Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsHow is NCERT Exemplar Different from NCERT Textbook Solutions

How is NCERT Exemplar Different from NCERT Textbook Solutions

How is NCERT Exemplar Different from NCERT Textbook Solutions

How is NCERT Exemplar Different from NCERT Textbook Solutions

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    In the realm of Indian education, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) plays a pivotal role in providing high-quality educational resources. Two such resources that often come into the spotlight are NCERT Exemplar and NCERT Textbook Solutions.

    While both serve the purpose of enhancing a student’s understanding of various subjects, they are distinct in their objectives, formats, and utility. In this blog, we will delve into what NCERT Exemplar Solutions is, explore its meaning and purpose, and compare it with NCERT Textbook Solutions.

    We will also address whether NCERT Exemplar alone is enough for board exams for classes 10 and 12. Let’s embark on this educational journey to understand the nuances of these valuable resources.

    What is NCERT Exemplar?

    The first question that comes to mind is, “What is NCERT Exemplar?” NCERT Exemplar is a supplementary resource provided by NCERT to enhance a student’s problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding in various subjects, including mathematics and science.

    These exemplar books are specifically designed to cater to students preparing for competitive exams and those seeking in-depth knowledge beyond the regular NCERT textbooks.

    NCERT Exemplar Meaning and Purpose

    The term “exemplar” itself signifies a model or example of excellence. In the context of education, NCERT Exemplar serves as a benchmark for illustrating challenging problems, fostering critical thinking, and helping students grasp complex concepts. It provides a comprehensive set of questions that range from basic to advanced levels, enabling learners to gauge their proficiency and progress.

    What is Exemplar Book?

    An exemplar book, like NCERT Exemplar, is a specialized educational resource that goes beyond traditional textbooks. It is designed to offer a higher level of practice and understanding, often by presenting more complex and thought-provoking questions. Exemplar books aim to inspire students to think critically and develop problem-solving skills that are essential for academic success.

    Is NCERT Exemplar Enough for Boards – Class 10 and 12?

    One common query among students is whether relying solely on NCERT Exemplar is sufficient for board exams. Let’s address this question separately for classes 10 and 12.

    Is NCERT Exemplar Good for Class 10?

    For class 10 students, NCERT Exemplar is an excellent resource for gaining a deeper understanding of subjects like mathematics and science. However, while it is immensely helpful for practice and building strong fundamentals, solely relying on it might not be advisable for board exams.

    NCERT textbooks for class 10 should still be the primary source of preparation, as they cover the prescribed syllabus comprehensively. NCERT Exemplar for Class 10 can serve as a supplementary tool to reinforce concepts and improve problem-solving skills.

    Is NCERT Exemplar Enough for Boards – Class 12?

    Class 12 is a crucial year for students preparing for board exams. When it comes to class 12 board exams, NCERT Exemplar alone is not sufficient. While it offers valuable practice and in-depth problem-solving, NCERT textbooks remain the foundation for board exam preparation.

    Board exams are based on the NCERT textbooks for class 12, and students should thoroughly study and understand the concepts from these textbooks. NCERT Exemplar for class 12 can be used alongside as a supplementary resource to excel in class 12 board exams.

    Comparing NCERT Exemplar with NCERT Textbook Solutions

    Now, let’s draw a clear distinction between NCERT Exemplar and NCERT Textbook Solutions by exploring their characteristics and differences.

    NCERT Exemplar

    1. Problem-Oriented: NCERT Exemplar is primarily focused on providing a wide range of challenging problems and questions to help students practice and refine their problem-solving skills.
    2. Advanced Level: The questions in NCERT Exemplar often involve advanced concepts and demand a deeper understanding of the subject matter, making it suitable for competitive exam preparation.
    3. Additional Content: It contains supplementary content beyond what is covered in the NCERT textbooks, offering a more comprehensive study experience.

    NCERT Textbook Solutions

    1. Comprehensive Content: NCERT Textbook Solutions provide detailed explanations and answers to questions found in the NCERT textbooks, covering the entire syllabus.
    2. Concept Clarity: They focus on explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for students to understand the subject.
    3. Syllabus Coverage: NCERT Textbook Solutions align with the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and other state education boards.

    So, Which One Should You Choose?

    The choice between NCERT Exemplar and NCERT Textbook Solutions depends on your specific learning goals and needs. Here are some recommendations:

    1. Use NCERT Exemplar if you:
    • Are preparing for competitive exams alongside your board exams.
    • Seek additional practice and want to tackle advanced problems.
    • Want to develop strong problem-solving skills.
    1. Use NCERT Textbook Solutions if you:
    • Need comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.
    • Want to strengthen your understanding of fundamental concepts.
    • Are primarily focusing on board exams.


    In summary, NCERT Exemplar and NCERT Textbook Solutions serve distinct purposes in the realm of education. While NCERT Exemplar is an excellent resource for advanced practice and problem-solving, it should complement, not replace, the primary use of NCERT textbooks and solutions.

    For board exam preparation, a balanced approach that combines both resources is often the most effective. Remember that your choice should align with your specific academic goals, whether it’s excelling in competitive exams or securing a strong foundation for board exams.

    Ultimately, both NCERT Exemplar and NCERT Textbook Solutions play valuable roles in enhancing your education.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are the benefits of NCERT exemplar problems?

    Benefits of NCERT exemplar problems include in-depth practice, conceptual clarity, and preparation for competitive exams.

    Do questions from NCERT exemplar come in board exam?

    Questions from NCERT exemplar may not directly appear in the board exam, but they help in understanding concepts thoroughly.

    Why is exemplar tough?

    Exemplar questions can be challenging due to their advanced level and application-oriented nature.

    Is RD Sharma better than NCERT Exemplar?

    RD Sharma is preferred by some for additional practice, but NCERT exemplar is crucial for mastering CBSE syllabus.

    What are the disadvantages of NCERT books?

    Disadvantages of NCERT books include limited practice questions and the need for additional resources for competitive exams.

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