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Choosing the Right Stream after Completing Class 10th

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    Young minds are filled with aspirations, desires, dreams, and students need to prioritize before opting for a stream. This is something which is solely in the hands of the individual himself as no external force could tell you that “what you want from your life?” or “what makes you happy?” or “what interests you the most?”. It is you and only you who could answer these questions for yourself by knowing yourself better. Here are some tips which would help you in choosing the right stream, followed by the career and stream options after class 10th.

    Choosing the right stream after class 10th is a milestone in the lives of young learners, as it would have a vital impact on their careers. There is confusion in every teenage mind after class 10th as “Which stream to choose?”. Students need to be very clear about what they want from their lives. A right decision could provide a blissful work-life ahead and a wrong decision could shatter things up leading to a complete mess. Knowing about your interests and preferences is of utmost importance. Teenage is marked with a lot of challenges, be it peer pressure, parental and societal pressure mixed up with all those hormonal changes, but keeping all this aside, one needs to be patient and vigilant towards his/her preferences and interests because if you end up choosing a career or stream due to some peer or parental pressure and which is not as per your interest, you would get trapped in a zone of confusion and agitation leading to anxiety and restlessness.

    Know yourself better

    This is one of the most important tips which one should follow before taking any crucial decision in life because going against your interests and preferences could result in incredibly fatal results. This involves exploring your skills, aptitude, interests, passion as well as knowledge about your weakness and strength which would ultimately help you to make the best decision for yourself.

    Do not be a sheep

    Students should ensure that they choose a stream that matches their ability, potential, aptitude, preferences, and most importantly their interests rather than choosing a stream just because most of their friends are choosing the same. Don’t let yourself be influenced by others, instead ask yourself “What would keep you motivated with the stream throughout your career?” or “What would you derive from the course and how will it help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams?”. Don’t follow the crowd, rather make your way to success.

    Learning from the experiences and failures of your parents and mentors

    Learning from the experiences and failures of others enriches one’s personality by developing focus and motivation. Parents and teachers are the role models of a student who could easily guide them based on their experiences. There should be a healthy discussion between parents and children regarding the child’s career, interests, risks involved, in a way that parents should not impose their will on children rather they should be free to do what interests them the most.

    Proper Research

    Students should explore the vast range of career options, risks involved, higher education courses and they should enter into an introspective journey and try to find out what fascinates and motivates them. Lack of introspection or lack of research could adversely affect their career prospects. Here is a list of the streams available after class 10th.

    Streams options after class 10th

    Streams options after class 10th are broadly divided into three



    Arts and Humanities

    Science: If a student finds keen interest in solving problems and technology is something which fascinates him/her then he/she surely should explore more about this stream. There are three branches of science.

    PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics)

    PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

    PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology)

    Career Options

    Opting for science after class 10th opens a wide variety of career options for you after 12th including engineering, medical, joining the armed forces, going for research works, and a lot more.

    Mathematics Group Courses

    Engineering (Diploma/Bachelor’s degree)

    This includes Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, and Metallurgy Engineering.

    Science Courses

    This includes courses like B.Sc Agriculture, B.Sc Chemistry, B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Nautical Science, B.Sc Biotechnology, B.Sc IT, etc

    Law Courses

    This includes B.Sc + LLB, B.Tech + LLB, B.Com + LLB, BBA + LLB,etc.

    Management Courses

    These courses include BBA(Bachelors of Business Administration), BMS(Bachelor of Management Studies), BHM(Bachelor of Hotel Management), etc.

    There are many other courses including Designing Courses, Physical Education Courses, Fashion Courses, Teaching/Education Courses, and a lot more.

    After opting for Science, students may go on to become Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Management Professionals, Teachers, Lawyers, Government Employees, etc.


    If a student is fascinated by finance, economics, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies then he/she should surely explore more about this stream.

    It is one of the popular streams to opt for after class 10th. Chartered Accountants(CA) and MBA degrees are most popular for commerce students and offer a variety of practical facts added to their knowledge, which would also allow them to become successful in their business career by following a lot of effective strategies.

    Commerce provides multiple career options :

    Chartered Accountant(CA), BA Economics, BCom, BBA, Management courses, LLB, CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst), and a lot more career options are open for a student with a commerce background.

    Arts and Humanities

    If a student finds Social Studies including the study of history, knowing about polity, the study of geographical features, interesting, then he/she should explore more about this stream after 10th.

    The arts and Humanities stream is very diverse and offers a wide variety of career options to students:

    BA in History and Archaeology, BA in Hindi, BA in Economics, BA in Hotel Management, BA in Political Science, BA in Yoga and Naturopathy, and a lot more courses are open to a student with an arts background.

    Apart from these, some technical courses with arts streams are BCA, B Architecture, law courses, management courses, Designing and fashion courses are also available to students with an arts background.

    Role of parents and teachers

    Teachers and parents are the first who comfort students and are there to hold their back. They should motivate students to do what they wish to do rather than implementing their will on them. They should free students from all those societal and parental pressure and should allow them to fly in their way. They should teach students from their experiences and failures and should fuel them with a greater enthusiasm for a great tomorrow ahead. “Success and failures are just part of life and are meant to be there” should be rooted into their minds.

    At the end of the day, students, it is you who have to lead yourself towards your goals and aspirations, no one will come to hold you or push you, it’s you who have to make decisions and move ahead and one thing which is prior to everything is knowing yourself better because it will make you more sorted towards life. Being more compassionate towards your dreams is of utmost importance so live, learn, fall, rise and grow to be the best version of yourself.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Is the arts and humanities stream opted by the ones who are academically dull?

    Ans: No, it is just a matter of interest and nothing is easy in life, every aspect of life has its challenges and difficulties but doing something which fascinates you makes life a bit easy.

    If social studies, history, polity, geography, economics fascinates you, then you should surely go for this stream irrespective of what the societal norms are?

    2) Is Mathematics compulsory in the commerce stream?

    Ans: No, Mathematics should be taken as an optional subject in the commerce stream.

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