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Dos and Don’ts During NEET Preparation

Dos and don'ts during NEET preparation

NEET-UG (National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test – Undergraduate) is one of India’s most competitive medical entrance exams. It is also the most crucial exam for medical students seeking admission to the prominent government or private medical colleges.

The NEET applicants need to focus on their academics to achieve good results in the exam. If you want to succeed in NEET 2022, there are a few things you need to consider. With the NEET exam date approaching, it is natural for candidates to become anxious or nervous. They may get confused about what to avoid and do to succeed in the exam. If you want to stay focused on your exam day, there are specific NEET 2022 Dos & Don’ts to follow.

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    Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak, the NEET exam date was pushed back to September 12, 2021. It gave students additional time to prepare for the medical entrance exam. However, this extra time did cause significant concern among students. If you want to succeed in the exam, you must continue your study regimen.

    The question paper includes a total of 200 multiple questions in the exam. Be wise and discerning when answering the questions because there will be negative markings for incorrect responses. If you have any questions or concerns, you should seek clarifications from teachers through online resources such as Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

    Below are the NEET 2022 Dos and Don’ts that will help you in your exam preparation:

    • Do your homework

    It is an evident and universal truth that thorough preparation is essential for every exam. Make sure your preparation method is very well-thought-out so that you do not have to stress out at the last minute. Always stick to your study schedule without detours or distractions at all times.

    • Make time for yourself

    Schedule a timetable that allows you to engage yourself in hobbies, physical activities, and other activities regularly. It would be beneficial for improving concentration and reducing mental stress. Additionally, it also adds to the enjoyment of the study regimen.

    • Break down the NEET syllabus

    It is a known fact that the NEET syllabus is extensive. However, it should not stop candidates from passing the exam on their first attempt. It is advisable to break down the syllabus according to your learning pace and weak topics. When you follow a daily schedule of this technique, it instills confidence in your learning progress. Ensure that you take proper steps that guarantee the NEET syllabus division.

    • Consistent Efforts

    If you want to qualify for NEET 2022 with an excellent score, you need consistency in your NEET preparation. The struggle to pass the medical admission exam on the first attempt will take more than a night or a week. It is the dedication and discipline you stick to in your preparation strategy.

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    Now, let us move to the Dos and Don’ts for NEET Exam Day:

    • To avoid any confusion or delays while going to the exam center on exam day, visit the NEET exam center the day before.
    • On the exam day, carry your NEET to admit card and a passport-size photograph.
    • Do not be late for your exam. To be on time and avoid any complications, you should leave home early. It is crucial because the verification procedure takes a long time to complete.
    • Before attempting the exam paper, make sure you have read all of the relevant instructions.
    • Ensure you stay calm and composed when reading the question paper so you can grasp and analyze the questions with ease.
    • To save time, attempt the easy questions first and then go on to the more difficult ones.
    • When interacting with other students outside the exam center on exam day, do not compare your level of preparation to that of other candidates. Always have faith in yourself and your ability to prepare. It is one of the primary guidelines for what not to do in NEET 2022.
    • Never try to skip your sleep through the night before a test. You should get at least 7 hours of sleep before your exam. Sleep deprivation will hurt your physical and mental health, limiting your ability to answer questions accurately and on time on exam day.

    I guess, by now, you have got a good idea of what to expect in NEET 2022. There are a few additional elements to keep in mind if you want to do well in your exam.

    • Do not attempt to re-study at the final possible time. If you do so, it will only make you tense.
    • Never attempt to bring any food into the examination room. It is completely prohibited, and you must strictly adhere to this regulation.
    • Never attempt to bring forbidden objects during the inspection. It could potentially result in excluding you from taking the exam.
    • Never try to discuss anything with your fellow candidates during the exam. Copying or cheating is strictly forbidden; if you get caught engaging in any unethical behavior, they will disqualify you from taking the NEET exam 2022.
    • Without authorization, do not leave the examination room. You should always obtain permission before leaving the venue. Moreover, you should exit the exam room quietly without disturbing the other candidates who are still taking the NEET 2022 exam.

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