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How to Prepare for Class XII Board Mathematics Exam 2022?

Maths preparation tips for 2022

CBSE Class XII board exams are very crucial in a student’s life. These exams decide the future of every child and pave a path for a successful future. Mathematics subject is an important subject for both class XII exams and other competitive entrance exams like IIT, JEE, and similar ones. A proper study plan combined with diligent preparation will make the process much easier. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks for CBSE class XII mathematics exam preparation.

Firstly, let us start with the new syllabus and the exam pattern for the academic year 2021-22.

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    Below is a table of the revised syllabus for CBSE class XII mathematics for both Term 1 and Term 2. It will give a fair idea of how you can prepare your study plan.

    Term 1   

    Units    Title    Weightage   
    Unit I    Relations and Functions  8 
    Unit II    Algebra  10 
    Unit III  Calculus  17 
    Unit V  Linear Programming  5 
    Total        40 

    Term 2   

    Units    Title    Weightage   
    Unit III  Calculus  18 
    Unit IV  Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry  14 
    Unit VI  Probability  8 
    Total        40   

      Internal Assessment

    Terms    Marks   
    Term 1    10   
    Term 2    10   
    Total    20   

    Total Evaluation   

    Terms    Total Marks   Total Internal Assessment Marks
    Term 1    40  10   
    Term 2    40  10   
    Total Marks    80    20   

    Total Evaluation = Total  Marks + Total  Internal Assessment Marks = 100   

    Let us know about the reference books that you need to go through when preparing for CBSE class XII Mathematics exam:

    1. Mathematics Part I & II – Textbook for Class XII published by NCERT
    2. Mathematics-Class XII (Set of 2 Volumes) written by R.D. Sharma
    3. Mathematics Exemplar Problem for Class XII published by NCERT
    4. Senior Secondary School Mathematics for class 12 written by R. S. Aggarwal

    Let us now get into the preparation tips for CBSE Class XII Mathematics Exam:

    Tip 1: Get yourself familiar with the syllabus and the exam pattern. 

    In the earlier sections, we have already discussed about these.

    Tip 2: Keep yourself handy with the preparation materials.

    For practicing mathematics, you need to work upon many preparation materials like previous years’ question papers, sample papers, maths solutions, etc. Practicing these materials will enhance your speed of solving the problems in the exam. Make sure you have them handy. 

    Also read: CBSE New Curriculum – Revised Mathematics Syllabus for Class XI & XII

    Tip 3: Plan your preparation topic-wise.

    It is essential to identify the topics that carry more weight in the exam and focus on them accordingly. For example, the unit Calculus carries a weightage of 44%. Hence, pay special attention to the topics and chapters in this unit. Practice the important topics to make the most of them.

    The important topic next in line that holds more weightage is the ‘Vectors and 3D Geometry’. It has 17% weightage.

    The next important unit is Algebra that has two important chapters namely matrices and determinants. It carries a weightage of 13%.

    Other units like Probability, Relations, and Functions, carry around 10% weightage each.

    Similarly, Linear Programming has a weightage of 6%. 

    Tip 4: Focus on the long answer questions.

    Remember, the long answer-type questions carry 6 marks in the exam. If you can pull out this section easily, you can score good marks in the exam. When writing the exam, always start with solving easy questions first. It will boost your confidence and keep you motivated till the end of the exam. 

    A Few Words To Conclude

    Mathematics can be a tough subject for many. However, it is not as difficult as most of the students think. With regular practice and a proper preparation strategy, you can overcome any challenges that you may be facing. Make sure you follow the above points diligently to score good marks in the mathematics exam.

    Let us know if the pointers mentioned in this article have helped you enhance your preparation. Write to us in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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