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CBSE Notes Class 5

CBSE Class 5 Notes are useful for students to face the challenges in today’s education system. Class 5 is an important stage of a student’s academic life. CBSE Class 5 Syllabus acts as the basics for the further classes. Students must refer to good-quality notes to prepare for the CBSE Class 5 Exam. The subject experts of Infinity Learn have prepared the CBSE Class 5 notes provided in this article below, and are of high quality. therefore, read the article below to access the CBSE Class 5 notes.

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    CBSE Notes Class 5

    Free Download of Subject Wise CBSE Class 5 Notes

    Revising the subject matter regularly is essential to remember important concepts for a long time. At Infinity Learn, we understand the importance of good-quality notes. CBSE Class 5 has so many basic concepts to remember. Therefore, it’s vital to revise and remember everything for exams. Infinity Learn offers CBSE Class 5 Notes for different subjects to make the revision easier. Experts prepare these Class 5 notes using the latest prescribed NCERT syllabus.

    CBSE Class 5 Notes

    The study notes for class 5 are provided chapter-wise for subjects like EVS, maths, English, and Hindi. Students can download these notes in PDF format from the provided links. These Class 5 notes are easy to access. Also, they’re completely free for students to download and use. Class 5 Notes have been updated according to the latest syllabus released by the Central board.

    CBSE Notes For Class 5 PDF Free Download Link

    Class 5 revision notes helps students to revise the important concepts with ease. It is suggested that you have a hard copy of the Class 5 Notes while preparing for the exam. Check the links above to visit the required subject notes list and download Notes in PDF format.

    CBSE Class 5 Subjects

    Below given subjects are taught in the CBSE Class 5.

    • Maths
    • EVS
    • Hindi
    • English

    Students can access the notes for these CBSE Class 5 subjects through the link provided in this article.

    CBSE Class 5 Syllabus Overview

    The syllabus for the subjects taught in CBSE Class 5 is provided below. For detailed syllabus, visit the provided links.

    CBSE Class 5 Maths Syllabus

    Chapter 1 – The Fish Tale
    Chapter 2 – Shapes and Angles
    Chapter 3 – How Many Squares
    Chapter 4 – Parts and Wholes
    Chapter 5 – Does It Look The Same
    Chapter 6 – Be My Multiple I’ll be your Factor
    Chapter 7 – Can You See The Pattern
    Chapter 8 – Mapping Your Way
    Chapter 9 – Boxes and Sketches
    Chapter 10 – Tenths and Hundredths
    Chapter 11 – Area and Its Boundary
    Chapter 12 – Smart Charts
    Chapter 13 – Ways to Multiply and Divide
    Chapter 14 – How Big How Heavy

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    CBSE Class 5 Environmental Studies (EVS) Syllabus

    • Super Senses
    • What If It Finishes
    • A Snake Charmers Story
    • A Shelter So High
    • From Tasting To Digesting
    • When The Earth Shook
    • Mangoes Round The Year
    • Blow Hot Blow Cold
    • Seeds And Seeds
    • Who Will Do This Work
    • Every Drop Counts
    • Across The Wall
    • Experiments With Water
    • No Place For Us
    • A Treat For Mosquitoes
    • A Seed Tells A Farmers Story
    • Up You Go
    • Whose Forests
    • Walls Tell Stories
    • Like Father Like Daughter
    • Sunita In Space
    • On The Move Again

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    CBSE Class 5 English Syllabus

    Chapter 1 – Wonderful Waste
    Chapter 2 – Flying Together
    Chapter 3 – Robinson Crusoe Discovers a Footprint
    Chapter 4 – My Elder Brother
    Chapter 5 – Rip Van Winkle
    Chapter 6 – The Talkative Barber
    Chapter 7 – Gullivers Travels
    Chapter 8 – The Little Bully
    Chapter 10 – Who Will Be Ningthou

    English (Poem) Revision Notes

    Chapter 1 – Ice Cream Man
    Chapter 2 – Teamwork
    Chapter 3 – My Shadow
    Chapter 4 – Crying
    Chapter 5 – The Lazy Frog
    Chapter 6 – Class Discussion
    Chapter 7 – Topsy Turvy Land
    Chapter 8 – Nobody’s Friend
    Chapter 9 – Sing a Song of People
    Chapter 10 – Malu Bhalu

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    CBSE Class 5 Hindi Syllabus

    Chapter 1 – Rakh Ki Rassi
    Chapter 2 – Faslon Ke Tyohar
    Chapter 3 – Khilonewala
    Chapter 4 – Nanha Fankar
    Chapter 5 – Jahan Chah Wahan Raah
    Chapter 6 – Chitthi Ka Safar
    Chapter 7 – Dakiye Ki Kahani Kawar Singh Ki Jubani
    Chapter 8 – Ve Bhi Kya Din They
    Chapter 9 – Ek Maa Ki Bebasi Poem
    Chapter 10 – Ek Din Ki Badshahat
    Chapter 11 – Chawal Ki Rotiyan
    Chapter 12 – Guru Aur Chela
    Chapter 13 – Swami Ki Dadi
    Chapter 14 – Baagh Aaya Us Raat
    Chapter 15 – Bishan Ki Dileri
    Chapter 16 – Pani Re Pani
    Chapter 17 – Chhoti Si Hamari Nadi
    Chapter 18 – Chunauti Himalay Ki

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    Salient Features of Class 5 Revision Notes

    1. Conceptual Clarity: The notes are meticulously crafted to maintain conceptual clarity, making it easier for students to understand the content effortlessly.
    2. Framing Answers: Students can gain insight into framing answers effectively by studying the structure of responses presented in the revision notes.
    3. Organised Presentation: The PDFs are organised in a well-distinguished manner, facilitating easy navigation and studying for each subject.
    4. Reliability: Class 5 revision notes are crafted with full reliability, ensuring students receive accurate and trustworthy guidance.
    5. Interactive Elements: Revision notes may include interactive elements such as quizzes, diagrams, and summary tables to engage students actively and enhance their understanding.
    6. Visual Aids: Incorporation of visual aids like illustrations, charts, and graphs helps in clarifying complex concepts and making learning more engaging and effective.
    7. Cross-Referencing: The notes may include cross-references to related topics within the syllabus, helping students to connect different concepts and reinforcing their understanding of the subject matter.
    8. Practice Exercises: Alongside theory, the revision notes may contain practice exercises with solutions to help students reinforce their learning through application and self-assessment.
    9. Real-World Examples: Integration of real-world examples and case studies makes the content more relatable and aids in demonstrating the practical relevance of the concepts being taught.

    Importance of Class 5 Notes By Infinity Learn

    In CBSE Class 5, the subjects are designed to impart essential knowledge and foster intellectual growth among students. The topics selected by the CBSE board aim to educate students about crucial concepts. Expertly crafted revision notes prove invaluable to aid in this learning process. These notes serve as condensed versions of the chapters, offering simplified explanations of complex topics. They facilitate easy understanding and effective exam preparation for students.

    Additionally, these notes are ideal for last-minute review sessions before exams. Their concise format ensures comprehensive coverage of all chapters, enabling students to revise important concepts quickly. Utilising these notes across all Class 5 subjects is highly beneficial. They streamline the learning process, enhancing comprehension and improving students’ exam performance.

    Class 5 Revision Notes: FAQs

    What are CBSE Class 5 Notes?

    CBSE Class 5 Notes are helpful study materials created to assist students in understanding and revising the topics covered in their curriculum. These notes simplify complex concepts and concisely overview each subject's key points.

    Why are CBSE Class 5 Notes important?

    Class 5 revision Notes are crucial in aiding students' learning process by providing clear explanations of topics, aiding in revision, and ensuring comprehensive understanding.

    Where can I find CBSE Class 5 Notes?

    CBSE Class 5 Notes are available online on various educational platforms, including Infinity Learn. Students can also access notes provided by their teachers or create their own based on their understanding of the topics.

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