EnglishEssayImportance of Trees Essay in English for Students and Children

Importance of Trees Essay in English for Students and Children

Importance of Trees Essay: Trees play a vital role in our environment. They help purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat for countless species of plants and animals. They also play an important role in mitigating climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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    Trees are necessary for our survival. They provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe, the food we need to eat, and the materials we need to build our homes and furniture. They also help to regulate the climate, protect the soil, and provide homes for wildlife.

    Long and Short Importance of Trees Essay in Our Life

    Here are long and short essay on Trees in our Life to help you with the topic in your exam. After reading this Essay on tree gives you Importance of Trees in our Life essay you will know the importance of trees in our life and how they help us by providing oxygen in exchange of other harmful or unwanted gases, how trees are important for providing nourishment and shelter to the planet etc.

    Trees yield fruits and medicine, contributing to economic growth through exports. They offer wood, paper, and natural cooling in summer, cutting AC bills and preserving the environment.

    Trees bear fruits and medicinal products, which are exported to various countries, contributing to economic growth. Growing and selling trees’ products is a source of livelihood for many. Trees also supply wood and paper and serve as natural cooling agents in summer, reducing energy bills and maintaining a natural environment.

    Short Essay on Importance of Trees (200 words)

    Importance of Trees Essay: Trees are extremely important for us. It is because of plants and trees that we are able to survive on this planet. Trees exhale the life-giving oxygen without which it will not possible for the human beings or other species to live. However, this is not the only reason why trees are important for us. They have a lot to offer to the environment as well as the living beings. Apart from giving oxygen, trees also absorb various harmful gases from the environment thereby reducing the effect of global warming.

    Trees also provide us food and shelter. Many trees bear the fruits that serve as food for birds and animals. Human beings also relish various fruits such as mango, apple and banana to name a few. The leaves, roots and bark of trees are used to prepare medicines. Trees also provide shelter to animals and humans. Forests filled with huge, dense trees serve as habitat for wild animals and contribute towards rich biodiversity. Wood and other material extracted from trees is used to craft several things that are essential for a comfortable living.

    Trees also make the environment calm and peaceful. They help people meet and socialize. Parks with beautiful green trees and plants are a favourite among small kids and elderly people. They often gather here to indulge in different outdoor activities.

    We must save trees and plant more of them to keep our environment clean and promote a healthier and happier life.

    Importance of Trees Essay 300 Words

    Trees are an essential part of the environment. They make the environment beautiful and fit for the survival of various species of fauna. Life on Earth would not be possible without trees. They are important to us in many ways. It would not be wrong to say that trees give us life.

    1. Trees Give Us Oxygen

    One of the prerequisites for the survival of human beings is oxygen and this is made available by trees. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. The more trees we plant the more oxygen we get. This is the reason why going for morning walk in a park full of green trees and plants helps rejuvenate our senses and makes us feel fresh.

    1. Trees Absorb Harmful Gases

    Trees do not only inhale carbon dioxide but also absorb other harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide from the environment. Various other pollutants are also absorbed by the trees. This process purifies air and keeps the atmosphere clean. The growing pollution in the atmosphere can be undermined by planting more and more trees.

    1. Trees Provide Food

    Trees bear fruits that quench our hunger. Different trees bear different types of fruits rich in various micronutrients. Fruits are eaten raw and fresh and even in their dried forms. Other parts of the trees such as leaves, roots and bark are also used to prepare different food items. The leaves, fruits and bark of trees are also used to prepare herbal medicines that help cure various illnesses.

    1. Trees Provide Shelter

    Trees provide shade and serve as shelter for people as well as animals. They offer a cool place to sit on a hot summer day. Trees also provide wood that is used to build houses and furniture.


    Trees are life saviours. We can enjoy good quality life only when we have abundance of trees around. We should avoid cutting trees and plant more of them. We must also encourage those around us to plant trees.

    Importance of Trees Essay in our Life 400 Words

    Trees make our environment beautiful and soulful. They help build a healthy community life. A neighbourhood with green and shady trees exudes positive energy and is happier compared to one that lacks greenery.

    Trees Provide Peaceful Environment

    Trees have the power to calm our senses and bring positivity. We travel far and wide to spend our holidays amid nature. Lush green trees, high mountains and gushing streams make for a serene environment that rejuvenates us. While we cannot get the same ambience in the cities, however we can certainly plant more trees to make our surroundings peaceful and beautiful.

    Areas that are greener offer a more peaceful environment. The air here is fresher and the atmosphere is cooler. People residing in such areas experience less stress and are happier which forms the basis of a healthy community life.

    A Meeting Ground for Children and Elderly

    Essay on Tree: A park with lush trees and beautiful plants brings the neighbourhood people closer. Neighbourhoods that have beautiful parks see people gathering around during the early morning and evening hours during the summer months and during afternoon time on the cold winter days. These parks serve as a meeting ground, especially for kids and elderly people. It helps them make new acquaintances and socialize.

    Place to Impart Education

    During the ancient times, children were imparted education under the tree. Many under tree schools were opened in different areas. An entire classroom was set under the tree and students sat there to take lessons from their teacher. Even today, many rural areas run such schools. These schools offer education at nominal charges and sometimes even free of cost.

    Trees Provide Shelter to Travellers

    Trees provide shade to the travellers. They offer a cool place to sit and relax. Taking nap under cool, shady tree helps one re-energize. Trees often serve as a meeting ground for travellers headed in the same direction.

    Trees – A Respite for Farmers and Labourers

    Farmers, labourers and other workers who toil hard under the sun usually sit under the tree to have their lunch. They also chit-chat with their fellow workers and strengthen their bond with them as they sit in the shade of the tree.


    So, we see trees render positivity and help people socialize. Beautiful parks with array of green trees and plants serve as a place to meet new people. They are also a great place to indulge in outdoor activities with our near and dear ones and deepen our connection with them.

    Importance of Trees Essay in our Life 500 Words

    Trees: Essential for Balancing the Ecological System

    Essay on Tree: Trees play a significant role in balancing and maintaining the ecological system of Earth. Green trees and plants fill the atmosphere with oxygen, purify air, prevent soil erosion, support wildlife, and aid in climate control. Here is a brief look at how trees help in all these processes to keep the ecological system intact.

    Purification of Air

    Our atmosphere is filled with all kinds of harmful gases including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide to name a few. The increasing number of vehicles on the road and the growing number of factories around the world are increasing the level of these harmful gases in the atmosphere. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale the pure and fresh oxygen that we human beings require for our survival. Trees also absorb other harmful gases to keep our environment clean. This is the reason why areas with greater number of trees are less polluted.

    We must plant trees to purify and clean our environment.

    Promote Biodiversity

    Forests serve as a habitat for the wild life. Trees give shelter to numerous species of birds and animals. Thus, they promote biodiversity. Deforestation, which is one of the main concerns these days, has led to loss of biodiversity. Animals and birds are losing their habitats and finding it hard to survive. Researchers claim that, further loss of biodiversity can impact the ecological system adversely. This is because animals and plants are dependent on each other for the fulfilment of many of their needs. Planting more trees and avoiding deforestation can help boost biodiversity and maintain the ecological balance.

    Prevent Soil Erosion

    Heavy rains cause soil erosion that disrupts life of people living in effected areas. The roots of trees hold the soil and keep it from eroding as it rains. Big trees absorb substantial amount of water and reduce the chances of sediment deposits in the rivers. Soil erosion causes several problems such as increased level of water in rivers and streams. This harms the marine life and often even results in flood. By preventing soil erosion, trees help in maintaining the ecological balance.

    Conserve Energy

    Areas surrounded by trees are cooler. People living in such areas do not require keeping their air conditioners on constantly. This helps in the conservation of energy. This is also a good way to reduce the emission of harmful gases and pollutants.

    Balance the Water Cycle

    Trees help in balancing the water level in the atmosphere. Big trees release a good amount of water into the atmosphere. This process replenishes the clouds and results in rain. Forests around the world play a major role in the water cycle and help in maintaining the ecological system. Planting trees is the way to balance the water cycle which is important for keeping the environment intact. Deforestation, on the other hand, disrupts the water cycle which in turn has negative repercussions such as dryer soil, loss of crops, etc.


    Thus, trees are extremely important for the environment. They help in maintaining the ecological system and make living possible on Earth. The more trees we plant the better environment we create for ourselves.

    Importance of Trees Essay 600 Words

    Trees are extremely important for us. They give us oxygen and keep our environment clean by absorbing various harmful gases and pollutants from the atmosphere. We can breathe freely and live a healthy life because of the presence of trees around. However, even as trees are so important, humans are cutting trees ruthlessly without realizing that cutting trees means putting our lives in danger.

    Deforestation – The Bitter Truth

    Humans are cutting forests rapidly in the name of development and urbanization. Many forests and green patches around the world have been cut in the last few decades to make place for the growing human population and to fulfil their ever increasing material demands.

    More and more people, these days, are moving from rural areas to urban cities. In order to accommodate them, the residential areas in the cities are being expanded and this is being done at the cost of trees. Trees are being cut and concrete jungles are being constructed in their place. Factories, offices and residential societies are being established at places that were once surrounded by beautiful green trees.

    Trees are also being cut rapidly as the requirement for wood and other materials extracted from them is increasing by the day. Houses, tools, furniture, paper, medicines and a whole lot of other things are crafted from wood. While all these things are essential for living, we must not forget that our first and foremost need for survival on Earth is oxygen. If we continue to cut forests at this rate, the required supply of oxygen will dip and it would become difficult to live on this planet.

    Deforestation also means loss of habitat for wild animals. Several species of animals have gone extinct from the face of Earth in the past and numerous others are on the verge of extinction. One of the main reasons for this is deforestation. This has also increased contact between humans and wild animals and the two stay in constant fear of each other. Other impacts of deforestation include disruption of water cycle, soil erosion and increasing pollution and heat. These are all equally bad for human beings as well as animals.

    Plant Trees – Promote Life

    Essay on Tree: Human beings have grown accustomed to a comfortable life. Many of the things we get from trees have become a necessity for us so much so that we have become deaf and blind to the repercussions of deforestation and the forthcoming danger.

    While cutting trees has become necessary to fulfil many of our essential demands it must be done in moderation. Besides, to balance the act we must take it as our responsibility to plant more and more trees. Each one of us must plant trees regularly and also take care of them. Every neighbourhood should conduct regular tree plantation activity.

    Students must be given lessons on the importance of saving and planting trees. School management must also conduct regular tree plantation activity and every student must be encouraged to take part in it. The more trees we will plant the better environment we will create for ourselves and the future generations. Likewise, regular activities must also be carried out to water the trees and boost their growth. This will help them bloom faster.


    The importance of trees has been stressed upon time and again. It is time we should realize that cutting trees means a threat to our own lives. Deforestation must be stopped to sustain life on Earth. The loss of trees must be replenished by planting many more of them. Every individual should plant trees and contribute towards keeping the environment clean.

    Essay on Tree FAQs

    How do you write a tree essay?

    Start with an introduction, describe tree benefits, and conclude with its significance.

    What are the 10 importance of trees?

    Trees provide oxygen, shelter, food, shade, and more. See an essay for details.

    What is trees in 10 lines?

    Trees offer oxygen, homes for animals, and materials for humans, supporting our environment.

    What is the importance of trees in Class 7th?

    Trees teach Class 7 students about ecosystems, oxygen production, and environmental balance.

    What is the essay on trees?

    The essay discusses the vital role of trees in our lives and the environment.

    What is the importance of trees in Class 6 essay?

    The essay explores how trees provide us with oxygen, resources, and a healthier planet.

    What is a tree for Class 4?

    For Class 4, a tree is a big plant that gives us air to breathe and many other useful things.

    Why are trees important in Class 4?

    In Class 4, we learn that trees are vital because they provide clean air, shade, and homes for animals.

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