WorksheetClass 8 English Worksheet

Class 8 English Worksheet

Class 8 English Worksheets are an important source for the preparation of exams. The worksheets offer self-assessment and vast study materials. Students can download the Class 8 English Worksheet and can do practice for exams. Infinity Learn provide free worksheets. All the worksheets are designed by experienced teachers. The worksheets are aligned with the CBSE curriculum. These help students to strengthen various concepts. The worksheets serve as valuable resources.

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    Download the Worksheets For Class 8 English PDF. Boost your practice and excel in your studies. Explore the article for more information.

    Class 8 English Worksheet PDF Download

    Class 8 English worksheets are created as per the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. The worksheets cover chapters from the NCERT book. Class 8 English worksheet covering all the topics that may appear in school exams and are available for free PDF download. Access Class 8 English Worksheets with questions and solutions by clicking the provided link. The worksheets are prepared by teachers. These CBSE NCERT printable worksheets for Class 8 English with answers are according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Access worksheets with important questions for Class 8 English chapter-wise with solutions through the provided links.

    Class 8 English Worksheet PDF Download Link

    English Literature: Honeydew


    Chapter 1 The Best Christmas Present in the World
    Chapter 2 The Tsunami
    Chapter 3 Glimpses of the Past
    Chapter 4 Bepin Chowdhury’s Lapse of Memory
    Chapter 5 The Summit Within
    Chapter 6 This is Jody’s Fawn
    Chapter 7 A Visit to Cambridge
    Chapter 8 A Short Monsoon Diary
    Chapter 9 The Great Stone Face- 1
    Chapter 10 The Great Stone Face – 2


    Poem 1 The Ant and the Cricket
    Poem 2 Geography Lesson
    Poem 3 Macavity: The Mystery Cat
    Poem 4 The Last Bargain
    Poem 5 The School Boy
    Poem 6 The Duck and the Kangaroo
    Poem 7 When I Set Out for Lyonnesse
    Poem 8 On the Grasshopper and Cricket


    Order of Words and Clauses
    Direct and Indirect Speech
    Active and Passive Voice
    Phrases and Idioms
    Comprehension Reading

    Worksheet Class 8 English Grammar

    1. What is the correct order of words in the sentence: “Yesterday, went, to, I, school”?
    1. I went to school yesterday.
    2. Yesterday to school I went.
    3. Went I to school yesterday.
    4. Went yesterday to I school.
    1. Which of the following is a direct speech?
    1. He said that he was tired.
    2. He exclaimed, “I am tired!”
    3. He asked if he could go home.
    4. He told me to come later.
    1. Identify the passive voice sentence:
    1. She is baking a cake.
    2. The cake is being baked by her.
    3. He will finish the work soon.
    4. They have eaten all the pizza.
    1. What tense is used in the sentence: “She will be singing at the concert tomorrow.”?
    1. Past continuous
    2. Present continuous
    3. Future continuous
    4. Present perfect
    1. Which word is a pronoun in the sentence: “John loves his dog.”?
    1. John
    2. loves
    3. his
    4. dog
    1. Identify the adverb in the sentence: “She dances gracefully.”
    1. dances
    2. she
    3. gracefully
    4. she dances
    1. Choose the correct preposition: “The book is ___ the table.”
    1. at
    2. in
    3. on
    4. with
    1. What is the conjunction in the sentence: “He likes tea but not coffee.”?
    1. He
    3. tea
    4. but
    1. Which of the following is an idiom:
    1. quickly
    2. under the weather
    3. jumped
    4. book
    1. What does the word “indomitable” mean?
    1. Weak
    2. Unstoppable
    3. Small
    4. Big
    1. What does the word “avaricious” mean?
    1. Generous
    2. Greedy
    3. Happy
    4. Sad
    1. Identify the verb in the sentence: “The cat sleeps peacefully.”
    1. The
    2. cat
    3. sleeps
    4. peacefully
    1. What is the correct order of words in the sentence: “In, walked, the, room, suddenly, he”?
    1. Suddenly he walked in the room.
    2. In he suddenly walked the room.
    3. He walked suddenly in the room.
    4. In walked he suddenly the room.
    1. Which of the following is a direct object in the sentence: “She baked a cake for her friend.”?
    1. She
    2. baked
    3. cake
    4. friend
    1. Identify the conjunction in the sentence: “She likes to swim and to play tennis.”
    1. She
    3. and
    4. to
    1. What part of speech is the word “quickly” in the sentence: “She ran quickly to catch the bus.”?
    1. noun
    2. verb
    3. adjective
    4. adverb
    1. Choose the correct preposition: “The cat is sitting ___ the chair.”
    1. at
    2. on
    3. in
    4. under
    1. What tense is used in the sentence: “They have already finished their homework.”?
    1. Present perfect
    2. Past perfect
    3. Future perfect
    4. Present continuous
    1. Identify the noun in the sentence: “The dog chased the ball.”
    1. chased
    2. the
    3. dog
    4. ball
    1. Which of the following is a correct comprehension reading question:
    1. What color is the sky?
    2. How many planets are there in the solar system?
    3. Why did the character cry?
    4. Who is the author of the book?

    Importance of solving Class 8 English Worksheet

    Solving Class 8 English Worksheet can be beneficial for students for the preparation of exams. Here are some advantages:

    • Improved Understanding

    Solving class 8 English worksheets helps students to deepen the understanding of grammar rules, vocabulary, and literary concepts.

    • Practice Makes Perfect

    Regular practice with CBSE worksheets develop language skills such as reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking in students.

    • Identifying Weak Areas

    By pinpointing areas where students struggle, worksheets allow for targeted practice and improvement.

    • Self-Assessment

    Students can assess their own progress and identify areas for improvement. It develops a sense of responsibility for their learning.

    • Preparation for Exams

    Completing worksheets familiarizes students with the format and types of questions they may face in exams. So, the worksheets help to reduce test anxiety.

    • Engagement and Interest

    Interactive worksheets can make learning more enjoyable and engaging, encouraging students to actively participate in their education.

    • Feedback

    Teachers can use completed worksheets to provide constructive feedback and instruction to individual student needs.

    Class 8 English worksheet FAQs

    Why should students solve Class 8 English worksheets?

    Students must solve Class 8 English Worksheets as these worksheets provide additional practice to boost the concepts taught in class. The worksheets also help to improve grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.

    How can solving worksheets benefit student's learning?

    Solving worksheets can be beneficial to students. As these help to identify areas of weakness. It promotes independent learning and problem-solving skills. The worksheets prepare students for assessments, and allow to apply knowledge in practical situations.

    What makes Class 8 English worksheets more effective?

    Well-designed worksheets engage students with interesting activities. The worksheets provide feedback for improvement, help manage time efficiently.

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