BlogIIT-JEEJEE Advanced 2024 Topper – Ved Lahoti from IIT Delhi Zone

JEE Advanced 2024 Topper – Ved Lahoti from IIT Delhi Zone

Introduction to JEE Advanced 2024 Topper Ved Lahoti

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced is a top-level exam conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to choose students for admission into India’s best engineering colleges. It’s a tough test that measures students’ knowledge in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The JEE Advanced exam is a key part of getting into the IITs and other top engineering schools.

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    This year, Ved Lahoti has emerged as the JEE Advanced 2024 topper, securing the All India Rank 1. His achievement showcases his hard work and dedication, making his family, teachers, and the city of Kota very proud. Kota, famous for its coaching centers and strong academic environment, is celebrating Ved’s success. The news of his top rank has spread quickly, filling the city with excitement and pride.

    In Kota, students, teachers, and parents are all celebrating this significant achievement, which reflects the city’s commitment to academic excellence and its ability to produce top-performing students. Ved’s success story is a testament to the quality of JEE Advanced coaching in Kota and serves as an inspiration for future aspirants.

    JEE Advanced Topper Ved Lahoti Strategy

    Ved Lahoti, the topper of JEE Advanced 2024, has set a new record with his amazing performance. He secured the All India Rank 1 with an incredible score of 355 out of 360 marks. Ved’s success shows that with strong determination and a good plan, anything is possible.

    1. Interest and Smart Work

    Ved’s study method was unique and effective. He focused on staying interested in studying rather than just counting the hours. Ved said, “I was interested in studying since childhood, so I studied because I liked it. I didn’t focus on the number of hours.”

    Ved also believes in smart work. He listens to his teachers carefully and studies exactly as they instruct. He studies only what the teachers tell him to, avoiding unnecessary hard work. If the teachers ask him to practice, he does so.

    2. Attention to Detail and Challenging Mistakes

    Ved’s academic journey has always been about paying attention to details and understanding his abilities. As a child, if he got lower marks than expected, he would take his grandfather to school and ask for a re-evaluation of his test.

    This desire for fairness continues today. Ved even challenged two questions in the JEE Advanced exam, showing his commitment to accuracy.

    3. Healthy Competition and Teacher Guidance

    Ved’s success was also influenced by studying in Kota, known for its competitive environment and top-notch education. He followed his teachers’ guidance strictly, saying, “I did whatever the teachers said. That made everything possible.” The competition in Kota motivated Ved to work harder.

    4. Determination and Hard Work

    Ved’s simple yet powerful success mantra is: “Nothing is impossible. If you are determined, everything is possible. Have a big goal and work hard towards it. Trust your hard work. If you work according to your target, you will succeed.”

    Ved’s determination to break the JEE Advanced record paid off. He secured the All India Rank 1 and set a new record with his score of 355 out of 360 marks.

    5. Guidance from Coaching Institutes

    Ved’s experience also highlights the value of joining top JEE Advanced coaching institutes. These institutes provide the necessary resources, like mock tests and study material, to help students achieve their goals.

    JEE Rpeater Course

    JEE Repeater Course

    Ved Lahoti Success Journey – From Average Student to JEE Advanced 202 AIR 1

    Ved Lahoti’s journey to becoming the topper of the JEE Advanced exam was not an overnight success story. It was the result of years of dedication, hard work, and the support of his family, teachers, and peers. Ved’s journey to success began in Indore, where he laid the foundation for his academic excellence. However, it was his decision to move to Coaching City Kota that truly propelled him toward his goal of achieving the top rank in the JEE Advanced exam.

    A 7-Year Journey of Dedication

    Ved Lahoti’s preparation for the JEE Advanced exam spanned over a period of 7 years. Unlike many of his peers who had a shorter journey of 4-5 years, Ved’s commitment to his studies was unwavering. He understood the importance of consistent effort and the value of building a strong foundation in his academics. This dedication was reflected in his JEE Advanced results and his high rank on the JEE Advanced rank list.

    The Role of Peer Group in Kota

    When Ved moved to Kota, he found himself surrounded by a group of like-minded peers who shared his passion for learning. This peer group played a crucial role in Ved’s success. The healthy competition among the students at Coaching City Kota motivated Ved to push his limits and strive for excellence. He found inspiration in the dedication and hard work of his peers, which further fueled his own determination to succeed.

    Ved’s peers not only provided a supportive environment but also challenged him to excel. The camaraderie and mutual respect among the students at Coaching City Kota created an atmosphere that was conducive to learning and growth. Ved’s teachers also played a significant role in fostering this positive environment, encouraging the students to support and learn from each other. This supportive network was instrumental in helping Ved secure his place in the JEE Advanced merit list.

    An Inspirational Journey

    Ved Lahoti’s 7-year journey from Indore to becoming a top ranker in JEE Advanced at Coaching City Kota highlights the power of perseverance, dedication, and a supportive peer group. His consistent effort, strategic preparation, and use of JEE Advanced study material and mock tests reflect his unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Ved’s success in the IIT entrance exam serves as an inspiring roadmap for aspiring students, demonstrating how dedication and the right support can lead to exceptional achievements.

    JEE Advanced 2024 Toppers List

    Ved Lahoti scores highest with 355 out of 360 marks. See the top 10 scorers list here.

    CRL Name Total Marks Zone

    JEE Advanced 2024 toppers


    Ved Lahoti and other Coaching City Kota students’ success in the JEE Advanced exam is outstanding. Their achievements inspire others and highlight Kota as a hub for quality education. We congratulate Ved and all top-ranking students, whose hard work strengthens Kota’s reputation for academic excellence. Ved’s record-breaking success showcases the top-notch education and guidance in Kota, making it the premier destination for JEE Advanced coaching in India.

    FAQs on JEE Advanced 2024 Topper Ved Lahoti

    Who is the topper of Jee Adv 2024?

    The topper of JEE Advanced 2024 is Ved Lahoti from the IIT Delhi zone, who secured an impressive score of 355 out of 360 marks

    Is the JEE ADV result out?

    Yes, the JEE Advanced 2024 results have been declared on June 9, 2024 by IIT Madras.

    What are cut-off marks in JEE Advanced 2024?

    The cut-off marks in JEE Advanced 2024 are as follows: Common Rank List (CRL): 8.68% in each subject and 30.34% aggregate, OBC-NCL Rank List: 7.8% in each subject and 27.30% aggregate, GEN-EWS Rank List: 7.8% in each subject and 27.30% aggregate, SC Rank List: 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, ST Rank List: 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, Common-PwD Rank List (CRL-PwD): 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, OBC-NCL-PwD Rank List: 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, GEN-EWS-PwD Rank List: 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, SC-PwD Rank List: 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, ST-PwD Rank List: 4.34% in each subject and 15.17% aggregate, Preparatory Course (PC) Rank List: 2.17% in each subject and 7.58% aggregate.

    How many students are selected for JEE Advanced 2024?

    A total of 48,248 candidates have qualified for JEE Advanced 2024, including 40,284 male candidates and 7,964 female candidates.

    Where is Ved Lahoti from?

    Ved Lahoti is from the IIT Delhi zone.

    Where did Ved Lahoti study?

    Ved Lahoti studied at Coaching City Kota.

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