BlogCBSEHow to Prepare for CBSE Class X Term 1 Board Exams?

How to Prepare for CBSE Class X Term 1 Board Exams?

Class X Term 1 Board Exam Preparation

We are all aware that the CBSE board has divided the entire syllabus for classes IX to XII into two terms. In the previous articles, we have learned about the new curriculum, the assessment, and the evaluation pattern. In this blog, we will know how to prepare for the exams conducted at the end of each term. If you are a class X student, you must follow the special tips and tricks mentioned below to prepare for the term-end exams.

Here are the preparation tips for CBSE Class X Term 1 board exams. Make sure you follow them diligently to accelerate your preparation for the new curriculum.

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    Tip 1: Understand the exam pattern and syllabus.

    The first and foremost thing that every student should do is get acquainted with the new syllabus and the pattern. They must have a complete understanding of the exam pattern that includes several details like the type of questions, the exam duration, etc. Since the Term 1 exam is going to be objective type, students should know about the marking scheme and all the sections that will be covered in the exam. Altogether, the CBSE Class 10 board exams entail 100 marks, including both Term 1 and Term 2 exams.

    Term 1 Exam: 40 marks

    Internal Assessment: 10 marks

    Term 2 Exam: 40 marks

    Internal Assessment: 10 marks

    Total Board Exam Marks: 80 marks

    Total Internal Assessment: 20 marks

    The internal assessment for each term includes several activities like notebook submission, periodic tests, and other subject activities.

    Tip 2: Prepare a study schedule and follow it without fail.

    Any exam requires proper planning to execute. Now, that you are attempting the new curriculum with the rationalized syllabus, you need to have a perfect study schedule. It aids in meeting your target without much effort. Initially, you may find it difficult. However, do not give up but follow your timetable sincerely.

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    Tip 3: Solve sample papers and previous years’ question papers.

    It is advisable to solve previous years’ question papers before the exam. Also, work on the sample papers of each subject that will help you give a better understanding of the exam format. Moreover, this practice will assist the students in analyzing their preparation levels.

    When solving the old question papers, make sure you finish them within the allotted time. It is a crucial aspect if you want to finish the papers on time during the main exam. Furthermore, it helps students analyze their speed and helps them keep a track of it.

    Tip 4: Remain focused on your preparation by taking regular breaks.

    While preparing for exams, it is necessary to take regular breaks. It helps the students to remain focused if they are studying for long hours. So, do not forget to take short breaks when you plan to study for continuous hours.

    In addition to taking regular breaks, do some minor exercises between the studies. It will help you to stay healthy and active physically and mentally. Staying fit and in good health is crucial when preparing for examinations.

    Tip 5: Allow proper rest to your body by having a good night’s sleep.

    It is very essential to take proper rest when preparing for exams. While it is obvious to have anxiety, stress, and nervousness during the preparation, it is equally vital to keep them at bay. Else, they will affect exam preparation and further hamper their performance during exams.

    We suggest students keep their minds relaxed and peaceful while preparing for the exams. For that, you need to have a good night’s sleep. It is crucial especially, before the exam time. Do not sacrifice your sleep by studying all through the night right before the exam. Ensure you get a perfect sleep to ensure your mind stays relaxed and refreshed when writing the exam.

    Tip 6: Write correct answers and finish the exam on time.

    After you finish the preparation and give the exam, ensure that you answer all the questions correctly. How aptly you answer the questions will reflect the hard work that you have put in during your preparation. Also, you need to finish the papers on time.

    To answer all the questions and finish the exam on time, students need to follow proper techniques and required strategies. Moreover, they need to follow the best way for the same. It is crucial to make the best use of the first 15 minutes of the exam before they start writing.

    Here are a few other tips that students should follow when preparing for every exam:

    • Effectively manage your time by having a to-do list.
    • Prevent yourself from all sorts of distractions, including social media and your mobile phone.
    • Devote your productive hours to topics that are complex and difficult to learn.
    • Take regular breaks between your preparation sessions to replenish your energy levels.

    The above-mentioned are some of the tips that will help you prepare for the CBSE class X Term 1 board exams. I hope these pointers will assist you throughout your exam preparation. Write to us in the comments below if you have any more tips to add for our students.

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