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Top Courses After 12th Science with PCM, PCB and PCMB

Courses After 12th Science: Deciding on your career path after completing 12th grade in the Science stream is a big deal. It’s a moment where you have many options ahead of you, so it’s important to think carefully. To make the best choice, you should assess yourself, do some research, and talk to career advisors.

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    This will help you understand what you’re interested in, what industries need, and where you can grow. Finding the right career involves exploring different fields, thinking about further education, improving your skills, and matching your goals with your chosen profession.

    This guide covers various career options, helping students make smart decisions based on what they want and the changing job market.

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    Courses After 12th Science

    Science students enjoy a wide array of career options compared to Arts and Commerce students. Choosing the right course after 12 science is crucial for shaping one’s career path. Science is a favored stream among students due to its versatility:

    • It paves the way for sought-after careers like Engineering and Medicine.
    • Science graduates can delve into Pure or Applied Sciences at the postgraduate level.
    • Many professional paths, such as becoming a Commercial Pilot, require a Science background at the 10+2 level.

    How to Choose the Best Courses After 12th Science?

    Choosing the right course after 12th science is a big deal that shapes your future. To make the best decision, follow these steps:

    • Know Yourself:Figure out what you’re good at and what you like. Think about the subjects you enjoyed in science class and the activities that excite you. Understanding your strengths and interests will help you see which careers might be a good fit.
    • Explore Careers: Look into different jobs for science graduates. Check out different industries, roles, and what qualifications they need. Don’t just stick to the usual jobs; consider new and growing fields too.
    • Talk to Experts:Get advice from career counselors. They can help match your skills and interests with job options. They’ll also give you the lowdown on what different careers involve and what the future holds.
    • Think About Education: Decide if you want to study more and specialize. Figure out if you prefer college, vocational training, or short courses that line up with your career goals.
    • Boost Your Skills:Find out what skills you need for your dream job. Look into getting extra certifications or taking short courses to make yourself more attractive to employers.
    • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on job trends and what skills are in demand. This helps you pick careers that will still be relevant in the future.
    • Build Connections: Meet people who work in the field you’re interested in. Go to events, join online groups, and talk to professionals. They can give you insider tips and maybe even help you land a job or internship.
    • Get Experience:Try to get some hands-on experience through internships or part-time jobs. It’ll give you a taste of what working in your chosen field is really like.
    • Think Long-Term: Consider what you want in the future, like where you want to live or how much free time you want. Make sure your career plans match up with your personal goals.
    • Money Matters: Look at the financial side of things. Think about how much you can earn, how stable the job is, and if there’s room to grow. Consider any financial commitments you have, like loans or supporting your family.

    By thinking about these things carefully, you’ll be able to make a smart choice about your career after 12th-grade science. And remember, it’s okay to change your mind as you learn and grow. Your career journey is all about evolving and finding what works best for you.

    List of Best Courses After 12th Science

    Below are some of the Best Courses After 12th Science to consider after completing 12th grade in the science stream.

    Best Courses After 12th Science PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths)

    Looking at the top courses After 12th Science available for those who have studied Science with PCM in Class 12, there are several options to consider:

    Bachelor of Technology (BE/BTech)

    BE/BTech is a professional degree in engineering awarded after four years of study. To pursue this degree, students need to have completed Class 11 and 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, with at least 50% aggregate marks. Popular cities for BTech include Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

    Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

    BArch is an undergraduate program focusing on the planning, designing, and construction of buildings. Students must have passed Class 12 with Mathematics and obtained at least 50% marks in aggregate. Popular cities for BArch include Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai.

    Bachelor of Science (in Pure Sciences)

    BSc is an undergraduate degree for those interested in pursuing a career in science. It requires completion of Class 12 in the Science stream. Popular cities for BSc include Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

    Bachelor in Computer Applications (IT and Software)

    BCA is an undergraduate course for students interested in computer languages. It’s equivalent to a BTech/BE degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. Students who have cleared Class 12 with Mathematics (and sometimes English) and obtained 45% to 55% marks can pursue BCA.

    Popular cities for BCA include Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai.

    Bachelor of Science (in IT & Software)

    BSc in IT & Software, also known as BSc IT, is an undergraduate course for students who have completed Class 12 with a background in Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). The program duration is typically three to four years. Popular cities for BSc IT & Software include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

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    Best Courses After 12th Science PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

    Looking into the top courses After 12th Science available for students who’ve studied Science with PCB in Class 12, here’s a breakdown:

    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

    MBBS, a degree in medicine and surgery, is pursued at the Graduation level to become a certified Doctor. To pursue MBBS, you need to have passed Class 12 or equivalent with PCM/PCMB with at least 60% marks in aggregate.

    There are provisions for marks relaxation for Reserved category students in government and government-affiliated medical institutes. You also need to clear an entrance exam for admission. Here’s some key info:

    • Popular cities for MBBS colleges: Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata
    • Popular Specializations: Medicine
    • Entrance Exam: NEET UG

    Post Basic BSc – Nursing

    This is a two-year undergraduate degree that helps students understand the objectives and responsibilities of Nursing as a profession.

    Eligibility criteria include passing GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) course after completing 10+2 in Science with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks and being registered as nurses and midwives with any State Nursing Registration council. Key points:

    • Popular Specializations: BSc (Post Basic)
    • Entrance Exam: KGMU BSc Nursing Entrance Exam

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    Bachelor of Science (in Pure Sciences)

    BSc, an undergraduate degree, is ideal for those pursuing a career in Science. You need to complete Class 12 in the Science stream to be eligible. The duration of the course is typically three years. Since 2021, NEET UG scores are used for admission. Here’s what you need to know:

    • Popular cities for BSc colleges: Delhi/NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai
    • Popular Specializations: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology, Biology
    • Entrance Exams: NEET, AIIMS BSc Nursing, IPU CET Nursing

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    Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma)

    BPharm is a four-year undergraduate degree in Pharmacy. Eligibility criteria include passing Class 12 Board exam in Science (PCM/B) with a minimum aggregate of 50%. Here’s some key information:

    • Popular cities for BPharma colleges: Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata
    • Entrance Exams: WBJEE, CUET, GUJCET, MHCET

    Best Courses After 12th Science PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology)

    As a student specializing in PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology), you have a wide range of course options available. You can choose from courses tailored for both PCM and PCB groups.

    This means you’re eligible for all the courses that PCM and PCB students can apply for. Typically, you’ll need to have scored a minimum aggregate of 60 percent at the HSC level. Additionally, for certain courses, you’ll need to have achieved at least 60 percent individually in Mathematics and Biology/Life Sciences.

    Beyond the mentioned courses, as a Science student—whether you’re in PCM, PCB, or PCMB—you also have the flexibility to consider various Arts and Commerce courses. Details about these additional courses are provided below.

    BA in Humanities & Social Sciences

    BA is an undergraduate degree program focusing on Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Fine Arts. While traditionally pursued by Arts stream students after completing their 12th, Science and Commerce students are also eligible for BA studies.

    BA in Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing)

    BA in Arts is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Performing Arts. To pursue this course, one must have completed their Class 12 Board exam from the Arts stream. However, students from Science and Commerce streams are also eligible to pursue a BA in Arts degree.

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

    A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is an undergraduate degree program focused on Fine Arts, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. It is available to candidates immediately after completing their Class 12 education.

    Courses After 12th Science FAQs

    What is the best course after 12th science?

    Here are some of the best career options after 12th with high salary include: Medicine/MBBS, Computer Science Engineering, Research, MBA, Data Science, Business Analytics, Chartered Accountancy, Investment Banking and more.

    Which course after 12 has a highest salary?

    Some of the highest-paying courses after 12th class science include Engineering, Architecture, Pilot, Biomedical Science, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Product Design, B.Sc. Law, Statistics, and more.

    What are the key steps to choosing a career after 12th Science?

    Assess your strengths and interests, research various career options, consult career advisors, consider further education, and align your goals with your chosen profession.

    What are the top career options for Science students after 12th grade?

    Science graduates can pursue careers in engineering, medicine, pure/applied sciences, or opt for professions like commercial pilot with a strong foundation in Science.

    What factors should I consider when choosing a course after 12th Science?

    Consider your interests, job prospects, educational preferences, skill enhancement opportunities, industry demand, networking, practical experience, long-term goals, and financial aspects.

    What are some popular courses after 12th Science?

    PCM students can explore options like Bachelor of Technology, while PCB students may consider Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. PCMB students have a wide array of choices ranging from engineering to medicine and pure sciences.

    Can Science students pursue Arts or Commerce courses after 12th grade?

    Yes, Science students can also consider Arts and Commerce courses besides the traditional Science courses. This provides flexibility and broader career opportunities beyond the Science domain.

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