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List of Top IIT Colleges in India in 2024

In India, there are a total of 23 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Every aspiring engineering student in India dreams of studying at one of these prestigious institutions known as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

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    How many IITs are in India?

    Presently, there are 23 IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology) across India. Admissions to these institutions are conducted through entrance exams known as the Joint Entrance Exams or JEE.

    Studying at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the dream of every engineering aspirant in India. The IITs are among the most prestigious engineering institutions in India and the world. They are renowned for their excellent academic standards and research facilities. The IITs attract the best engineering students from all over the country. In this article, we shall look at the list of IITs, their significance and how the IITs are the most sought-after institutions.

    What is so significant about IITs?

    IIT stands as one of the most renowned engineering colleges globally, celebrated for its top-notch education, demanding academic courses, and outstanding career prospects.

    Here are a few reasons why IITs are considered significant:

    1. Academic Excellence: IITs have a reputation for providing high-quality education and rigorous academic programs in engineering, science, and technology. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in various disciplines and maintain high standards of education.
    2. Highly Competitive Admission Process: Admission to IITs is extremely competitive. The entrance exam to secure admission, known as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), is one of the toughest exams in India. The rigorous selection process ensures that only the brightest and most talented students gain admission to IITs.
    3. Renowned Faculty: IITs attract some of the best faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The faculty often includes leading researchers, scientists, and academicians who contribute to cutting-edge research and innovation.
    4. Strong Alumni Network: IITs have a vast and influential alumni network, both in India and abroad. Many IIT alumni have achieved great success in various fields, including entrepreneurship, academia, research, and industry. This strong network often provides opportunities, mentorship, and collaborations for current students and graduates.
    5. Industry Collaboration and Placement Opportunities: IITs have established strong ties with the industry. They actively collaborate with companies for research projects, internships, and placements. As a result, IITs have an excellent placement record, and graduates often receive attractive job offers from top national and international companies.
    6. Research and Innovation: IITs are at the forefront of research and innovation. They undertake cutting-edge research across various disciplines and contribute to technological advancements, scientific discoveries, and patents. The research facilities and infrastructure at IITs are well-equipped to support innovative projects.
    7. Global Recognition: IITs have gained international recognition and are regarded as premier institutions globally. They often collaborate with renowned international universities and participate in academic and research collaborations at a global level.

    List of Top IIT Colleges in India in 2024

    The IITs have produced some of the best engineers who have played a key role in the development of various industries in the country. They have also been instrumental in the development of the Indian science and technology sector. They offer a wide range of engineering courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The courses offered by the IITs are of international standards and are recognized by leading universities and industries around the world.

    The IITs have a strong commitment to research and development. They have world-class research facilities and laboratories. The IITs are also involved in various national and international research projects.

    In 1951, the first-ever Indian Institute of technology was made in Kharagpur and West Bengal. They are autonomous public institutes for higher technical education and are the most popular for their B.Tech programs.

    There are almost 23 numbers of IITs present in India governed by the institute of technology. These are declared very important institutes of the nation by the Indian parliament.

    List of Top IITs Colleges in India – Top 23 Colleges

    S. No. Institute Total no. of seats in B.Tech Address
    1 IIT Delhi 799 New Delhi, India
    2 IIT Guwahati 702 Assam
    3 IIT Roorkee 879 Uttarakhand
    4 IIT Ropar 297 Punjab
    5 IIT Hyderabad 294 Telangana
    6 IIT Goa 97 Goa
    7 IIT Dharwad 126 Karnataka
    8 IIT Bhubaneswar 273 Odisha
    9 IIT Gandhinagar 194 Gujarat
    10 IIT Jodhpur 247 Rajasthan
    11 IIT Patna 250 Bihar
    12 IIT Mandi 200 Himachal Pradesh
    13 IIT Varanasi 876 Uttar Pradesh
    14 IIT Tirupati 180 Andhra Pradesh
    15 IIT Dhanbad 919 Jharkhand
    16 IIT Bhilai 126 Chhattisgarh
    17 IIT Kharagpur 690 Kolkata, West Bengal
    18 IIT Madras 505 Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    19 IIT Kanpur 713 Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
    20 IIT Indore 275 Madhya Pradesh
    21 IIT Palakkad 260 Kerala
    22 IIT Bombay 778 Mumbai, Maharashtra
    23 IIT Jammu 154 Jammu And Kashmir

    It has been proven that IITs are the best engineering institutes worldwide. Taking the IIT colleges is only possible through the clearance of JEE advanced scorecard. As a result, to be admitted to an IIT, one must score well in the JEE entrance exam. After taking admissions, the candidate should know about the college’s official website to know better about the university and other related information.

    IITs listed Above are Described in More Detail Below

    1. IIT Madras: It is the top engineering institute in the country; Since 2016, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has been ranked first by the National Institutional Ranking Framework.
    2. IIT Delhi: Delhi is in the 2nd position among the 23 IITs. It is among the oldest IITs institute.
    3. IIT Bombay: It is ranked 3rd among all the engineering colleges in the country by NIRF; the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is an Institute of Eminence.
    4. IIT Kanpur: It is at number 4 in the NIRF IITs Rankings. This institute was the first to offer computer science as a subject.
    5. IIT Kharagpur: It is ranked 5th among all the IITs in India by the NIRF; the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is the first IIT.
    6. IIT Roorkee: is 6th ranked among all the engineering colleges and at the ninth position by the NIRF Ranking list. It is the oldest technical institute in whole Asia.
    7. IIT Guwahati:By NIRF 2021, it ranks 7th in the engineering and overall categories. This institute has National Importance like the other IITs.

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    List of Top IIT Colleges in India FAQs

    Which is the No 1 College of IIT in India?

    IIT Bombay is often considered one of the top IITs in India.

    Which IIT are in top 10?

    The top 10 IITs include institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, and IIT Kharagpur.

    Which is the top 5 IIT?

    Some of the top 5 IITs are IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, and IIT Madras.

    Which IIT will set paper in 2024?

    The IIT that will set the paper for 2024 is determined by a rotational process among the IITs, so it varies each year.

    Which is no 1 iit in india 2023?

    The ranking of IITs can change from year to year, so the number 1 IIT in India in 2023 may vary based on different ranking systems.

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