Units of Measurement

The process of linking figures with physical quantities and events is referred to as a system of measuring. It’s more […]

Laws of Physics

The laws of physics play a vital role in the field of Science. They are considered fundamental. So many laws […]

Newton’s Second Law of Motion

Newton’s second law of motion: The behavior of states that all action forces are balanced is anticipated by Newton’s first […]

Newton’s First Law Of Motion

Introduction: In the 20th century, Newton’s laws were replaced by quantum mechanics and relativity as the most fundamental laws of […]

Laws of friction

Introduction Here we are going to learn about Laws-of-Friction. A box needs to be moved across the floor of your […]

Static and Kinetic Friction

What is Friction? As soon as we throw a ball on the floor, it starts moving with some speed. However, […]

Uniform Circular Motion

Introduction: When an object moves in two coordinates such as x, y or y, z, and so on then the […]

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