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How to crack NEET 2023 in 3 Months – Tips for Preparation

Do you want to succeed in NEET 2023? Most students consider clearing this national-level medical entrance exam a humungous task. In this article, we will talk about the preparation process. Continue reading to know how to crack NEET 2023 in just three months.

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    National Testing Agency (NTA) is the regulatory body for the Medical Entrance exams. It conducts NEET for admission to MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH courses of top medical colleges in India, including premier institutes like AIIMS and JIPMER. The first step to take while preparing for the NEET exam in 3 months is to mark the NEET 2023 dates on your calendar.

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    NEET 2023 Exam Overview

    Let us get into the details of preparing for the NEET 2023 Exam in 3 months.

    Factors Details
    NEET 2023 Exam Date 2023 (Tentative)
    Exam Mode Pen and Paper-based. Primarily offline, candidates are given an OMR sheet to mark the answers.
    Duration 3 hours
    Language/Medium English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, and Urdu
    Question Type Multiple Choice Questions
    Total Number of Questions 200 questions, out of which one needs to attempt 180 questions
    Exam Sections Physics 35 + 15 Questions 180 marks
    Chemistry 35 + 15 Questions 180 marks
    Botany 35 + 15 Questions 180 marks
    Zoology 35 + 15 Questions 180 marks
    Total Marks in NEET 720 Marks
    Marking Scheme Four marks for each correct answer
    One mark deduction for a wrong answer

    how to crack neet

    Tip 1: Prepare a study plan for NEET 2023

    If you want to crack NEET 2023 in 3 months, the most important thing is to prepare a proper timetable.

    • What should I study?
    • How should I study?

    Identify the topics you are well-versed in – these are to be revised. Focus more on topics in which you are getting stuck.

    Tip 2: Refer to the right Study Material and make Notes

    If you check the previous NEET exam papers, almost 80-85% of questions are from NCERT books. Experts suggest being thorough with the NCERT textbook and referring to any other study material. If you want to crack NEET 2023 in 3 months, you must set your priorities. Go through the NCERT book and make your notes.

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    Tip 3: Go for Mock Test

    You must take at least 2 NEET mock tests weekly during three months of preparation if you want to crack NEET 2023. There are various platforms where you can take these mock tests. For Example, Infinity Learn provides SCORE Exam, the best option for NEET 2022 preparation.

    Tip 4: Solve Previous Year Question Papers

    It will give you a taste of the actual test. Infinity Learn provides previous years’ question papers that can help you prepare for NEET 2023 by familiarizing you with the type of questions that may come.

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    Tip 5: Clear the Doubts

    You may have a few doubts concerning a topic. It can hamper your preparation when you are looking to clear NEET 2023 exam in 3 months. Ensure you get these doubts clarified from the right source. You can take help from your mentor or use applications like the “Learning App.

    Tip 6: Maintain your physical and mental health

    While preparing for NEET 2023 in 3 months, make sure you also pay attention to your mental and physical health. Take a break of 30 minutes after every two hours of study to refresh your mind and body. Get proper sleep along with a balanced diet.

    Tip 7: Make the best use of Infinity Learn’s Crash Course for NEET 2023

    Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya provides a crash course for NEET 2023. It includes all the necessary topics, expert guidance, and test assessments to ensure you are ready for the exam.

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    FAQs on How to Crack NEET

    Is it possible to crack NEET in 3 months?

    Cracking NEET in 3 months is possible, but it requires a focused and intense study schedule, prior knowledge of the subjects, and excellent exam-taking skills. It is recommended to start preparing for NEET well in advance for better results.

    Can I score 580 in NEET in 3 months?

    Scoring 580 in NEET in 3 months is a challenging goal, but it is possible with a well-planned and disciplined study schedule, consistent practice, and excellent exam-taking skills. However, it's important to set realistic goals and work hard towards achieving them without burning out.

    How can I start preparing for NEET 2023?

    To start preparing for NEET 2023, assess your strengths and weaknesses, create a study plan, prioritize topics based on the NEET syllabus, gather study materials from reputable sources, practice regularly, and take online tests and mock exams to assess your preparation level. It's also important to maintain a balanced schedule, manage time effectively, and stay motivated.

    What are the top 3 tips to prepare for NEET 2023?

    The top 3 tips to prepare for NEET 2023 are to focus on building a strong foundation in all three subjects, practice consistently by solving previous year papers and mock tests, and manage time effectively by creating a well-planned study schedule. Additionally, stay motivated and seek guidance from experienced mentors when needed.

    How to score 650 in NEET 2023 in 3 months?

    Scoring 650 in NEET 2023 in 3 months is a challenging goal, but it is possible by adopting a disciplined study schedule, identifying and working on weaknesses, solving a large number of practice questions and previous year papers, and improving exam-taking skills. Additionally, seek guidance from experienced mentors, stay motivated, and maintain a positive attitude.

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