BlogNCERTCBSE Board Exams 2024: How to Study from the NCERT Textbook to Score Excellent Marks?

CBSE Board Exams 2024: How to Study from the NCERT Textbook to Score Excellent Marks?

NCERT Solutions are great study resources for students aiming to score high in CBSE exams. Here’s how you can use these books to get the most out of them.

It’s important to study smart rather than spending long hours studying. NCERT Solutions are among the best study materials for those aiming to excel in CBSE exams. Let’s explore why you should use NCERT books for exam preparation, including CBSE board exams, IIT JEE, and NEET.

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    Why Should You Study from NCERT Books?

    Let’s understand why experts suggest using NCERT books for exams like CBSE, IIT JEE, and NEET. What makes NCERT textbooks so popular for these exams? Here are some important benefits of using NCERT Solutions for CBSE exam preparation:

    1. Provides Authentic Information

    Expert teachers who specialize in each subject create NCERT books after conducting thorough research on every topic. These books undergo two rounds of review by a team of professional teachers before being published. Therefore, NCERT textbooks are excellent resources for exam preparation and can improve your exam scores.

    1. In-Depth Knowledge in Easy-to-understand Format

    NCERT textbooks are designed to meet the needs of all students, regardless of their intelligence level. They provide suitable solutions and offer comprehensive knowledge in a straightforward and uncomplicated language. The authors take care to explain even the smallest details clearly in these textbooks. As a result, you can grasp even the most challenging subjects with ease and have fewer uncertainties.”

    1. Strictly Follows the CBSE Curriculum

    One of the significant advantages of using NCERT textbooks for exam preparation is that they strictly follow the most recent CBSE curriculum. Students don’t need to search for study material elsewhere because they can find all the topics aligned with the latest syllabus in a single textbook. NCERT textbooks are not only suitable for board exams but also for competitive exams like JEE Mains and others.

    1. Clears All Basic Concepts

    NCERT textbooks also make sure to include all the essential and fundamental topics in each subject. This feature assists students in grasping the most important concepts with ease and speed.

    Studying with NCERT textbooks gives students an edge over others and helps them achieve good marks. Therefore, students should begin their exam preparation using NCERT textbooks to secure the best results in the CBSE board exams.

    1. A Huge Number of Practice Problems

    NCERT textbooks include numerous practice questions and problems that are crucial for the final CBSE exams. At the end of each chapter, you will find a set of practice questions prepared by NCERT experts.

    1. Essential For Board Exams

    Most importantly, NCERT textbooks are the foundation of CBSE board examinations. When you use these books for exam preparation, you can’t overlook practicing the essential CBSE exam questions.

    Referring to NCERT solutions offers a comprehensive approach to solving problems. Furthermore, they provide a detailed step-by-step procedure that assists students in earning higher marks in the CBSE board examination.

    1. Reasonable Pricing and Easily Accessible

    NCERT books are among the most affordable textbooks available in the market today. Furthermore, you can find NCERT textbook PDFs online. When it comes to solutions, numerous online platforms offer NCERT textbook solutions that you can easily access and download for free. You can practice questions with solutions at your own convenience.

    While you can certainly use other reference or supplementary books, it’s worth noting that these may not always cover the fundamental concepts. This can lead to confusion for students. Therefore, it’s advisable to rely on NCERT textbooks for excellent performance.

    How To Score High With NCERT Textbook in CBSE Exams?

    The CBSE syllabus for board classes is entirely based on NCERT. When you review the question papers from the last ten years of board classes, you’ll notice that the majority of the questions come from NCERT textbooks. So, if your aim is to score 90+ percent in the board examinations, it’s essential to develop a habit of reading NCERT textbooks.

    To secure good marks in CBSE exams, students need to learn how to make the best use of NCERT textbooks. They should establish a well-thought-out study plan to understand and retain all the important topics covered in these textbooks. The following tips will assist students in studying challenging subjects with ease.

    1. Keep the CBSE Syllabus At Hand

    While NCERT textbooks align with the latest CBSE syllabus, it’s important to have your CBSE syllabus handy. Your syllabus will guide you in recognizing which topics are more significant and demand extra attention. This approach becomes particularly valuable when you have limited preparation time, enabling you to prioritize essential topics and skip less important ones.

    1. Initial Reading for Understanding

    When you start reading the CBSE textbook, focus on understanding the concepts. Avoid trying to memorize everything at once. Such cramming doesn’t usually work well and can lead to confusion or forgetting things later on.

    1. Review Previous Year’s Question Papers

    After your first reading, take a look at previous year’s question papers from sources like Sri Chaitanya. This will give you an idea of commonly asked questions on each topic. When you go through the chapter again, you’ll know the importance of each topic and pay special attention to answers for these questions.

    1. Second Reading with Note-Taking

    After reviewing question papers, read the chapters again, but this time more attentively. Highlight key points and make notes. Understand that there’s a significant difference between simply reading and reading while writing down notes. The act of note-taking enhances your understanding.

    When making notes from the NCERT textbook:

    • Read the passage or topic thoroughly.
    • Make sure you understand it.
    • Write it in your own words.
    • Use diagrams, tables, and flowcharts for better comprehension.
    1. Practice Exercises

    Regular practice leads to perfection. NCERT textbooks provide ample practice material. Solve all the exercise questions at the end of each chapter. Sometimes, concepts that were unclear during the chapter become clearer when you tackle practice questions. These questions are not only crucial for exams but also aid in better understanding and quick revision of key concepts.

    Solving NCERT exercise questions helps you in several ways:

    • Clarify concepts learned in the chapter.
    • Apply formulas from the chapter.
    • Familiarize yourself with various question types likely to appear in CBSE exams.
    • Gain ample practice.
    • Improve your speed and accuracy.
    1. Quick Revisions

    Use the highlighted sections or your self-prepared notes for quick revisions just before exams. Textbooks can be extensive, and revising directly from them might not be efficient. Your own notes from NCERT textbooks and highlighted sections within the book make revisions easier and faster.

    If you follow these tips for studying from the NCERT textbook for CBSE exams, you’ll likely understand and remember the entire syllabus effectively.

    Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Textbook for CBSE Exams

    Are NCERT books sufficient to score more than 80% marks in CBSE board exams?

    Yes, studying NCERT books thoroughly can help you score over 80% in CBSE board exams.

    Do I need to make notes from NCERT textbooks?

    It's a good practice to make concise notes from NCERT textbooks to aid in revision.

    Should I solve all the NCERT questions provided at the end of each chapter?

    Yes, solving NCERT textbook questions is essential for a strong grasp of the subject.

    Do NCERT textbook questions come in CBSE board exams?

    CBSE often includes questions similar to those in NCERT textbooks, so practicing them is beneficial.

    Should I refer to NCERT solutions?

    Yes, NCERT solutions can be helpful to understand complex topics and verify your answers to textbook questions.

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