EnglishArticle Writing Format

Article Writing Format

Article writing is a special kind of writing crafted to connect with a large audience through platforms like newspapers, magazines, or journals. Crafting articles for these platforms, such as newspapers or magazines, isn’t an easy task. It demands strong research skills and the ability to write well. These articles are meant to inform numerous people about a particular topic. The writer’s ultimate aim is to inspire a change in people’s perspectives and thoughts through the power of their writing.

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    An article is essentially a written piece intended for a broad audience. Its primary purpose is to get published in newspapers, magazines, or journals with the aim of making a meaningful contribution to the world. These articles typically revolve around subjects that the writer finds intriguing or are linked to ongoing current affairs.

    Types of Article Writing

    Article writing comes in different types. Some examples include newspaper articles, magazine articles, SEO articles, online articles, freelance articles, and more.

    These types of articles also have their own categories. For instance, online or freelance articles can be either descriptive or narrative, based on what the writer and their client prefer. While many are familiar with narrative and descriptive articles, there are additional types beyond these two. These include persuasive articles and expository articles.

    The most crucial type of article writing is SEO article writing, which is highly popular nowadays. It’s essentially optimizing the article for search engines. But how do you know if your article is successful?

    To make sure, some internet research is needed. There are various ways to use search engine optimization techniques. One key method is using keywords—important words in the article that you repeat to emphasize their significance. This helps your article appear higher in search results when people look for similar topics.

    Consistency in using these keywords is vital, and they should always relate to your article’s topic. Grammatical errors must be avoided, and the article’s authenticity should be verified before publishing it online.

    These are the basics to enhance your article writing skills. For news articles, the content’s accuracy matters most. It should be original and presented in a creative manner.

    Online, you can find many examples of article writing. These examples are helpful, especially for new writers, to grasp the idea better. There’s an article writing example provided below for reference on how to structure an article.

    Article Writing Format

    An article must be arranged in a proper way so as to draw the attention of the readers. The basic layout for an article writing format is:

    1. Article Heading / Title
    2. A line having the article writer’s name
    3. Body of the article (the main part of the article, 3 – 4 paragraphs)
    4. Conclusion

    Steps for Article Writing Format

    • Target Audience: Identify the concerning reading group
    • Purpose: Find the objective or aim of writing the article
    • Collect & Select: Gather as such information as possible. Also, identify the details that are most significant
    • Organize: Arrange the information and the facts in a logical way

    Common Mistakes in the Article Writing Format

    Once you’re familiar with the article writing process and its format, it becomes easier to spot mistakes. Here are a few common ones:

    • Write without copying facts, quotes, or stories like this.
    • Keep the language casual.
    • Explain things easily.
    • Make the title catchy and clear.
    • Don’t use paragraphs.
    • You can share opinions, but don’t talk about yourself.

    The Art of Writing an Article

    An article is a form of writing that shares information, ideas, opinions, or advice about a specific topic. There are various types of articles, such as:

    Expository article – This type of article shares information on a topic without including personal opinions.

    Argumentative article – An article where the writer presents a problem, offers a solution, and gives reasons why their solution is good. Narrative article – An article that tells a story.

    Descriptive article – An article that vividly describes something, using descriptive words to help readers imagine it.

    Persuasive article – An article that tries to convince readers to agree with an idea or point of view

    Solved Example on Steps of Article Writing

    • Always include the writer’s name.
    • Create a lengthy and clear title that reflects the article’s content.
    • Keep the article’s headings short, clear, and informative.
    • Make the introduction and conclusion catchy to grab attention.
    • Understand your audience well and tailor your language and writing style accordingly.
    • While discussing a problem, solutions can be suggested in any paragraph except the introduction.
    • Organize your article into three parts: introduction, middle, and conclusion.
    • Ensure proper use of punctuation throughout the article.
    • Feel free to use any tense, person, or voice that fits the context. You can also incorporate abbreviations or create new words if needed.

    Article Writing Samples

    Article Writing Format FAQs

    What is the format to write an article?

    An article typically includes an introduction, body paragraphs with supporting details, and a conclusion.

    How do I start writing an article?

    Begin by choosing a topic, outlining your ideas, and then crafting an engaging introduction to hook readers.

    What is an article writing style?

    The writing style for an article should be clear, concise, and engaging, using a formal or informal tone based on the topic and audience.

    How do you write an article?

    Start with a strong introduction, develop your points logically in the body, and wrap it up with a conclusive ending.

    What is the format of article writing?

    Article writing typically follows a structure: introduction, body (with main points), and a conclusion that summarizes the key ideas.

    How do I write more articles?

    Expand your ideas, research different topics, and practice regularly to enhance your article writing skills.

    What is the writing style of an article?

    An article's writing style should be informative, engaging, and audience-oriented, adapting to suit the purpose and readership.

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