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NEET 2024 Important Topics and Their Weightage

Aspirants preparing for the NEET examination often search for topics with high weight-age in the exam, it’s essential to prioritize your study efforts based on the chapter-wise weightage. This ensures that you give sufficient time and attention to chapters that carry high weightage in the NEET entrance exam. By focusing on these key chapters, you can increase your chances of scoring well in NEET 2024 and secure admission in your favorite medical college.

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    NEET 2024 Important Topics and Their Weightage

    To crack NEET, knowing the essential chapters and their weightage is crucial. This guide provides insights into the important chapters for NEET 2024 and their respective weightage. By understanding the chapter-wise weightage, you can focus your preparation more effectively on the areas that can fetch you maximum marks. Do not miss these important chapters or underestimate their significance in the NEET exam.

    Each chapter plays a crucial role in your overall preparation and can significantly impact your performance in the final exam. By giving importance to these chapters and dedicating proper time to study and practice these chapters, you prepare yourself up for success in NEET 2024.

    NEET Important Topics Weightage

    For aspiring doctors preparing to appear for NEET 2024, understanding the significance of chapter weightage is essential. Identify the chapters or topics which carry high weightage, students can structure their study routine plan. Prioritizing these chapters as they require laser-focused preparation, boosting your rank in the NEET 2024 exam.

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    NEET is not just about the amount of knowledge. It is about using your time wisely too. By putting high-weightage chapters first on your study list, you’re investing your time where it matters most. This focused approach not only boosts your understanding of crucial topics but also increases your chances of getting high scores.

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    Must Do Topics for NEET Zoology

    NEET 2024 Chemistry: Chapter-Wise Weightage

    The NEET 2024 Chemistry Chapter-Wise Weightage gives us a clear idea of the significance of each topic in the Chemistry section of the NEET 2024 exam. It guides students on which chapters hold high importance, such as Chemical Bonding, Hydrocarbons, and Thermodynamics. Given below is the list of topics and their respective weightage.

    Inorganic Chemistry I Total Weightage: 22%
    Chapters Weightage
    p-Block 7%
    Periodic Table & Periodicity in Properties 4%
    Hydrogen 2%
    Inorganic Chemistry II Total Weightage: 12%
    Coordination Compounds 6%
    D-block & F-block elements 4%
    Metallurgy 2%
    Qualitative Analysis 2%
    Organic Chemistry I Total Weightage: 8%
    Chapters Weightage
    General Organic Chemistry 5%
    Hydrocarbons 4%
    Organic Chemistry-II Total Weightage: 26%
    Chapters Weightage
    Aromatic Compounds 6%
    Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether 4%
    Biomolecules 4%
    Carbonyl Compounds 4%
    IUPAC & Isomerism 4%
    Organic Compounds containing nitrogen 3%
    Practical organic chemistry 2%
    Physical Chemistry I Total Weightage: 17%
    Chapters Weightage
    Mole concept 5%
    Ionic Equilibrium 4%
    Atomic structure & Nuclear Chemistry 3%
    Chemical Equilibrium 3%
    Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 3%
    Redox Reaction 2%
    Physical Chemistry II Total Weightage: 15%
    Chapters Weightage
    Chemical Kinetics 4%
    Solution & Colligative Properties 4%
    Electrochemistry 3%
    Solid State 3%

    NEET 2024 Physics: Chapter-Wise Weightage

    In the NEET exam, Physics plays a crucial role in securing admission in the top medical colleges. Understanding which topics hold greater significance allows for a more efficient study routine. By paying attention to the NEET 2024 Physics Chapter Wise Weightage, you can enhance your preparation for the Physics section of the exam, boosting your chances to crack NEET 2024.

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    Chapter Name Average Number of Questions Asked Weightage (in percentage)
    Laws of Motion 3 7
    Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 3 7
    Thermodynamics 3 7
    Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism 3
    Current Electricity 3 6
    Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits 3 6
    Atoms & Nuclei 2 5
    Ray Optics & Optical Instrument 3 5
    Waves 2 4
    Work, Energy and Power 2 4
    Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 2 4
    Wave optics 2 4
    Gravitation 2 3
    Mechanical Properties of Solids & Fluids 2 3
    Oscillations 1 3
    Properties of Bulk Matter 1 3
    Electrostatics 1 3
    Alternating Currents 1 3
    Kinematics (Chapters – Motion in a straight line. Motion in a Plane) 1 2
    Units and Measurement 1 2
    Kinetic Theory 1 2
    Thermal Properties of Matter 1 2
    Electric Charges & Fields 1 2
    Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance 1 2
    Electromagnetic Induction 1 2
    Centre of Mass (Chapter – System of Particles and Rotational Motion) 1 1
    Rotational motion (Chapter- System of particles and Rotational Motion) 1 1
    Electromagnetic Waves 1 1

    NEET 2024 Biology: Chapter-Wise Weightage

    The NEET 2024 Biology Chapter Wise Weightage provides a breakdown of topics and chapters covered in the Biology section of the NEET exam. This detailed breakdown helps students grasp the importance of each chapter, help them to plan their study effectively.

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    It includes both Botany and Zoology, given below are the key chapters like Genetics and Evolution, Plant Physiology, and Human Physiology. By paying attention to the weightage, candidates can prioritize their study efforts, ensuring they focus on topics that carry more weight and increasing their chances of success in the NEET 2024 exam.

    Chapter Name Average Number of Questions Asked Weightage (in percentage)
    Genetics and Evolution 15 24%
    Ecology and Environment 10 16%
    Plant Physiology 8 13%
    Plant Diversity 7 12%
    Cell Structure & Function 6 10%
    Plant Reproduction 5 9%
    Morphology of Flowering Plants 4 7%
    Plant Anatomy 2 4%
    Bio-molecule 2 3%
    Human Physiology 13 45%
    Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health 5 18%
    Animal Kingdom 3 10%
    Origin & Evolution 3 10%
    Human Health & Diseases 3 9%
    Structural Organization in Animals 2 5%
    Animal husbandry 1 3%
    Biology and Human Welfare 1 2%

    The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) serves as the gateway to undergraduate(UG) medical courses across India. It also determines admissions to prestigious institutes like AIIMS and JIPMER based on NEET 2024 scores. The high difficulty level, serious preparation is essential to succeed.

    NEET being the primary route to MBBS/BDS and other medical courses, aspirants must maintain focus, especially since the removal of the upper age limit has intensified competition. While students are familiar with the idea of focused study, clearing NEET 2024 requires a solid preparation strategy and motivation throughout the journey.

    FAQs on NEET 2024 Important Topics and Their Weightage

    What is the difficulty level of NEET 2024?

    Understanding the Difficulty Level, NEET, administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is India's primary medical entrance exam. Historically, NEET is rated as moderately to highly difficult.

    What are the critical chapters for NEET 2024?

    In Biology and Chemistry, every chapter holds significance. However, in Physics, key chapters such as Laws of Motion, System of Particle and Rigid Body, Thermodynamics, Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism, and Current Electricity are particularly crucial for NEET 2024 preparation.

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