EnglishslogansSlogans on Trees – Best and Catchy Tree Slogans in English

Slogans on Trees – Best and Catchy Tree Slogans in English

Trees constitute the most important part of the environment. They play a major role in balancing the eco-system by providing food and habitat for birds, animals and even humans. Trees also help in reducing air pollution as they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, the latter being the gas responsible for the survival of all living forms. An eco-system devoid of trees is unimaginable and without trees, earth will soon become a barren and inhabited land. Trees form forests and forests sustain life, control rain, temperature and natural water resources.

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    The amount of oxygen which ten grown adults need in a year; a single mature tree produces in a season. There is no doubt on the usefulness of trees, be it to the environment or eco-system or life or to the existence of life on earth. Trees not only release oxygen but also absorb carbon dioxide, which is also a potent green house gas. Apart from protecting environment and balancing the eco-system, many trees also have medicinal and industrial uses. Trees like Alder, Ash, Beech, and Cedar are used for treatment of various ailments like- intestinal problems, pain, cancerous growth, kidney problems and lung related problems.

    Unfortunately, many trees are cut down to meet the supply of wood and its byproducts like- pare, pulp, chewing gums, wax, furniture etc or to make way for cities and industries, leading to a considerable increase in carbon dioxide and ultimately leading to global warming. It is the right time that we should make efforts to save the trees for a better environment and a healthy life and also to plant new ones for a healthier future.

    Trees Slogans in English

    Below we have provided some unique and catchy Slogans on Trees to help raise awareness about trees and their significance in the environment. These Tree Slogans will definitely inspire you to raise your voice against unnecessary felling of trees or destruction of forests. After reading the slogans you will understand the role trees play in maintaining ecological balance and environmental health. Also, you will know that trees are essential for life on this planet as they produce oxygen. These slogans will be proved helpful in your school/college assignments during events celebration based on save environment, save trees or save earth theme.

    Unique and Catchy Slogan on Save Trees

    Show your act of humanity, Plant trees for air purity.

    If you want fresh air, plant trees everywhere.

    Know your duty, plant many trees and enhance the nature’s beauty.

    It takes many years to grow a plant, but only few seconds to cut. Never cut trees, they have Feelings!

    Trees are the soul of atmosphere, without trees life on earth will be rare.

    Trees are the lungs of earth; please understand their worth.

    Trees are the only solution, to get rid of air pollution.

    Our future is in our hands, so let’s take a pledge to save our land.

    Save tree, make earth pollution free.

    Save the nature, to save your future.

    More plants for better planet.

    Planting trees does not cost you fee, even; after few years they returns you money for free.

    Plant as many trees as you can; you can survive only then.

    There is nothing to compare with mother’s love and tree’s welfare.

    Humans love birds, so they invented cages; god loves birds, so he invented trees.

    Those giant trees that you see are breathing so that you can breathe too.

    Cutting down a tree is like cutting down your own supply of oxygen.

    Trees give shelter in heat and rain; to make us happy, they face the pain.

    Every tree is important big or small; they all release oxygen if you recall.

    They face all the elements of nature so that you stay safe and breathe healthy.

    Secure your future by planting a tree today.

    A small sapling that you plant today, will give shelter, food and oxygen tomorrow.

    Trees control climate, water and even rain; cutting them is a permanent loss and temporary gain.

    A tree only gives and takes nothing in return. Think about it.

    Today we cut them for paper, without realizing that oxygen is more important than paper.

    By fighting for saving a tree today; we are fighting for the future of our own children.

    Plant a tree and see it grow; enjoy in sun the cool breeze flow.

    No fruits, no birds, no beautiful songs; without trees life cannot go on for long.

    A tree is a gentleman; he inhales carbon dioxide so that sufficient supply of oxygen remains. For us Of course!

    You breathe for you but they too breathe for you.

    Trees act as natural filters, trapping dust and smoke; only because of them life didn’t choke.

    Let alone the environmental pollution, trees also reduce noise pollution.

    Like we decorate our walls with paintings, so the trees decorate our cities.

    God’s most wonderful creations, trees serve us for many generations.

    Save tree make earth pollution free.

    Save tree make world pollution free.

    Trees are nature’s boon, without it earth will die soon.

    Trees are important for life, save them or cut them it’s your choice.

    Trees are valuable treasure, save them or you will mourn later.

    Without trees earth will become barren, in that case our lives will become burden.

    By saving trees you can save humanity, so be wise and stop this insanity.

    Trees stop pollution like a wall, save them on every cost should be our call.

    Without trees life will become an endeavor, save them now otherwise there will be no future.

    Plant tree to take a step on making world pollution free.

    Trees give us greenery and fresh air, that’s why cutting them is not fair.

    Trees also have life, so think about it when you try to cut them next time.

    Save trees they are most valuable asset, because without trees our life will be on threat.

    Trees are gift from nature, save them for future.

    Trees are gift from nature, save them or your will regret later.

    Save trees choose life, because without trees humanity will not survive.

    Let’s save trees for future and peace.

    Save trees to breathe fresh air tomorrow, if you don’t you will only have sorrow.

    Trees are god gifted treasure; by cutting them we are increasing environmental pressure.

    Trees are god gifted treasure; by cutting them we are reducing natural pleasure.

    Trees are our friend; stop cutting them or life will end.

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