BlogCBSECBSE New Curriculum: Introduces modified syllabus for Classes IX to XII

CBSE New Curriculum: Introduces modified syllabus for Classes IX to XII

CBSE New Curriculum for classes 9 to 12

Earlier, this July 2021, CBSE, in its set of announcements, stated that it introduced some significant changes to the curriculum of classes IX to XII. Following the announcements, an introduction and inculcation of the changes in the syllabus were seen. In this article, we will learn the areas in which the changes were made. 

With the continuing paranoid of the pandemic, schools were closed, and exams were disrupted. In the wake of these inevitable conditions, the CBSE board had decided and announced to incorporate major changes to the curriculum of classes IX to XII. As per the notification, the curriculum changes included for these four domains:

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    1. Syllabus
    2. Examination Pattern and Timelines
    3. Result Calculation
    4. Overall Assessment and Calculation

    Let us look at the curriculum changes incorporated into the syllabus.

    Revised Syllabus for Classes IX to XII

    As per the introduced changes in the syllabus for classes IX to XII, the syllabus has been rationalized for all these classes. The revised syllabus applies to both school exams and the board exams for the academic year 2021-22. The board stated that the entire syllabi for classes IX, X, XI, and XII will be distributed into two terms for that academic season. Based on this revised and bifurcated syllabus, the CBSE board will conduct the exams in Term 1 and Term 2, respectively.

    Class IX and Class X

    For classes 9 and 10, the syllabus of the subjects has been rationalized. Further, it will be equally distributed between the Term 1 and Term 2 exams. 

    Class XI and Class XII

    Coming to classes XI and XII, there is no reduction of the syllabus for the Humanities stream. However, it was rationalized for both the term examinations. For the Commerce and Science streams of the same XI and XII classes, CBSE has decided to remove a few chapters from the various subjects. This step was in addition to rationalizing the syllabus between the two term-end examinations, accordingly.

    Changes in Examination Pattern and Timeline

    As per the new CBSE syllabus curriculum, the board has even introduced changes in the examination pattern for classes IX to XII. The CBSE board has decided to conduct the examinations on a term basis, i.e., Term 1 and Term 2. Let us learn more about these term examinations, the syllabus, and the exam pattern. 


    The syllabus for the entire academic year will be distributed between these two terms. The syllabus completion for Term 1 is expected by November ending, and the exams are likely to be held in December. Similarly, the Term 2 exams will be conducted at the end of Term 2, likely between March 2022 and April 2022. The CBSE board will conduct both term-end exams.

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    Pertaining to the ongoing pandemic crisis, the schedule is expected to be more flexible. The board will decide and notify the dates later for conducting the exams, accordingly. 

    Let us know about the exam pattern for both terms.

    Exam Pattern

    For classes IX to XII, the Term 1 and Term 2 examinations are going to be different. While the first term-end exams will be objective type with all multiple questions, the second will be subjective type. 

    Term 1 Exam

    The term 1 exam will be held for about 90 minutes with MCQs. These multiple-choice questions include case-based and assertion-reasoning type questions.

    Term 2 Exam

    The term 2 examinations will have a duration of 2 hours. The questions will include different formats that are case-based, situation-based, and short and long answer types from open-ended.

    We wish the classes IX, X, XI, and XII students, success with the new assessment format. Irrespective of the circumstances that peep in to disrupt, may your preparation for the board exams never take a halt. Trust your instinct and keep climbing the heights of success.


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