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Best Smart Strategies to Prepare for JEE Main 2024 in 3 Months

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is one of India’s most important engineering entrance exams. It is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to undergraduate engineering programs in NITs, IIITs, and other centrally funded technical institutions.

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    Preparing for JEE Main 2024 in 3 months can be daunting, but it is possible with the right approach and dedication. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the exam in a short period:

    Become Familiar with JEE Main Exam Pattern

    The first step to preparing for JEE Main 2024 is thoroughly understanding the exam pattern. This includes knowing the number of questions, the type of questions, the marking scheme, and the time limit. You can find detailed information about the exam pattern on the NTA website. Here is the topic-wise chart illustrating the weightage of each subject for JEE Main 2024:

    S.No. Chemistry Physics Mathematics
    1 Organic Chemistry (34%) Mechanics (25%) Differential Calculus (15.20%)
    2 Inorganic Chemistry (30%) Electro Dynamics (22.58%) Probability (7.26%)
    3 Physical Chemistry (36%) Heat & Thermodynamics (12.90%) Integral Calculus (16.94%)
    4 Modern Physics (18.55%) Matrix Determinants (11.29%)
    5 Optics (14.52%) Coordinate Geometry (14.52%)
    6 SHM & Waves (6.45%) Trigonometry (8.06%)

    JEE Main 2024 Paper I and Paper II Preparing Strategy

    JEE Main consists of two papers: Paper 1 for B.E./B.Tech. and Paper 2 for B.Arch./B.Planning. Each paper has a different syllabus and marking scheme. Devising separate strategies for each paper based on your strengths and weaknesses is essential.

    JEE Main Paper 1:

    • Paper I of JEE Main is conducted exclusively for engineering aspirants.
    • There are three sections in this paper: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
    • It includes 30 MCQ-based questions and 10 questions with numerical value answers
    • There is a time limit of three hours for students to complete the test.
    • For every correct response, four points are awarded, and one point is deducted for each incorrect response.

    JEE Main Paper 2:

    • Paper II can only be taken by students who wish to enrol for B.Arch/B.Plan courses.
    • Paper II A includes questions from Mathematics (30 MCQs + 10 numerical value questions), Aptitude (50 MCQs), and Drawing (2 questions). Further, Paper-II B comprises three sections- Mathematics (20 MCQs + 10 numerical value questions), Aptitude (50 MCQs), and Planning (25 MCQs).
    • Students are allotted 3 hours to complete the exam.
    • Paper B has the same marking scheme as Paper A.

    Choose the Best Books for JEE Main 2024

    There are many different books available for JEE Main 2024 preparation. It is important to choose books that are relevant to the latest syllabus and written by experienced authors. Some recommended books include:

    Subject Books Author
    Physics Problems in General Physics I.E. Irodov
    Practice Book Physics for JEE Main and Advanced D.C. Pandey
    Physics for JEE (Main and Advanced) – Vol 1 and 2 Resnick, Halliday, Walker
    Concepts of Physics – Part I H.C. Verma
    Concepts of Physics – Part II H.C. Verma
    Chemistry Concise Inorganic Chemistry J.D. Lee
    GRB Numerical Chemistry P. Bahadur
    Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
    Organic Chemistry Robert T. Morrison and Robert N. Boyd
    Mathematics Higher Algebra Hall & Knight
    Degree level Differential Calculus A Das Gupta
    Problems in Calculus of One Variable I.A. Maron
    Objective Mathematics for JEE R.D. Sharma
    Mathematics for Class 11 and 12 R.D. Sharma
    IIT Mathematics M.L. Khanna

    Create Daily, Monthly and Weekly Planners

    A well-structured study plan is essential for effective preparation. Create daily, monthly, and weekly planners that allocate time for each subject. Make sure to include time for revision and mock tests. Below is an example of what your first-month schedule should look like.

    Week Subjects Topics
    1st Week Physics Units & Dimension
    Chemistry Solid States & Atomic Structure
    Mathematics Binomial Theorem
    2nd Week Physics Current Electricity
    Chemistry Solution and Colligative Properties
    Mathematics Differential Calculus
    3rd Week Physics Electro-Magnetism
    Chemistry Electrochemistry & Chemical Kinetics
    Mathematics Coordinate Geometry
    4th Week Physics Work, Energy, power & Gravitation
    Chemistry S & P block
    Mathematics Matrix & Determinants

    Revise Well for JEE Main 2024

    Regular revision is the cornerstone of effective learning and retention. It is akin to exercising a muscle; the more you engage with the material, the stronger your understanding and recall become. To make the most of your revision sessions, adopt these strategies:

    • Create concise and comprehensive notes: During your initial learning phase, take detailed notes capturing each topic’s essence. Once you’ve completed a section, refine your notes, eliminating unnecessary details and highlighting key concepts.
    • Practice problems regularly: Theory is essential, but practice solidifies your understanding and helps you apply concepts to real-world scenarios. Dedicate daily time to solving problems from textbooks, online resources, or past JEE Main papers.
    • Space out your revision sessions: Cramming information into a short period is counterproductive and leads to quick forgetting. Instead, spread out your revision over time, revisiting topics at regular intervals to reinforce your knowledge.
    • Active recall techniques: Engage in active recall techniques like self-testing, flashcards, or explaining concepts to others. These methods stimulate your brain to retrieve information, enhancing understanding and retention.

    Take JEE Main 2024 Mock Tests Regularly

    Mock tests are invaluable for assessing your preparation, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and familiarizing yourself with the exam format. Regular mock test practice provides numerous benefits:

    • Realistic exam simulation: Mock tests replicate the actual JEE Main exam regarding question format, time constraints, and marking scheme. This allows you to gauge your performance under simulated exam conditions and develop effective time management strategies.
    • Strength assessment: Mock tests highlight areas where you excel, allowing you to focus on refining your strengths and building confidence.
    • Weakness identification: Pinpointing areas of weakness is crucial for targeted improvement. Analyze your mock test results to identify specific topics or concepts that require further attention.
    • Performance tracking: Track your progress over time by comparing your performance across multiple mock tests. This helps you identify areas of improvement and monitor your overall preparation trajectory.

    Stay Motivated and Follow a Healthy Routine

    Preparing for JEE Main can be demanding, and maintaining motivation throughout your journey is essential. To stay focused and energized, follow these strategies:

    1. Set realistic goals: Setting ambitious goals is motivating, but breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks makes the process less daunting and more possible.
    2. Reward yourself for milestones: Acknowledge and appreciate your progress by rewarding yourself for achieving milestones. This reinforces positive behavior and keeps you motivated.
    3. Seek support from mentors and peers: Surround yourself with supportive mentors and peers who can provide guidance, encouragement, and a sense of camaraderie.
    4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Prioritize your physical and mental well-being by maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and engaging in regular exercise. A healthy lifestyle enhances your focus, energy levels, and overall well-being.

    Here are some additional tips for preparing for JEE Main in 3 months:

    • Join a coaching class or study group: This can provide you with guidance and support from experienced teachers and fellow students.
    • Focus on your weak areas: Don’t waste time on topics that you are already strong in.
    • Manage your time effectively: Practice time management techniques to maximize your study time.
    • Believe in yourself: Stay positive and believe in your ability to succeed.

    You can achieve your goal of cracking JEE Main in 3 months with hard work and dedication from catch these 7 Smart Strategies.

    FAQ’s on JEE Main 2024 in 3 Months

    Is JEE 2024 going to be tough?

    JEE 2024 is expected to be a challenging exam, but its difficulty level will depend on various factors, including the syllabus, question patterns, and the overall preparedness of the aspirants. Thorough preparation and consistent practice are crucial for success.

    How to crack mains in 3 months?

    Cracking JEE Mains in 3 months requires a focused and dedicated approach. Start by creating a study schedule, prioritizing weaker areas, and practicing regularly from previous year question papers and mock tests. Seek guidance from experienced teachers or tutors.

    Can I crack IIT in 3 months from zero level?

    Cracking IIT in 3 months from zero level is extremely challenging but not impossible. It demands unwavering commitment, intense study sessions, and an effective strategy. Focus on understanding fundamental concepts, practice consistently, and seek help from experts.

    How to start preparation for IIT JEE 2024?

    Starting preparation for IIT JEE 2024 requires a well-structured plan. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the syllabus and exam pattern. Develop a consistent study schedule, prioritize weaker areas, and utilize effective study techniques. Practice solving previous year question papers and mock tests.

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