BlogList Of All Commerce Subjects In Class 11 CBSE

List Of All Commerce Subjects In Class 11 CBSE

Commerce Subjects in Class 11: Commerce is a broad field covering economic activities, finance, and business operations. Students opting for Commerce in Class 11 explore subjects like accounting, finance, economics, and management, leading to various career opportunities from accounting to marketing and global business. Understanding the CBSE Commerce Subjects in Class 11 is essential for effective study planning. Knowing the CBSE Class 11 syllabus and exam pattern helps in preparing well for exams. Subjects include economics, accountancy, business studies, and finance, alongside English and Mathematics. Commerce education offers practical knowledge applicable to everyday life.

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    List Of All Commerce Subjects In Class 11 CBSE

    5 Reasons to Choose Commerce stream after Class 10th

    Commerce Subjects in Class 11

    In Class 11 Commerce, students study a range of subjects that form the basis of understanding business and economics. Key subjects include Accountancy, where they learn about financial transactions and basic accounting principles. Business Studies introduces them to business operations, management concepts, and how organizations function. Economics covers topics like production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. These subjects provide essential knowledge needed for careers in fields like accounting, finance, management, and entrepreneurship, offering a solid foundation in business education.

    This table outlines the subjects, their descriptions for Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics.

    Subject Description
    Accountancy Study of basics of accountancy, accounting principles and concepts, and analyzing & recording of financial transactions.
    Business Studies Introduction to business operations, management, and organization.
    Economics Cover topics like production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Subjects Business Studies

    Units Topic Marks
    Part A Foundations of Business
    1. Evolution and Fundamentals of Business 16
    2. Forms of Business Organisations
    3. Public, Private & Global Enterprises 14
    4. Business Services
    5. Emerging Modes of Business 10
    6. Social Responsibility of Business & Business Ethics
    Part B Finance and Trade
    1. Sources of Business Finance 20
    2. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development
    3. Internal Trade 20
    4. International Business
    Total 80
    Project Work 20

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    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Subjects 2024 Accountancy

    Unit Name Topics Marks
    Part A – Financial Accounting-I
    Unit 1 Theoretical Framework: Introduction To Accounting, Theory Base Of Accounting 12
    Unit 2 Accounting Process: Recording Of Business Transactions, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Depreciation, Provisions And Reserves, Trial Balance And Rectification Of Errors 40
    Part B – Financial Accounting-II
    Unit 3 Financial Statements Of Sole Proprietorship: Financial Statements 20
    Unit 4 Computers in Accounting 8
    Part C – Project Work 20
    Total 80

    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus 2024 Economics

    Units Title Marks
    Part A – Statistics for Economics
    1. Introduction 13
    2. Collection, Organisation and Presentation of Data
    3. Statistical Tools and Interpretation 27
    Part B – Introductory Microeconomics
    1. Introduction 4
    2. Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand 13
    3. Producer Behaviour and Supply 13
    4. Forms of Market & Price Determination under perfect competition with simple applications 10
    Total 80
    Project Work 20

    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus 2024 English

    Section Area of Learning Marks
    A Reading Comprehension 26
    B Writing Skills and Grammar 24
    C Literature & Long Reading Text – Hornbill, Snapshots, Assessment of Listening and Speaking Skills 30
    Total 100

    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus 2024 Mathematics

    Unit Topic Marks
    I. Sets and Functions 23
    II. Algebra 25
    III. Coordinate Geometry 12
    IV. Calculus 8
    VI. Statistics and Probability 12
    Total 80
    Internal Assessment 20
    Grand Total 100

    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus 2024 Informatics Practices (IP)

    Units Marks
    Introduction to the computer system 10
    Introduction to Python 25
    Database concepts & Structured Query Language 30
    Introduction to emerging trends 5
    Practical 30

    CBSE Class 11 Commerce Syllabus Computer Science

    Units Marks
    Unit-1: Computer Systems and Organization 10
    Unit-2: Computational Thinking and Programming-1 45
    Unit-3: Society, Law, and Ethics 15
    Practical 30

    Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Commerce in Class 11

    Choosing Commerce in Class 11 offers several benefits for students:

    • Diverse Career Opportunities: Commerce opens doors to a wide range of career options such as accounting, finance, business management, and entrepreneurship, providing flexibility in career choices.
    • Practical Application: The subjects taught in Commerce, such as Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics, offer practical knowledge that can be applied in real-world scenarios, preparing students for professional challenges.
    • Holistic Understanding of Business: Commerce subjects provide insights into various aspects of business operations, economics, and financial management, fostering a holistic understanding of how businesses function.
    • Global Relevance: The skills learned in Commerce are globally applicable, making it easier for students to pursue international careers or higher education opportunities abroad.
    • High Demand in Job Market: Graduates with Commerce backgrounds are in high demand across industries due to their analytical skills, financial acumen, and strategic thinking abilities, ensuring promising career prospects.

    Top CBSE Class 11 Commerce Books: Recommended Textbooks

    Subject Recommended Books
    Accountancy 1. Accountancy Part I by D.K. Goel, Rajesh Goel, and Shelly Goel
    2. Accountancy Part II by D.K. Goel, Rajesh Goel, and Shelly Goel
    Business Studies 1. Business Studies Part I by Subhash Dey
    2. Business Studies Part II by Subhash Dey
    Economics 1. Introductory Microeconomics by Sandeep Garg
    2. Indian Economic Development – Sandeep Garg
    Mathematics 1. Mathematics Class 11 – R.D. Sharma
    2. Together with Mathematics by R.K. Bansal
    English 1. Hornbill (Prose) and Snapshots (Supplementary Reader)
    2. Woven Words (Poetry) and A Stitch in Time (Supplementary Reader)
    Informatics Practices (IP) 1. Informatics Practices by Sumita Arora
    2. Python Programming by Sumita Arora
    Computer Science 1. Computer Science with Python by Sumita Arora
    2. Computer Science (C++) by Sumita Arora

    Commerce Subjects in Class 11 FAQs

    How many subjects are there in commerce class 11?

    Class 11 Commerce typically includes five primary subjects: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, and English.

    Is Class 11 Commerce considered easy?

    The difficulty of Class 11 Commerce can vary depending on each student's grasp of the subjects and their level of interest. By adopting effective study habits and maintaining focused attention, students can find the coursework manageable and navigate through it successfully

    Which field is best in commerce?

    Some top options in commerce include: Accountancy: Ideal for those interested in financial reporting, auditing, and taxation. Finance: Involves managing investments, financial planning, and risk assessment. Business Management: Focuses on strategic planning, organizational behavior, and leadership. Economics: Analyzes market trends, economic policies, and their impact on businesses and society. Entrepreneurship: Allows individuals to start and manage their own businesses, emphasizing innovation and creativity.

    Which subject is best for class 11 commerce?

    The best subject in Class 11 Commerce varies by interest and career aspirations. Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics are popular choices due to their practical application and career opportunities.

    What are the extra subjects in 11th commerce?

    In addition to core subjects like Accountancy, Finance, Business Management, and Economics, Class 11 commerce students can select from electives such as Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Computer Science, Home Science, Physical Education, Psychology, Fine Arts, and Language Studies like Hindi, French, and German.

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