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Class 7 CBSE Notes

CBSE Notes for Class 7

Infinity Learn provides helpful CBSE Class 7 Notes to make studying for exams easier. The CBSE notes are designed by our subject matter experts to make study easy. Clear explanation of each and every topic is given in the notes. CBSE Notes for Class 7 help students as the concepts are explained in a fun and exciting way. Concepts will be cleared to students with the help of these notes. Notes of all the subjects are available which will help students for the preparation of exams. Regular revision of notes is important for memorizing important topics for a long period. Infinity Learn provides comprehensive notes for various subjects, facilitating easier revision. The notes are prepared by experts according to the latest CBSE syllabus. With Infinity Learn’s CBSE Class 7 Notes, students can do their revision process and prepare for their exams.

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    Read the article below to know more about the CBSE Class 7 notes.

    Subject Wise CBSE Class 7 Notes Free Download

    The CBSE Class 7 curriculum subjects include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and more. Completing the syllabus on time is essential for students to obtain good exam scores. To help students to obtain good marks, our experts have crafted revision notes for CBSE Class 7. These notes serve as beneficial study material. Regular use of these notes allows students to cover the syllabus on time. They understand the subject in a better way, resulting in better academic performance. Accessing these notes enables students to grasp challenging concepts and prepare thoroughly for examinations.

    CBSE class 7 all subjects notes:

    • Maths
    • Social Science
    • Hindi
    • English
    • Science

    Students can also download the notes for these CBSE Class 7 subjects through our Infinity learn app.

    Download the CBSE Class 7 Maths Revision Notes PDF

    Check CBSE class 7 Maths Revision notes for all chapters:

    • Chapter 1 Integers
    • Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals
    • Chapter 3 Data Handling
    • Chapter 4 Simple Equations
    • Chapter 5 Lines and Angles
    • Chapter 6 The Triangle and its Properties
    • Chapter 7 Congruence of Triangles
    • Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities
    • Chapter 9 Rational Numbers
    • Chapter 10 Practical Geometry
    • Chapter 11 Perimeter and Area
    • Chapter 12 Algebraic Expressions
    • Chapter 13 Exponents and Powers
    • Chapter 14 Symmetry
    • Chapter 15 Visualising Solid Shapes

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    Download CBSE Class 7 Social Science Notes PDF

    Get CBSE class 7 revision notes for subjects Social Science:

    History Chapter-wise Notes

    • Chapter 1. Where, When, and How
    • Chapter 2. New Kings and Kingdoms
    • Chapter 3. The Sultans of Delhi
    • Chapter 4. The Creation of an Empire
    • Chapter 5. Architecture as Power: Forts and Sacred Places
    • Chapter 6. Towns, Traders, and Craftsman
    • Chapter 7. Social Change: Mobile and settled communities
    • Chapter 8. Popular Beliefs and Religious Debates
    • Chapter 9. The Flowering of Regional Cultures
    • Chapter 10. New Political Formations in the Eighteenth Century

    Geography Chapter-wise Revision Notes

    • Chapter 1. Environment in its totality
    • Chapter 2. Natural Environment
    • Chapter 3. Air
    • Chapter 4. Water
    • Chapter 5. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
    • Chapter 6. Human Environment
    • Chapter 7. Human- Environment Interaction

    Political Science Chapter-wise Revision Notes

    • Chapter 1. Democracy
    • Chapter 2. State Government
    • Chapter 3. Understanding Media
    • Chapter 4. Unpacking Gender
    • Chapter 5. Markets Around Us

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    CBSE Class 7 Science Revision Notes PDF

    Check CBSE Class 7 Science Revision notes for all chapters:

    • Chapter 1. Nutrition in Plants
    • Chapter 2. Nutrition in Animals
    • Chapter 3. Fiber to Fabric
    • Chapter 4. Acids, Bases and Salts
    • Chapter 5. Physical and Chemical Changes
    • Chapter 6. Respiration in Organisms
    • Chapter 7. Transportation in Animals and Plants
    • Chapter 8. Reproduction in Plants
    • Chapter 9. Motion and Time
    • Chapter 10. Electric Current and its Effects
    • Chapter 11. Light
    • Chapter 12. Forests – Our Lifeline
    • Chapter 13. Wastewater Story

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    CBSE Class 7 Hindi Syllabus PDF

    Check CBSE Class 7 Hindi Revision notes for all chapters


    1. हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के
    2. हिमालय की बेटियां
    3. कठपुतली
    4. मीठाईवाला
    5. पापा खो गए
    6. शाम एक किशान
    7. अपूर्व अनुभव
    8. रहीम की दोहे
    9. एक तिनका
    10. खानपान की बदलती तस्वीर
    11. नीलकंठ
    12. भोर और बरखा
    13. वीर कुवर सिंह
    14. संघर्ष के कराण मैं तुनुकमिजाज हो गया: धनराज
    15. आश्रम का अनुमानित व्यय

    CBSE Class 7 Hindi Durva Syllabus:

    1. चिड़िया और चुरुंगुन
    2. सबसे सुंदर लड़की
    3. मैं हूँ रोबोट
    4. गुब्बारे पर चीता
    5. थोड़ी धरती पाऊँ
    6. गारो
    7. पुस्तकें जो अमर हैं
    8. काबुलीवाला
    9. विश्वेश्वरैया
    10. हम धरती के लाल
    11. पोंगल
    12. शहीद झलकारीबाई
    13. नृत्यांगना सुधा चंद्रन
    14. पानी और धूप
    15. गीत
    16. मिट्टी की मूर्तियाँ
    17. मौत का पहाड़

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    CBSE Class 7 English Notes

    Check CBSE Class 7 English revision notes for all chapters


    • Chapter 1. Three Questions & The Squirrel
    • Chapter 2. A Gift of Chappals & The Rebel
    • Chapter 3. Gopal and the Hilsa Fish & The Shed
    • Chapter 4. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom & Chivvy
    • Chapter 5. Quality & Trees
    • Chapter 6. Expert Detectives & Mystery of the Talking Fan
    • Chapter 7. The Invention of Vita-Wonk & Dad and the Cat and the Tree & Garden Snake
    • Chapter 8. A Homage to Our Brave Soldiers & Meadow Surprises

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    Features of CBSE Class 7 Notes

    • The notes are designed in a way so that all the concepts should be cleared to the students.
    • Students can frame the answers effectively by studying and revising the notes.
    • CBSE Class 7 notes are fully reliable. It ensures that students receive accurate and trustworthy guidance.
    • All topics and sub-topics from the syllabus are covered in the revision notes.
    • The notes are prepared by subject matter experts. Therefore the notes are trustworthy and are prepared through proper research.
    • Notes can be easily accessed online. Students can download free PDF from the Infinity Learn’s website.

    Importance of CBSE Class 7 Notes By Infinity Learn

    CBSE Class 7 Notes has an important part in the academic life of the students. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

    • The subjects in Class 7 are made to help students so that they can learn important things and also, build their knowledge. All the topics are meant to teach students important concepts. That’s why the revision notes are made by the subject matter experts.
    • Basically, the notes include all the concepts from the chapters in an easy language. Students can understand the topics easily and can prepare for their exams too.
    • The notes are the best source for revision before exams as they are very short but cover everything. All the chapters can be quickly reviewed.
    • CBSE Class 7 Notes make learning easier. They help students to do better in the exams.

    FAQs on CBSE Class 7 Notes

    What is the importance of CBSE Class 7 Notes for students?

    CBSE Class 7 Notes are important for students as they help to understand concepts in an easy way, with fun language, diagrams, and solved questions for easier study and revision.

    Why should Class 7 students refer to these notes?

    Class 7 students should refer to these notes as they are in simple language, explain complex topics in simple words, and are useful for exam revision.

    Where can students access CBSE Class 7 Notes?

    Students can access CBSE Class 7 Notes through educational platforms like Infinity Learn, notes provided by teachers, or create their own based on class teachings.

    Are notes important for Class 7?

    Yes, notes are crucial for Class 7 students as they help in understanding and remembering key concepts, making revision easier, and improving academic performance.

    Why do Class 7 students use notes?

    Class 7 students use notes to summarize important information, simplify complex topics, and organize their study material for effective learning and quick revision.

    Why choose Infinity Learn Class 7 notes?

    Infinity Learn Class 7 notes are a great choice because they are comprehensive, easy to understand, well-structured, and created by experienced educators to enhance learning and boost exam preparation.

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