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Monkey and Crocodile Story – Panchatantra Story

Monkey and Crocodile Story in English

There are many stories with beautiful scenery and animal involvement, and this is one of them. Aside from its entertaining twists and turns, this age-old story teaches profound lessons about the dangers of envy, the power of forgiveness, and the possibility of redemption. Let us delve into this story’s rich tapestry to discover its timeless wisdom.

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    The Monkey and the Crocodile Story

    Introduction to the Monkey and the Crocodile Story

    Once upon a time, in the lush Sundarbans lived a cunning and mischievous monkey named Hanuman. He lived in a massive banyan tree that stood tall and proud on the Ganges’ banks. Hanuman was not just any monkey; he was renowned for his wit, agility, and unparalleled intelligence.

    Kumbhira, a cunning crocodile, lived in the murky waters on the opposite side of the river. He was no ordinary crocodile, either, with a sly demeanor that frequently fooled unsuspecting creatures. Kumbhira was envious of Hanuman’s fame and intelligence, and he yearned to taste the famous monkey’s succulent flesh.

    Monkey and Crocodile Story

    Crocodile’s Greed

    Hanuman noticed Kumbhira basking in the sun on the riverbank one day while he was enjoying the sweet fruits of his banyan tree. Hanuman, ever inquisitive, swung from his tree and approached the crocodile.

    “Hello, Kumbhira! “How are you doing today?” Hanuman cheerfully inquired.

    “Ah, Hanuman, my dear friend!” said Kumbhira, feigning friendliness. I am fine, but I am becoming weak and frail. The only thing that can cure my illness is a monkey’s heart, and I have heard that yours is the most potent.”

    “Oh, my friend, do not worry!” Hanuman said, sensing the deception behind Kumbhira’s words. I am willing to assist. But, as you can see, my heart is not currently in my chest. It is safely stored in my tree while I relax. We will have to go there together if you want it.”

    Kumbhira, blinded by his desire for Hanuman’s heart, eagerly agreed to the proposal. The monkey hopped onto Kumbhira’s back, and the crocodile swam across the river towards Hanuman’s abode.

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    Falling in the trap

    As they reached the banyan tree, Hanuman pointed to a beehive hanging from one of the branches. “You see that beehive? It’s not just any beehive; it’s a magical one. My heart is inside it. If you can get it, you’ll have what you desire.”

    Unaware of the clever ruse, Kumbhira opened his massive jaws wide and attempted to reach the beehive. The bees, on the other hand, fiercely defended their home, mercilessly stinging the crocodile. Kumbhira howled in agony, realizing he had fallen victim to Hanuman’s cunning.

    Hanuman swung down from the tree and landed on the ground, laughing heartily. “My dear Kumbhira, did you really think you could outwit me? Never undervalue the power of wit and cunning!”

    Monkey and Crocodile

    Crocodile’s defeat raged his revenge wish

    Kumbhira slithered back into the river, shattered and defeated. However, the crocodile’s desire for vengeance only grew stronger. He could not accept defeat, and his envy grew in his heart like a poisonous weed.

    After a few days, Kumbhira devised a new strategy. He approached Hanuman with a different demeanor this time, pretending to be repentant for his previous actions. “My friend, Hanuman, I have learned my lesson.” Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” pleaded Kumbhira.

    Hanuman, who was always generous and willing to give others a second chance, agreed to let go of the past. He had no idea that Kumbhira was hatching another evil plan.

    Crocodile’s revenge

    A friendship with a back plot

    Hanuman and Kumbhira formed an unexpected friendship as time passed. They shared stories and laughter and even exchanged gifts. Kumbhira’s ulterior motive, unknown to Hanuman, was to lull the monkey into a false sense of security.

    Kumbhira once invited Hanuman to a special fish feast on a distant island. Hanuman accepted the invitation because he trusted his new friend. Kumbhira revealed his true intentions as they approached the island.

    The Crocodile showing his true intentions

    “I must admit, Hanuman. “I still crave the taste of your heart, and today I shall fulfil my desire!” Kumbhira declared, opening his jaws wide.

    Hanuman, ever astute, maintained his cool. “Are you repaying my forgiveness in this manner, my friend?” Is this our reward for our newfound friendship?”

    But Kumbhira was unwavering. He lunged at Hanuman, hoping to use his razor-sharp teeth to capture him. Hanuman, being agile and astute, leaped away just in time.

    Kumbhira decided to play a different card after realizing he could not physically overpower Hanuman. “Hanuman, I don’t want to harm you. Let us strike a deal instead. I will let you go unscathed if you give me a small piece of your heart.”

    “Oh, my dear Kumbhira, you have not learned your lesson, have you?” Hanuman said calmly. A deal with deceitful intentions is no deal at all.”

    The monkey, using his swift movements, eluded the crocodile’s attempts to catch him. He darted between the trees, leaped across rocks, and swung from vines, always staying one step ahead of Kumbhira.

    Tired and frustrated, Kumbhira called out, “Hanuman, I underestimated you once, but I won’t make that mistake again. I will not rest until I have your heart!”

    Hanuman, perched on a high branch, looked down at the crocodile with a wise smile. “Kumbhira, envy, and deceit will only lead to your downfall. It’s time for you to reflect on your actions and find a path of redemption.”

    Crocodile showing his true intentions

    The crocodile lost once again

    Hanuman swung away with those words, leaving Kumbhira fuming with rage and resentment. The defeated crocodile slithered back into the waters, vowing vengeance.

    Kumbhira’s desire for vengeance grew stronger over time. He could not shake the envy that drove his actions. Meanwhile, Hanuman continued to live peacefully in his banyan tree, surrounded by the forest creatures’ admiration.

    The Crocodile still wants revenge

    Kumbhira overheard a conversation between two wise old turtles one day as he planned his next move. They told of a hermit who lived in a remote cave and was renowned for his wisdom and ability to lead lost souls back to the path of righteousness.

    The hermit opened the eyes of the crocodile

    Kumbhira sought out the hermit, determined to change his ways, driven by a desperate hope for redemption. The hermit listened to Kumbhira’s story of envy, deception, and vengeance with compassion in his eyes.

    “Kumbhira, your heart is clouded by darkness, but there is always a chance for redemption,” the hermit said. True wisdom lies in letting go of the past and embracing a new path. Seek forgiveness and make amends for your actions.”

    Kumbhira returned to the river with a newfound purpose after being humbled by the hermit is words. He returned to Hanuman, this time with sincerity and remorse in his eyes.

    “Hanuman, I have come to seek forgiveness for the wrongs I have committed.” I was blinded by envy, but the hermit saw things differently.

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    Moral of the Story

    The story’s moral is that envy and deception can lead to self-destruction.

    The story emphasizes the value of forgiveness, wisdom, and redemption’s transformative power.

    It reminds us that holding on to negative emotions stifles our own growth and happiness, whereas embracing virtues such as trust, honesty, and compassion can pave the way for a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

    FAQs on Monkey and Crocodile Story

    What is the moral lesson of The Monkey and the Crocodile?

    The main moral lesson is that envy and deception can lead to self-destruction, emphasizing the value of forgiveness, wisdom, and the possibility of redemption.

    How does Hanuman outwit Kumbhira in the story?

    Hanuman outwits Kumbhira by inventing a fictional scenario involving a magical beehive, trapping the crocodile in a situation where he is stung by bees.

    Why does Kumbhira seek redemption in the story?

    Faced with defeat and realizing the destructive nature of his envy, Kumbhira seeks redemption by turning to a wise hermit. He recognizes the need to change his ways and seek forgiveness for his actions in the past.

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