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How to become Technologically Advanced?

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    In a modern-day context, technology conventionally refers to improvements in energy, manufacturing, and communication. A whole manufacturing sector is devoted to the development of modern and promising technologies so that we can live happier, healthier, and longer.

    Technical advancements have amplified everything. From writing letters to communicating messages at the click of a button, we’ve come a long way through. Technology has made tedious tasks easier, allowing human beings to think and function beyond the culmination of basic needs, that is, food, water, and shelter. Process evolution that used to take decades, is now a matter of minutes. Technology has now even made it to the functioning of the human body. With developments in technology, humans can be saved from diseases that were an epidemic life-threatening disease some time back. The very thought of artificial intelligence conjures up images of robots conquering the entire mankind, but a wider perspective would mean so much more than those of traditional ideologies.

    Advantages of Technological Advancements

    1. Better productivity:

    Technological growth is a key factor in driving productivity for businesses especially in manufacturing enterprises, in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago. Advancements in assembly-line technology mean that goods can be manufactured at an incredible rate. The cost of production has been cut down and a remarkable output can be driven with a shift from manual labor to machines and robots.

    2. Faster communication:

    An enormous development came with the invention of the internet. The Internet has transformed everything that was done in conventional methods. From talking to a person sitting time zones away to meeting someone a few kilometers away, communication has been compounded.

    3. Saving process Time:

    The efficiency of both blue-collar and white-collar jobs has increased multiple folds with the technical growth. Automation has streamlined many processes that conventionally required terrific human inputs, thus reducing time and energy. With an upsurge of apps and software, workers can get more work done in less time, cutting down bureaucracy and other impediments to productive communication. Technology has been an aid, much like an artificial arm to human efficiency. It helps to accomplish tasks in a shorter amount of time and better results.

    4. Reducing costs of manufactured products:

    In the past, manufacturing industries involved individuals having to stick to tedious tasks to produce each item one at a time. With technology came massive transformations and the tedious hour-long tasks have been converted to a matter of minutes.

    5. Artificial Intelligence is the way forward:

    The very thought of artificial intelligence conjures up images of robots conquering the entire mankind, but a wider perspective would mean so much more than those of traditional ideologies. Artificial intelligence is the technology mimicking human cognitive abilities and can learn to solve complex problems. The ability of some software to anticipate human behavior has made it easier for us to develop smooth relationships with technology.

    6. Better mobility options:

    The Wright brothers hailed a miracle with the invention of airplanes in the early 1990s. Before the previous century, flying was a fantasized dream. But now, it has enabled connectivity to distant places in a previously impossible way. Not just airplanes, the commercial vehicles such as cars, trains, buses, have also made mobility easier and faster. Traveling time has been reduced from days to a matter of a few hours.

    7. Secure financial transactions:

    People stored money in physical locations, exposing it to robbers. This could barge in at any time and steal the hard-earned life savings of a person. With the ongoing digital revolution, money can be stored in physical as well as digital forms. Financial advancement also means that the entire transaction has been completed online, cutting on physical paperwork, adapting to e copies. Innovative banking apps will help you to make better and wiser financial decisions. Multiple passwords, encryption keys, and single-use codes have added security to the financial structure. Money sending and receiving processes have become smoother.

    8. Cloud computing and services:

    A paradigm transition has been seen in the usage of the word ‘cloud’. From white masses of vapor spread all over the sky to a network of remote servers and storage used to hold data and computing services, the word cloud has undergone a massive transformation. Cloud computing refers to data storage in virtual forms like that of clouds which can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world, helping you to store data in a more secure manner than ever before. Moreover, cloud computing can be rented on IT infrastructure which resides on the cloud, making it more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

    9. Better and advanced healthcare facilities:

    Technology and modern treatment methods have become inseparable. It has provided a major boost to drug manufacturing companies, allowing mass production of medicines that can be exported after meeting domestic needs. Technology was at the forefront of vaccine production during the pandemic.

    Disadvantages of technology are:

    1. It is disastrous for the environment. Technology has come up with more problems than solutions when it comes to the environment. For example, the widespread use of plastic, which has polluted majorly all the water bodies all around the world.
    2. Technology is replacing human beings, thus reducing the number of jobs and a rapid unemployment rate.
    3. Social media apps have increased connectivity, but are also a distraction. People waste their time scrolling social media apps at the cost of their focus.
    4. Technology has reduced socializing. People are now more interactive with even their neighbors on social media than physically interacting. It has created an illusion of the real world and now people do not want to come out of it.
    5. Some software appears secure but they have privacy loopholes. We need to be more aware in this regard.
    6. Cyberbullying has become more common these days. A mob of a few angry people with an intent to carry out punishment on somebody, regardless of the law, regardless of the facts of that person being a criminal in reality.
    7. Misinformation is circulated and rumors are spread to a large number of people.

    After knowing the pros and cons of technology, we need to understand no matter what, technology is the way forward. If technology has cons, then it is the technology that has aid to it.

    For that, we need to become more advanced in learning it.

    How to advance in technology?

    1. To get an edge professionally, you have to evolve technically. You can do so by reading more about technological innovation taking place regularly. Grab as much information as you can to become technologically educated. Make a habit to go through the technical stuff available on the internet.
    2. Experiment more with the available technical information. A tech-savvy attitude will keep your boat floating.
    3. Join a tech community. Sharing ideas can help you become more aware of the fast-paced technological realm.
    4. Try to create something. With the gathered information and available guidance from various resources, try to make something that can possibly be of great help to mankind.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. If I am not technically advanced, does that mean I am an illiterate person?

    No, being unaware of technical advancements doesn’t mean that a person is illiterate. But yes, technically incompetent. If you are not a tech-savvy person, just be familiar with the basics because nowadays, a lot of our daily activities depend on technology.

    2. Is it true that technology is the new dimension of the future?

    Not exactly a new dimension, but certainly a new prospect to predict the future. Current technical advancements will allow us a foresight of the near future. For example, with the help of weather forecasting, we can inform people before any natural calamity strikes.

    3. Why develop artificial intelligence, if it is already on a task to reduce job opportunities for human beings?

    Artificial Intelligence can solve problems that take the human brain decades. Whether to take it on the front foot, is a choice the human brain has to make. To meet the rising demands of the growing population, merely relying on human resources especially in the manufacturing sector is not a reasonable choice.

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