Streamline and Turbulent Flow

Streamline and Turbulent Flow Streamline and Turbulent Flow: When shear stress acts on a liquid or fluid, it moves. This […]


  Introduction Meiosis – It is a type of cell division in which sexual reproduction produces gametes such as sperm […]

Parallel combinations of resistors

Introduction: Parallel combinations of resistors: When several resistances are linked in such a way that one terminal of each resistance […]

Structure and Function of Lipids

Introduction: lipids are a complex category of chemical molecules that include fats, oils, hormones, and some membrane components that are […]

Structure of Proteins

Introduction: We tend to conceive of protein as a mass noun: a homogeneous component that should be present in a […]

Chemical Constituents of Living Cells 

Introduction: Water, inorganic ions, and carbon-containing (organic) molecules compensate cells. Water is the most common component in cells, providing for […]


Introduction: Chromatin is a DNA and protein complex that forms chromosomes in eukaryotic cells’ nuclei. Nuclear DNA is not found […]

Reproductive system of cockroach

Overview : Reproductive system of cockroach: The reproductive system is responsible for producing both male and female cockroaches. Cockroaches are […]

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