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How to study effectively from NCERT books?

Are you a student belonging to the CBSE schools or affiliated schools? You must be aware of the NCERT books prescribed by the board. These NCERT books are the perfect choice for board exam preparation and other competitive exams like NEET, IIT JEE, etc. National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) publishes these books. Known for their simplified language and understandable content, the NCERT books are the most sought-after ones for all the students. In this article, we shall explore the effective tips on how to study from these books.

Before we talk about the tips, let us discuss why the NCERT books are the most preferred. The significance of these books is that they deal with all the topics in the chapters in the most easily understandable way. If students have any doubts concerning any topic in the subject, they can refer to the NCERT solutions for the best explanation. Apart from providing the best explanation to every concept, they contain complete information, a summary at the end of every chapter, questions to solve, etc.

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    Tips for studying effectively from NCERT Books

    While studying their subject topics from the NCERT books is beneficial, one should know how to do it. Studying the right way can help students get the most of these solutions. Do you want to learn effectively about all chapters in the subjects? Below are some of the expert-given tips to follow:

    Tip 1: Read Every Chapter without Skipping any Topic

    The most common mistake that many students commit while studying from the NCERT books is to skip the chapter. It may be because they find the topics or concepts easy or more complicated. This is a strict no-no. Reading the entire chapter without skipping any topic, problem, or even introduction is crucial. It is advisable to get started with reading the introduction, as it builds the interest in the topics in the students.

    Remember, take it line-by-line. Go step-by-step. Read each line thoroughly until to grasp the concepts. Do not skip the information given in the boxes. It is essential, too. Please do not turn a blind eye to it.

    Tip 2: Make Notes of Everything You Study

    Do you want to get a better understanding of the concepts? Here is a tip. Try to make notes of everything while studying from the NCERT books.

    Whatever points you feel are important, jot them down. If you find any topic or concept difficult to understand while reading, highlight it. This way, you can have a list of the complex topics and seek the help of your teacher for a better understanding.

    The best part of making notes from the NCERT books is that you will have prepared study material of your own. You can refer to it for your quick last-minute revision. So, make sure you do not miss any topic and make notes of everything important.

    Tip 3: Solve All Exercises Given in the NCERT Books

    Here is another effective tip for studying from the NCERT Books. Solve all the exercises in each chapter. The best part of NCERT books is that you can expect direct questions from them in your exams. So, do not miss any exercise. After reading every concept, try to solve all the questions related to it to understand better the topic learned.

    These exercises help you get well acquainted with all the concepts. Hence, it is highly recommended to solve them.

    Tip 4: Complete Reading the NCERT books

    Some have the habit of leaving things halfway. It applies to studying, as well. You may feel exhausted or bored. Sometimes, you even think overconfident of the topics you are studying and leave them without studying. It is strictly advised not to do it.

    Once you have started reading the NCERT books, read them thoroughly, and do not leave them halfway. If required, take breaks in between. You can also try this. You may switch between the chapters or subjects to retain your interest. Once you have finished thoroughly reading the books, re-read them to get acquainted with all the topics. This will undoubtedly help you in the long run, and you will know why.

    Final Thoughts

    Reading from NCERT books elevates your understanding of the topics and concepts. These books are easy to read, understand and comprehend. The language is very simplified with a beautiful explanation. If you want to make the most of the NCERT books:

    1. Follow the tips cited in this article.
    2. Remember, they will help you in your exam preparation and make the process hassle-free.
    3. No matter what you are reading, make sure you do it to understand and not because you have to do it.

    Keep studying and keep rocking!!!


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