAS Anas
    AVN Anavardikhanpet
    ACL Ancheli
    UDL Andal Junction
    ADH Mumbai
    ADL Andul
    AAM Angadippuram
    AFK Angamali
    AAG Angar
    ANGL Angul
    ANO Anjani
    AJE Anjar
    AJI Anjhi Shahabad
    ANKX Ank Mmr Direct
    ANK Ankai
    AKV Ankleshwar
    ANKL Ankola
    ANH Ankorah Akorha
    ANV Annavaram
    NGR Annigeri
    ANPR Anpara
    ATH Antah
    ANTU Antu
    AUBR Anugraha N Road
    APR Anuppur Junction
    AUS Anupshahr
    AO Aonla
    APL Appikatla
    APTA Apta
    ARA Ara
    ARAG Arag
    AJJ Arakkonam
    ARK Arakku
    AAY Aralvaymozhi
    ARN Arand
    ANMD Arang Mahanadi
    ARR Arariya
    ARQ Arariya Court
    AVRD Aravali Road
    AVK Aravankadu
    ARGD Arigada
    ALU Ariyalur
    AS Arjansar
    AJU Arjuni
    ARE Arnetha
    ARV Arni Road
    ARNA Arnia
    ASK Arsikere
    ANY Arumuganeri
    ARCL Arunachal
    APK Aruppukkottai
    AFR Asafpur
    JOB Asalpur Jobner
    ASO Asangaon
    ASN Asansol
    AST Asaoti
    ASV Asarva Junction
    AQG Ashapura Gomat
    ASKN Ashok Nagar
    AP Ashokapuram
    ASTG Ashtegaon
    ASAF Asifabad Road
    ANA Aslana
    ASL Aslaoda
    AXK Asokhar
    AAS Asranada
    ATT Atari
    ATE Atarra
    AEL Ateli
    ATL Athmal Gola
    ARP Atrampur
    ATRU Atru
    ATS Attabira
    ATR Attar
    AL Attili
    AIP Attippattu
    ATU Attur
    ATUL Atul
    AJRE Aujari
    AED Aulenda
    AUNG Aung
    ARJ Aunrihar Junction
    AWB Aurangabad
    OSA Ausa Road
    AVS Auvaneswsarem
    AUWA Auwa
    AVD Avadi
    ATPA Awantipura
    ATNR Awatarnagar
    AY Ayodhya
    APN Ayodhyapattanam
    AMH Azamgarh
    AZR Azamnagar Road
    ACLE Azimganj City
    AZ Azimganj Junction
    BEY B Cement Nagar
    BTP Babatpur
    BV Babhnan
    BAB Babina
    BBA Babrala
    BBO Babugarh
    BUPH Babupeth
    BCHL Bacheli
    BCN Bachhrawan
    BCA Bachwara Junction
    BAD Bad
    BDBA Badabandha
    BDM Badami
    BPY Badampudi
    BPB Badarpur Junction
    BDWS Badarwas
    BDXX Bade Arapur
    BDHL Badhal
    BDWA Badhwa Bara
    BDZ Badkulla
    BHB Badla Ghat
    BUD Badlapur
    BHD New Delhi
    BUDM Badmal
    BDU Badnapur
    BD Badnera Junction
    BDDR Badodar
    BNZ Badshahnagar
    BSE Badshahpur
    BLPR Badulipar
    BPG Badurpur Ghat
    BWS Badwasi
    BUG Bagaha
    BGHI Bagahai Road
    BGA Bagalia
    BGK Bagalkot
    BGBR Bagbahra
    BEH Bagdihi
    BF Bagetar
    BSRX Bagevadi Road
    BGH Baghauli
    BORA Baghdogra
    BGRA Baghnapara
    BJQ Baghora
    BGPL Baghuapal
    BZN Bagnan
    BGTA Bagra Tawa
    BQN Bagri Nagar
    BGX Bagri Sajjanpur
    BGMR Bagumra
    BAGD Bagwada (Halt)
    BWB Bagwali
    BSS Bahadur Singh W
    BGZ Bahadurgarh
    BPD Bahadurpur
    BHI Baheri
    BJ Bahjoi
    BRK Bahraich
    BGUA Baiguda
    BATL Baihatola
    BKTH Baikunth
    BRH Baikunthpur Road
    BOI Bainchi
    BIH Bairagarh
    BGU Bairagnia
    BALR Baitalpur
    BTV Baitarani Road
    BYPL Baiyyappanahali
    BJG Bajrangarh
    BJUD Bajud
    BJW Bajva
    BQE Bakanian Bhaunr
    BQQ Bakhleta
    BKP Bakhtiyarpur Junction
    BKTL Baktal
    BKLE Bakudi
    BBPM Balabhadrapuram
    BRAM Balabnramapuram
    BGAE Balagarh
    BTC Balaghat Junction
    BLM Balamu Junction
    BLGR Balangir
    BLS Balasore
    BLW Balawali
    BALE Bale
    BLR Balganur
    BPQ Balharshah
    BAE Baliakheri
    BCK Balichak
    BVH Ballabgarh
    BAHI Ballenahalli
    BUI Ballia
    BLY Bally
    BXA Balod
    BLT Balotra Junction
    BPRH Balpur Halt
    BLP Balrampur
    BLSD Balsamand
    BALU Balugan
    BLGT Balurghat
    BMNL Bamanwali
    BMU Bamhrauli
    BMLL Bamla
    BMI Bamnia
    BMB Bamra
    BYN Banahi
    BPF Banapura
    BNO Banar
    BNS Banas
    BAND Banaswadi
    BNSA Banbasa
    BNDA Banda
    BNU Bandakpur
    BDW Bandanwara
    BXK Bandarkhal
    BDC Bandel Junction
    BR Bandh Bareta
    BNF Bandhua
    BKI Bandikui Junction
    BDTS Mumbai
    BNC Bangalore
    SBC Bangalore
    BNCE Bangalore
    BWY Bangarapet
    BWT Bangarapet
    BGY Bangriposi
    BOD Bangrod
    BANI Bani
    BNBH Bani Bihar
    BAHL Banihal
    BS Banisar
    BAKA Banka
    BKG Banka Ghat
    BNKR Banka Road Oa
    BTK Bankata
    BKH Bankhedi
    BQA Bankura
    BAO Banmor
    BANO Bano
    BPS Banpas
    BSAE Bansh Baria
    BSBR Banshlai Bridge
    BIQ Bansi Paharpur
    BSQP Bansipur
    BSKO Banskho
    BSPX Banspani
    BNLW Bansthali Niwai
    BGG Banta Rnathgarh
    BLL Bantanahal
    BNTL Bantawala
    BTRA Banthra
    BOTI Baori Thikria
    BAF Bap
    BPP Bapatla
    MKI Bapudm Motihari
    BMKI Bapudm Motihari
    BAR Bar
    BJMD Bara Jamda
    BRM Barabambo
    BBK Barabanki Junction
    BBM Barabhum
    BBN Barabil
    BCQ Barachak
    BUA Baradwar
    BAGL Baragopal
    BHLE Barahat
    BRHU Barahu
    BRGM Baraigram Jn
    BRR Barakar
    BARL Baral
    BRMT Baramati
    BAZ Baran
    BRAG Barang
    RAA Barara
    BJU Barauni Junction
    BTU Baraut
    BBTR Barbatpur
    BCRD Barchi Road
    BWN Barddhaman Junction
    BRDH Bardhana Halt
    BIY Bardoli
    BRY Bareilly
    BE Bareilly
    BC Bareilly
    BJD Barejadi
    BQM Barelipur
    BRZ Bareta
    BET Bareth
    BRG Bargarh
    BRGA Bargarh Road
    BRGW Bargawan
    BUQ Bargi
    BARH Barh
    BRN Barhan
    BHW Barharwa Junction
    BRYA Barhiya
    DKGS Barhiya
    BNY Barhni
    BBMN Bari Brahman
    BUP Bariarpur
    BPO Baripada
    BRW Bariwala
    BRKA Barka Kana
    BKA Barkhera
    BSYA Barkisalalya
    BKJ Barkur
    BLAX Barlai
    BME Barmer
    BNN Barnala
    BOF Barog
    BRPL Barpali
    BXP Barpathar
    BPRD Barpeta Road
    BP Barrackpore
    BJR Barrajpur
    BYS Barsali
    BTW Barsi Town
    BOE Barsoi Junction
    BZO Barsola
    BBGN Barua Bamungaon
    BRUD Barud
    BWR Barwa Sagar
    BRWD Barwadih Junction
    BWW Barwaha
    BXC Barwala
    BYHA Barya Ram
    BZY Basai
    BSPL Basampalle
    BSTP Basantapur
    BSX Basar
    BSI Basbari
    BTG Basharatganj
    BBQ Basin Bridge Junction
    BMF Basmat
    BANE Basni
    BAI Bassi
    BSPN Bassi Pathanam
    BTS Basta
    BST Basti
    BSGN Basugaon
    BSKH Basukinath
    BU Baswa
    BAT Batala Junction
    BSLE Bataspur
    BTIC Bathinda Cantt.
    BVA Bauria Junction
    BWL Bawal
    BWK Bawani Khera
    BXN Bayana
    BUT Baytu
    BVM Bayyavaram
    BZLE Bazarsau
    BPZ Bazpur
    BEAS Beas
    BER Beawar
    BHWA Bechhiwara
    BMT Hyderabad
    BGW Begdewadi
    BGS Begu Sarai
    BEG Behtagokul
    BHLA Behula
    BFR Bekal Fort
    BELA Bela
    BTX Bela Tal
    BLK Belakoba
    BPA Belampalli
    BAP Belapur
    BLSR Belasar
    BLDA Belda
    BEB Beldanga
    BIG Belgahna
    BGM Belgaum
    BLH Belgharia
    BYL Belha
    BMKD Bellamkonda
    BYC Bellary Cant
    BAY Bellary
    BNHL Bellenahalli
    BPH Belpahar
    BXM Belrayan
    BLSN Belsonda
    BLTR Belthara Road
    BWD Belvandi
    BEHR Beohari
    BRNA Berawanya
    BCH Berchha
    BPC Berhampore Crt
    BRMO Bermo
    BSRL Besroli
    BMH Betamcherla
    BEW Betavad
    BTPD Bethampurdi
    BTY Bethuadahari
    BTQ Betnoti
    BTH Bettiah
    BZU Betul
    BNL Bevinahalu
    BAH Bhabhar
    BFT Bhabta
    BBU Bhabua Road
    BCO Bhachau
    BCOB Bhachau Bg
    BDN Bhadan
    BUU Bhadanpur
    BWH Bhadaura
    BVB Bhadbhadaghat
    BBAI Bhadbhunja
    BDI Bhadli
    BOY Bhadohi
    BDCR Bhadrachalam Road
    BHC Bhadrakh
    BDVT Bhadravati
    BHR Bhadreshwar
    BHDR Bhadri
    BBY Bhadroli
    VAA Bhaga Junction
    BGP Bhagalpur
    ZZZZ Bhagalpur
    BGKT Bhagat Ki Kothi
    BQG Bhagwangola
    BNR Bhagwanpur
    BGPR Bhagwanpura
    BRU Bhairoganj
    BOG Bhairongarh
    BKNG Bhakti Nagar
    BHLK Bhalki
    BFM Bhalui
    BKRD Bhaluka Road F
    BLMR Bhalukmara
    BUL Bhalulata
    BLMK Bhalumaska
    BLNI Bhalwani
    BAK Bhan Kari
    BNP Bhanapur
    BUX Bhandak
    BRD Bhandara Road
    BHME Bhandaridah
    BHU Bhandu Motidau
    BHNS Bhansi
    BNVD Bhanvad
    BNUD Bhanvad
    BHTK Bhanwar Tonk
    BNWS Bhanwasa
    BTKP Bharat Kup
    BTE Bharatpur Junction
    BHRL Bharoli
    BNT Bharthana
    BH Bharuch
    BSZ Bharwa Sumerpur
    BRE Bharwari
    BYT Bhatapara
    BTI Bhatinda Junction
    BTSD Bhatisuda(Halt)
    BHTA Bhatiya
    BTKL Bhatkal
    BTJL Bhatkal
    BTT Bhatni Junction
    BHG Bhaton Ki Gali
    BHTR Bhatpar Rani
    BQU Bhattiprolu
    BHT Bhattu
    BVP Bhavanagar Para
    BVNR Bhavani Nagar
    BVC Bhavnagar Trmus
    BWM Bhawani Mandi
    BWIP Bhawanipatna
    BYR Bhayandar
    BHY Bhayavadar
    BDH Bhedia
    BEP Bheerpur
    BHJA Bheja
    BRGT Bheraghat
    BFY Bhesana
    BILA Bheslana
    BHET Bhestan
    BGVN Bhigwan
    BKU Bhiknur
    BLD Bhilad
    BIA Bhilai
    BPHB Bhilai Pwr Hs
    BQR Bhilainagar
    BVQ Bhilavdi
    BLDI Bhildi
    BHL Bhilwara
    BMD Bhimadolu
    BIML Bhimal
    BMC Bhimalgondi
    BMN Bhimana
    BMSB Bhimasar Bg
    BVRM Bhimavaram Junction
    BVRT Bhimavaram Town
    BMGA Bhimgara
    BMKJ Bhimkhoj
    BZM Bhimsen
    BIX Bhind
    BWA Bhinwaliya
    BIK Bhira Kheri
    BTO Bhitaura
    BHTN Bhitoni
    BVS Bhivpuri Road
    BIRD Bhiwandi Road
    BNW Bhiwani
    BNWC Bhiwani City
    BPRS Bhogpur
    BPR Bhojipura Junction
    BOJ Bhojo
    BJE Bhojudih Junction
    BOKR Bhokar
    BOKE Bhoke
    BHV Bhoma
    BHNE Bhone
    BGQ Bhongaon
    BG Bhongir
    BON Bh Onra
    BPL Bhopal Junction
    BFJ Bhoras Budrukh
    BRTK Bhortex
    BBS Bhubaneswar
    BCU Bhuchchu
    BPK Bhugaon
    BHUJ Bhuj
    BHLP Bhulanpur
    BLO Bhulon
    BSJ Bhupalsagar
    BEF Bhupdeopur
    VPO Bhupia Mau
    BHKD Bhurkunda
    BSDP Bhusandpur
    BSL Bhusaval Junction
    BTSR Bhuteshwar
    BN Bibinagar
    BIC Bichia
    BID Bidadi
    BDNP Bidanpur
    BIDR Bidar
    BNXR Bidhan Nagar
    BIU Bidupur
    BIGA Bigga
    BQP Bighapur
    BEHS Bihar Sharif
    BHZ Bihara
    BEA Bihiya
    BTA Bihta
    BJNR Bijainagar
    BJP Bijapur
    BJI Bijauli
    VST Bijaysota
    BJF Bijni
    BJO Bijnor
    BIJR Bijoor
    BJK Bijora
    BJIH Bijuli Halt
    BJRI Bijuri
    BWSN Bijwasan
    BKN Bikaner Junction
    BVL Bikkavolu
    BKSL Bikram Shila
    BMR Bikrampur
    BSP Bilaspur Junction
    BLQR Bilaspur Road
    BLOR Bilaspur Road
    BILD Bildi
    BZG Bilga
    BLG Bilhar Ghat
    BLU Bilhaur
    BIM Bilimora
    BXLL Billi
    BLPU Bilpur
    BWI Bilwai
    BINA Bina Junction
    VNK Binaiki
    BDYK Bindayaka
    BKO Bindki Road
    BNV Binnaguri
    BIR Bir
    BDWL Biradhwal
    BAMA Birambad
    BRMD Biramdih
    BMK Birang Khera
    BRPT Birapatti
    BLNR Birlanagar
    BIJ Birnagar
    BEO Birohe
    BRLY Biroliya
    BRS Birsinghpur
    RRB Birur
    BIWK Bisalwas Kalan
    BSM Bisanattam
    BRKH Bisapurkalan
    BTJ Bishnathganj
    VSU Bishnupur
    BSPR Bishrampur
    BZR Bisra
    BMCK Bissamcuttack
    BUB Bissau
    BGSF Bisugirsharif
    BVN Biswan
    BTTR Bitragunta
    BRRG Biyavra Rajgarh
    BOBS Bobas
    VBL Bobbili
    BHBK Bodhadi Bujrug
    BDWD Bodwad
    BHLI Bohali
    BNE Bohani
    BONA Boinda
    BOR Boisar
    BXJ Bokajan
    BKSC Bokaro
    BKRO Bokaro Thermal
    BLX Bolai
    BMO Bolarum
    BOZ Bolarum Bazar
    BLND Bolinna Doaba
    BHP Bolpur S Niktn
    BLSA Bolsa
    BOM Bomadra
    BQI Bommidi
    BKL Bona Kalu
    BNDM Bondamunda
    BNGN Bongaigaon
    BDAG Bonidanga
    BOW Borawar
    BXY Bordhal
    BIO Bordi
    BFD Borhat
    BRB Boribial
    BRND Boridand
    BVI Mumbai
    BOT Boroti
    BGHU Borraguhallu
    BTL Bortalao
    BRVR Borvihir
    BTD Botad Junction
    XXXX Bpt Station
    BMGM Brahmanagudem
    BMPL Brahmanpalli
    BAM Brahmapur
    BRJN Brajrajnagar
    BRLA Brayla Chaurasi
    BAL Budalur
    BEM Budaun
    BDY Buddireddippati
    BDHY Budhi
    BLZ Budhlada
    BNI Budni
    BDVL Budvel
    BSC Bulandshahr
    BUDI Bundi
    BEK Bundki
    BNDP Buniadpur
    BAU Burhanpur
    BUH Burhar
    BUW Burhwal
    BURN Burnpur
    BTR Butari
    BTBR Buti Bori
    BXR Buxar
    BDRL Byadarahalli
    BYD Byadgi
    BY Byculla
    BYNR Byndoor
    KOP Kolhapur
    CNO Cancona
    CLR Castle Rock
    CVB Cavalry Barrcks
    CHB Chabua
    CBK Chachaura Bngj
    CHCR Chacher
    CU Chagallu
    CBSA Chaibasa
    CNPR Chainpur
    CW Chainwa
    CJW Chajawa
    CJL Chajli
    CKH Chakand
    CHBT Chakarbhatha
    CPL Chakarlapalli
    CKK Chakarpur
    CDH Chakdaha
    CKDL Chakdayala
    CAA Chakia
    CHKB Chakki Bank
    CKP Chakradharpur
    CAJ Chakraj Mal
    CKOD Chakrod
    CKS Chaksu
    CKU Chakulia
    CKX Chakur
    CKI Chalakudi
    CMZ Chalama
    CLI Chalgeri
    CSN Chalisgaon
    CHKE Challakere
    CLD Chalsa Junction
    CHM Chalthan
    CMX Chamagram
    CMNR Chamarajanagar
    CPH Champa
    CPN Champaner Road Jn
    CPS Chand Siau
    CAF Chanda Fort
    CGR Chandan Nagar
    CTPE Chandanattop
    CNBI Chandari
    CDMR Chandauli Mjhwr
    CH Chandausi
    CNL Chandawal
    CNA Chanderiya
    CNDM Chandi Mandir
    CHD Chandia Road
    CDG Chandigarh
    CNI Chandil Junction
    CDLD Chandlodiya
    CLDY Chandlodiya
    CNK Chandok
    CGI Chandragiri
    CDGR Chandrakona Road
    CNE Chandranathpur
    CD Chandrapur
    CRP Chandrapura
    CND Chandur
    CNDB Chandur Bazar
    CHTI Chaneti
    CGY Changanaseri
    CGLA Changotola
    CGS Changsari
    CHNN Channani
    CPT Channapatna
    CAI Chanpatia
    CPK Chaparmukh Junction
    CJS Charamula Kusum
    SMD Charanmahadevi
    CRW Charaud
    CBT Charbatia
    CRN Charegaon
    CGE Charghat Pipari
    CRK Charkhera
    CKD Dadri
    CHZ Charlapalli
    CHV Charvattur
    CHJ Chata
    CTR Chatra
    CHPT Chatrappatti
    CAP Chatrapur
    CTS Chattriput
    CMU Chau Mahla
    CBH Chaube
    CHOK Chauk
    CHH Chaukhandi
    CNH Chaunrah
    CUX Chaura
    CC Chauri Chaura
    CSA Chausa
    CROA Chautara
    CKB Chauth Ka Brwra
    CVJ Chavaj
    CHLK Chavalkhede
    CHA Chawapall
    CEL Chebrol
    CEM Cheekateegalplm
    CGL Chengalpattu
    CNGR Chengannur
    MSB Chennai
    MAS Chennai
    MS Chennai
    CSDR Chennasandra
    COI Cheoki
    CYN Cheriyanad
    CQA Cherukara
    CTND Chettinad
    CAG Chhabra Gugor
    CHNR Chhan Arorian
    CDRL Chhandrauli
    CAER Chhanera
    CHP Chhapi
    CPR Chhapra
    CI Chhapra Kacheri
    CE Chharodi
    CHRA Chharra
    CJN Chhatna
    CHN Chhina
    CWA Chhindwara Junction
    CPDR Chhipadohar
    COD Chhota Gudha
    COO Chhoti Odai
    CLF Chhulha
    CCK Chichaki
    CDM Chidambaram
    CCA Chigicherla
    CEU Chiheru
    BAW Chik Banavar
    CTH Chikalthan
    CKHS Chikhli
    JRU Chikjajur Junction
    CKNI Chikni Road
    CKR Chikodi Road
    CLU Chilakalapudi
    CIL Chilbila Junction
    CLDR Chilikidara
    CLKA Chilka
    CHR Chilkahar
    CLO Chilo
    CLVR Chiluvur
    CMW Chima Pahad
    CMDP Chimidipalli
    CNC Chinchli
    CPD Chinchpada
    CCH Pune
    CJM Chinna Ganjam
    CHSM Chinna Salem
    CIV Chinnaravuru
    CPLE Chinpai
    CNN Chintaman Ganes
    CHI Chiplun
    CPP Chipurupalle
    CLX Chirala
    CRWA Chirawa
    CRY Chirayinkil
    CGN Chirgaon
    CHRM Chirmiri
    CBN Chit Baragaon
    CTHR Chitahra
    CIT Chitali
    CTF Chitgidda
    CTA Chitradurg
    CKTD Chitrakot
    CTT Chitrasani
    COE Chitrod
    CT Chittapur
    CRJ Chittaranjan
    COR Chittaurgarh
    CTO Chittor
    CTYL Chityala
    CDL Chodiala
    CHL Chola
    COM Chomun Samod
    CPU Chopan
    CRL Choral
    CRE Chorghatpiparia
    CHRG Chorgi
    CVR Chorvad Road
    CTKT Choti Khatu
    CUE Choupale
    CNS Chuchura
    CRU Chudawa
    CAR Chunar
    CBZ Churaibari
    CUK Churk
    CUR Churu
    CMA Cinnamara
    CBJ Clutterbuckganj
    CBE Coimbatore
    CBF Coimbatore
    CLJ Colonelganj
    CNT Contai Road
    ONR Coonoor
    CSZ Cossimbazar
    CUPJ Cuddalore Port
    HX Cuddapah
    CBM Cumbum
    CTC Cuttack
    DBR Dabhaura
    DBO Dabhoda
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