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How to Stay Motivated During the Pandemic?

We are in the year 2022. Not to mention the third consecutive year with the pandemic COVID-19. The past two years have shattered the confidence in the lives of many, leaving them with numerous questions. Students alike were a victim of this great disaster. The schools were shut down, students learning took a new turn, and exams got postponed several times. These are a few of the dire consequences that have taken place ever since the whole nation got hit by the pandemic wave.

The anxiety about studies, exams, and the future continue to dwell in many students’ hearts. While it is easy for them to succumb to their fears, the real victory lies in overcoming the overwhelming force that pulls them back. Here we are with this article that helps our students stay motivated during the third pandemic wave.

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    It is essential for all of us to get adjusted to the new normal. It may be a little challenging to cope with this. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. We have shared some essential tips with you in this article to help students stay on track. These will help make your everyday better during these tough times. Discussed below are some of the tips we, especially students, need to follow:

    1. Set smaller daily goals.

    All students need to realize that these are not normal days. That said, your productivity may not be at its peak during these tough times. You may have set big goals or planning to have one. Right now, they will only seem insurmountable. Instead, go with smaller goals. Set daily goals so that you can focus on meeting them every day. It could be finishing your assignment, learning a new topic, or organizing your study space. Start with the smaller goals that you can feasibly tackle. Make a list of the manageable tasks that you can pull off daily.

    2. Divide your time for studying and relaxing.

    Online learning or online classes can make it uncomfortable for many. It could be because you are no longer in the physical classroom with your friends. You miss the typical classroom feeling. After you finish your online classes, you will have to get back to your study schedule. Sitting in the same environment for long hours could be exhausting. All you can do is divide your time into chunks that include other activities like relaxing, playing, etc. Devote some time to doing things that make you happy, like watching TV, playing, or having some fun time with your siblings and family members.

    3. Make time to socialize with your friends virtually.

    Attending schools provides students with time to socialize with their friends and spend time with them. While it is not possible and advisable to meet them in person, you can certainly take some time to connect virtually with them. Plan for some virtual get-togethers during weekends and spend some quality time with your friends. You can play online games like LUDO or UNO and discuss your favourite movie or sports with them. Make sure you retain that emotional bonding with your friends virtually.

    4. Prioritize your mental health.

    The pandemic paranoid can fill your heart with anxiety. Amidst these fears, it is almost impossible to stay motivated. The only thing you can do is manage your mental health. Start it step-by-step with some yoga or meditation. Try to take a walk around your block. Get ample rest for your body. Make sure you have a good sleep of at least eight hours during the night. Maintain a proper sleep routine and do not stay late at night. Eat a balanced diet that strengthens you both physically and mentally. Spend some quality time with your family members by playing games or watching movies together. While studying, make sure you take required breaks in between. You can use your social media, but it should not rob you of your time. So, spend wisely.

    If you are struggling to cope with the anxieties and stress, make sure you talk to reliable persons in your life. Do not neglect your mental health. A healthy mind means a healthy YOU. So, prioritize your mental health over anything else.

    5. It is okay if you are not highly productive right now.

    Not all days are the same. While some days can be good, others can be bad days. Especially during these tough times, one can struggle to stay motivated. During the good days, you may find the required motivation around. But it is not the same with the bad days. No matter how hard you look for it, you do not find it. All you can do is, prioritize all your work for the day. Instead of beating the air to excel at everything, try to take things slowly. Finish your high-priority works like homework or assignments. Instead of reading everything, or a large chapter in a single hour, divide it into portions for a couple of days. Make a checklist of priority tasks and ensure you have met each of them. Do not forget to give yourself a pat for the tasks accomplished whenever you do it. Do not get discouraged if you cannot get through the entire list. Instead, tell yourself that it is okay not to be highly productive. Accept the fact that it is okay to expect less from yourself right now.

    Final Thoughts

    The pandemic has brought in various transformations. Getting accustomed to these changes can be challenging for us. Nevertheless, they do not have to become overburdening or drag you down. Stay motivated during these stressful times by taking the best care of yourself. Set realistic schedules and appreciate yourself when you meet them.

    If you ever feel so stressed that it seems unmanageable, talk it out to your parents or siblings. Never isolate yourself from your family. The feeling may seem endless. But there is always hope. No matter how dark it appears to be, there will always be sunshine. Remember, this too shall pass!

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