BlogGeneralHow Health is Wealth Mantra Emerge During the Pandemic?

How Health is Wealth Mantra Emerge During the Pandemic?

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    We have heard many times that health is wealth, but how many of us have actually followed and pursued this mantra before the pandemic? Hardly any. We like to have fit bodies and perfect health but when it comes to paying attention to it, we hardly think about it. We all want fast food and perfect health at the same time. Don’t you think it is a combination of fire and water? Health is something you can never take for granted, it also doesn’t mean you should not eat fast food but excess of anything is destructive. If you’re consuming fast food, you should work out to neutralize its effects. Try to eat food that can be digested easily to reduce inflammation. Your diet should be balanced. When the pandemic hit the world, we switched to better eating habits because we were concerned about our health. So why not start from now, the post-pandemic times? Why wait for some other pandemic to buzz the health is wealth alarm? This transition from being a careless food freak to a conscious dietitian has happened as the pandemic upsurged especially during the second wave. We are now more concerned about our diet, the food we are consuming, is it healthy or how will it affect our body and things like that. This awareness is needed to keep ourselves fit and fine. The transition was an optimistic one. If we will not pay attention to our health, we’ll be heading for an imbalance between mind, body, and soul. A sound body is a temple to a sound mind. So, if you want to stay calm and composed, start paying attention to your health.

    Why should we pay attention to our health?

    Medicines are expensive: Why waste money on bitter medicines when you can start by eating fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid medicines? Medical treatments are expensive and painful at the same time, so why go through them when you have an option to eat better and more healthily to stay fit and happy? Sick people spend their hard-earned money on medical bills. Smart people utilize their money to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. You can now make your choice. Would you like to sleep on a bed with a drip and medicines to be injected into your body that can also have some side effects or exercise and eat healthily? If you want success in your life, the impact of unforeseen events can be disastrous.

    Increase your productivity: Healthy workers are more likely to increase the productivity of the office environment. Good health will keep you delighted and efficient at work. You’ll enjoy your task and this will keep your mood light and keep you refreshed during working hours. If you work efficiently you are more likely to get a promotion and earn more money. The professional benefits of healthy life will make you rich. When you will be kind and compassionate to yourself you will be the same for your collection too, helping you to make relations with others.

    Feel great: When you are healthy, you feel great and gain confidence. Confidence has many benefits personally and professionally. You develop an attitude that enables you to succeed in all of your aspirations. It also makes you fearless and daring enough to pursue challenging tasks too. When you do difficult things, you attain enthusiasm to do it even more. You feel appreciated. You feel blessed.

    Cut expensive health insurances: What is the need for health insurance when you already are keeping yourself fit by exercising, meditating, and maintaining your physical and mental sanity. Health insurance is quite expensive. They touch astronomical figures in some countries. When you have an alternative to a more mindful path then why pay for such things? It would be better to invest somewhere where the chances of returns are quite high. To become successful you don’t just have to earn money, you should also be able to manage money. Seeing a medical professional will heighten your expenses. If you have money that is rotting in dungeons then please go ahead, if not, use your brains and eat healthily.

    Exercises are for free: You can run for 1 hour without spending a single penny and keep yourself fit and fine. If you are paying nothing and getting plenty in return, how in the world is that not a deal? Exercise will keep you healthy, smart, fit, and fine. It helps to enhance your physical and mental balance and thus your material wealth. Challenge yourself today and exercise to build stamina, power, and mindfulness to help yourself personally and professionally.

    Stay productive for longer: Making money requires mental energy that can be gained by increasing and sustaining productivity. Staying healthy adds to your productivity and creativity which helps you make a lot of money in return.

    Boosts brain power: Foods rich in zinc and omega fatty acids and other nutrients help you to keep your brain working to its highest potential which is much needed to increase your efficiency at work.

    It is an investment: Health is an investment that can pay massive returns in the future. You can spend money on clothing and styling but that is not an investment. Fit body and mind can help you reach your goals efficiently.

    With these many advantages of good health, people have become more aware of these benefits during the pandemic. And now people are shifting to a healthy lifestyle and so the emergence and upsurge of the mantra “health is wealth” can be heard everywhere. Pandemic shifted the perspective to a healthy and mindful one.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques 1. Why should we eat less outside?

    Ans 1. Street food or hotel food tastes delicious that is a result of added preservatives that affect our body. So it must be avoided and healthy fresh homemade food should be preferred.

    Ques 2. Does meditation help to maintain a healthy body?

    Ans 2. Yes, Meditation is a way of life. It not only keeps your mind clear, calm, and composed but also helps you to maintain a healthy body. The breathing techniques and meditative attention guides will develop power and strength to the core of your body. It is something that can not be described in words but can be experienced with practice.

    Ques 3. Why is it important to burn extra calories? How do they affect our bodies?

    Ans 3. If you will not burn extra calories, you will become overweight, sloppy, and lazy. Nobody likes to be like that. Everyone wants to stay fit and light. It is thus important to burn extra calories to develop stamina and reduce overweight issues.

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