BlogCBSEHow to prepare for CBSE Class X Term 2 Board Exams?

How to prepare for CBSE Class X Term 2 Board Exams?

Class X Term 2 Board Exam Preparation

In the earlier blog, we have discussed the preparation tips for the CBSE class X Term 1 board exams. Now that Term 1 is over, it is time to focus on Term 2. In this blog, we will know how to prepare for the board exams conducted at the end of the second term. 

Before we get into details, there are a few things that students of class X need to be mindful of. The CBSE Class X Term 2 Board Exams are likely to be held in the months of March-April 2022. Unlike Term 1, these exams are going to be descriptive type. Moreover, the duration will be for 2 hours for each subject. If, in any case, the conditions are unfavorable to have the exams in offline mode, the CBSE board may conduct them in MCQ format. Just like Term 1, the exam duration for Term 2 will be 90 min.

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    If you want to excel in the CBSE Class X Term 2 board exams, students should focus on their studies from day one. Below are the steps to follow to enhance your preparation from the beginning.

    Step 1: Get acquainted with the exam pattern and the rationalized syllabus.

    You must be aware of the exam pattern, the exam duration, and other details. Regarding the rationalized syllabus, you can visit the official website of the CBSE board to get yourself familiar with it. Once you have an idea of the syllabus, you will know what you should cover in the three to four months before the term-end.  

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    Step 2: Design a proper study schedule.

    If you want to gain an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus, you need to start your preparation at the beginning, itself. What many students are that they pay no heed to the syllabus while it is going on. Instead, they start their preparation a few weeks before the exams. 

    If you want to meet the target and avoid last-minute doubts and hassle, it is advisable to design a study schedule at the starting of the term. It will help you get a clear understanding of the syllabus and keep you prepared for the exams.

    Step 3: Refer to question banks.

    The best way to get started with your Term 2 exams preparation is to follow the question banks. Make sure you start doing it right from the beginning of the term. These question banks contain a host of questions, covering the entire syllabus of the subject. To get yourself acquainted with the important questions of the syllabus, refer to the question banks. It helps you gain clarity of the pattern and let us stay tuned to it. Once you are done with your preparation, grab the sample papers. Start solving them to accelerate your exam preparation.

    Step 4: Start practicing answer writing.

    Since the Term 1 exams are objective type, i.e., MCQ pattern, students will have a huge gap for attempting the descriptive type. To bridge this, it is essential to start practicing answer writing from the starting of the term. Students need to pick up their pace with writing to finish their Term 2 exams within the given time. It is advisable to start preparing for exams and practicing answer writing simultaneously. It will help them understand the exam pressure, time management, and test their speed.

    A Few Words To Conclude

    Although it may be about three or four months for the Term 2 board exams, it is no less than a blink of an eye to the advent. It is advisable to start preparing for the exams, at the earliest, to achieve excellent grades. You can follow the above steps mentioned in this article to augment your preparation. 

    Write to us in the comments section below, if you want to add any preparation tips to our readers. Let us know if you have inputs to add by posting them in the comments.

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