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Ways of Unwinding after Board Exams

The horrifying exam seasons are marked with loads of anxiety, nervousness, and stress. Board Exams, in particular, bring tons of stress to the lives of students. These invariable loads of anxiety are good to an extent as it helps students to excel in their performance. Nothing is better than the relief from the overworked and stressed exam season, but when the milestone was board exams, it is not at all easy to keep yourself away from the thoughts of results, the anxiety and restlessness still continues. Restlessness after exam season makes no sense, as things are completely out of control. Why worry about a situation which is not under our control? This question doesn’t arise in mind when it is full of confusion and agitation.

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    Ways to Unwind after board exams

    Winds of dreadful thoughts of results after board exams could even lead to fatal results as well, as it could affect the mental, physical health of the student and the student may slip into the zone of depression and emotional disorders. So, it is of utmost importance for students to unwind after exams and to de-stress their teenage brains from all those terrifying thoughts.

    Here are some tips and tricks you can use to unwind after board exams so that your mind is rejuvenated again.

    Sound Sleep

    Exam seasons require a lot of overwork, effort, and focus and ultimately lead to sleep disorders. So, once the exams are over, you must make sure that you have 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep which will help you to recharge your hormones and brain cells and will make you ready for a new and fresh start.

    Get back to your hobbies

    Hobbies are our true friends and help us to keep ourselves away from all the hustle and bustle of the world. It may be drawing, a musical instrument, a sport or it may be watching web series.

    According to researchers, hobbies can boost one’s confidence and could help them in performing their job well. So an increase in time spent on your hobbies could enhance your productivity and would make you more constructive.

    Once the exams are over it’s time to get back to this friend and enjoy life to the fullest.

    Embrace the nature

    Take a walk in the park, play your favourite sport, go for an outing, head to your favourite place, or just be away from home for some time.

    Nature has the best healing capacity. In the lap of nature, you will surely get a divine escape from all those rush of the world. It would help you develop a better psychological state by developing a sense of compassion and gratitude towards nature. Colourful flowers, plants, grasses, trees, fresh air will bring your mind to its best position, away from every tension.

    Give yourself a new start

    What about starting with a new hobby or challenging yourself with a new task? Trying something new would help you to find an unexplored you and know yourself better.

    It could be starting cooking or some vows for fitness, challenges increase the situation dealing capacity of a person and trying new things helps develop enthusiasm in life. This would give you a blissful escape from this world and would help you to unwind effectively.

    Catch up with friends

    Taking out time to talk to your friends may help you to unwrap new ways of dealing with situations as it will help you realize that you are not the only one out there, rather many are there in the same boat.

    Friends and friendships help one, by improving his/her self-confidence and self-worth. Good friendships have a positive impact on health too, researchers have found that friendships are as important for good mental and physical health as eating right and exercising. Healthy competitions with friends help you improve and at the same time increase your sense of belonging.

    We could share our deepest and darkest anxiety and problems with our friends and it fastens the relief process and makes our minds ready to face all the difficult circumstances.

    Spend quality time with your family

    Throughout the stressed exam season, the ones who hold our back and who are there with us awake on those sleepless nights are our family members. Talking to family members, getting to know about their experiences and learnings would derive our thoughts towards motivation and give us a new push towards our aspirations.

    Researchers have found that quality time spent with the family and having a peaceful environment at home increases the constructive ability of an individual and increases concentration which allows one to take up new tasks and be productive at it.


    Taking out time to heal your spiritual self helps you to come up with the better mental, physical and emotional state. Meditation helps you in saturating the wind of endless thoughts and anxiety and provides you with an inner peace that fuels your mind with more productive and constructive thoughts by increasing imagination and creativity.

    Mediating daily for just 20-25 minutes increases self-awareness and provides a new perspective on difficult circumstances by increasing patience and tolerance.

    Role of parents

    Parents play a vital role in driving the emotions of their children as they are the first role models of their children. They should motivate their children to look for a positive tomorrow rather than worrying about the results. They should comfort them and should encourage them to learn from every experience of life whether good or bad. “Whatever happens, happens for the best” should be rooted into their minds so that they could open doors of new opportunities in their lives.

    Students should keep themselves away from all those societal expectations and should spend time on knowing themselves better so that they could work as per their dreams and aspirations. Exams will come and go, life will keep taking lots of examinations, it’s just a matter of time, every time whether good or bad will pass away, we just need to have faith in ourselves and give our best.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Que 1: How effective is meditation in keeping the mind cool and composed?

    Ans: Meditation is highly beneficial to minimize the destructive thoughts going on in the mind. It increases the productivity of the mind by providing peace which increases concentration.

    Que 2: How could positive thinking improve practical situations?

    Ans: When situations are not under our control then we could either trouble ourselves by thinking about the worst cases or we could just start thinking positively for a better tomorrow, the latter would help you to develop a sense of confidence and enthusiasm.

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