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Courses After 12th Commerce with/without Maths

Top Courses After 12th Commerce with/without Maths

Courses After 12th Commerce: Commerce is a favored subject among high school students in India. By studying Commerce during grades 11 and 12, students open doors to various options for their future careers.

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    Unlike Arts students, Commerce students have the advantage of being eligible for both Commerce and Arts courses. In this article, we’ll explore the Courses After 12th Commerce after completing high school, starting with the most sought-after courses in the Commerce field.

    Courses After 12th Commerce

    The Bachelor of Commerce, commonly known as BCom, is a highly sought-after course among students in the Commerce stream. It’s typically offered in two variations: BCom Honours and BCom General.

    In the Commerce stream, core subjects include Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics, with Mathematics being an optional subject. As a result, Commerce stream students can be divided into two groups:

    1. Commerce with Mathematics
    2. Commerce without Mathematics

    If you studied Mathematics in Class 11th and 12th, you can pursue BCom Honours. Conversely, if you didn’t study Mathematics, you can opt for BCom General.

    Students who pursued Commerce in 11th and 12th grade have a variety of paths to choose from, whether they studied Mathematics alongside Commerce or not. Let’s explore the options available for both groups.

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    Best Courses After 12th Commerce With Maths

    Check the Best Courses After 12th Commerce with Maths:

    BCom (Honours)

    BCom (Honours) is a highly sought-after undergraduate program for students in the Commerce with Mathematics field. It’s widely available across universities, with renowned colleges like SRCC, LSR, Hindu College, Loyola College, and St Xavier’s Kolkata offering this course.

    BCom Accounting and Taxation

    For those aiming for careers in Banking and Insurance, BCom Accounting and Taxation is ideal. It covers topics like the Indian Tax System, Financial Accounting, Value Added Tax, Central Tax Procedure, Principles of Management, and Business Communication.

    BCom Statistics

    BCom Statistics prepares students for careers in Economic Research and Analysis, offering opportunities in Civil Services, Data Analytics, Education, Consulting, and Government Organizations. Subjects include Applied Information Economics, Applied Statistics, Biostatistics, and Data Analysis.

    BCom in Management Accounting & International Finance

    Ideal for those interested in pursuing International Business at the Masters level, this program provides exposure to international business and US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification.

    BCom in Accounting

    Suitable for aspirants of competitive exams, banking exams, Chartered Accountancy, or Company Secretaryship, BCom in Accounting covers Indian Financial System, Financial Management, Cost & Management Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Financial Accounting, and Business Regulatory Framework.

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    BCom Applied Economics

    This branch equips students with theoretical knowledge in Applied Economics, enabling them to analyze economic problems and solutions critically. Topics include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, and Indian Economic Development.

    BCom Banking & Finance

    Covering aspects of the BFSI industry such as Banking, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Accounting, etc., this program opens doors to careers like Auditor, Analyst, Equity Manager, Wealth Manager, Account Manager, Stockbroker, and Market Analyst.

    Best Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

    Check the Best Courses After 12th Commerce without Maths:

    Bachelor of Commerce (BCom General)

    BCom General is a favored choice among Commerce students without Math after completing 12th grade. It’s particularly popular for those seeking a bachelor’s degree via distance or correspondence while simultaneously pursuing vocational training.

    Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration (BCom Business Administration)

    BCom Business Administration suits students aiming for careers in Business Management. This course covers various aspects including Corporate Accounting, Business Law, Marketing, Business Communication, and Retail Management, providing a solid foundation for management roles.

    Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing (BCom Marketing)

    BCom Marketing specializes in teaching marketing strategies and management techniques essential for businesses. With marketing being crucial in all industries, graduates have ample career prospects, making this an attractive option for commerce students.

    Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism & Travel Management (BCom Tourism & Travel Management)

    This program caters specifically to the tourism industry, offering theoretical and practical insights. Alongside core commerce subjects, students learn about the financial implications of tourism, environmental regulations, customer service, and international travel laws, preparing them for diverse roles within the travel sector.

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    Other Best Courses After 12th Commerce

    In addition to the courses mentioned above, students studying Commerce have a range of options available to them after completing their 12th grade in Commerce. These include:

    BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law Honours)

    BBA LLB is an integrated undergraduate course that amalgamates Business Administration with Legislative Law.

    This program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of both fields, preparing them for careers in corporate law, legal consultancy, or entrepreneurship. Eligibility criteria typically require students to have scored a minimum of 50% marks in their Class 12th examinations.

    BBA/BMS (Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Management Studies)

    BBA/BMS serves as a foundational degree for individuals aspiring to pursue higher studies in Business Management, particularly an MBA.

    It provides a solid grounding in business fundamentals, leadership skills, and strategic management. Candidates from any academic stream who have secured at least 50% aggregate in their Class 12th exams are eligible to apply.

    BCA (IT and Software) (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

    BCA is an undergraduate program tailored for students interested in delving into the realm of computer languages and software development. It offers a curriculum akin to that of a BTech/BE degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. Eligibility criteria typically include a minimum aggregate of 45-55% in Class 12th from any discipline, along with mandatory Mathematics (and sometimes English) proficiency.

    Chartered Accountancy (CA)

    CA is a prestigious professional course that equips students with the expertise to become Chartered Accountants. It involves rigorous training and examinations administered by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Commerce students who have scored at least 50% aggregate in their Class 12th examinations are eligible to pursue CA.

    Company Secretary (CS)

    CS is another esteemed course tailored for Commerce students aspiring to become Company Secretaries. Similar to CA, it requires candidates to register with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and mandates a minimum aggregate of 50% in Class 12th.

    BA in Humanities & Social Sciences

    BA programs in Humanities & Social Sciences offer a diverse range of subjects including sociology, psychology, literature, history, and political science. It’s an ideal choice for students interested in exploring human behavior, culture, and societal structures. Eligibility typically requires completion of Class 12th from any stream.

    BDes in Animation (Bachelor of Design in Animation)

    BDes in Animation is tailored for individuals passionate about creative storytelling and visual arts. It covers various aspects of animation production, including character design, storytelling, and digital animation techniques. The program welcomes students from Arts, Science, or Commerce backgrounds.

    BSc in Design (Bachelor of Science in Design)

    BSc in Design focuses on nurturing students’ creativity and problem-solving skills to excel in the field of design. It encompasses disciplines such as graphic design, product design, and user experience design. Like BDes in Animation, it accepts students from diverse academic backgrounds.

    Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

    BJMC is a three-year undergraduate program designed for students aspiring to pursue careers in media and journalism. It offers comprehensive training in writing, reporting, editing, and multimedia storytelling. Eligibility criteria typically include completion of Class 12th in any discipline.

    BA in Hospitality & Travel (Bachelors of Arts in Hospitality & Travel)

    BA in Hospitality & Travel is an undergraduate program that prepares students for careers in the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry. It covers areas such as hotel management, event planning, and tourism marketing. Eligibility criteria are usually flexible, allowing students from any stream to apply.

    Courses After 12th Commerce FAQs

    What are the top courses after 12th Commerce with or without Maths?

    We've compiled a list of sought-after courses for Commerce students, both with and without Mathematics, to help you navigate your options effectively.

    What are the core subjects studied in the Commerce stream?

    Core subjects in Commerce include Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics, with Mathematics being an optional subject.

    How can Commerce students decide between BCom Honours and BCom General?

    If you studied Mathematics in Class 11th and 12th, you're eligible for BCom Honours. Otherwise, you can opt for BCom General.

    What career prospects do courses like BCom Accounting and Taxation offer?

    Courses like BCom Accounting and Taxation open doors to careers in Banking, Insurance, and Finance sectors, covering topics essential for these fields.

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