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English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation


CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation

In this unit you will learn different ways in which you can express your ideas differently, more precisely and more effectively by replacing words with their own noun forms.

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    Look at these sentences.

    (a) The school has decided to set up a student panchayat in school. It has created a lot of excitement among the students.
    (b) The decision of the school to set up a student panchayat has created a lot of excitement among the students.
    In sentence (b) what happened to the verb ‘decided’ ? Write your answer below :
    The verb ‘decided’ has changed into its noun form ‘decision’.
    This is one example of a verb changing into a noun. This is called nominalisation.

    Verbs into nouns :
    Complete the following chart by filling in the blanks with either the verb or the noun forms. One example has been done for you.

    1. recognise recognition 7. enable ability
    2. illustrate illustration 8. describe description
    3. reduce reduction 9. observe observation
    4. remove removal 10. compel compulsion
    5. arrange arrangement 11. break breakage
    6. attend attention 12. explore exploration

    Study the cartoons below :
    See the Workbook on Page 176

    What are the people trying to say ? Study the first example and then complete the rest of the sentences using the same pattern.

    1. They are protesting against cutting down of trees _______________.
    2. They are demanding _______________.
    3. The boss insists on everyone _______________.
    4. They are worried about _______________.
    5. The women are demanding safer _______________.
    6. They want the Government to put a ban on _______________.


    2. the reduction of working hours
    3. reporting to office on time
    4. the loss of their jobs
    5. work atmosphere
    6. poaching animals

    A. 3.
    Combine the following sentences by nominalising the first verb. The first sentence has been done as an example.

    1. Trees were planted along road sides. This made the surroundings look greener. Planting of trees along the road sides made the surroundings look greener.

    2. The bomb exploded. This shattered the window panes.
    The window panes were shattered due to __________.

    3. The committee must approve our plan. We cannot launch our project till then.
    We __________ till we get the __________ of the committee for our plan.

    4. There has been a rise in crime rate in the last two years. The police are very concerned.
    The police __________ about the __________ years.

    5. Thousands of people participated in the charity walk. This helped Cancer Aid Society to raise funds for treatment of cancer patients.
    __________ helped Cancer Aid Society raise funds for treatment of cancer patients.

    6. The number of young people consuming drugs is growing. This has become an issue of social concern.
    __________ by a growing __________ concern.

    7. The eye witness described the accident scene vividly. This helped the police find the culprit The vivid

    8. Vinod presented his project very effectively. He was able to bag the multimillion dollar order.
    Vinod’s effective __________ helped him __________

    9. Mandela had spearheaded the fight against apartheid. He was convicted for this.
    Mandela was convicted for __________.

    10. He committed a series of cold blooded murders. He was awarded the death penalty.
    He was __________


    2. the explosion of the bomb
    3. cannot launch our project, approval
    4. are very concerned, rise in crime rate in the last two
    5. The participation of thousands of people in the charity walk
    6. The consumption of drugs, number of young people has become an issue of social
    7. description of the accident scene vividly by the eye witness helped the police find the culprit
    8. presentation of his project, to bag multimillion dollar order
    9. spearheading the fight against apartheid
    10. awarded the death penalty for committing a series of cold blooded murders

    A. 4.
    Read the following extract from a Newspaper.

    Recovery of ancient ship

    An ancient ship, over 500 years old, has been recovered off the coast of Kerala. Salvage experts say ……….

    Given below are some extracts from Newspapers. Underline the most important verb. Then use the noun form of that verb to create a headline, as shown above.

    1. Four more new escalators have been installed in the new Mall. People are very happy.
    2. The outstanding contribution to Indian film making by Ranjit Ray was recognized tonight by the Bombay Film Institute.
    3. The Government has decided to set up a night safari at Noida. This will make this city very popular as more and more tourists
    4. His lost brother suddenly appeared after five years. This solved one of the greatest mysteries.
    5. Professors are protesting pay cuts at the university. Students suffer as professors stay

    1. Installation of the new escalators in the new mall
    2. Recognition of ranjit ray’s contribution to indian film making
    3. Decision to set up a night safari at noida
    4. Sudden appearance after five years of a lost brother
    5. Protest by professors against pay cuts

    Fill in the blanks with the noun forms of the verbs given in brackets.

    Hema : Recently I read an article about the ________ (improve) taking place in the health services.
    Neena : When people get proper health care, it is bound to increase their life ________ (expect).
    Hema : Of course doctors have to show greater ________ (dedicate) to their profession, particularly by ________ (bestow) greater ________ (attend) on the rural areas.
    Neena : I agree. But, at the same time the government should also make adequate ________ (provide) for decent living conditions for the doctors serving in villages.
    Hema : Besides sending doctors to rural areas, steps should be taken for the ________ (supply) of standard drugs to primary health centres. ________ (contaminate) of intravenous fluids and even vaccines due to non ________ (available) of ________ (refrigerate) facilities continues to pose a severe threat to people.
    Neena : Besides health, we should also address the needs of people in ________ (educate) and ________ (employ). Only then can we achieve substantial ________ (develop) of the human resource.
    dedication, bestowing, attention
    supply, Contamination, availability, refrigeration
    education, employment, development

    Now write five sentences about the jobs you like doing or do not like doing.

    1. I like to study hard.
    2. I like to serve people.
    3. I do not like to take orders.
    4. I do not like to waste time.
    5. I do not like to befool anybody.

    B. Adjectives into Nouns :

    Read the following examples. Notice how the adjective in the first sentence is changed to its noun form in the second sentence.
    See the Workbook on Page 180

    Combine the following pairs of sentences by changing the adjective to a noun.

    Question 1.
    He was honest. The Principal commended him at the assembly.
    The Principal commended his honesty at the assembly.

    Question 2.
    Rajesh is a very amiable person. It has endeared him to his colleagues.
    Rajesh’s amiability has endeared him to his colleagues.

    Question 3.
    The actor was famous. It got him many endorsements.
    The actor’s fame got him many endorsements.

    Question 4.
    The young businessman was extravagant. It led to his downfall.
    The extravagance of the young businessman led to his downfall.

    Question 5.
    James was silent during the enquiry. It did not help the police in bringing the culprit to book.
    James’s silence during the enquiry did not help the police in bringing the culprit to book.

    Fill in the blanks in the table below. Then check your answers in a dictionary.

    beautiful beauty fit fitness
    clean cleanliness high height
    neat neatness frequent frequency
    arrogant arrogance proud pride
    intelligent intelligence anxious anxiety

    Admirable qualities :

    What type of people do you like most? In the box below there are some suggestions about different types of people. Discuss with your partner and tell him at least five qualities that you like and five that you do not like. You may add more words to the list given below.

    English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation 1
    Now share your suggestions with the rest of the class. Your teacher will build up a list of qualities (adjectives) on the blackboard. Add them to the adjectives above and classify them under two columns, namely desirable and undesirable.


    Desirable Undesirable
    1. Honesty 1. Extravagant
    2. Smart 2. Ruthless
    3. Intelligent 3. Stubborn
    4. Compassionate 4. Miserly
    5. Witty 5. Irresponsible
    6. Sincere 6. Reserved
    7. Lively 7. Crafty
    8. Generous 8. Shy
    9. Handsome 9. Talkative
    10. Patient 10. Arrogant
    11. Dishonest

    Let’s Play a Guessing game :

    Work in pairs: Study the pictures given below. Partner A can think of any one of the personalities and describe the qualities for which he admires him/her.

    Partner B must guess the person being described. You may give a maximum of three clues in three chances to guess the answer correctly.

    You may carry on the game with other famous personalities of your choice

    See the Workbook on Pages 183 & 184

    Example : He is a national leader. I admire him for his vision, statesmanship and intelligence. Who is he ?
    Is he Jawaharlal Nehru ?
    (Note : Even though someone is dead, we can still use the present tense when we talk about the qualities we admire)
    The people in the pictures are

    1. Mahatma Gandhi
    2. Mother Teresa
    3. Amitabh Bachchan
    4. Charlie Chaplin
    5. Einstein
    6. Sachin Tendulkar
    7. Leander Paes
    8. Jawahar Lai Nehru
    9. Nelson Mandela
    10. Abdul Kalam
    11. Saina Nehwal
    12. Aung San Suu Kyi


    1. Mahatma Gandhi : Patriot, saintly statesman, known for his emphasis on non – violence.
    2. Mother Teresa : Came to India from a foreign land (Czechoslovakia); rendered great service to the poor in India ; established Nirmal Hridaya organization.
    3. Amitabh Bachchan : A great actor of Hindi films, wife and son are also in the films ; son of a great Hindi poet.
    4. Charlie Chaplin : The best known actor of English humour films ; was popular in India too. Indian film actor Raj Kapoor was his fan.
    5. Einstein : The best known scientist of the 20th century ; theory of relativity ; a Jew.
    6. Sachin Tendulkar : By far the most famous Indian cricketer ; set new records, member of the world cup winning team of 2011.
    7. Leander Paes : Indian Tennis player ; of international fame ; often paired with Bhupati.
    8. Jawahar Lai Nehru : Given in the question above.
    9. Nelson Mandela : First black President of South Africa. He and UN were co-recipients of 2001 Nobel peace prize.
    10. Abdul Kalam : Scientist; missile man ; ex-president of India.
    11. Saina Nehwal : Indian Khel Ratna awardee ; Badminton player, currently no. 3 in the world ; First Indian woman to reach single quarter final at the Olympics.
    12. Aung San Suu Kyi : Pro-democracy leader in Myanmar. Leader of Opposition.

    C. Nominalisation using -ing form

    C. 1.
    Look at these signs/notices used in different parts of the world. Guess what they mean. Write your answers by using a word with an ‘ing’ form. One example has been done for you.

    English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation 2

    English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation 3

    Now use your imagination and draw two of your own signs. Show them to your partner and ask him to guess what they mean. He must give answers using the ‘ing’ form.

    English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation 4

    Read the list of activities given below: On an average which activity, according to you, uses the most energy. Order the activities from those that use most energy to the least. When you have finished, discuss the order with your partner using the ‘ing’ form eg :

    Example: I think jogging uses the most energy
    No I don’t think so. I think swimming uses more energy.
    OK perhaps swimming is second. After that, I think cycling … specially if it is uphill.

    Activity Order
    climbing with back pack swimming fast
    jogging playing tennis
    cycling climbing with back pack
    sweeping jogging
    brisk walking brisk walking
    playing tennis cycling
    swimming fast playing cricket
    watching television sweeping
    playing cricket watching television

    Sentence reordering:

    Reorder the following words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.

    1. the/ polluting/ sponge iron industry/ is a heavily/ industry.
    2. of the match/ the umpires’/ very good/ was/ handling.
    3. bad manners/ interrupting/ when he is/ someone/ talking/ is
    4. acting/ one and all/ his/ by/ was praised.
    5. she/ has decided/ is so obsessed/ not to join/ with dancing/ that she/ any college.
    6. to live/ in peace/ forgiving/ of others/ and forgetting/ best way/ is the/ the wrongs
    7. accolades/ Sachin’s/ batting/ one and all/ has won him/ from
    8. playing havoc with/ allowing the/ to continue operations/ polluting industries/ in the cities/ the health of the citizens/ will mean.
    9. news of rigging/ the world of science/ of climate change/ took/ by storm/ the
    10. only by ensuring that/ strengthen/ an ordinary man’s voice is heard/ can we/ the processes of democracy


    1. The sponge iron industry is a heavily polluting industry.
    2. The umpires’ handling of the match was very good.
    3. Interrupting someone when he is talking is bad manners.
    4. His acting was praised by one and all.
    5. She is so obsessed with dancing that she has decided not to join any college.
    6. Best way to live in peace is the forgiving of others and forgetting the wrongs.
    7. Sachin’s batting has won him accolades from one and all.
    8. Allowing the polluting industries to continue operations in the cities will mean playing havoc with the health of the citizens.
    9. The news of rigging of climate change took the world of science by storm.
    10. Can we strengthen the processes of democracy only by ensuring that an ordinary man’s voice is heard ?

    D. Nominalisation – Summary

    Read this article about a person who is head of a big multinational company. Replace the underlined words with a noun form using ‘ing’ after a conjunction or preposition. One example has been done for you.

    After graduating from The Janta College of Commerce, Amtul studied Business Administration. Today Amtul is a successful entrepreneur and heading (and head of) one of the biggest chain stores. Her life story is simple…
    After completing her school, Amtul joined the Janta College for Commerce. She applied for a course in Business Management with the Bright Scholars Business College where she was admitted after clearing the entrance exam. Amtul left the college but did not take the exams.

    She decided to see the world before setting up her home. She spent the next five years travelling to different countries and took up small assignments to sustain her living. She thought about her career seriously while she worked in a home store in America.

    After returning to her country, Amtul purchased a small store called ‘Your Store’. The store soon became popular. After Amtul set up a chain of stores, many people applied for franchise with her. She has proved that womanhood is no barrier to success in a man’s world.

    Complete the following sentences by filling the blanks with a word/words from the box.

    resolutions, applause, devotion, burning of fossil fuels, probation

    1. The is harmful for the environment.
    2. Sachin’s magnificent batting drew a lusty from the spectators.
    3. It is to work which motivates one to do different things.
    4. I am guilty of making each new year which I let go easily.
    5. Mahatama Gandhi served on for a period of one year before becoming the member of the Servants of India Society.


    1. burning of fossil fuels
    2. applause
    3. devotion
    4. resolutions
    5. probation

    Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blanks with the most appropriate words given.

    Scientists all over the world are trying to invent newer ways for (1) __________ of energy without harming the environment. In Netherlands a team of scientists is researching into (2) __________ the waters of the North Sea to generate enough energy for thousands of homes.

    The experiment involves (3) __________ a battery, using salt and fresh water streams and channelizing them over stacks of membranes. The salt water contains positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged chloride ions. Electrodes were set up to create a battery which would generate power.

    Through this research the Dutch are aiming at setting up a 200 mW power plant which will generate enough power to cater for three provinces. Blue Water energy will be 30-40% more efficient than burning coal. It is also (4) __________ and (5) __________. Scientists in other parts of the world are also busy finding ways and means to generate energy. The (6) __________ of a childhood pastime of flying kites gave the senior scientists of Delhi University a brilliant idea. They felt that this simple childhood game could be used to provide some kind of breakthrough. By (7) __________ a few kites tethered to a generator, this team realized that they could produce 10 KW of power. This was sufficient to power 10 family homes. The researchers now plan to carry this (8) __________ further. Using multiple kites, they plan to generate 50 KW of power. They call this invention, Laddermill.

    English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation 5


    1. generation
    2. tapping
    3. making
    4. renewable
    5. sustainable
    6. observation
    7. flying
    8. invention

    We hope the NCERT English Workbook Class 10 Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation help you. If you have any query regarding CBSE Class 10 English Workbook Solutions Unit 10 Nominalisation, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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