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SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 – India’s Largest Scholarship Exam

Having wrapped up a massive success in 2021 for India’s Largest SCORE STEM Challenge Scholarship Exam, Infinity Learn is back with some additional action. Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Education Institutions, together with Times Group, comes forward to prepare kids for a digital future and understand the new world around them. As a part of the initiative, it has relaunched SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 on August 25, 2022, in an event.

What’s new about SCORE Stem Challenge 2022?

Well, here is the answer. SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 is a scholarship test where students design and build solutions to problems using a combination of science, technology, engineering, and math skills. Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya believes in a need to identify scientific talent at the school level – to hone future leaders and help students chart a career trajectory based on their interests and intellectual inclinations. This exam will foster the following:

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    • Complex Problem-solving
    • Critical thinking
    • Reasoning
    • Creativity
    • Teamwork
    • Self-confidence

    By the end of the challenge, students will be able to become critical thinkers and shape a career relatively stronger than what conventional schooling offers. India’s Largest Scholarship Exam will remain the face of identifying deserving children with exceptional talent and abilities who could not achieve their dreams. In addition, this exam will “Unite India with Talent Aspiration” by bridging this gap.

    Before we get into details about the exam and how it will benefit lakhs of students across the globe, let us first understand what the SCORE exam is.

    How will SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 benefit students?

    SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 comes with exciting scholarships and rewards for students while allowing them to gauge their skills and find areas for improvement. Top rankers in the exam will receive Rs. 1000 crore worth of scholarships, a fully paid trip to NASA, cash rewards, and gadgets. Not only that, but they will also receive global standard mentorship from highly qualified and experienced faculty and the finest coaching for competitive exams like IIT and NEET.

    How to Enrol for the SCORE 2022 exam?

    Students can visit the SCORE STEM Challenge and register for the exam by entering the required details.

    How does SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 work?

    This test will be completely different from the previous version. This time, the test will have four rounds, each composed of different challenges with advancing difficulty levels. These are exclusively designed to offer students many opportunities to enhance their existing skill sets, build new ones, and collaborate with other students who share their passion for changing the world. It provides a platform to gauge and encourage students through scholarships, cash prizes, consolation prizes, finest mentoring, and career guidance. It is the first step for those students preparing for prestigious competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, Olympiads, and NTSE.

    Why should students compete in the SCORE STEM Challenge 2022?

    With the advancement of new technologies in this everchanging world, students must choose the right careers for the digital future. The SCORE test is a platform that helps students get equipped with these cutting-edge technologies related to a group of studies known as STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

    This Scholarship exam is open to students from grades 1 to 13 studying in any institution affiliated with state, central, or international boards. Do you want to pursue foundation courses and test preparation exams like JEE Main & Advanced or NEET scholarships? Take the SCORE STEM Challenge 2022 today.

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