ConvertFrequency ConversionHertz to radian/sec conversion

Hertz to radian/sec conversion

Both “Hertz” and “radian per second” are units of frequency and angular velocity, respectively. Let’s delve into each:

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    Hertz (Hz)

    Hertz is the unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second.
    Usage: It is used to describe the number of cycles a periodic function completes in one second. This can apply to any periodic event, but it’s most commonly used with electrical signals and sound waves.

    Radian per Second (rad/s)

    Radian per second is the unit of angular velocity in the SI system. It’s used to describe the rate of rotation. Specifically, it indicates how many radians a rotating object covers per unit of time.

    How to calculate rad/sec from hertz

    1 Hz = 2π rad/s = 6.2831853 rad/s


    1 rad/s = 1/2π Hz = 0.1591549 Hz

    Hertz to rad/s formula

    ω(rad/s) = 2π×f(Hz)

    Example – Find angular velocity in rad/s from frequency of 300 hertz:

    Ans. ω(rad/s) = 2π×300Hz = 1884.956 rad/s

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    Hertz to rad/sec conversion table

    Radian per second
    0 Hz 0 rad/s
    1 Hz 6.28 rad/s
    2 Hz 12.57 rad/s
    3 Hz 18.85 rad/s
    4 Hz 25.13 rad/s
    5 Hz 31.42 rad/s
    6 Hz 37.70 rad/s
    7 Hz 43.98 rad/s
    8 Hz 50.27 rad/s
    9 Hz 56.55 rad/s
    10 Hz 62.83 rad/s
    20 Hz 125.66 rad/s
    30 Hz 188.50 rad/s
    40 Hz 251.33 rad/s
    50 Hz 314.16 rad/s
    60 Hz 376.99rad/s
    70 Hz 439.82rad/s
    80 Hz 502.65rad/s
    90 Hz 565.49rad/s
    100 Hz 628.32rad/s
    200 Hz 1256.64rad/s
    300 Hz 1884.96rad/s
    400 Hz 2513.27rad/s
    500 Hz 3141.59rad/s
    600 Hz 3769.91rad/s
    700 Hz 4398.23rad/s
    800 Hz 5026.55rad/s
    900 Hz 5654.87rad/s
    1000 Hz 6283.19rad/s
    2000 Hz 12566.37rad/s
    3000 Hz 18849.56rad/s
    4000 Hz 25132.74rad/s
    5000 Hz 31415.93rad/s
    6000 Hz 37699.11rad/s
    7000 Hz 43982.30rad/s
    8000 Hz 50265.48rad/s
    9000 Hz 56548.67rad/s
    10000 Hz 62831.85rad/s

    FAQs on Hertz to radian/sec conversion

    How do you convert Hz to radians?

    To convert Hz to radians per second, you multiply the frequency in Hz by 2π. The formula is: radian/second = Hz x 2π

    What is the conversion of 1 Hz?

    1 Hz, when converted to radians per second, is 2π rad/s.

    Is radians per second equal to Hz?

    No, radians per second and Hz are not equivalent. However, they are related by a factor of 2π.

    What is 1 hz per second?

    The term 1 hz per second is redundant or incorrect. Hertz (Hz) already means cycles per second. So, 1 Hz is simply 1 cycle per second.

    Is 1 Hz a second?

    No, 1 Hz represents a frequency of 1 cycle per second. It's a measure of frequency, not time.

    What is 1 radian per second?

    1 radian per second (rad/s) is an angular velocity indicating that an object completes 1 radian of rotation in one second.

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