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Hints and Techniques for Cracking BITSAT

Class XII English Board Exam Preparation

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    The question paper for BITSAT 2022 is constructed in a way that measures a candidate’s time management skills and presence of mind, according to the experience of applicants who have taken the exam. BITSAT is an online exam that comprises questions from the NCERT syllabus for classes 11 and 12 in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology. Before beginning the preparations, it is critical to have a thorough understanding of the test structure and syllabus. Examine the BITSAT Syllabus.

    The BITSAT 2022 mission is scheduled to take place in the fourth week of June 2022. Exam Schedule for BITSAT 2022

    Candidates must follow the directions in this post for smooth preparation and some tips and techniques. Furthermore, candidates should be aware that BITS campuses are located in India.

    (Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad) each announces a branch-specific BITSAT Cut Off for candidate selection.

    Tips for the BITSAT 2022 Exam;

    • Time Management in BITSAT 2022
    • Understanding of the BITSAT 2022 Syllabus
    • Follow the BITSAT 2022 Marking Scheme when preparing.
    • Revision, Testing, and Repetition
    • Make the most of the bonus questions

    Tips for BITSAT 2022 Preparation in the Last Month;

    • Although it is entirely upon a candidate’s preference, candidates are encouraged to take the BITSAT 2022 test on the last day. In this manner, you’ll be able to
    • You’ll have a couple more days to revise. You might also acquire some important information from a paper analysis of the exam that was conducted the previous days.
    • There’s no need to waste time on complex issues. If you are unable to comprehend the problem or find a solution within 1-2 minutes, you must abandon the question and move on.
    • You must plan ahead of time the types of questions you will tackle first. Candidates are encouraged not to solve all of the questions blindly because the exam pattern involves negative marking.
    • The BITSAT is the only exam that allows you to attempt 12 bonus questions to increase your exam score. This, however, will be a viable choice.
    • Only available once you’ve completed all 150 questions; once you’ve chosen to solve additional questions, there’s no turning back to the original 150. Candidates are urged to check whether they want to change the answer to any question before selecting this bonus question option. This step should only be taken when you are pleased with your present responses. Exam Pattern for BITSAT 2022.
    • The English and LR portions should not be overlooked. If you correctly answer the questions in this part, you will receive more good scores.
    • Keep track of the remaining time on the screen and answer the questions at a rate that corresponds to the remaining time.

    Tips for Preparation BITSAT 2022 Cracked

    • Time Management in BITSAT 2022. All of the important elements of the 10+2 syllabus are covered in BITSAT 2022. It combines English and Logic with Physics, Chemistry, and Math. BITSAT 2022 contains primarily conceptual questions that must be answered swiftly. All of the sections must be replied quickly; if one pauses and opts for a lengthy solution, it will be a waste of time. Analyze the BITSAT 2021 Paper.
    • Understanding of the BITSAT 2022 Syllabus. The focus of the BITSAT 2022 syllabus is on conceptual questions. If you’re studying for JEE, you should be aware of the differences between the two exams. Both have a curriculum.
    • Follow the BITSAT 2022 Marking Scheme when preparing. All of the sections have distinct marks on them. Prepare all of the sections’ conceptual questions. But don’t waste time on sections you don’t understand.
    • The official notification for BITSAT 2022 will be released in the second week of February 2022 and will include information on the Exam Pattern and Syllabus. Any modifications to the BITSAT 2022 Exam Pattern and Syllabus will be posted here as soon as they become available.
    • Do not start with the section that is the most difficult.
    • Because each correct response is worth three points and each erroneous answer is worth one point, it’s best not to answer any questions that aren’t clear.
    • Recognize which area of the exam is your strongest. While taking the mock tests, be aware of and understand the graphs. Improve the abilities of the comparatively inexperienced. Portions that are weaker When compared to JEE negative marks, BITSAT 2022 has a higher total number of negative marks. As a result, applicants must exercise caution and tackle only those questions in which they are reasonably confident.
    • Revision, Testing, and Repetition. After you’ve finished your one-time preparation for all of the exam’s subjects, you should set aside at least one or two months for review. Take as many BITSAT 2022 online practice exams as you can to get a feel for the exam. There are numerous BITSAT 2022 practice tests available online.

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    Que1.Should I enroll in a coaching center or prepare on my own?

    Ans1. If self-prepared, BITSAT can be cracked. However, it is entirely up to you; if you believe you will be unable to cope with the syllabus and require assistance, then seek tutoring. There are a variety of online coaching programmes available, and candidates can enroll in any of them if they like.

    Ques2. Why do I need to apply for admissions again if I’ve already enrolled for BITSAT 2022?

    Ans2. : Applying for admissions individually with your class 12 grades and indicating your preferences for different degree programms, as well as paying the required application cost, is a distinct and mandatory process. The application form can be found here.

    Que3.Which books did top students use to prepare for the BITSAT 2022 exam?

    Ans3: Toppers recommended the following books, all of which were extremely helpful to them: NCERT books for classes 11 and 12.Pearson 12 Practice Papers for the BITSAT (English) Exam G K P’s BITSAT 2021 PB 8th Edition. English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning PB on the BITSAT (English)

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