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Importance of Time

Time Management Strategy for the NEET Exam

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    Time plays a crucial role in molding the day of a person. If utilized properly, it pays in humongous amounts in terms of time only, if wasted, then you know the story well. Time helps us structure a good habit of organizing and planning our day. If you discern the time better, you will be able to gain knowledge and develop skills over time. The irony is that we think we have time, but the thing is time has us. Even though we are gifted with a new day each morning, we take it for granted. We keep ourselves engrossed in tasks that cost our time, we fail to understand the importance of time because we are too distracted to even bother about it. But time has once gone and never comes back again, no matter what, so respect it, value it, and don’t waste it.

    Why should you take time seriously?

    • Healer and teacher: Time acts as a teacher when things go wrong. When you don’t do anything on time when you don’t value it, you end up in a mess, and the lesson that you have to learn from here is that time is a ferocious teacher. It teaches lessons but will never allow you to go back and make things right. So, it is better to learn from the experiences of others than to learn from time, as it is extremely painful. Time’s a healer as well. The anguish a situation creates is healed as time passes. The wounds don’t seem as terrible as they once were. Time takes care of everything, the misery, pain, anguish you once have gone through will be healed by the drug of time.
    • Never comes back: Time once gone, will never come back, we all have been taught this right from our initial years. Never insult time, it has some nasty ways of taking revenge which you will never like. Make the best use of it so that you may never fall prey to regrets. If you have free time, use it to do real-world things, do not let it go away just like that by scrolling social media.
    • Our time is finite: This hits hard but it is the truth. We are not immortals, all of us are going to die, someday or the other, then why not make the best out of what we have? Why not live up to the best we could so that we can die a happy soul? Why live in the digitized realm of algorithms when you have a free concert at dusks and dawns waiting for you? Take out some time to reconnect with the essence of vitality you’re blessed with.
    • We are getting older: As we are moving ahead in time, we are also getting older. The strength that we enjoy as youth will not last forever. You might trek a mountain at 25 but you cannot do the same at 95. So make the best use of your potential before it’s too late. Everything in the universe is time-bound, so respect it, use it, and value it.
    • The present is all that you have: Whatever is in the past cannot be changed, and what lies in the future is seen by nobody so why bother? Why not embrace the present lively? Your present actions do determine your fortune, so live and get the most out of it.
    • Stay Happy: How you utilize your time defines your mood. If you will utilize it you’ll be happy, if you will waste it, you’ll be dull and dreary all day. You are the one to make the choice.
    • Manage your time well: To make the best use of your time, you need to learn how to manage it first. Now that you know that your time is finite and precious, why not learn to manage it well?

    How to manage time?

    Time management is a skill that can be developed to maximize productivity and achieve targets. To manage time is to manage your life because your life is the time you will spend doing certain things. If you are giving your time to something that is completely useless, you’re the one who’s at loss here. So, learn how to manage time by following the given methods:

    • Determine where you are now: When you’ll know where you stand at the moment only then can you think and organize your available time to hit the target.
    • Set goals and prioritize them: Goal setting will help you to align your attention and dedicate your time to the goal you wish to achieve. Prioritizing goals will help you to not waste time and utilize every ounce of it.
    • Make a to-do list: To-do list will help you to manage your time well and in accordance with the available time.
    • Plan your week on Sunday: Planning will help you to work in the direction of achieving your weekly goals. Put some spare Sunday time to some use to plan your week.
    • Do the difficult tasks in the morning: Difficult tasks require the most energy be it physically or mentally. Do such demanding and difficult tasks in the morning when you are fresh and mentally energized.
    • Make your tasks time-bound: Putting a limit on your time will help you do it effectively and efficiently.
    • Make a done-list too: It will help you to stay motivated and when you see a lot of tasks being accomplished you feel motivated to complete the ones that still remain unfinished.
    • Set your deadlines one day early: When you set deadlines for your tasks, set them for a day early to reduce last moment pressure.
    • Don’t reply to your emails right away: Emails are a distraction, so set time to check them. Don’t reply right away, this affects your concentration and efficiency at a particular task.
    • Form habits that allow you to utilize time: Habits play a crucial role in shaping our lives. Make a habit to utilize your time. Make it an affirmation, utilize time.

    Use time wisely, for it is a gem you are too lucky to have if you have any.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques 1. Is taking a break from continuous work also a waste of time?

    Ans 1. No. Break would refresh you and you’ll be able to perform the task at hand better. You should take breaks but name sure to not spend more hours in a break than working.

    Ques 2. How to get rid of distractions in between the tasks?

    Ans 2. Improve your focus and concentration by meditating regularly.

    Ques 3. Can I purchase time?

    Ans 3. No. You can never purchase it. It is a priceless gem of which you need to understand its value.

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