Study MaterialsImportant QuestionsCBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Outside Delhi – 2015

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Outside Delhi – 2015

Table of Contents

Time allowed: 3 hours Maximum marks: 70
The Question Paper is divided into three Sections:
Section A – Reading 20 Marks
Section B Writing & Grammar 25 Marks
Section C – Literature 25 Marks

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    General Instructions:

    1. All questions are compulsory.
    2. You may attempt any Section at a time.
    3. All questions of that particular Section must be attempted in the correct order.

    SET I

    Question.1. Read the following passage:
    The hopping kangaroo is a familiar sight in every snapshot relating to Australia. Members of the kangaroo family can be as small as a rat or as big as a man. Kangaroos are found mainly in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. Kangaroos which are big-footed marsupials that evolved in Australia use their short front legs like arms. The man-sized kangaroos of Australia are capable of speeding up to 88 km/hr for short distances, their means of locomotion being their powerful hind legs, which carry them over the ground in jumps of 9 m or more at a time.
    2. Weighing around 70 kg they have an average life-span of around six to eight years and a maximum lifetime of 20 years. When bothered by predators kangaroos often head for the water, standing submerged to the chest, and attempting to drown the attacker by holding him under water. Another defensive technique is to get their back to a tree and kick at their adversary with their clawed hind feet, sometimes with sufficient force to kill a man. Normally shy animals, they alert other kangaroos to danger by beating on the ground with their hind feet. This loud alarm signal carries over a long distance.
    3. The tail is important for kangaroos. It holds them in balance and supports them when they sit or fight against other kangaroos. The kangaroo uses its short legs as arms. With them it scratches itself, cleans its fur and holds branches when it eats leaves. Kangaroos are marsupials and the females carry newborns in a pouch in front of their abdomens. The babies are born small and climb up into the safety of the pouch. There for the next 225 days or so, they eat, sleep and grow. Once they reach full development they leave the pouch. A young kangaroo that leaves the pouch is called a ‘Joey’. To keep from getting too hot the kangaroos take naps in the afternoon and do most of their grazing at night. But the best stay-cool secret of these creatures is the spit bath! Kangaroos drool and lick saliva all over their faces and bodies to cool down.

    Question.1.1. On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following sentences with appropriate words/phrases.
    (a) When followed by predators kangaroos submerge …………….. and ……………..
    (b) The powerful hind legs help kangaroos to ……………….
    (c) Kangaroos are mainly found in Australia and are…………………
    (d) They use their front legs to ……………
    (e) Kangaroos warn others of danger by …………
    (f) The secret of kangaroos to stay cool is ……………..
    (h) Before becoming ‘Joeys’ the young ones stay in the ………….. and …………………..
    (g) They use their tails to ……………..
    Answer. (a) chest-deep in water and attempt to drown the attacker by holding him under water.
    (b) kick at their adversary as a defensive technique.
    (c) big-footed marsupials who use their short front legs like arms.
    (d) scratch themselves, clean their fur and hold branches when they eat leaves.
    (e) by beating on the ground with their hind feet.
    (f) is the spit bath wherein they drool and lick saliva all over their faces and bodies to cool down.
    (g) balance and support them when they sit or fight against other kangaroos.
    (h) safety of the pouch of their mothers and eat sleep and grow there, for the next 225 days.

    Question.2. Read the passage given below:
    1. It is rare to find someone with good technical and communication skills. You can get far ahead of your colleagues if you combine the two early in your career. People will judge, evaluate, promote or block you based on your communication skills. Since habits form by repeating both good and bad forms of communication, learn to observe great communicators and adopt their styles and traits—in written and verbal forms. The art of listening and learning from each and every interaction, is another secret recipe. Develop the subconscious habit of listening to yourself as you speak and know when to pause.
    2. Learning what not to say is probably more important than learning what to say. As your career develops, you will realize that the wise speak less. Speak when you have value to add, else refrain. Poorly constructed e-mails with grammatical errors are acceptable between friends, but they should be seriously avoided while communicating formally with your seniors. Avoid any communication in an emotional state when you might say things you will regret later. One unnecessary word uttered at the wrong time or place can ruin a relationship, career or even your life. Such is the power of words. If such a thing happens, you should immediately apologise, else it may haunt you for life.
    3. Another problem to overcome is speaking too fast. Since our minds are working faster than our speech, we are inclined to speak fast. This does not necessarily mean that the person hearing it will get it any faster. On the contrary, it is always the reverse. So slow down, think before you speak. “When I get ready to speak to people,” Abraham Lincoln said, ” I spend two-thirds of the time thinking what they want to hear and one-third thinking what I want to say
    ” Adding humour and wit is also essentia}. But realize that not all jokes are funny and observe certain boundaries. Never say anything that could offend. Remember you are not a comedian who must offend as many people as you can to be witty.

    Question.2.1. Answer the following questions briefly.
    (a) Why is it necessary to have good communication skills?
    (b) How can communication skills be developed?
    (c) What according to the writer should be avoided while communicating?
    (d) Why should you be careful when you tend to be humorous?
    Answer. (a) It is necessary to have good communication skills because they are the basis for
    people to judge, evaluate, promote or block you.
    (b) Communication skills can be developed by learning to observe great communicators and adopting their styles and traits and by the art of listening and learning from each and every interaction.
    (c) According to the writer learning what not to say is more important than learning
    what to say. One must speak only when he has value to add or else one should refrain from speaking. .
    (d) You should be careful when you tend to be humorous because you need to observe certain boundaries as not all jokes are funny and certain jokes can be offensive.

    Question.2.2. Choose the most appropriate meanings of the given words from the options provided:
    (a) evaluate
    (i) estimate (ii) assume (iii) punish (iv) evolve
    (b) trait
    (i) treaty (ii) trail (iii) quality (iv) liberty
    (c) utter
    (i) flatter (ii) speak (iii) rot (iv) unique
    (d) haunt
    (i) hunt (ii) chant (iii) trouble (iv) avoid
    Answer. (a) (i) estimate
    (b) (iii) quality
    (c) (ii) speak
    (d) (iii) trouble

    Question.3. You had visited Antarctica and had an opportunity to see the polar ice caps melting and realised that the threat of global warming is very real. Taking ideas from the MCB unit on Environment along with your own ideas, write an article in 100-120 words on what a student can do to preserve the environment. You are Rama/Ram.
    You were one among a group of students who represented your State in a national youth exchange programme. It was an eye-opener which made you realise the spirit of unity in diversity. Taking ideas from the MCB unit on National Integration along with your own ideas, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in 100-120 words on the importance of National Integration. You are May^Mohan, 4 Rampur Road, Bareilly.
    Answer.Students Role In Environment Preservation
    By: Ram
    On my recent visit to Antarctica I saw the polar ice caps melting and realized that the threat of global warming is very real. I also understood the seriousness of the problem and felt that we students can do our bit to preserve the environment.
    Students can make a difference by helping the government and non-government organisations in preventing pollution of air and water bodies. They can also encourage and initiate tree plantation by actively participating in festivals like Van Mahotsav. Students can also create awareness on need for environment preservation through posters, street plays etc. They should also practice and encourage basic habits like car pools and use of public transport, use of LED lights and recycling of paper, etc.
    A little extra effort by the students can go a long way in making people understand how imperative it is for each one of us to do our bit in environment preservation.
    4, Rampur Road Bareilly
    1st October 20xx
    The Editor The Daily Times Bareilly
    Subject: Importance of National Integration.
    Through the medium of the columns of your esteemed newspaper I wish to reiterate the importance of national integration.
    I was one among a group of students who represented our State in a national youth exchange programme. It was an eye-opener that made me realise the importance of unity in diversity. India is a land of different religions, languages and cultures. We need to have national integration to ensure progress and safety. It is important to have interaction and cultural exchange among the people of different States. Celebration of festivals will also help to break barriers, bind people and create emotional bonds. Our educational curriculum also needs to be revamped to inculcate national integration.
    I hope you will publish my letter in your newspaper so that the importance of national integration is reiterated among the readers.
    Yours Sincerely Mohan

    Question.4. Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided:
    The doorbell rang. Sunil opened the door. At first he could not recognise the tall and well dressed man who stood before him. Then the man spoke and all of a sudden ….
    Aravind was distracted. He couldn’t concentrate in the class. The incident which had happened that morning had shattered him …..
    Answer. ……Sunil recollected that he had heard this style of speech before. It was in the same way
    the lean boy who had lived next door spoke. He and his family had moved to the USA about seven years ago. Sunil’s family were on very good terms with them. He was Raj, the lanky eighteen years old boy who had been his neighbour a few years ago. Sunil and Raj embraced each other fondly and Sunil welcomed him into the house. Sunil’s mother also arrived and as soon as she recognised Raj she too was overwhelmed with emotion and memories. Sunil and his mother enquired about Raj and his family’s well-being. Raj and his family had moved to the USA when he had passed his XIIth standard. Now he was a young man in his mid twenties visiting India on official work. Raj was working with NASA and Sunil was absolutely fascinated on hearing this. He wanted to know all about NASA and Raj’s nature of work. Raj told Sunil he could visit them anytime and promised to give Sunil a tour of NASA. On hearing this, Sunil’s joy knew no bounds and from that very moment he started dreaming of his trip to USA and his NASA tour.
    ….and he could not stop thinking about it, Aravind had reached his bus stop early due to the uncertain and erratic timings of his bus. As he stood waiting for the bus with his father they saw a very old couple sitting on the pavement. They looked decent and well- dressed so Aravind’s father approached them and enquired if they needed any assistance. The old lady burst into tears and as the old man comforted her he told them that their son had thrown them out of the house telling them there was no place for them in his life and in the house. Just then Aravind’s school bus arrived and he had to go. But he could not forget the sad and distressful look on the old couple’s faces. His mind was full of thoughts about how terribly some children treat their old parents when parents do everything that they can to bring up their children in the best possible way. They make numerous sacrifices for their children, love them unconditionally and when in their old age the parents need their children the most, they treat them most unfeelingly. At that very moment Aravind decided to be a dutiful son and encourage his friends to be the same.

    Question.5. Read the passage given below and fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones that follow:
    Alaska’s size and climate make transportation (a) challenge. Long ago, sledges
    pulled (b) dog teams were the best way to travel (c) native people.
    (a) (i) an (ii) the (iii) a (iv) for
    (b) (i) by (ii) with (iii) of (iv) beside
    (c) (i) by (ii) to (iii) for (iv) with
    Answer.(a) (iii) a
    (b) (i) by
    (c) (iii) for

    Question.6. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line against which a blank has been given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number as given in the example. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied.
    Error Correction
    The road to success is no a bed of roses. e.g. no not
    Only those who wade on hazards and hurdles (a) _ _
    can achieve successful. Set yourself clear goals (b) _ _
    and define precisely what you wants to do. (c) _ _
    Goals provide direction for your behaviour (d) _ _
    and guide your actions or thoughts. Specific goals (e) _ _
    are better than general ones. Let every parts (f) _ _
    of your body is full of that idea. Winners do not (g) _ _
    |do different things, they does things differently. (h) _ _
    Answer.(a) on … through (b) successful … success
    (c) wants … want (d) for …. to
    (e) or … and (f) parts … part
    (g) is … be (h) does … do

    Question.7. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences:
    (a) coloured bus / children / we saw / full of / a yellow / excited /
    (b) they were / we guessed / on the / planetarium / way / to the /
    (c) part / this / study tour / of their / was /
    Answer. (a) We saw a yellow coloured bus full of excited children.
    (b) We guessed they were on the way to the planetarium.
    (c) This was part of their study tour.

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    And immediately I regretted it.
    I thought how paltry, how vulgar, what a mean act!
    I despised myself and the voices of my accursed human education.
    (a) What was the mean act?
    (b) Why did the poet despise himself?
    (c) What does the word ‘accursed’ mean in the above context?
    “Well, you needn’t be because I just came to tell you to stop bothering us for assistance; you ain’t going to get it. We’re going on strike!”
    (a) Who speaks these words and to whom?
    (b) What was the ‘assistance’ that was denied?
    (c) What does the word ‘bothering’ mean?
    Answer. (a) The mean act was that of throwing a log at the snake and trying to harm him.
    (b) The poet despised himself for listening to the voice of education and doing the mean act of throwing a log at the snake.
    (c) The word ‘accursed’ in the above lines refers to ‘something that can be cursed’.
    (a) Helen, the ghost speaks these words to John Hallock, the writer.
    (b) The ‘assistance’ that was denied was that of giving ideas for writing ghost stories.
    (c) The word ‘bothering’ means ‘troubling or disturbing’.

    Question.9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
    (a)Why was the Albatross considered as a ‘Christian Soul’?
    (b) Why couldn’t Michael help Sebastian the first time?
    (c) How did Decius Brutus interpret Calpurnia’s dream?
    (d) How did Patol Babu lose his job in Calcutta?
    Answer.(a) The Albatross was considered as a ‘Christian Soul’ because it came through the fog at
    the time of favourable weather. It was a symbol of purity and goodness, a sign of hope from God to save the mariners from trouble.
    (b) Michael could not help Sebastian the first time because the second sheriff, Sebastian was shot by the horsemen. He fell down and the computer screen said, ‘Game Over’.
    (c) Helen, the ghost, tells John Hallock that she and the other ghosts who were part of ‘The Writer’s Inspiration Bureau’, were going on strike and so writers like him would not get ideas for another plot from them. She and her companions were fed-up of being called out of their beds, at odd hours, a little too often to answer silly questions of humans who sat on Ouija boards and this strike was their way of retaliation.
    (d) Patol Babu was working in a clerical post with Hudson and Kimberley in Calcutta. It was quite smooth sailing till the sudden retrenchment in his office due to the war, cost him his nine year old job.
    (e) Calpurnia begs Caesar not to go to the senate house because she had dreamt and heard about various unnatural occurrences on that day, which she felt were ill-omens. She considers them as a warning for Caesar’s forthcoming end. Fearing his life is in danger she forbids him from venturing out of the house.

    Question.10. Patience and hard work go a long way in achieving your goals. How does Patol Babu win the admiration of the director through a very small role? Write in 80-100 words.
    Mark Antony, with the help of his oratory, skills, succeeded in winning the mob over to his side. This led to the downfall of the conspirators. Write in 80-100 words, how with the power of words he could effect a change in his listeners.
    Answer. Patience and hard work indeed go a long way in achieving your goals. This is most aptly seen in the way Patol Babu wins the admiration of the director through a very small role. Overcoming his initial disappointment over his monosyllabic dialogue, Patol Babu repeatedly rehearses the dialogue, “Oh!”. He adds special touches to this dialogue, rehearsing it with different expressions. He then emoted the scene with immense sincerity and dedication and in this way won the admiration of everyone who had gathered there.
    Mark Antony, with his powerful oratory skills succeeded in winning the mob over to his side. With the power of his words he touched the hearts of the people. He proved to the mob that Caesar was not ambitious. He exposed the wounded body of Caesar and showed the people the stab wounds made by the conspirators. He aroused the mob’s curiosity by repeatedly hinting at Caesar’s will. Antony told the mob that Caesar loved them and had made the Romans his heirs. His words were so powerful that the crowd turned against the conspirators.

    Question.11. Answer the following in 150-200 words:
    How does Anne criticise the attitude of the grown-ups in her diary?
    Write a character sketch of Mrs. Van Daan .
    What were Helen’s memories of Radcliffe?
    How important was the presence of Miss Anne Sullivan in Helen’s life?
    Answer. Anne is not happy with the attitude of the grown-ups in the Annexe. She struggles with the adults, who constantly criticize her behaviour and consider her “exasperating”. She never gets a satisfactory response from them- Anne feels extremely lonely and longs for kindness and affection, which she feels her mother is incapable of providing. Anne also feels her mother lacks motherly feelings and never understands her. She also admits she can never love her mother “with the devotion of a child”. Anne says the grown-ups never allow the children to form opinions of their own. Children were not given the love and care they needed from the adults. Anne feels the elders should respect the children’s opinions. She refers to Mrs. Van Daan as an instigator who is petty, stingy and disagreeable. Mr. Van Daan is not hesitant to cause friction. He too is a temperamental man who fights frequently and openly. Thus Anne is critical of the attitude of the elders in her diary.
    In Helen’s opinion her experiences at Radcliffe college showed her that college was not the ideal place she had thought it would be. She was thrilled when she got admission. She studied for a year under Professor Keith and was determined to compete with those who could see and hear. The classes were lively and she enjoyed them. There were talks about the subjects she had learned in the first year and discussion about the works of famous French and German writers. But gradually Helen realized she took more time to learn as there were no books for the blind. Moreover Helen dreaded the examinations. Helen was disappointed at not meeting the great and wise people face to face or even feel their living touch in college. Many scholars there forgot that the enjoyment of the great works of literature depended upon the depth of the reader’s sympathy than their understanding. The trouble was that very few of their laborious explanations were memorable and the mind dropped them just as a branch drops an overripe fruit.
    Miss Anne Sullivan was a life long teacher and companion to Helen Keller. Her arrival brought about a miraculous change in Helen’s life and the world became more meaningful and full of things quivering with life for Helen. Anne was extremely patient and tolerant with Helen. She handled Helen with sensitivity but firmly. She encouraged her to explore and came up with the most interesting and novel ways to tutor Helen. Anne was the guiding force who broadened Helen’s horizons and opened the window to life for her. She supported and motivated Helen constantly and unrelentlessly. Her presence helped Helen to study and learn like normal children. Time and again Anne provided Helen with the much needed hope and encouragement. It was due to her persistent patience and perseverance that Helen was able to come out of her dark and sordid world.

    SET II

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I.
    Question.4. Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided:
    There was a lot of excitement in the air. The sound of crackers could be heard all around. Manu rushed out ……….
    Before starting the journey, he made sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything. He got into the train, settled in his seat and looked around ……………
    Answer. ….to where his Mends and family were bursting crackers. It was a sight to behold the
    beautiful and vibrant colours that lit up the night sky. Everyone was completely busy lighting the crackers. At that moment Manu’s attention was diverted to his little cousin Rahul who stood at a secluded spot coughing badly. Manu knew Rahul was suffering from asthma and the thick cloud of smoke would be suffocating him. Then Manu saw his . Mend Rajat standing away from the place where everyone was busy bursting crackers.
    Rajat had burnt his hand last year when he was lighting a rocket and so this year due to his fear he had decided to refrain from bursting crackers. Manu felt that despite the harmful and dangerous effects of crackers he and his family were not celebrating a cracker free Diwali. The meaning of Diwali is ‘the festival of lights’ and unfortunately many of us are still not celebrating this festival in its true spirit.
    ….. arid saw people were in a hurry as they geared up for their journey. Some people were arranging their luggage under their respective seats while some were locating their seat numbers. Everyone was busy doing their.own thing but no one bothered to check for any unidentified luggage around them. Despite repeated warnings by the police department people still do not bother to be cautious and vigilant. It was now that Ravi decided to check the luggage lying around the place and started asking people which bag belonged to whom. At first, people seemed annoyed but when he explained to them his reasons for
    doing so everyone cooperated with him. Many also appreciated the fact that he was doing his duty as a responsible citizen of the country. It was a rare sight for everyone to see a person who was ensuring the safety of so many others. Ravi then told the people around him that he did not need their appreciation and applause but wanted them to be vigilant all the time. In this way they could ensure the safety and security of their own selves as well as others.

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    For he seemed to me again like a king,
    Like a king in exile, uncrowned in the underworld,
    Now due to be crowned again.
    And so, I missed my chance with one of the lords Of life.
    And I ha?’e something to expiate: A pettiness.
    (a) Why is the snake called a king in exile?
    (b) What is the pettiness referred to in these lines?
    (c) What does the word ‘underworld’ mean?
    I only waved denial and gurgled in my throat. She went on “It’s bad enough to have you flirt over the Ouija board with that hussy—.”
    (a) What was John denying?
    (b) What does the word ‘hussy’ mean?
    (c) Why did Lavinia think that John was flirting?
    Answer. (a) The snake is called a king in exile because despite being a majestic creature it is forced to remain underground, out of man’s sight.
    (b) The pettiness referred to in these lines is the act of throwing a log at the snake.
    (c) The word ‘underworld’ means ‘underground or under the earth’.
    (a) John was denying that he was hiding someone in his room.
    (b) The word ‘hussy’ means ‘a woman with loose morals’.
    (c) The Ouija boards at all the tables mentioned a name, Helen. So Lavinia thought John was having an affair.

    Question.9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
    (a) What was the crime committed by the mariner?
    (b) Why did the news about Sebastian Shultz shock Michael?
    (c) How did Brutus justify Caesar’s assassination?
    (d) Why did the dialogue given to him disappoint Patol Babu?
    (e) What feelings does the partially destroyed statue of Ozymandias convey?
    Answer. (a) The mariner had committed a heinous crime. He had shot the innocent Albatross with his cross bow without any provocation and for no valid reason.
    (b) The news about Sebastian Shultz shocked Michael as he realized that Sebastian was actually a living person. He saw Sebastian’s photograph in the newspaper and was shocked he had been playing with him in die computer game.
    (c) Brutus justified Caesar’s assassination by telling the people of Rome that Caesar had become over-ambitious and he would have made the Romans his slaves if he had been allowed to live,
    (d) The dialogue given to Patol Babu disappointed him because it was only a monosyllabic word, “Oh!”. Patol Babu was hoping for a better role with a proper dialogue in order to show his talent.
    (e) The partially destroyed statue of Ozymandias conveys the feelings of arrogance, cruelty, coldness, anger and pride that were depicted on the statue’s face.


    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I and Set-II.
    Question.4. Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided:
    During the interval all the students got out of class. Manisha remained inside. That morning her mother had told her that
    On hearing the news, Ravi ran to the spot. A dig crowd had gathered and a few policemen could also be seen in the vicinity
    Answer. …… she should complete all her previous notes and assignments that she had missed due to her inter-school competitions. Manisha was a trained and a talented Kathak dancer and was not able to attend her classes regularly due to the hectic schedule of her inter-school and national level competitions. But today her mother had told her to stay back in her class during the interval to ensure she Updated all her pending work. Her exams were approaching near and Manisha had to prepare for them. The students and teachers fully cooperated with Manisha and rendered her all the help she needed. It was her own parents that Manisha found very difficult to satisfy. They wanted her to excel in every field and Manisha was now finding it very difficult to cope up with this parental pressure.
    She wished there was someone she could talk to. Such is the plight of many children today who like Manisha are living a stressful life at a very young age trying hard to cope up with the goals their parents have set for them.
    ….. He still could not believe that a murder had been committed in his neighbourhood. He had only heard or read about murders or seen them jn me vies. But now someone had been murdered in his own neighbourhood and that too his harmless, old neighbour. He did not understand why anyone would want to kill the kind and sweet old lady. The only thing
    that probably was not in her favour was the fact that she lived alone and that made her a soft target. The policemen thought burglary was the main motive behind her murder as the things in her house were lying scattered. Ravi also knew that senior citizens, especially those who lived alone were vulnerable targets for burglars who found it easy to rob them as they were incapable of putting up a resistance. He felt sad that old people had to live alone despite having children who had either settled abroad or preferred the nuclear family system once they got married. He could not bear to see the sight when the police carried the old lady’s body into the van. He left the site with a heavy heart and a distressed mind.

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    Was it humility, to feel so honoured?
    I felt so honoured.
    And yet those voices:
    (a) Why did the poet feel honoured?
    (b) Which Voices’ are referred to in these lines?
    (c) What does ‘humility’ in the first line mean?
    And I had never found it healthy to contradict Jenkins. Jenkins always seemed to have an uncanny knowledge as to when the landlord or the grocer was pestering me, and he dunned me for a ghost. And somehow I’d always been able to big one up for him, so I’d begun to get a bit cocky as to my ability.
    (a) Why couldn’t John contradict Jenkins?
    (b) What did John ‘dig up’ for Jenkins?
    (c) What does the word ‘cocky’ mean?
    Answer. (a) The poet felt honoured because the snake was a guest at his water trough.
    (b) The ‘voices’ referred to in these lines are of education and conscience.
    (c) ‘Humility’ in the first lines means ‘courteous behaviour’.
    (a) John could not contradict Jenkins because whenever he was in need of money, it was Jenkins who provided it. He was the only one who published John’s stories.
    (b) John always managed to ‘dig up’ a ghost or supernatural story for Jenkins.
    (c) The word ‘cocky’ means ‘over confident or proud’.

    Question.9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
    (a) Why did the mariners blame the ancient mariner for their plight?
    (b) How did Sebastian Shultz request Michael to help him?
    (c) Why did Julius Caesar deny the repeal of banishment of Publius Cimber?
    (d) What was the role offered to Patol Babu?
    (e) What words were written on the pedestal of the broken statue? What did they show?
    Answer. (a) The mariners blamed the ancient mariner for their plight because he had killed the
    innocent Albatross whom they had considered a Christian Soul. His act had brought them bad luck and their ship was rotting in the slimy sea.
    (b) Sebastian had entered the psycho-drive games when he had banged his head in the accident. He now needed Michael’s help and was requesting him for help by sending messages on the computer.
    (c) Julius Caesar denied the repeal of banishment of Publius Cimber as he said he was as firm as the north star and did not go back on his words. Moreover he would never be influenced by flattery.
    (d) Patol Babu was offered a small role in a film to be directed by Baren Mullick. The role was that of an absent-minded, short-tempered pedestrian in his fifties. His role was to collide with the hero on “the sidewalk and exclaim the word ‘oh’. His role was miniscule and not of any consequence to the storyline of the film.
    (e) The words written on the pedestal of the broken statue were: “I am Ozymandias, king of kings/look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    These words show his arrogance, vanity and overbearing nature.


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