EnglishSpeechSpeech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth in English in simple and easy words

As we all know that saving the planet earth has become a crucial issue today and the environmentalists are concerned about taking every possible measure to curb the harmful impact of the rising pollution. However, one of the most effective solutions is to grow more and more trees which will help in saving the planet earth. In order to address this most relevant topic, the following speeches have been comprehensively written on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth.

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    Long and Short Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth in English

    The speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth are divided into two parts, viz. Long speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth and Short Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth. The speeches are written in an easy to understand manner yet which will definitely help you in enlightening your audience.

    Save Trees and Save Planet Earth Speech 1

    Dear All – I, Akshit Kapoor, from the Save Trees Organization welcome you all to the today’s speech ceremony. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the yet another successful completion of the save trees project. However, still a lot needs to be done in terms of growing more and more trees in our surroundings as well as spreading awareness amongst the people. I could even now, despite so much has been done in this regard, see people not paying attention to their surroundings and cutting down trees recklessly. A lot yet needs to be done.

    So folks, here I request you all to contribute your efforts towards this global cause. I hope everyone knows why so! Because saving trees is directly proportional to saving our planet Earth. And all the countries are struggling hard to save the planet Earth otherwise the repercussions would be borne by each one of us globally. Red alert has already been set by the IUCN, i.e. International Union for Conservation of Nature.

    Owing to the awareness being spread by such international organizations and the damaging effects being observed by every nation, everyone is doing their bit in order to save planet Earth and the first and foremost important thing is to grow more and more trees and protect the existing plants and trees.

    Friends as we all know that trees produce oxygen which is needless to say is the lifeline of every living being. In this hot summer weather, unfortunately we don’t have enough trees around to enjoy fresh air and breathe in a pollution free environment. Trees help to filter the soil, air and water, thereby making our surrounding lush green and livable. If we live close to trees, we will become much healthier and our life will become happier.

    It therefore becomes incumbent on our part to spread more and more awareness, SAVE Trees and protect our forests. While saving trees, I would also request everyone to reduce the wastage of paper products as much as possible and limit their usage. Whatever ways we know to save trees we should adopt and in fact urge others to do the same. Motivate your family, friends and neighbors to step forward and join hands with you for saving this beautiful Earth. Else, ask more and more people to join our organization and work for the protection of trees.

    One of the environmentalists rightly said, “It is not merely that the world is bettered by saving, replacing, and multiplying trees. It is that an aim of this kind becomes an impulse towards developing a mood and an outlook which will increasingly make it natural to think for the future, for other people, for generations yet unborn. Planting a tree is a symbol of a looking-forward kind of action; looking forward, yet not too distantly.”

    This is a very apt message as it’s not just about growing more and more trees, but creating such an impulse where it becomes a part of our lives and we don’t have to adopt it artificially.

    Thank you, this is all I have to say!

    Save Trees and Save Planet Earth Speech 2

    Warm Greetings Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – I welcome everyone to our school assembly hall!

    I – Sakshi Kalra from Standard (XII – B) would deliver speech on a burning issue, i.e. Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth. Friends, we all know how important trees are for our environment and for us as they play a big role in protecting our planet Earth, but if there wouldn’t be enough trees around we won’t be able to do anything for our mother Earth.

    So here, I ask the most pertinent question to all of you, i.e. are you concerned about the welfare of our mother Earth? Do you want to do your bit for saving our environment? With such negative news about global warming, endangered animals, dying oceans, scarcity of trees and forests on a regular basis – we don’t really understand where to start from! Isn’t it? We always say why I am only responsible for creating a change in society and just our individual action won’t cause any significant change in our society. But this is not so because while doing our bit we can also educate others, which will surely bring fruitful results.

    Here, I give some important reasons why trees are important for us and how they help us in protecting the life forms on earth:

    Firstly, trees give us oxygen which is the most important reason for preventing trees from cutting down. And, did you know that an average size tree produces enough oxygen for a family of four to sustain itself in respiration? Secondly, nature is the best way to heal our aching soul, just by looking at trees and flowers our spirit becomes lifted and we experience a great sense of delight from within. Thirdly, trees also absorb heat from the atmosphere so much so that when they are planted around our house, they help keeping it cool and ventilated. Isn’t it so great?

    The fourth reason which I would give is that they are literally a boon for the patients. Many studies have come up with this observation that patients who live in a close proximity with nature take fewer medicines for pain relief and recover faster; hence they are discharged from the hospital sooner than those patients who live amidst the four walls. Don’t we observe this on ourselves that when we are surrounded with trees we automatically feel good? People become more productive when they observe trees during their commute and from the windows of their offices.

    In fact, that very place becomes a place of retreat where there are trees around and people are ever ready to pay a visit to such places.

    Last, but not the least trees give us ample variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, some of them are also used in the preparation of medicines; there are also various by-products of wood available in the market, like we have toothpaste, medicines, paper, etc. The parts of trees are used as essential raw materials for the newspaper agencies, publication houses, etc.

    So trees not only help in protecting the mother earth, but also help in many other ways which is not possible to list completely. In the end, I would request you all to grow more and more trees and help in building a lush, green environment.

    Save Trees and Save Planet Earth Speech 3

    Good Morning Friends – I hope this day finds you in the best of spirit!

    As you all know that today is a World Environment Day and the reason why we have gathered here is to celebrate this crucial day and realize its importance so that important steps can be taken in conserving the environment.

    Friends, in this technological driven age, we have hardly any time to stop, look around and appreciate the beauty of nature all around. The more we are advancing in this scientific age, the more regressive we are becoming in our attitude towards conserving our planet Earth. For instance, if we have to drive a short distance in a car which can otherwise be done by riding a bicycle or taking a long walk or using a public transport for that matter, we would choose our convenience and use a car instead to reach the desired destination. We perhaps have no clue how many of us have this bent of mind and are continuing to affect our environment in a steady manner as the pollution which we release from our vehicles cause a damaging effect on our environment.

    While on the one hand we are causing pollution in the environment by all means possible and on the other we are not doing anything to combat air pollution, such as growing more and more trees. Worst, we are even cutting down the existing trees. Despite hearing a lot from the media how deforestation is badly affecting our environment, we are not doing anything to stop it. It is because we seldom hear about the benefits of growing more trees. All we need for this is a bit of land and some water. If we are unable to give this much back to our nature from whom we take so much, we then are not entitled to reap benefits that our mother Earth showers us with.

    Please understand that growing trees is a great exercise as it not only protects the soil and preserve water, but also traps carbon. One of the elements that is found in abundance on our Earth is Carbon and when too much of it is released in our atmosphere, the heat of the sun gets trapped and the climate becomes warmer. Global warming follows its own natural course and that happens time and again across the geological landscape of our Earth. The present phase of global warming started some 12-15,000 years ago when the huge glaciers which once covered the regions of northern Europe, North America and Asia started to melt down.

    Deforestation is one of the processes which has up the carbon level in our atmosphere. When we cut down trees and burn trees to clear the land, we tend to release a huge amount of carbon in our atmosphere. This carbon gradually accelerates the global warming process. However, if we plant more and more trees around our surroundings or wherever we find an empty piece of land, we can definitely make up for the loss of our forests and free our environment from the clutches of the carbon sink at least to some extent.

    This is all from my side, thank you so much for being such a lovely audience!

    Save Trees and Save Planet Earth Speech 4

    Good Morning Students – How’re you all doing?

    You all look cheerful and excited to have been rejoining the school after a long vacation. Isn’t it? Well, that’s great! You look surprised why am I here taking your zero period and addressing you all in a formal manner. It is because our school has taken the responsibility of preserving the mother Earth and doing whatever it’s in our capacity to spread awareness about the rising cases of deforestation and the damaging effects on our planet Earth.

    Despite knowing that deforestation severely affects our environment in ways more than one, we still continue to cut down and use land for building houses and constructing factories. How terrible the sight looks and the surroundings become dark and damp! We know the benefits of growing more trees and how their mere presence transforms our living surrounding from a dark, dreary sight to a heartwarming picture of blooming flowers and lush green leaves. The very sight of big, tall trees and blossoming flowers lift our spirits and soothes our aching soul. Don’t we feel ecstatic in the lap of nature and we forget all our worries?

    Then why are we hell bent on cutting down trees for a handful of gain, we let go such priceless gifts of nature. Trees give us food, shelter, purified air, sound health and protect our mother Earth by trapping Carbon Dioxide gas and releasing oxygen gas in the air through the process of photosynthesis.

    The anthropogenic activities are on rise and we are doing very less in giving it back to nature. Instead, we are just exploiting its resources. Is this right, students? So if you feel that it’s unfair on our part to do so, and then let’s take a pledge to protect our mother Earth at all costs by planting more and more trees. Also, raise awareness in your peer group, neighbors and relatives to grow more trees while enumerating its benefits.

    If we have enough trees in our living surroundings we should try and plant trees wherever we find an empty piece of land. If possible run a campaign or associate yourself with an organization which can help you in accomplishing your goal and can also help you in reaching out to more and more people. By associating yourself with an organization, the mission will get strengthened and you will get more hands for planting trees. Human life cannot be imagined on earth in the absence of trees. Did you know that a full grown leafy tree produces oxygen enough for the survival of 10 people? What many people don’t understand is that the forest also acts as a big filter which helps in cleaning the air we inhale.

    Trees help in purifying the air by intercepting particles (which are air borne), curbing heat, absorbing such pollutants as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Trees also help in controlling air pollution by retaining particulates, bringing air temperature down through respiration.

    When there are ample benefits that we can derive just by planting trees, then why should we lag behind in the race! Let’s put our joint efforts in this common cause.

    Thank You!

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