BlogScholarshipDU (Delhi University) 2023-24 Scholarship List and Opportunity for All Students

DU (Delhi University) 2023-24 Scholarship List and Opportunity for All Students

Delhi University (DU) offers a range of scholarships to support financially disadvantaged yet high-achieving students attending the university and its affiliated colleges. These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including categories and specific courses of study.

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    Additionally, Delhi University provides departmental scholarships, such as the Hamdard Education Scholarship in Persian, Datia Darbar Endowment Scholarship in Economics, PG scholarships in Economics and Commerce, and the Dr. GS Sarin Scholarship, among others. These scholarships aim to assist students pursuing particular fields of study within the university.

    DU Scholarships 2023-24

    Looking to pursue higher education but feeling lost about where to begin? You’re not alone! The DU Scholarship 2023 is here to make world-class education accessible, regardless of your location or financial situation. In this blog post, we’ll break down the DU Scholarship and show you how it can turn your educational dreams into reality. So, if you’re eager to take your education to the next level, keep reading!

    The Delhi University Department is dedicated to providing resources to talented individuals who face obstacles in continuing their education. They offer various awards, catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Applying for these scholarships is straightforward, and you can do so before you graduate to qualify.

    DU Scholarships 2023-24 Details

    You can check the details of Delhi University Scholarships 2023 in the table below:

    Delhi University Scholarships 2023 Details
    Scholarship Name DU University Scholarship
    Introduced by Delhi University
    Category Scholarships
    Scholarship For Students of DU University only
    Application Mode Online
    Scholarship Objective To provide Financial Support to Candidates to join in DU University
    Official Website

    DU Scholarships 2023-24 List

    Delhi University provides scholarships to students based on their academic achievements. Here is a list of the scholarships available, along with their respective amounts.

    DU Scholarship List
    Scholarship Course Scholarship Amount
    Dr V.K.R.V. Rao Endowment Book Grant Undergraduate INR 100 per month
    The Delhi University and College Karamchari Union Grant Undergraduate INR 250 per month
    Sh. Prem Prakash Award Undergraduate INR 3500
    The Delhi State co-operative union scholarship Higher Secondary INR 50 per sem
    Pt. Manmohan Nath Dhar scholarship Undergraduate INR 100 per month
    Sardar Kartar Singh Grover Memorial Scholarship Undergraduate B.A. , B.Sc 1 year INR 350 per month
    Ganga Sant Scholarship Undergraduate B.A. Hons. Mathematics INR 175 per month
    Puran Chand Khatri Scholarship Undergraduate INR 40 per sem
    Delhi University women association Scholarship Undergraduate INR 100 per month
    Smt. Kesra Bai Luthra Scholarship Undergraduate B.Sc. Hons INR 100 per month
    Prof. J.C. Luthra and Smt. Kesra Bai Luthra Scholarship Undergraduate B.Sc. Hons INR 100 per month
    Satish Batra Memorial Scholarship Undergraduate in B.A. and B.A. (H) with Urdu INR 300 per month
    Dr S.L. Hora and Smt. V.Hora Endowment Scholarship Higher secondary INR 100 per month
    Shri Moti Lal Kaul Aima Memorial Scholarship Undergraduate INR 150 per month
    Shri Ram Lubhaya Scholarship for blind students Undergraduate INR 100 per month
    Vijendra Sharmilla Chopra Scholarship for Blind students Undergraduate INR 100 per month
    Subodh Chander Aimya Banerjee Scholarship Undergraduate INR 50 per month
    His holiness pope scholarship Postgraduate INR 150 per month
    Delhi University Women Association Scholarship Undergraduate INR 100 per month
    Hamdard Educational Scholarship PG M.A. in Persian INR 75 per month
    Datia Darbar Endowment Scholarship PG M.A. in Economics INR 125 per month

    DU Scholarships 2023-24 Important Dates

    If you’re interested in applying for the Delhi University Scholarship 2023, here are some important details to keep in mind:

    1. Application Deadline: To be eligible for the scholarship, all students, whether you’re looking to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate programs, need to submit your application forms by January 31, 2023.
    2. Online Applications Only: Please note that Delhi University accepts applications exclusively through its online portal. Therefore, be sure to submit your application online.
    3. Future Application Dates: While the dates for the 2024 scholarship program haven’t been released by Delhi University yet, it’s a tradition that applications open in January every year. So, keep an eye out for updates around that time if you’re planning to apply in the future.

    DU Scholarships 2023-24 Eligibility Criteria

    To qualify for scholarships at the University of Delhi, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria based on your course of study:

    1. Undergraduate Courses: To be eligible, you must have successfully passed your Class 12th board examination from a recognized institute.
    2. Postgraduate Courses: If you’re aiming for a postgraduate scholarship, you should have already completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
    3. Departmental Scholarships: There are also various departmental scholarships available. These can be awarded either after completing an undergraduate course or upon achieving a certain level in your 10+2 board examination.

    How to Apply for DU Scholarships 2023-24

    If you’re applying for a scholarship at Delhi University, here’s a clear step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

    • Start by visiting the official Delhi University website.
    • Register yourself on the official website to create an account.
    • Fill out all the necessary information as requested in the application form.
    • After completing your registration, you’ll receive a unique ID and password that you’ll use for logging in later.
    • Now, proceed to fill in the required details in the scholarship application form.
    • Be sure to upload all the mandatory documents as specified in the application requirements.
    • Once you’ve completed the form and uploaded your documents, it’s a good idea to take a printout for your records and future reference.

    Required Documents

    To apply for scholarships at Delhi University, you’ll need these documents:

      • Aadhar Card
      • 12th or bachelor degree mark sheets
      • Income certificate
      • Proof of residence
      • Passport-sized photos
    • Copy of the front page of your bank passbook (Xerox copy)

    DU Scholarships 2023-24 Do’s and Don’ts

    When applying for a scholarship, it’s important to follow these guidelines:


    • Check Eligibility: Before applying, make sure you meet the scholarship’s eligibility criteria.
    • Have a Registered Mobile Number: Ensure you have a working mobile number that will be active during the scholarship process.
    • Use a Valid Email ID: Maintain an active and valid email address for communication.
    • Check Your Application: Review your scholarship application thoroughly before submitting it.
    • Use a Laptop or Desktop: It’s preferable to use a computer for online scholarship submissions.


    • Avoid Mobile Submissions: Try to avoid submitting your scholarship application via mobile devices.
    • Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: Don’t procrastinate; submit your application well before the deadline.

    FAQs on DU Scholarships 2023-24

    Who is eligible to apply for DU Scholarships?

    Eligibility varies depending on the type of scholarship. For undergraduate scholarships, you typically need to have passed your Class 12th board examination. For postgraduate scholarships, a completed bachelor's degree from a recognized university is usually required. Specific departmental scholarships may have different criteria.

    When is the application deadline for DU Scholarships 2023-24?

    The deadline for the scholarship applications is January 31, 2023. Keep in mind that applications are accepted online only.

    Can I apply for DU Scholarships in the future if I miss the 2023 deadline?

    Yes, you can apply in the future. While the 2024 scholarship dates haven't been announced, applications typically open in January each year. Keep an eye out for updates during that time.

    How do I apply for DU Scholarships?

    To apply, visit the official Delhi University website, register, and complete the online application form with the required details. Upload necessary documents and remember to keep a printout of your application for reference.

    Are there any departmental scholarships available at DU?

    Yes, Delhi University offers departmental scholarships like the Hamdard Educational Scholarship and Datia Darbar Endowment Scholarship. These scholarships are specific to certain fields of study within the university.

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