TopicsGeneral TopicsA Smile Story – Story of Positivity and Shaping Our World

A Smile Story – Story of Positivity and Shaping Our World

Discover the magic of smiles and happiness in this heartwarming tale. A story of positivity and the power to shape our world.

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    Introduction of A Smile Story

    Get ready for a captivating journey as we get into an enchanting narrative. This story is a delightful exploration of happiness and the remarkable ability to share joy with others. Are you prepared to embark on this heartwarming adventure and discover the incredible power of a radiant smile that can illuminate the world?

    Short Story on A Smile Story

    Long ago, in a place where everyone wore smiles and positivity filled the air, there was someone getting ready for a journey to a new town. They were excited but also a bit worried about what awaited them there. To find some answers, they decided to visit a wise Zen master and asked, “Do you think I’ll find happiness in this new town? Are the people there friendly?”

    The master, known for his wisdom, responded with a question of his own, “How were the people in the town where you came from?”

    The traveler, with a heavy heart, described his hometown as a place filled with negativity, where people were selfish, deceitful, and driven by anger and greed.

    The master nodded and said, “Well, my friend, it seems that the people in this new town are much the same.”

    A day later, another visitor arrived with the same question, “Will I find happiness in this town?” Once again, the master asked, “How were the people in the town you came from?”

    This time, the visitor’s face lit up as they shared stories of a harmonious and kind community, where people cared for one another, respected the land, and sought the greater good.

    With a smile, the master replied, “You’ll be pleased to know that the people in this town are just like the ones you’ve described.”

    Smile Story

    Moral of the Story

    The world is like a mirror, reflecting back what we project onto it. When we focus on the negative aspects of life and the people around us, that’s what we’re more likely to encounter. But if we make a conscious choice to see the positive, spread happiness, and treat others with kindness and empathy, the world responds in kind. It becomes a friendlier and more welcoming place.

    This moral reminds us that our outlook and actions have a profound impact on our experiences and interactions. By embracing positivity and kindness, we not only improve our own lives but also contribute to making the world a better and more harmonious place for everyone. So, remember, the world reflects what’s inside us, and a generous heart reaps the rewards of a kind world.

    Another Story on Smile

    Another tale of smiles and happiness unfolded in Miss Ellis’s classroom one day. She assigned her students a unique project: to become “happiness collectors.” Their task was to spread joy and document the effects. While all the students did wonderful things, Carla Chalmers stood out.

    Carla returned a few days later with a large sack. “I’ve collected all the happiness so far in this bag,” she proudly declared.

    Curious, her classmates gathered around, but Carla had a surprise. She handed a small package to Miss Ellis, took out an instant camera, and stood ready. After opening the package, Miss Ellis found a snapshot of Carla beaming with joy. Carla then handed her a paper and urged her to read it.

    As Miss Ellis finished reading, she looked at the sack. “So, it’s…”

    “It’s a sack full of smiles!” Carla exclaimed as she untied the knot.

    As the sack opened, hundreds of pictures spilled out, each capturing different smiles, each more beautiful than the last. The entire class was amazed, wondering how Carla had collected so much happiness.

    The secret lay in that single photograph of Carla’s radiant smile. It had the magical power to spread happiness to everyone who saw it. Before they knew it, the whole class had contagious smiles on their faces.

    Carla then went on to capture the smiles of her classmates and shared the message with them: “Every time you smile, you are giving the world a gift.”

    In the following weeks, Carla received countless photographs from her fellow students, all spreading the joy of their smiles. It became a beautiful chain of happiness, teaching everyone the simple truth that a smile is a gift to the world.


    A smile is a universal language that connects us with others, making them feel at ease and reflecting our inner sentiments. Just as in the first story, what we see in the world, the world sees in us. If we focus on the positive and spread happiness, the world responds with kindness. Happiness is a precious gift we can offer, and it always comes back to us. So, remember to wear your smile, as it’s a gift to the world.

    When we are happy, we feel rejuvenated and joyous all of the time. It gives us a boost of energy and aids us in achieving our objectives. Nothing attracts others more than your grin, and nothing signals rejection as effectively as a phony smile or frown.

    Frequently Asked Questions on A Smile Story

    What is the main moral of A Smile Story?

    The central moral is that the world reflects our own outlook and actions, so spreading positivity and kindness can make it a friendlier place.

    How does Carla Chalmers spread happiness in the story?

    Carla spreads happiness by collecting smiles through photographs and teaching others that smiling is a gift to the world.

    Why is a smile considered a universal language?

    A smile connects people, makes them feel comfortable, and reflects our inner emotions, making it universally understood.

    What happens when we focus on the positive and spread happiness?

    Focusing on the positive and spreading happiness leads to a kinder world where our actions make a difference.

    What does the story teach us about the impact of our outlook and actions?

    The story underscores that our outlook and actions influence our experiences and interactions, and kindness has the power to improve our lives and the world.

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