EnglishCBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2012 Outside Delhi

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2012 Outside Delhi

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2012 Outside Delhi

Time allowed : 3 hours
Maximum marks: 100

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    General instructions:

    • This paper is divided into three sections: A, B and C. All the sections are compulsory.
    • Separate instruction are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions
    • very carefully and follow them faithfully.
    • Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2012 Outside Delhi Set – I

    Section – A
    (READING) 20

    Question 1.
    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: [12] 1. While there is no denying that the world loves a winner, it is important that you recognise the signs of stress in your behaviour and be healthy enough to enjoy your success. Stress can strike anytime, in a fashion that may leave you unaware of its presence in your life. While a certain amount of pressure is necessary for performance, it is important to be able to recognize your individual limit. For instance, there are some individuals who accept competition in a healthy fashion. There are others who collapse into weeping wrecks before an exam or on comparing mark sheets and finding that their friend has scored better.

    2. Stress is a body reaction to any demands or changes in its internal and external environment. Whenever there is a change in the external environment such as temperature, pollutants, humidity and working conditions, it leads to stress. In these days of competition when a person makes up his mind to surpass what has been achieved by others, leading to an imbalance between demands and resources, it causes psycho-social stress. It is a part and parcel of everyday life.

    3. Stress has a different meaning, depending on the stage of life you are in. The loss of a toy or a reprimand from the parents might create a stress shock in a child. An adolescent who fails in the examination may feel as if everything has been lost and life has no further meaning. In an adult the loss of his or her companion, job or professional failure may appear as if there is nothing more to be achieved.

    4. Such signs appear in the attitude and behaviour of the individual, as muscle tension in various parts of the body, palpitation and high blood pressure, indigestion and hyperacidity. Ultimately the result is self-destructive behaviour such as eating and drinking too much, smoking excessively, relying on tranquilisers. There are other signs of stress such as trembling, shaking, nervous blinking, dryness of throat and mouth and difficulty in swallowing.

    5. The professional under stress behaves as if he is a perfectionist. It leads to depression, lethargy and weakness. Periodic mood shifts also indicate the stress status of the students, executives and professionals.

    6. In a study sponsored by World Health Organisation and carried out by Harvard School of Public Health, the global burden of diseases and injury indicated that stress diseases and accidents are going to be the major killers in 2020.

    7. The heart disease and depression – both stress diseases-are going to rank first and second in 2020. Road traffic accidents are going to be the third largest killers. These accidents are also an indicator of psychosocial stress in a fast-moving society. Other stress diseases like ulcers, hypertension and sleeplessness have assumed epidemic proportions in modern societies.

    8. A person under stress reacts in different ways and the common ones are flight, fight and flee depending upon the nature of the stress and capabilities of the person. The three responses can be elegantly chosen to cope with the stress so that stress does not damage the system and become distress.

    9. When a stress crosses the limit, peculiar to an individual, it lowers his performance capacity. Frequent crossings of the limit may result in chronic fatigue in which a person feels lethargic, disinterested and is not easily motivated to achieve anything. This may make the person mentally undecided, confused and accident prone as well. Sudden exposure to un-nerving stress may also result in a loss of memory. Diet, massage, food supplements, herbal medicines, hobbies, relaxation techniques and dance movements are excellent stress busters.
    (a) (i) What is stress? What factors lead to stress? [2] (ii) What are the signs by which a person can know that he is under stress? [2] (iii) What are the different diseases a person gets due to stress? [2] (iv) Give any two examples of stress busters. [1] (v) How does a person react under stress? [2] Answer:
    (i) Stress is a body reaction to any demands or changes in its internal and external environment. Whenever there is a change in the external environment such as temperature, pollutants, humidity and working conditions, it leads to stress and when there is an imbalance between demands and resources, it causes psycho-social stress.

    (ii) A muscle tension in various parts of the body, palpitation, high blood pressure, indigestion and hyper-acidity are the signs that appear in the attitude and behavior of a person under stress. There are other signs also such as trembling, shaking, nervous blinking, dryness of throat and mouth and difficulty in swallowing.

    (iii) The different diseases caused due to stress are heart disease, depression, ulcers, hypertension and sleeplessness.

    (iv) Relaxation techniques and dance movements are two examples of stress busters.

    (v) A person under stress reacts in different ways and the common ones are flight, fight and flee depending upon the nature of stress and capabilities of the person.

    (b) Which words in the above passage mean the same as the following ? [3] (i) fall down (para 1)
    (ii) Rebuke (para 3)
    (iii) Inactive (para 9)
    (i) Collapse
    (ii) Reprimand
    (iii) Lethargic

    Question 2.
    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: [8] Research has shown that the human mind can process words at the rate of about 500 per minute, whereas a speaker speaks at the rate of about 150 words a minute. The difference between the two at 350 is quite large.

    So, a speaker must make every effort to retain the attention of the audience and the listener should ‘ also be careful not to let his mind wander. Good communication calls for good listening skills. A good speaker must necessarily be a good listener. Listening starts with hearing but goes beyond. , Hearing, in other words is necessary, but is not a sufficient condition for listening. Listening ‘ involves hearing with attention. Listening is , a process that calls for concentration. While listening, one should also be observant.

    In other words, listening has to do with the ears, as well as with the eyes and the mind. Listening is to be understood as the total process that involves • hearing with attention, being observant and making interpretations. Good communication is essentially an interactive process. It calls for participation and involvement. It is quite often a dialogue rather than a monologue. It is necessary to be interested and also show or make it abundantly clear that one is interested in knowing what the other person has to say. Good listening is an art that can be cultivated. It relates to skills that can be developed.

    A good listener knows the art of getting much more than what the speaker is trying to convey. He knows how to prompt, persuade but not to cut off or interrupt what the other person has to say. At times the speaker may or may not be coherent, articulate and well-organized in I his thoughts and expressions. He may have it 1 in his mind and yet he may fail to marshal the s right words while communicating his thought.

    Nevertheless a good listener puts him at ease, helps him articulate and facilitates him to get across the message that he wants to convey. For listening to be effective, it is also necessary that barriers to listening are removed. Such barriers can be both physical and psychological. Physical barriers generally relate to hindrances to proper hearing whereas psychological barriers are more fundamental and relate to the interpretation and evaluation of the speaker and the message.
    (a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes in points only, using abbreviations wherever necessary. Supply a suitable title. [5] Title: Qualities of a Good Listener
    (i) Diff. between mind and spkr.
    (a) mind press fstr than spkr
    (b) good communication rqrs good lisng, skills
    (c) good spkr should be a good lisnr,

    (ii) Diff. between lisng. and hearing.
    (a) hearing not sufficient
    (b) lisng involves attntn and concentration
    (c) lisng. requires participation and involve¬ment

    (iii) good lisng is an art
    (a) good lisnr knows better than spkr
    (b) when spkr. fails, lisnr. helps
    (c) barriers for lisng. should be removed

    Abbreviations Used

    Diff – difference

    Spkr – speaker

    Press – process

    Fstr – faster

    Rqrs – requires

    Lisng – listening

    Lisnr – listener

    Attntn – attention

    (b) Write a summary of the above passage in about 80 words. [3] SUMMARY
    The processing of words can be done by human mind at a faster rate than the speed with which the speaker speaks. Therefore, the speaker must be attentive and listener should also be careful. Good speaker must be a good listener too. Listening is hearing with concentration. Good listening is an art and a good listener grasps faster what the speaker is trying to tell. When speaker fails, listener helps. But for listening, certain physical and psychological barriers should be removed.


    Question 3.
    You are Mohan/Mohini, General Manager of P.K. industries, Hyderabad. You need an accountant for your company. Draft, in not more than 50 words, an advertisement to be published in ‘The Hindu’, in classified columns. [5] OR
    You lost your Titan wrist watch in your school. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words, to be placed on your school notice board. You are a student of class XII of Rani Ahalya Devi Senior Secondary School, Gwalior. Sign as Rani/Ram.


    CA/M.Com, preferably experienced, below 30 years of age, must have sound knowledge of computers and good communication skills. Salary negotiable. Interested candidates.

    May contact: Mohini/Mohan, General
    Manager, P.K. Industries, Hyderabad



    14th August, 20XX


    I have lost a Titan wrist watch with silver dial and black straps during lunch break in the school playground on 13th Aug. 20XX. If anybody happens to find it, kindly return it to the undersigned.


    Question 4.
    Your school has recently arranged a musical night in the school auditorium. Write a report in 100-125 words on this programme, for your school magazine. You are Mahima/Mahesh, Cultural Secretary of Vasant Vihar Public School, Itarsi. Invent the details. [10] OR
    You witnessed a fire accident in a slum area near your colony on Saturday night. You were very much disturbed at the pathetic sight. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Lakshmi/Lakshman, a student of P.D.K. International School, Madurai.
    By Mahima/Mahesh (Cultural Secretary)
    Vasant Vihar Public School, Itarsi had arranged a musical night in the school auditorium last week. The chief guest of the function was none other than the very popular singer Mr. Abhijeet Singh. Our Principal, honorable Mr. M.P. Sharma welcomed him with a bouquet and a garland of roses. The auditorium was jam-packed. The theme of the program was the fusion of the Indian and Western music. One could see the exuberant enthusiasm of the budding artists while performing. In the category of 10-15 years, the children grasped the attention of the audience the most as they played the musical instruments themselves and entertained the crowd with their line-up songs. The old songs caught the attention of the public more than the new ones. The function concluded with the song sung by Mr. Abhijeet Singh on the demand of public.

    By Lakshmi/Lakshman
    P.D.K. International School, Madurai On Saturday night, I was busy doing my project work when suddenly I heard a loud noise from the nearby slum area. I could not resist the temptation to see and found a huge gathering outside. The fire was gulping everything it could and high flames and smoke had covered the whole sky. People were pouring buckets of water on the flames of fire. Some of the people were trapped in and were crying for help. Few of them were able to escape but their belongings were burnt. Two children could not tolerate the suffocating smoke and were succumbed to it. Two women and four children had become unconscious and suffered severe burns on their bodies… They were rushed to the hospital. Fire could be controlled only after the arrival of the fire brigade. The scene was of complete disaster, nothing could be saved. It was later found that fire broke out due to short circuit in one of the nearby shops.

    Question 5.
    Write a letter to the station master, Anand, informing him about the loss of your suitcase which you realized only on alighting at Anand. You travelled by Navjivan express from Chennai to Anand. You are Priya/Prasad of 12, Kasuri Bai Street, Chennai-20. [10] OR
    As a parent, write a letter to the Principal, ABC School Delhi, requesting him/her to grant your ward Akhil/Asha Arora, permission to attend the school two hours late for a month as he/she has to attend the coaching classes arranged by Sports Authority of India, on being selected for participation in National Swimming Championship.
    12, Kasturi Bai Street,

    4th July, 20XX

    The Stationmaster,

    Subject: Enquiry for the lost suitcase.
    Dear Sir,
    I wish to bring to your notice that I boarded the train, Navjivan Express, from Chennai to Anand on 1st July, 20XX after attending a seminar held by National Educational Conference in Chennai. I was travelling in Coach No. G-17. On reaching Anand, I realzed that I have lost my suitcase somewhere in between the journey. It is a ‘Skybag’ which is black in colour and contains papers related to educational of its conference. There is a tag hanging on the side of it with my name Priya/Prasad, written on it.
    Kindly, look for it and inform me.
    Yours faithfully’
    XYZ Colony,

    17th August, 20XX

    The Principal ABC School,

    Subject: Permission to attend the school two hours late.
    Respected Sir,
    My son/daughter, Akhil/Asha Arora, studies in your school in class IX. He/she is counted among the brilliant students of your school and . has cleared the orientation cum selection camp of Junior Science Olympiad held at Mumbai. Apart y from academics, he/she has also been selected for the National Swimming Championship which is going to be held in coming September. Therefore, he/she has to attend the coaching classes in the morning shift from 7 to 9 a.m. arranged by the Sports Authority of India. So, it is quite impossible for him/her to reach school on time. I humbly request you to grant him/ her permission to attend the school two hours late for a month and I promise you that his/ her studies won’t be affected at all and he/she would submit his/her work of all the subjects in time. I shall be highly obliged.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Akash Arora

    Question 6.
    Dance, as shown in some reality shows on TV, seems to be a mix of Gymnastics and P.T. exercises. Actually, it is neither. India has a rich tradition of classical and folk dances. Write an article in 150-200 words on the need to have a reality show exclusively based on Indian classical dances. You are Anu/Arun. [10] OR
    You are Ajay/Anu, Head Boy/Girl of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kanpur. You have seen some students of junior classes littering the school compound and verandahs with tiffin left-overs. It makes the school look unclean and untidy. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly, advising such students to keep the school neat and clean.
    By Anu/Arun
    Dance reality shows, which are very popular nowadays, have lost their old charm due to a decline in the standard of dance. Now they are just a mixture of gymnastics and P.T. exercises. The participants of the Indian reality shows like ‘Dance India Dance’, ‘Little Champs’ etc., receive special training on how to dance on the television but they do not normally go for Indian classical dance. It is our responsibility now to revive it. Classical dance forms have come from ancient dance discipline and it has a great cultural value in India. It is embedded with Indian tradition from the pre-historic period. It has different forms in different states of India. Some of them are Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi. The dance forms based on these should be shown on reality shows so as to make our modem generation acquaint with their tradition and culture. These dance forms also have a soothing effect on the behaviour, mind and the soul against the western dance which are aggressive and provocative. So, there is a ray of hope that one day, the days of classical dance would return.
    Respected Principal, worthy teachers and my dear friends. Today I, Anu/Ajay, Head Girl/Boy of the school, am going to present my views on the topic “Cleanliness.”

    Our country is also known as the ‘Nation of Bapu’, but we do not fulfill his dreams totally. He was the man of principles and his main motto was to keep our country clean, but how many of us follow the morals and ethics of Bapu? In a way, by not following his principles, we are showing disrespect towards him. I’m saying this because yesterday, after the lunch was over, I saw some of our junior friends littering the school compound, playground and verandahs with tiffin left-overs. Do you know that the filth scattered everywhere becomes the feeding place for flies and mosquitoes? This not only makes the school look dirty and unclean but also reflects one’s personality and life. This is the place where we come to earn values and it is our moral duty to keep it clean. Even the government has started ‘keep your city clean’ campaign. So children, please cooperate and this habit begin from your school.
    In the end, I request all the students to make proper use of dustbins to keep your school neat and clean.
    Thank you.

    Section – C

    Question 7.
    (a) Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow: [4] Far far from gusty waves these children’s faces, Like rootless weeds, the hair tom around their pallor:
    The tall girl with her weighted down head. The paper-Seeming boy, with rat’s eyes
    (i) What are the children compared to ? [1] (ii) Why do you think the girl is sitting with a weighted down head ? [1] (iii) Give two phrases which tell us that the children are under-nourished. [2] Answer:
    (i) The children are compared to rootless weeds as they have pale faces and tom hair scattered all over their faces.
    (ii) The girl is sitting with a weighed down head because she is depressed and ill due to poverty and embarrassed due to lack of education.
    (iii) (a) paper-seeming boy (b) rat’s eyes.

    (b) Answer any three of the following in 30-40 words each: [2 × 3 = 6] (i) What were the poet’s feelings at the airport? How did she hide them?
    (ii) How can suspension of activities help?
    (iii) Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the ‘mighty dead’?
    (iv) How do the words ‘denizens and ‘chivalric’ add to our understanding of Aunt Jennifer’s tigers?
    (i) The poet’s feelings at the airport were of fear of separation from her mother which was also her childhood fear. She hid those feelings by smiling again and again and promised her mother to meet her soon.

    (ii) Remaining quiet for some time suspending our activities helps us to assess ourselves and self analyse our activities for mental relaxation.

    (iii) Grandeur is associated with the mighty dead because the huge tombs and buildings are erected in the memory of great personalities 9. and they become more important than they were when alive.

    (iv) The tigers are the kings of jungle and they ’ are supposed to be the bravest species on Earth. They have a respectable position in
    the animal kingdom. So, they are fearless inhabitants and symbolise Aunt Jennifer’s attitude.

    Question 8.
    Answer the following in 30-40 words each : [2 × 5 = 10] (a) How did M. Hamel say farewell to his students and the people of the town?
    (b) Who was the owner of Ramjso iron mills ? Why did he visit the mills at night?
    (c) Why did Douglas go to Lake Wentworth in New Hampshire ? How did he make his terror flee?
    (d) Why could the bangle makers not organize themselves into a cooperative?
    (e) Why did Sophie not want Jansie to know anything about her meeting with Danny Casey?
    (a) M. Hamel gave his last lesson with full devotion and sincerity. He sat erect in his chair and looked pale. The students were quiet and all the villagers were sitting in the last benches. M. Hamel told them French was the most beautiful language and the importance of one’s language.

    (b) The ironmaster was the owner of the Ramjso iron mills. He generally visited the mills at night to check the working in the mill as he wanted to bring out the good quality of iron in the market.

    (c) Douglas went to Lake Wentworth in New Hampshire to overcome his fear of water as he was not sure that terror had left him even after the training. He made his terror flee by swimming two miles in the lake all alone to get rid of his fear.

    (d) The young bangle makers could not organize themselves into a cooperative due to fear of police and many of them had already fallen prey of the middlemen. Further, they did not have any leader to help them.

    (e) In Sophie’s view, Jansie was a stupid girl who had no sense of keeping any secret. If she had told about her meeting with Daney, there was a possibility that Jansie would tell it to everybody and her father would be angry.

    Question 9.
    Answer the following in 125-150 words: [10] Give an account of Gandhiji’s efforts to secure * justice for the poor Indigo sharecroppers of Champaran.
    Gandhiji went to Champaran to solve the poor sharecroppers’ problems and their exploitation in the hands of British planters. He started collecting facts. Muzaffarpur’s lawyers gave him the details of the court case. The British landlords as well as the commissioner did not cooperate with him. With the help of lawyers, Gandhiji collected the depositions by ten thousand peasants and other evidences were also gathered. He prepared documents and started investigations at the warfront in spite of protests from the landlords. He was even summoned by the Lieutenant Governor. After a long process, an official commission enquiry was set up to look into the reality of the matter. The enquiry collected many evidences against the British planters. Gandhiji was the only representative of the poor shareholders who had their complete faith in him and Gandhiji was able to get justice for them. Finally, the landlords agreed to make 25 percent refunds to the peasants. The farmers were influenced by this and got courage to fight for their rights. Within years, the planters gave up their possession and indigo sharecropping ended. The peasants became the owner of their lands.

    Question 10.
    Answer the following in 125-150 words : [7] How was ‘injured’ McLeery able to befool the prison officers ?
    What impression do you form about Dr. Sadao as a man and as a surgeon on your reading the chapter ‘The Enemy’ ?
    Injured McLeery was in fact Evans himself. He ditched the prison officers and was able to escape. He told the officers in broken phrases that he knew where Evans could be found. He told them not to worry about the ambulance but arrange for the police. He asked Jackson to call for the Governor and drew his attention towards the German question paper which was lying on the table. On reading tire question paper and translating it slowly, he got to know that Evans had fled from Elsfield Way and drived to the Headington round about. Meanwhile, the police had arrived and McLeery asked him to go to Elsfield Way. The Governor told Carter to take injured McLeery with him to a hospital but he befooled them and succeeded in escaping.
    Dr. Sadao was a Japanese surgeon and a scientist. He loved his Japanese culture and that’s why he married a Japanese girl Hana, in the traditional way, whom he met while studying in America. He married her only after getting the consent of his father which showed that he respected his father. He was intelligent and dedicated towards his work. He studied surgery in America for eight years and then returned back to his country to serve his own countrymen. He had two children. The old General Takima had full faith in him and was under his treatment. Dr. Sadao was not sent abroad with the Japanese troop. Dr. Sadao was a true surgeon. He remembered his oath and did not let an enemy die although his and his family’s life were both in danger. He also helped him in escaping from the place in the interest of his professional ethics and on humanitarian ground.

    Question 11.
    Answer the following in 30-40 words each: [2 × 4 = 8] (a) Why was the Maharaja so anxious to kill the hundredth tiger?
    (b) How does Jo want the story to end?
    (c) What peculiar things does Derry notice about the old man, Lamb?
    (a) According to an astrologer’s prediction, Maharaja would be killed by the hundredth tiger, so when he had killed 99 tigers and only one tiger was left, he felt relieved as he would be free from all types of fear.

    (b) Jo wants an entirely different ending. She does not want the skunk to be shunned by his friends for a lifetime. Therefore, she wanted that Wizard to hit the mother of Roger Skunk who wants him to smell foul again.

    (c) Derry notices that Mr. Lamb is different from others. He motivates him to overcome his physical disability. His house is also different with no curtains on the windows in order to see the beauty of outer world.

    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2012 Outside Delhi Set – II

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in the previous set.

    Section – B

    Question 3.
    You are Ratan/Rani, General Manager of Hotel Green Park, Lucknow. You need a receptionist for your hotel. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published in ‘Hindustan Times’, Lucknow, calling for applications. [5] OR
    You have lost your leather wallet containing your Examination Entry Ticket for class XII, while travelling by bus from Banshankari to M.G. Road in Bangalore. Write a notice in not more than 50 words, to be published in ‘Deccan Herald’. You are Pranav/Parveen, 12, Gandhi
    Road, Bangalore.


    Looking for a young talented receptionist with a pleasing personality, below 25 years of age, should have good command over spoken English. Interested may apply before 25th February.

    Contact: Rani/Ratan
    General Manager
    Hotel Green Park,



    12, Feb. 20XX


    I have lost my leather wallet somewhere in the bus while travelling from Banshankari to M.G. Road, Bangalore. It is of dark brown colour and contains my Examination Entry Ticket for class XII. If anybody happens to find it, kindly inform to the undersigned. A reward is promised.

    12, Gandhi Road, Bangalore.

    Section – C

    Question 7.
    (b) (iii) What makes human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings? (A Thing Of Beauty)
    We have lots of sufferings and pain in our life. There are gloomy days, despair, a dearth of noble nature, over-darkened ways in human life, but things of beauty gives us hope to love life. The sun, the moon, daffodils, etc., give us aesthetic pleasure and distract us from the ugly side of things in life.

    Question 8.
    Answer the following in 30-40 words each: [2 × 5 = 10] (b) How did the ironmaster react on seeing the stranger lying close to the furnace?
    The ironmaster was on his surprise rounds on the Christmas Eve. He discovered ‘ a peddler in the dim light of the furnace and mistook him for one of his old acquaintances.

    Question 9.
    Answer the following in 125-150 words: [10] How did the instructor make Douglas a good swimmer?
    The Champaran episode was a turning point in Gandhiji’s life. Elucidate.
    Douglas was afraid of water due to an incident in his childhood. Because of this fear he could not enjoy the water sports like boating, canoeing and swimming so he thought of conquering his fear and took an instructor to teach him swimming. The instructor tied a belt around him. A rope was attached to it that went through a pulley that ran on a cable overhead. This was done so that Douglas would not drown. The instructor then held one end of that rope and they went back and forth. Within three months of training, the fear of water became less. Then he told him to exhale under water and inhale above water. This exercise was repeated several times. The instructor held him on the edge of the pool and he kicked his legs. Douglas perfected each exercise and thus, became a good swimmer.
    On Shukla’s complaint about the injustice of the British landlords, Gandhiji went to Bihar with him and there he heard the problems of peasants and came to know about their pathetic situation. He was resolved to fight for the peasants and release the poor sharecroppers from the British landlords. From Patna, he went to Muzaffarpur where he met the lawyers and convinced them that they were there to serve the peasants. He also rebuked them for charging big fees from the poor sharecroppers. His main aim was to make the peasants fearless as the freedom from fear was more important than the legal justice to them. To set an example before them, he himself went to the jail, although he was a stranger there. Seeing this, the lawyers also agreed for the court arrest and the contribution of the peasants and the poor sharecroppers to the freedom movement without any violence. Therefore, Champaran episode proved to be a turning point in his life as he understood that people of India could win freedom by truth and non-violence.

    Question 10.
    Answer the following in 125 – 150 words : [7] In spite of the precaution taken by the Governor, Evans was able to escape. How do you think he was able to do it?
    Evans was a clever and a cunning prisoner who befooled all the prison officers and escaped under a plan. He showed his desire to take an O-level examination in German. He was the only student, so the Governor had appointed a German teacher to teach him. Because the Governor had not checked the teacher, a friend of Evans joined as a teacher. After ten months, the examination was arranged in the cell itself. Reverend McLeery was the invigilator who was duped by him and a friend of Evans came as an invigilator. He carried a semi-inflated tube with him and a pair of reading glasses. Evans had a connection with the examination board, which helped him in knowing the places he would go after his escape from the prison. Two calls to the board helped him to ask for prison van and giving instructions to Stephens. Near the examination board, Evans injured McLeery and changed his make-up. The prison officer and the driver, who drove the prison van were also his friends.
    Why did Sadao Hoki go to America? Narrate his experience there?
    Answer: Sadao Hoki was a famous Japanese surgeon and scientist. He went to America to study medicine and surgery. His father wanted him to be highly educated and that was the reason that he was sent to America at the age of twenty-two. He remained in America for eight years and then returned to his own country Japan. His father, whose soul aim was to see him as a successful personality, was fulfilled. Before his death, Sadao became a renowned surgeon and a scientist.

    He faced great difficulty while studying in America. First of all, he could not find a place to live because he was a Japanese and the Americans were full of prejudice for their race. Anyhow, he was given a place to live by an old and dirty woman in her miserable house. But fortunately, one of his American Professors and his wife were kind enough to do something for their foreign students but they had small rooms. The food was tasteless and it was very difficult to adjust with both husband and wife in that house.

    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2012 Outside Delhi Set – III

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.

    Section – B

    Question 3.
    As student Editor, draft a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board inviting articles from the students for your school magazine. You are Rohan/Rupini of Vasant Vihar School, Pune. [5] OR
    Write an advertisement in not more than 50 words for the Lost and Found column of the ‘National Herald’, Lucknow stating the loss of your wallet containing a D.D. for Rs. 32,500 and some cash, while travelling by bus from Hazratganj to Nirala Nagar in Lucknow. You are Raman/Rupa, 22A Hazratganj, Lucknow.


    12th September, 20XX


    All the students are invited to give articles, poems, stories or other writing material for the school magazine which is going to be published next month for the year 20XX-XX. Contact to the undersigned latest by 25th September, 20XX.
    Student Editor
    School Magazine



    16th November, 20XX


    Lost a black-coloured leather wallet, containing a D.D. for ₹ 32,500 and some cash, somewhere in the bus on Hazratganj-Nirala Nagar route on 14th November 20XX. If anybody finds it, kindly inform to the undersigned.
    22A, Hazratganj, Lucknow

    Section – C

    Question 7.
    (b) (iii) Describe any three things of beauty mentioned in the poem, ‘A Thing of Beauty’.
    The three things of beauty mentioned. in the poem ‘A Thing of Beauty’ are-the blossoming of daffodils, musk roses and the clear streams among mountains.

    Question 8.
    (b)Why didn’t the stranger tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof? [2 × 5 = 10] Answer:
    The stranger didn’t tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof because he thought that the ironmaster might give him some kronors thinking him to be an old acquaintance. Therefore, he hid his real identity.

    Question 9.
    Answer the following in 125-150 words : [10] Why did Rajkumar Shukla invite Gandhiji to Champaran? How did Gandhiji solve the problem of the indigo farmers?
    Rajkumar Shukla was a poor peasant who was from Champaran district in Bihar. He came to Lucknow in December at annual convention of the Indian National Congress to make a complaint to Gandhiji about the plight of the sharecroppers. Gandhiji went to Champaran when he received the report of exploitation of the poor peasants. He began gathering the evidences. The British landlords as well as the commissioner did not cooperate with him in getting the facts. Lawyers were engaged to go to the court, they briefed him the case and gave him full support.

    Gandhiji and the lawyers collected about ten thousand peasants.

    The evidences and documents were also collected. The investigators started their investigations full-fledgedly. This was intolerable to the landlords and Gandhiji was summoned before the lieutenant Governor. After few interviews, an official inquiry was set up to look into the matter of sharecroppers’ condition. They got sufficient evidences against the planters and the peasants were refunded 25%. This was a huge victory for farmers and they got a lot of courage. Within a few years, the planters gave up their estates and peasants became the owner of the land.

    Question 10.
    Answer the following in 125-150 words : [7] What purpose did the question paper and the correction slip serve? How did they help both the criminals and the governor?
    Why did Sadao help the American soldier to escape? How did he do it?
    The real purpose of the question paper and the correction slip was to provide Evans the plans of escaping from the cell. The sheet was cleverly superimposed. The correction slip also made the prison officers believe that the injured person was actually McLeery and he wanted to help them in tracing the criminal, Evans.

    On the other hand, the question paper and the correction slip helped both the criminals as well as the Governor. The assistant secretary made a call to the Governor after the examination had started that he had forgotten to place a correction slip in the package. In fact, there was a clue in the slip for Evans that after escaping from the prison, he should go to Hotel Golden Lions. At the same time, this information helped the Governor to locate the Hotel where Evans was staying because Evans had written index number as 313 and the centre number as 271 which came out to be six figures 313/271 and with the help of ‘Ordnance Survey Map for Oxford shire’, the Governor reached the hotel. This was also a part of their plan. The Governor was made to trace Evans deliberately and eventually, Evans was able to dupe the Governor again and he finally escaped.
    Dr. Sadao was a man of principles. Once, when he was standing out of his house which was situated on the beach, he saw a man flung out of the ocean. He noticed that the man was a soldier of the enemy and was wounded badly. He thought of throwing him back into the ocean but could not do so. Although he had no love for Americans and he was a true patriot, he saved him realizing his sacred duty to save a dying man as a doctor. This brought open defiance of his domestic staff and they all left him. His wife had to do all the household work. Moreover, there was a high risk as he was sheltering an enemy. When he felt that the man was out of danger, he helped him to escape.

    One night, Dr. Sadao put his boat on the shore with food, water, and some extra clothing. He asked the soldier to row the boat to a little island that was not too far from the coast. He gave him a flashlight too to signal him twice in case he fell short of food and signal once if everything was okay. One evening there was no signaling and Dr. Sadao understood that the man had gone safely on a Korean fishing boat.

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